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Hello, everyone. I am the Fragrance of the Earth.. It’s cold today. Today, it is very cold. Baixue gave me a call and she wanted us to send clothes to her. Xiao Zhu wants us to send him a quilt. AS children grow up, they are independent and they usually are in outside. Baixue never comes back from running her shop. She wants the black coat and the white coat This jacket is for me. Why don’t you wear it, now? What you’re wearing is like a master of divination. I don’t have clothes. Is this the dress? It could be this coat and a black coat, she said. Is this one? Yes. It is not black. It’s black. It’s black, Take both down jackets to her. Dad, dad, ah we are lucky to have a little guy–Second Pig. Dad, if without our little son– Second Pig, we would be bored to death. Dad, Oh. come to the roof to seek for your sister clothes for her. What floor are we on? Yeah Be in your sister’s room. Oh. I mean that do you want to sent cloth to your elder sister? I said yes, you said yes. Yes. She wanted her long Johns Erzhu, well, when you grow up, are you at home? Gee, he is drawing eyebrow. Don’t fuck yourself This is black. Don’t paint on the face, sweetie, or you will bocome a cat. Not good-looking, honey. Come on. Don’t paint your face, or you will look ugly, honey. Okay. No, no, there’s almost nothing left in this eye. This is for girls. But, you are a guy. Don’t wear make-up. Mom. What? Ah, look at you. What are you being in a daze? Don’t take these two. Let’s go, go. Let’s go, go. Second Pig. Gee, oh, my god. Look at you. Let’s go, go. Don’t touch it or you hands will get dirty. Let’s go, go. You still rub it. Let’s go. You love dressing up extremely. Take the kiwi I’ll get my elder sister a bottle of milk. This isn’t a crate of milk. Mom, come one. Why don’t you take these things? Let your father take them. Why does the door of kitchen open? Maybe it will rain. Put it in the room. You do it. Take two bags of sausages brought by Zhifen elder sister to Baixue. You take the milk and your father take these things. Go go! Dad, close the door. Look at how great the big camera len. Ha ha ha ha, how do you make such a big camera lens?

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