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「占い師ごっこ」episode 23: play a fortune teller and customer

「占い師ごっこ」episode 23: play a fortune teller and customer

episode 23: play a fortune teller and customer The fortune teller who was introduced by Maria is must be around here… Oh, I gotcha! Excuse me. Could you tell my fortunes? Of course. Please write down your name and birthday on this sheet. Yeah. Umm… Your name is Angela OTETEyama… Businesswoman? Yes. What do you want to ask today? Job change activity, love luck, and luck of my health… In short, whole luck. Y…yeah… Ms.OTETEyama, it’s hard to say… Yeah. Your luck of direct supervisor is… unfortunate through your lifespan. What? Teller Hula) So, you will have a hard time with every job. Accept reality, or work freelance. Only two way. wow…I felt down on starting… So… What should I do? Umm, I just have said… Your bad luck of boss was innate. You should live long time with it. I….I understand… Next, how is my love luck? Umm… you tend to like huge unique men. Oh, that’s rught. “I’m the only woman greatly understand his unique!” The person like you believes this strongly. But, if you and he ended up together, the sweet time is short. You should have experienced like this again and again? Exactly… You should seek normal. That is best way to your happy. Huh….. Well. Lack of my health is…? You don’t like work out. Over 30th age, that is contribute to deterioration of health. Wow… yeah…. Try to work out? yeah… (Angela’s moaning) Are you OK? There aren’t any good points at all! I was told my bad luck of boss though, that’s over for me! What should I do while my life?! What is wrong that I like unique men!? Their mysterious attract me! I’m not good at exercising! That is enough! Don’t menace me with “deterioration of health!” Hey, you!!! You have to advice better to me! No matter what you say, my advice was correct. Enough, I go home. Please check. How much? A thousand yen. That’s a reasonable price, than I expected. Thank you. Have a good day… Oh, wait. Your telling was all correct. You did it! I will come again! (sigh…) Camera Lighting Husband Direct Scenario Edit OTETE’sVoice Wife

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