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हस्तरेखा बृहस्पति पर्वत पर ऐसे निशान यानि पैसा ही पैसा !! Palm reading chart !! Hast Rekha in Hindi

Hello friends welcome to our channel Guys, today we will talk about where is Jupiter mount situated in our palm First of all, let me tell you where Jupiter Mountain is located in our hands The place that lies below the index finger of our hand, finger exact next to our thumb.. ..we call it Jupiter Mount. Jupiter Mount of our palm is considered very important in our life. The developed mount ofJjupiter with some special marks on it is considered to be auspicious for us. Today I will tell you about some special marks and lines loacted on the mount of Jupiter If you have in your hands then you will be very lucky & rich. you will also earn money from all 4 directions. So let’s talk about those marks & lines those people who have developed Jupiter Mount in their palm, along having a creation of cross mark with small lines So that person reaches a very high rank in his life Married life of such people is also good And they get a lot of success in life In case of money, such people are very lucky. those people who have the mark of star on Jupiter mount in their palm such people earns sudden success in life Such people do have connections with reputed politicians, high rank officials and rich people. themselves they are very rich and successful in their life The trail of a triangle on Jupiter Mount is considered to be very lucky. Triangle’s mark on Jupiter Mount is an indicator of prosperity & luck. Such people are very fortunate and successful in their life. All the wishes of such people are also fulfilled It is also very auspicious to have small vertical lines on Jupiter Mount The more vertical lines on the Jupiter mount, such people will more rise and progress in their life. So friends, if you have such marks on Jupiter mount, you too are very lucky For more videos like this subscribe us today. like & share our videos too.

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