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♫ Music Festival Looks: Zodiac Sirens ☾

♫ Music Festival Looks: Zodiac Sirens ☾

hi beautiful the weather is getting warmer and festival season is right around the corner with the help from my friends here I’m combining the forces of fire water earth and air to bring you looks inspired by the zodiac signs let’s start with fire the element of Leo Aries and Sagittarius christen here is going to show you how to light up your skin with these temporary flash tattoos these usually come in a pack so start by cutting out the ones you want to use you’ll need some water a sponge or a paper towel remove the clear plastic off the tattoo and place it facedown on your skin apply a little bit of water to the back of the tattoo and gently press down on it try your best to keep it still because you want the tattoo to set in place and after 30 seconds carefully lift one edge up to see if the tattoo has transferred and if it has go ahead and remove the paper and from here just have fun they’re kind of like jewelry or skin accessories and you can most def customize your tattoos by cutting them into little rings or forming them into arm cuffs like this for the finishing touch use tweezers to place body gems onto your skin decorate your forehead and the area around your eyes this will draw attention to your face and will bring the whole look together moving on to nails aren’t they a breath of fresh air for realsies though air is the element of Aquarius Gemini and Libra crispy here is a Gemini so she’s incorporating her sign into this fun look all you need is a black nail art pen and some white polish but if you don’t have a pen you can always use a toothpick to draw the polish onto your nails start with a powder-blue base and begin drawing designs onto your nails just imagine your doodling go ahead and use your creativity the easiest designs to make are the ones made up of dots straight lines triangles or any geometric shapes try to make something different on every nail and you’re done what an awesome way to show off your inner creativity and they’re ready for a long hot day at a festival moving on to hair Dessie is going to show you this water inspire look by creating a fishtail braid water is the element of Scorpio Pisces and cancer first give you her some texture by using a dry shampoo this will make braiding easier and give your hair a PC voluminous look pin a chunk of your hair back on one side and then leave a piece down by your ear starting with the piece you left out begin by taking bits of hair from the outside layers crossing them over and adding them to the center like this continue your fishtail braid all the way down and use an elastic hair tie to secure and you want to leave a little free space at the end so that you can loosen up your braids like this giving it a more casual look go ahead and add some feathers and pleather accents behind your braid to give your hair that boho look dream for the stars but stay grounded on earth by rocking some sweet kicks earth is the element of Taurus Virgo and Capricorn here katie is going to show you how to dress up your old kicks with some fringe action you’ll need but of course some fringe beads flowers like this and any charms you’d like to add for glue you can use special fabric glue or a hot glue gun start by measuring out how much fringe you will need to go around your ankle on your shoe then cut the measure piece off line the top and afterwards place your fringe directly onto the glue it should look like this repeat the same steps for the second layer of fringe afterwards just top it off with some cute flowers for the laces replace yours with these earthy pleather ones Katy nodded in a coal medallion of hers you can pretty much use any charm that inspires you I think my charm would be a lotus flower what would yours be comment below to let me know now tie up the rest of the laces and add some beads as you go so when you’re walking around all day you’ll be thankful for some cute comfy shoes last but not least I’m showing my look inspired by the 13th zodiac sign o few kiss many people are not aware that back before there were twelve signs there was actually one more based on the lunar calendar Lukis symbolizes healing and magic this sign is powerful and fearless so if you were born around November 29th to December 17th you might want to recheck your sign alright let’s get to it start by moisturizing your lips some lip balm oh and tame those brows keep them natural looking and softly highlight the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes using a metallic cream shadow Pat this onto your eyelid and use a precise eye brush to bring it down along your lower lash line moving on starting at the middle of your eye take a black gel liner and wing it out towards the outer corner smoke out the color by using a dark brown cream shadow afterwards just clean up your wing with any excess product left on your brush curl your lashes by giving them a few good squeezes and apply a few coats of an extra volumizing mascara give yourself a warm glow with some bronzer apply to the hollows of your cheeks towards your temples and along your jaw line once you’re done with that go in with a vanilla or champagne highlighter and then set it in place with some powder for extra dimension add a neutral toned cream contour around your nose and blend highlight the bridge of your nose to bring it all together from here just touch up your eye area with a creamy illuminating concealer and diffuse it out with a fluffy brush it’s time for lip service take a pink nude lip color and apply this on bring the stars to your lips by adding a rose gold pigment onto your Cupid’s bow and blend it towards the center of your pact this will give your lips that halo effect voila you’re done and now you’re ready for fun adventures full of good vibes if you’re gonna recreate any of these looks sharing is caring please take a picture or selfie and tag us and if you want me to find them use hashtag look Mich alright J Murs be safe be bold and be fearless good luck

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