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वृषभ राशि 2020 राशिफल |Vrishabh Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Taurus horoscope 2020|Suresh Shriamli

Namaskar audience, I am Suresh Shrimali, welcome you to episode of Taurus Horoscope 2020 and find what is going to happen during this period. I welcome all you Taurains to this special episode, where we will know how you will increase your honor and respect in 2020, all work will be completed and dreams will come true. The New Year brings with it new expectations. Along with expectations of unfulfilled dreams and happy life with the coming of the New Year, we usually wonder what we have lost or gained in the past year. By forgetting all past try welcome this year of 2020 with new energy and new resolve. Along with this, there is also eagerness in the mind on what would be 2020 like, whether business will increase or not in this era of economic recession, whether there will be employment for all or not, how will health be and how will our family life be. How will the personal relationship be like? Will or will not get married. Whether there will be travel, how will the education be, how will the finance be. If you have such questions in your mind then astrology has the answers to these questions. I have come up with a prediction by observing the exact planetary positions of Taurus, you need to understand that your Saturn’s sojourn will get over on 24th January 2020. Those who have suffered a lot in the last 3 years, their next 3 years will be very good. God gives challenges to those who are capable to face it. After knowing this and after seeing this video you will come across many remedies in it. You will get lots of information. So let’s know Taurus zodiac will perform in 2020. But first let’s talk about the personality of Taurus native. The best quality of a Taurus native is patience. They top notched in fashion and passion they don’t let anything get spoilt. Rather, they rectify any matter silently and also win over everyone. Along with this, they are also very reliant. Hence you can trust them. They have the art of winning the trust of others. Due to all these things, these people are very mature and intelligent too. By the way, such people hardly get angry. But when it comes, they are capable of making others silent and they get angry or give answers at the right time. Along with this, they have the skill of behaving efficiently and also getting their work done by others. Taurus means bull. Just like the bull if they get the right job, then they can even work for 18 hours. The natives of this zodiac have a great interest in music, acting and entertainment fields. Such people are attractive and can win over and fascinate others. Let’s start with jobs and business Usually Taurus natives are hard working and this year these natives will get an opportunity to take a new flight in their career as Saturn, the lord of house of Karma will leave the 8th house in January and enter the 9th house which is giving you very good indications for the whole year. This change is going to open up new possibilities in your career. All you have to do is create a bonding and treat everyone in a friendly manner so that you can get better profits through creative ideas. At the work place, your boss will be greatly influenced by your work and a new job, change of job or change of place is possible. You can get a promotion ahead of time. On the other hand, those doing business will be awarded with respect and prestige on the strength of their hard work. You could do such a great job that you can get an award in the coming time by your business community. Due to the impact of Rahu’s sign aspect on 10th house or the impact of Rahu, you will also experience some difficulty in rendering your tasks properly. There are some people in the society, in the family, in our own house who are jealous of your progress You cannot do anything for them, just remain engaged in your work and remain silent. You will definitely get your results by working hard. There might be some interruptions put at your workplace by some unknown enemies. But you have that ability to get out of it. If you find an person who is hurting you then first of all, remove them from your life. Because that person is with you, so don’t trust anyone excessively as doing so will be good for you. You can change jobs between March and June or between September and November. Doing business along with a job or starting a new business along with a business: you are going to get all these opportunities. Try and be very alert from June to September and from January to March, too stay alert with regards to your business and career. The only formula you have to adopt is that what ever work you are doing at any given time has to be done with 100 percent satisfaction and hard work. The second thing you have to do is to focus your attention on whatever work you are doing. You could take ideas from other people. But do not interfere in anyone else’s work.Now let’s talk about finance In terms of money, this year will bring in good news for you. However, little fluctuation happens in the life of every human being. But most of the time you time spent will be fruitful. Talking about the financial condition, the influence of Jupiter, on the 4th house will give happiness with regards to land, buildings, vehicles and jewelery If you want to build a new house in your life, want to get a property, change a vehicle, want to increase amenities and enjoy it, then the perfect time has come. I have a feeling that there could be some auspicious work done in the family. This will cost money and you have been waiting for it since a long time. After 30 March, Rahu’s influence in the 2nd house may suddenly weaken the economic situation and you may have to take a loan. But do not panic, if it happens, work with double faith so that you can repay the debt. Consult the elders and take financial decision carefully Try to control the expenses. Reduce debt and just think about increasing income. To deal with this time you have to keep your investment and bank balance strong in advance. After 19 September, time will again be in your favor. During this time, there is the possibility of sudden arrival of money maybe a lottery, gambling, speculation, share market or some sudden money gains which will give you a lot of happiness. You will get many such opportunities in this year. So if you like earning money, then you need to know that 2020 is a great year for you. Moving towards the next topic – family and children. The happiness we get being close to our children, wife, family, parents and elders we cannot get the same feeling while being amongst strangers. From this family perspective, this year will be better than normal for you. Rahu which is in 2nd house will definitely create a dispute regarding some property in the family. If a disputes already exists then either it will end or get delayed and then end. If there is no dispute, then Rahu will do the work of creating a dispute. If you are able to end the property dispute with the family, then you need to understand that you have made a good deal because it affects your family directly as differences of thought could also arise with each other But here you have to show maturity and understanding, you should work with patience Try to tackle this task by sacrificing, compromising and adjusting. This year is going to be very romantic and thrilling for you and your life partner. Your weight loss, fitness will be better and personality will improve. After 19th September Rahu’s transit will be in Taurus, so during this period there will be an increase in family compatibility and social status. But if you are in a love relationship, then it would be good to get married before any obstacles come in the way. In this time period in the first 100 days after 19th September, you will have to keep in mind that a situation of doubt and lack of confidence could arise between spouses therefore you will have to pay attention to it. But respect will increase in society; you will do social welfare and some spiritual activities and social work which will increase your pristege. With this year, you are going to do a lot of pilgrimage and auspicious work for the good of the family Remember, work selflessly Do not do it just to show it to someone as your family members could then keep away from you. Talking of health of children, Jupiter in 8th house could have a slight affect on the child. May be the children could fall in bad company or get angry with you due to the influence of wrong people. They could hide things from parents and family members. Such situations due to your child could lead you to mental stress. I want you to pay attention to this aspect as it would be good for you. But if you worship Jupiter and do the remedies suggested, then the problem can be reduced to a great extent. In the first quarter of January to March, and especially between March to June, the time is good for children, that is, you can get benefit from studying. But other things could get worse. If you maintain a coordination between your career and family, then you will be able to give full time to the family along with your job or business. During this period, newly married persons are going to get their progeny and a new little guest is coming home. People desirous of higher education are expected to travel to an institution in the country or in a foreign institution. There is also a possibility of doing good deeds for the family and other people too. Therefore, do not miss these opportunities.
Let’s talk about health from the point of view of health this year is going to bring some ups and downs. most of the time you will be healthy But the beginning of the year will not be auspicious There may be some situations like sickness, injury, hospitalization due to operation. Jupiter in the 8th house could affect your health causing minor or major diseases. If you are already suffering from a prolonged illness, then more caution will be required. For this, you should continue to take medicine on time and consult the doctor. Prevention is better then cure should be the best way ahead. Be cautious right form the beginning. Taking special care of your food habits will be very auspicious for you. From the 30th March to June, Jupiter will be in the house of Fate therefore this time is very favorable for you with regards to your health. In this time period, if you make a resolve and take recourse to fitness, yoga, pranayama, exercise, meditation and contemplation, then the coming period can be good. Not physically but mentally even though you could be a bit sad, this routine will give you satisfaction. Due to the sign aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant you will have good thoughts coming in your mind. Your food habits and daily habits will improve and so will your passion, your confidence and energy level. It will be very auspicious for you to fast. Let’s talk of our education this New Year is going to be very positive for students because a lot of hard work was done during Saturn’s sojourn and the results were low. We have endured many problems. Although the beginning of the year is a normal from the point of view of competitive examinations, you may miss by a number or two. So work harder. But after that the results till November will be fruitful for you. It would be better if you work hard. Things which create disturbance and distraction in your lives should be removed. Fate will be by your side. But after November you will have to work even harder, especially after 19th September when Rahu’s transition will begin. But in the last three to four months, the results will be decided by your hard work put in and not luck. Those people who have not got their jobs yet, should wait for some time. But they should continue to apply for the job and surely you will get success. It is a very auspicious time for those who want to go out for education, go to school, college, and tuition or wish to relocate You can take this decision. If you think your parents do not have that much money, then you should leave all these to the one above and just focus on your education. God will arrange the funds on his own. But you just have to keep doing your deeds honestly. Remember that your parents have struggled a lot and renounced their happiness, for your happiness, your education and your better career so that you realize your dreams. Hence it becomes your duty to get better education and give them a return gift with a good career. Let’s talk about travel if you have been traveling for many years, then it might continue this year too If you have not been able to move much due to the economic recession last year, then this year has brought in good news. Travel will also be economical, it could be spiritual, ie, spiritual activities, religious journeys and your journey will be filled with pleasure. That is, you could go to a temple, or may be to Switzerland, Europe or some other country. You may go on a pilgrimage to a place filled with greenery in your country. But it is sure to happen. There are no such chances at least in the first quarter till March 30 but after this period the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th house is creating a favourable time for a long journey. However, trips after 19 September may be affected due to Rahu’s transit. Your planned trip schedules may get canceled after 19th September. There may be some trouble, so resolve any issues beforehand. First of all, problem will not arise as we will perform the required remedies. Even if it comes, it will stay a little and go. But don’t worry. During this period, enjoy your special trips as much as possible and find opportunities in travel for others too. If possible, you could hire a bus for your family members, your elders and take them on a pilgrimage with you. Doing so will be advantageous for you. If you want to travel by changing your job or business or by making some changes, then you need to understand that this journey will be a pleasurable journey. If you have an enjoyable travel in mind, then you are going to spend a lot on such trips. Now let’s talk about the worship, remedies, donation donation and religion you should maintain the auspiciousness of the transit of Jupiter in the house of religion by occasionally organizing religious programs or getting them done. Try and be a part of a Rudrabhishek for atleast 7 times in a year. You must do the work of distributing religious books according to your religion in the temple or somewhere else on atleast 11 Thursdays. This will bring a lot of peace of mind. Taking a bath at a place of pilgrimage will be very auspicious for you. Lord Vishnu should be offered besan ladoos on Thursday. Parents and elders should be taken care of and along with this try and help old aged homes by giving donations. It is not as if we are capable to help but it is the divine power which has given us the capacity to share so that we can help those in need, it is destined in their fate and by helping such people the grace of God remains on us. Along with the Durga Bisa Yantra, you should make a pendent of Maa Baglamukhi and wear it around your neck. For prosperity and luck you should seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. If possible, chant 11 times the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” along with “Om Ma Lakshmi Namah” and place a Sumeru Pustya Kurmakar Shriyantra at your place of worship at home. Preform the abhishek with a Dakshinavarti shank (conch). Install a Dus Mahavidya Yantra and pray with it as it will be auspicious for you. On Friday, offer Kheer to Goddess Mahalakshmi and one should feed gram and jaggery to monkeys and the rest of the prasad of kheer should be taken by you and your family. If possible, do the fast of Santoshi Mata and donate white color articles, donate as much liquid as possible, like milk or curd as it will be auspicious for you. I sincerely hope and believe that you will have a great year ahead. I pray to God to bless all my dear viewers so that you stay busy and happy. You could visit my web site and take advantage of our services. You could meet me personally or we could talk through telephonic and video conferencing. That’s all for today, especially for those who believe in the English calendar. Happy New Year. Namaskar and Blessings, may you have a wonderful, year ahead.

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