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АСМР 🌕 Погадаю и предскажу твою судьбу 🔮 ASMR Role Play Divination 🃏

You came to me This is all you do not need to know cards will answer they will tell all what is hiding here quietly relax do not scare off the spirits time you came to me then you know what’s the price for everything magic requires balance magic came to you click like subscribe and turn on the bell and don’t forget add a bit of magic in comments well to start we need eat like that thing she will help your mind relax and feel call of the spirits like this sprinkle some water on you so evil spirits to remove we don’t need them we only need the good good perfume this is special solution of the deepest waters our planet with you she has magical powers and chase all evil spirits and remove all negative that’s why i spread everything here since magic she pulls of all both alive and not before the start predictions you need to put your hand over here yes, put your hand here and repeat i am relaxed I feel force I can everything I’ll do everything I will succeed magic will be in me and now try to repeat You made a promise positive attitude to the spirits and little magic let’s start make magic and magic at first you should relax make a little meditation do deep inhale now exhale cover your eyes like this relax from the head neck the shoulders fingertips your torso your legs it is all easier become like a feather easy light and weightless now imagine what’s below your belly you feel warm it’s getting warmer more more and here from there grows boring and it grows growing, growing reaching for your chest rises a little higher and bloom beautiful beautiful flower which flower do you see? this flower personifies what’s in your head take another deep breath exhale magic is different we’ll work with magic spirited forest of animals those who are always with us those who were previously the first imagine what are you sitting in the forest now dusk the moon appears in the sky you sit next with fire and to you from the depths of the forest magical creatures come out vii goblin magic cats elves you sit with them in a circle and just look at the fire hear the crackle of the fire? he crackles easy like this do you feel? and now you need to focus on what was in your life remember all the brightest moments what were your come on What causes you a lot of emotions? hold these emotions and now translate these emotions into your dream in what you want what you want most what are you dreaming feel speak keep that feeling hold on we will make a deal with you which are called 13 moons you will need to pull out 13 different cards and cards will show what have you got It was and what will you have I will lay out the cards in a circle and one to the center drag your first card Your first card will be responsible for your main feelings for your general attitude Take the second card she will answer your financial situation choose which one pulls you third card she will be responsible for close changes next card this she will answer for your home and family love and children which one here is this yes take the next one she will answer for your health this one ? OK this one? the next this one ? this one? 8-9 tenth card This one ? Good eleventh card twelfth card and last last 13 card I ask you to so what let’s open your cards your first card altar As you can see here is a stone circle here lie different things characters of four elements bowl for libations As you can see ritual is not performed here candles are still burning here this card means memories the card says you have not forgotten something or have not forgotten about you This card says that will help you. person whose name begins at letter A This card is responsible for your financial well-being. it means that thoughts are material true on your side the given sylph that is depicted on the map bring you wellbeing will bring you good dating you need familiar acquaintances from acquaintances do not miss your chance that you will open but do not accept what you can’t do take it that you will be on the shoulder and the air will bring you exactly the same the third card is responsible for close changes belaine feel like you go? in the forest and meet the lake and there are unicorns traveling they bless this water and bless you on discovery of achievements new achievements feel free to sow feel free to your sexuality my feelings your thoughts exactly it will bring you that is what you so desire and this card also symbolizes or the beginning of a new relationship or restoration of long forgotten old fourth card responsible for your home and family priestess she symbolizes the image of a woman mothers spouses someone close who do you need so much relationship with the previous card it means everything will be fine next card characterizes love be very careful someone may want to stop you this card is responsible for your health and bear on it bear to wealth that means you’ll wake up rich in their health but beware don’t rely too much on the card take care of your health if you do everything as needed then you health forever will be given from bear shine next card next card Lita she characterizes confidence happiness and good luck good luck on your side so smile with you alone the best perfume next card it’s a magic circle this circle in this state symbolizes that you can not worry you are safe you are protected next card Mabon don’t be scared for you, it symbolizes only good Mabon is a time of gratitude time of blessing time then what you have to understand and realize what is important to you and what’s important to you important for others don’t renounce your dream go to her This card is responsible for your career and this is mandrake upside down it means you have no flaws there are no weak points you can all but let yourself relax sometimes and rest even strong people it’s necessary next card responsible for your friendship Lammas she talks about the victim self-sacrifice but remember that sacrifice does not always mean loss After all, you can and give send a blessing to that who pissed you off do not be angry in vain better smile this crystal is in charge for your fears but he also means that you can overcome them and overcome and 13 card the answer of the gods to your question it’s a rod he characterizes what is waiting for you to win and you have a victory rod in your hands and triumph the answer will come to your question from where you never expected so a bit of patience and enjoy the gifts of the world Here you have this alignment your cards I can say that such successful layouts not every day you see the sun is on your side luck goes hand in hand with you stay the same kind the same happy person and everything, everything will be as it should perfume and the universe itself everything will be for you the main thing be the same as you are feel free to yourself do not constrain yourself don’t listen to anyone live create enjoy and you have everything will turn out and to make it work blow out the candle and make your wish well your session is over may all the good come with you and thanks

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