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你是我的答案 EP09(郭曉東,吳謹言,趙順然,潘時七)You are My Answer

你是我的答案  EP09(郭曉東,吳謹言,趙順然,潘時七)You are My Answer

[You Are My Answer] [Episode 9] I’m not warming up my voice. I’m giving my voice a spa treatment. So that I can eat more later. Eat more if you think it’s delicious. Eat a week’s worth of food. I’m busy every day. No one has
the time to cook for you. Did you hear that? He can’t even say
something nice in a nice way. But I think it’s good. I’m a rebellious person.
You know that very well. I like doing things the other way. I love listening to nice words… and I love nice words that
aren’t said nicely even more. Bai Xiao Lu. Why have I never realised that
you’re so annoying? Let’s see how long you can
keep up with that. Hurry up and dig in. Don’t just sit there. Let’s eat. Thank you. This is so delicious! This tomato sauce is absolutely amazing! I thought I didn’t have
tomato sauce at home. I made it myself. Is it delicious? Bai Xiao Lu. I want to come eat
at your house every day. This beef tastes the same as Michelin’s. Did we buy beef? No. I thought you bought it. Where’s the duck meat? I thought I bought a duck. This dish that you ate is duck meat. This is duck meat? Yes. When I first worked
at the police station, we uncovered a fake beef case. I learnt how to cook this
from that vendor. That means this really is… the duck meat that I chose carefully. Uncle. Please take me in. As long as you allow me to eat
at your house from now on, I’ll do anything for you. Alright. If all of you love it,
you can come often. All hail, Captain Zhou! To our most amazing Uncle Zhou! Thank you! Juan Juan, quick! Juan Juan, go easy on me! Isn’t it nice to have
the house feel lively? Why am I talking to you? Alright, come on! Who’s a fool? -I’m a fool.
-You’re a fool. Who’s a fool? I’m a fool. You’ve lost! Don’t move! Why did you hit so hard? It’s your head that’s fragile. You… Anyone else wants to challenge me? Uncle. Come over here. -Let’s play together.
-Come on! -What’s the matter?
-Let’s play together! I’m not playing. You guys go ahead. Come on. Let’s play together. -You can have the most honourable seat.
-Sit. A chef who doesn’t know
how to play games… isn’t a good police officer. Uncle. Don’t be nervous. I’ll teach you. It’s really easy. Juan Juan. Let’s show him. Two people… play rock, scissors, paper. The winner points
at the loser and says, “Who’s a fool? You’re a fool.” At the same time, the loser has
to point at themselves and say, “Who’s a fool? I’m a fool.” If it’s a draw, “Who’s a fool? He’s a fool!” I didn’t mean that. After that, the winner has to flick
the loser’s forehead. I’ve roughly got it. Okay. Let’s start. Let’s split into teams! Black and white! Come on. Come on. Tell me how you want to die. Come on. Who’s a fool? I’m a fool! Come here. The loser must be told by the winner. Juan Juan. Each of you hit harder
than the one before. Don’t be a sore loser.
Cut the nonsense. Come on! Come on, baby. I’ll play with you later.
Come on, it’s your turn. Why are you playing with me? Why can’t I play? I’ll defeat all of them first. Just look. Even if you win… but lose to them, you’d still have to get flicked. It’s a loss. Hurry up. Come on. Little boy. What makes you think I’ll lose? Come on. Yuan Ming Qing! Good luck! Look how I’m going to
torture this little boy. Come on. Who’s a fool? He’s a fool. I’m a fool. You lost on purpose. I didn’t. Lu Hao. Don’t forget who you are. A police officer
doesn’t lose on purpose. -I didn’t.
-Uncle. Don’t you get it? -He’s protecting the girl he likes.
-You’re talking too much. -You’re talking too much.
-Who else? Who wants to challenge me? You can’t get away, Traitor Yuan! Master Bai with the Godly Dragon Fist. Master Yuan, the Master of Steel Palm. The two of us shall
battle it out right now! That’s exactly what I thought. Bring it on. Who’s a fool? I’m a fool! Yuan Ming Qing! Yuan Ming Qing. Be ready. Be gentle. No way. Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu. -I’m good to you. Aren’t I?
-Yes. -Uncle.
-Uncle. It’s your turn. Alright. I’ll play it once. You’re not allowed to lose on purpose. Who says I’m going to lose
on purpose? No way. I’m watching you. Who’s a fool? -I’m a fool.
-You’re a fool. -Who’s a fool?
-Who’s a fool? I’m… You’re… Flick him! Flick him hard. Flick him! I’m going to flick you now.
I’m really going to do it. Captain Zhou, it’s your unlucky day. I’m really strong! Use every muscle you have.
Hurry up! Do it now! What was that? You’re terrible. Why weren’t you like that
when you flicked my forehead? I’m angry now! She’s angry now. -Another round!
-Another round. -Both of you should play another round.
-We don’t accept it. You must play another round. -We don’t accept it.
-Another round. Alright. I think I’ve got it.
Let’s play another round. Play another round? Hurry up. Another round. Come on. I’m going to play it
seriously this time. -Do it seriously.
-You can’t lose on purpose. Come on. Who’s a fool? -You’re a fool.
-I’m a fool. Who’s a fool? He’s a fool. Who’s a fool? -He’s a fool.
-I’m a fool. Who’s… I… I can’t believe I’ve lost. How could I have lost? I can’t believe I’ve lost. I’ve never lost. -Come on.
-Then… Alright then. Uncle. Flick my forehead. Why does it feel a little weird? I flicked her hard. Didn’t I? Not only have you flicked her hard, but you’ve ended our friendship! Bai Xiao Lu, are you alright? Well… Let me have a look. Let me have a look. Uncle. Why don’t you play with me? -I’ll play with you.
-Her forehead is all red. I’ll play with you. Come on. Both of us. -Play with me.
-I’ll play with you. Come on. Let’s play. Come on, uncle. Both of you stay where you are! I’ll do it! I didn’t think you’d be so cruel. I’m a girl. As a police officer, I shouldn’t be
biased no matter who my opponent is. In that case, I won’t be lenient either. Let’s continue. Who’s a fool? -I’m a fool!
-You’re a fool! Who’s a fool? You’re a fool! Who’s a fool? He’s a fool! Who’s a fool? I’m a fool. Who’s a fool? He’s a fool? Who’s a fool? He’s a fool? Xiao Lu. Bai Xiao Lu. -Bai Xiao Lu.
-Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu, are you… -Are you…
-Xiao Lu, open the door. Xiao Lu. Don’t bother me.
Leave me alone. So? Do you still think he’s interesting
and charming now? You’re just asking for it. Keep it down! I said I’m fine! Can’t you just leave me alone? Why are all of you
staring at me like this? I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t even flick her hard. You should have just knocked her out. That’s the way to get rid of hatred. Captain Zhou, I… I’ll be leaving too. Don’t be late tomorrow. Why are you staring at me like that? Quickly go home. Don’t you know that
you’re really mean? What did I do to be mean? Are you really clueless
or you’re just acting stupid? She’s the one who got angry
for no reason. Why… Why is it my fault now? I didn’t do anything wrong. Was she angry for no reason? How was it not? We were fine playing the game
and she suddenly left. I’m not even getting angry yet. No. It was a game. Did you
have to be so serious? Besides, Bai Xiao Lu… is a girl. A girl. Wait, a girl… I really don’t get
what you mean by a girl. So what if she’s a girl? Is she allowed to play unfairly… just because she’s a girl? She can be cruel to me, but I can’t do the same to her? That was a game. Don’t play if you can’t accept it. You’re… You’re crazy! Captain Zhou was a little mean.
Wasn’t he? Was it just a little? If torturing wasn’t illegal, I’d use pepper spray, tiger bench, 10 tortures of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and the German Nazi
concentration camp methods. I’d use every way to torture him. The crueller the better.
I’ll torture him to death. How dare he flick Xiao Lu? No. Captain Zhou is like that. He’s a little tactless. And you’re tactful? I just know how to be indirect. At least say it that way. To be honest, I’ve always felt that… I’ve always felt that
police officers aren’t reliable. Police officers aren’t reliable? A police officer is the most
reliable occupation in the world. You don’t get what I’m saying.
What I meant was… those who work as a police officer… will only care about the importance… of their job and duty. They seldom care about their life. Let alone their lovers, family,
and friends around them. -It feels insecure.
-You have no idea. Doing well in our job is… the biggest sense of security
we can give… our family and people around us. I guess you’re right. If that’s the case, will you consider
marrying a police officer? I will. Of course I should consider fine men. Since you’ll consider
a police officer, shouldn’t you first consider… me? To answer your question, I’ll think about it first. I’m outstanding. What’s there to think about? By the way, what score do you think I’d get
for your list of criteria… in picking a boyfriend? You? Little boy. Why don’t we wait a few more years… until you’ve grown older and taller? Then I’ll include your name in the list. Good boy. Grown taller? There’s a cafe ahead. Their civet coffee is quite nice. -Let’s try it.
-No. I’ve tried their coffee.
Their civet coffee isn’t authentic. I think it wasn’t bad. Do you think you’re able to… differentiate civet coffee
from cat faeces? I just have to know the difference
between attraction and love. Kiddo. Do you know what is love? I didn’t know it before, but I knew it after meeting you. Do you know what is
your biggest strength? Is it being gentle and caring? Your biggest strength is
having no sense of shame. Then can I… take this as a compliment? Just think of it as a compliment. Goodbye. She’s such an evil woman. What kind of person… would be so mean to a girl? Besides that, he pissed me off, but acted as if he was innocent. How did I end up liking… someone like that? Bai Xiao Lu. Didn’t you say you liked… how he looked cold,
but actually has a warm heart? Look at you… being tortured badly by him now. Are you feeling happy now? Look at you asking for it. No. A man like that… shouldn’t appear in your life.
Isn’t that so? He should at least come… and cheer me up when I’m angry. Why is he still not doing that? He’s really not planning to cheer me up. I don’t believe that… he’s not interested in me at all. [Action Plan: Barge into
the bathroom by accident] [Pretend to be a big eater]
[Pitiful background] [Cook]
[Get him to save me] [Amusement park, carousel]
[Wall slam] Barge into the bathroom by accident. Barge into the bathroom by accident. Bai Xiao Lu. Turn off the tap for me
if the water has been filled up. Why are you awake so early? I couldn’t sleep. What’s wrong? Was it because the sofa
wasn’t comfortable? The sofa was fine. It was the quilt. What’s wrong with my quilt? It’s nothing. I’ll get a bed soon. I can’t keep using your stuff. Then what about mine? You paid the rent. It isn’t too much
to use my bed and quilt. I’m paying the rent for you first. You still have to pay me back. Look at you being so petty. Who says I’m not paying you back? Goodness. Is your outfit… designed like that? My outfit? What design? It’s not… You wore it inside out. Yesterday… Yesterday I might have… flicked you a little too hard. Uncle. Are you apologising to me? I’m not. You are apologising to me. I’m not. You are apologising to me! Why are you so annoying? I said I’m not. You were apologising to me just now. Do whatever you have to do. Anyway, I heard someone
apologising to me just now. It was a grand apology. A really serious apology. Wood. Wood, quickly show up. [Lu Hao] Stop messing around, little boy. [Lu Hao] Kobayashi Morisan. One, two, three, four, five. Five “wood” characters. That’s unhygienic. It’s so delicious! Did you cook this Buddha’s Temptation? You can say so. There were
leftovers from last night. It’s a waste to throw them out. So I added them into a stew. Breakfast alone is already so delicious. What if I get fat after this? What if I got fat and
nobody wanted me anymore? Uncle. You must be responsible for it
if that happens. That responsibility is way too huge. I can’t afford to take it.
You shouldn’t eat this. I want to eat it! I won’t get fat. Is that okay? Uncle. You made so many dishes for me
early in the morning. Is it because of last night’s incident? Just eat your food. Okay? What is this? Your cooking is amazing! What’s this with fillings? Is it your family recipe
and secret ingredient? -Is it delicious?
-It is. Do you love it? I love eating it. Then just eat it and keep quiet. Okay? Uncle. Stop having rice in soup from now on. You have stomach problems.
Don’t you? -How did you know that?
-Don’t bother how I knew about it. Since you have stomach problems, don’t make it worse. I’m busy with work.
Eating this saves time. You can’t neglect your health
just to save time. If you want to save the trouble, we can have noodles… or porridge next time. If you don’t have time, I’ll cook. Uncle. Why were you staring at me just now? Look. I’m not wearing my clothes
inside out anymore. Look. Don’t smack your lips while eating. Okay. Let’s eat. It’s perfect! It’s a perfect… Perfect match. Your birth date is a perfect match
with this gentleman. I’ve never seen birth dates
that match each other so well. Really? Then is he… my Mr. Right? Your fate with this gentleman… in your past life hasn’t ended. You have to… continue this fate with him
in this life. What is it? I’m meeting a client. He’s being too mean! Who? Is it that Uncle again? All of you were absolutely right. I initially planned to
go out with him today… to buy a bedsheet. I was wearing the blue jacket… we bought together
when we went shopping. He said it looked like
a prison uniform! I’m seriously… My head hurts. My heart is aching. Xiao Lu. Stop torturing yourself. I’ve warned you. You knew he’s like that. I do know he’s someone like that, but when I heard him
saying things like that, I still felt angry about it. Who is he to criticise my taste? Besides, the main thing is… does it look like a
prison uniform on me? To be frank… it does look a little similar. I felt bad for telling you
when you bought it. Why are you like this too? Get on with your work!
I’m not bothering you anymore! Hold on. Why are you in a hurry? Where is that
slow-witted blockhead now? I don’t know. I think he got a phone call
and went to work. Where he went is none of my business. He can do whatever he wants.
Go wherever he wants to. From today onwards,
I won’t bother about him! Bai Xiao Lu. Make sure you remember… what you’ve just said. Don’t forget it! Am I right? So many young and handsome guys
are lining up to date you. Why are you wasting time on him? Listen. Once my application is done, there
will be good resources and fine men. I’ll let you pick first.
Is that generous enough? Tell me. Do Uncle and I… really not match each other at all? How would I know?
I’m not a fortune teller. You really want to know
if you’re destined to be together? Yes! Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu. I’m telling you. This master’s fortune telling
is impeccable. He did it for me once just now. I thought you said you were
meeting a client at the office. My job is to serve the public. Everyone is my client. Whatever you say is right. What did you ask him to foresee? My love relationship. You’re in a relationship again? Why are you shouting? I’m not in a relationship. I’m just doing a
pre-relationship check up. What’s there to check up on? -Of course there is!
-This… I’m telling you. Back then… I trusted my own eyes way too much. I thought I had
the golden-gaze fiery-eyes. I thought I could
see through everything, but reality has proven that
I was wrong. Just look over there. Like this? Like this? Can you really believe this? Why not? I’m telling you. This was inherited from… the entire generation of ancestors. It’s called intangible
cultural heritage. One more thing. Fortune telling and physiognomy… belong to the statistics category. It makes a lot of sense.
You must believe it. Besides, I just got my calculations from him
and I think it’s extremely accurate. What did he say? He said the two of us
are a perfect match. If it’s a perfect match, it’s accurate? I’m telling you. That kind of swindler… will tell everyone the same thing. Keep it down. -Don’t make him angry.
-I’ve got it! Thank you for your guidance. I told you it’s disrespectful. What’s the matter?
I’ve never seen birth dates… that clash with each other so badly! What? Hold on. Were you eavesdropping
on our conversation? What do you mean? I’m telling you. What you’re doing is cursing us. Be more respectful. What’s wrong? Young lady. Listen to me. Yes, go ahead. She doesn’t know better. Tell me. I’ve read many people’s fortune. I won’t cast such an evil spell… just because of one or two
bad comments. You… Fine. Then tell me how are we
not a good match. The man that you’re… in love with now… Where is that
slow-witted blockhead now? He is a dense and insensitive person. Qing Qing. Did you… tell him about me? I didn’t. Go to hell! I told you he’s good. Besides, that man is probably… He’s being too mean! Who? Is it that uncle again? He is much older than you. As for his occupation… I was wearing the blue jacket… we bought together
when we went shopping. He said it looked like
a prison uniform! I… He revolves around danger! I can’t continue. I can’t continue anymore. That’s all I can say. You don’t have to believe me… if you don’t think it’s true. It’ll be fine. Master. Master. Are we really not suitable
for each other? We’re not suitable for each other! If that’s the case, then what’s
the use of trying to hard? That’s not right. Here’s the dustbin. Must you throw rubbish everywhere? I still like Uncle. What should I do? We’re not destined to be together. What should I do? I should stop think about it. I should really stop. White Shark. I wish you can live your life
to the fullest… and have a heart of gold. Cheers! Uncle! You’re home. Don’t drink so much. What food did you buy me? Where’s the beer? In my tummy. Uncle. Do you want to come and listen to
the beer baby in my belly? You can really drink. We’re staying together. Don’t you know… if I can drink or not? I bought those beer to drink while
looking through case files at night. It’s just a can of beer. Do you have to make a fuss about it? Am I referring to the beer? Aren’t you talking about the beer? Then I… This… I’m worried about you. You… Uncle. What… What… What did you just say? Nothing. Come on. Go get some rest. My shoes. My feet are cold. What did you say about me? You can’t neglect your health
just to save time. If you want to save the trouble,
let’s cook noodles… or porridge. If you don’t have time, I’ll cook. Hello? Yes, it’s me. Where? I’ll be right there. Please stand back. Captain Zhou. Captain Zhou. Everyone stand back. The body was found an hour ago. Who found it? Captain Zhou. A food delivery guy. He tripped when he passed by here… in the dark… and was shocked when he got up
and saw the body. The victim’s wallet and ID are missing. It’s probably robbery with homicide. His ID too? I thought it was strange too. His phone wasn’t taken. It’ll be taken to get unlocked tomorrow. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Once we’re done here,
send it over right away. Yes, sir. Miss Luo. Thanks for working so late at night. Cut the nonsense. I just took my pills and laid down. It’s the same for all of us. Tell me about the situation. We found this at the scene. The murderer probably
used this to kill her. It’s a nail from a gas framing nailer. Gas framing nailer? Come and have a look. Xiao Tan. Look. There are clear signs of… bruises and air pressure
at the edges of the wound. It was probably… caused by the gas framing nailer. There are also ligature marks
on the victim’s neck. I assume the murderer
strangled her first… and then used the gas
framing nailer to kill her. Judging by the stiffness
of the victim’s body… and colour of the blood stains, the time of death is around… 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. last night. But of course, I can only give you… a more detailed report
after the autopsy. Gas framing nailer? Why would someone… use a gas framing nailer to kill people? It’s easy to find. This can be bought online
or at any hardware stores. Did you get the footprints? Yes, but don’t keep your hopes up. It’s been destroyed badly. By the way, Old Wu went to check
the security cameras. But I think it’s hard
to find anything useful. These are old houses that are
about to be abolished. There might not even have
security cameras. Besides, it’s totally dark
in this area. Even if there were,
I doubt it’s useful. So do you mean… we shouldn’t solve this case? We should go home… and wait for this murderer… to surrender himself?
Is that what you’re saying? That wasn’t what I meant. Then what are you trying to say? If we can’t find anything here,
what about the other places? Will there be nothing in other places? Go look for it! Alright. Xiao Lu. There’s no such thing as
something difficult to Captain Zhou. Captain Zhou. Alright then. Our job here is done. Thank you. Quickly go home and get some sleep. Pack the things. Lu Hao. Help them send the body
back to the lab. Yes, sir. Captain Zhou, your jacket… Hey, it’s alright. Look at me. Don’t be so afraid. You’re so… Try to recall what you saw. How is it going? -Captain Zhou.
-Have a look. What is this nonsense? He was frightened. He can’t
even make a full sentence. ♪ I know there’s
a piece of missing corner ♪ ♪ It’s been left behind
at a street in memory lane ♪ ♪ And keeps on complaining ♪ ♪ I know there’s a lonely island ♪ ♪ Waiting for a storm
in this vast body of water ♪ ♪ And subsiding tides ♪ ♪ You’re the signal
from the lighthouse afar ♪ ♪ You keep calling for me
and shining at me ♪ ♪ A hug that I yearn for ♪ ♪ I’ve tried searching ♪ ♪ Gone through currents and swamps ♪ ♪ Seeing greens and flowers
and birds in the sky ♪ ♪ It’s a prediction of the future ♪ ♪ You are my missing corner ♪ ♪ You’ve filled up
the empty nest in my heart ♪ ♪ No matter how careless
I was yesterday ♪ ♪ I’m still proud ♪ ♪ Afraid to take off my black jacket ♪ ♪ You are my missing corner ♪ ♪ A change of tune in an ordinary life ♪ ♪ An angel must have heard my prayers ♪ ♪ That’s why you arrived ♪ ♪ as we promised ♪ ♪ You are my missing corner ♪ ♪ You’ve filled up
the empty nest in my heart ♪ ♪ No matter how careless
I was yesterday, I’m still proud ♪ ♪ Afraid to take off my black jacket ♪ ♪ You are my missing corner ♪ ♪ A change of tune in an ordinary life ♪ ♪ An angel must have heard my prayers ♪ ♪ That’s why you arrived ♪ ♪ as we promised ♪

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