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방탄소년단. 김남준 사주 팔자. Fortune-telling for BTS. RM. Kim. 사주랜드 강도사. sajuland. fortune-teller. 자평 명리

방탄소년단. 김남준 사주 팔자. Fortune-telling for BTS. RM. Kim. 사주랜드 강도사. sajuland. fortune-teller. 자평 명리

Hi! This is Sajuland. Fortune-teller. It’s time for fortune-telling for a member of BTS BTS memer, It’s very hot not only in Korea but also all over the world. Among them, the leader of BTS, RM. Kim Nam-jun I will have time for fortune-telling. I think it’s as easy as possible. How to solve the problem with pictures Let’s solve it that way. Let’s take a look. Easy to explain by drawing RM of the BTS members The leader of the BTS members, RM Kim, He was born on September 12, 1994. When I draw this as fate code. It will become a new constellation of fate code.(Gap-Sool, Gye-Yoo, Shin-Chook) I don’t know the born time I do not know. Have three code of year, month, and day Let’s try to solve the fortune. To see this, first of all, Born day, this is the most important. Then you need to know about “Shin”. Before we know about “Shin”, then there are ten element of code. Let’s take a quick look at ten element. First of all, 10 of them are Gap, Eul, Byung, Jung, Moo, Gii, Gyung, Shin, Eem, Gye. We know that : Gap, Eul are wood, Byung, Jung are fire, Moo, Gii are soil, Gyung, Shin are gold, Eem, Gye are water. That’s it. What are these? If you look at it very simply, Gap, Eul express “sow time.” As a person, you are just born and It is the stage of creation that is just beginning to grow. And Byung, Jung were just getting bigger. Adults, young adults, flowers bloom This is the stage of growth. What happens next? Can not you just size it ?! It should be ripe. Stage of aging And after the stage of Gyung, Shin has matured Then, now, So autumn, this is it. Then, Eem, Gye have come to the completion of regeneration, growth and aging. It’s new here. The steps you keep for your life are Eem, Gye. So the threshold is the last, but this is the stage of retention. Actually, starting from the Gap of the ten element The goal is Shin. Becoming fruitful in the target Shin. It is finished. So, of the 10 Because the people who born in the Shin day are very neat. It’s completed thing. And generally, they pretty and hansome. Kim Nam-jun, moreover, Just .. autumn, “Yoo(symbol of hen)”. The Yoo is now the symbol of lunar month of August He was born in the month of Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day), then. When I think about how to express this, On completion, autumn is the finished fruit Such as ripening, fully ripe fruit .. I’ve done so by analogy. And what’s your favorite product? Yes, it’s a gem diamond. Then it is completely done. All ripe fruits and totally jewelery done You’re going to rework and mow it? no. All you need is a clean wash All you need is water. And then let me see. Here, in the month, the water called “Gye” is just ~ floating. I mean, get me like this ripe gem. I washed it with water, and it looks like it. But even more so if this system has no roots. It has the root of the “Gye” in the “Chook(symbol of cow)” So there are roots, and moreover, In this heart of gold, there is left-wing radiate. This water flows very cleanly and beautifully. So take this, please. Now, to be more specific, This “Yoo” is the same as me. You know?! “Shin” is the gold itself, because it is the energy of “Yoo” gold. Such a season People who were born in the same season Be very stubborn. They are stubborn It’s stubborn when it comes to bad things. It is very strong self-esteem, Mental strength, mental strength is very strong. But how do you get it again? I do not need to have the “Sa”(symbol of snake) and the “Chook” I have. This is the sum of the pouring. To sum up I’ll see you next. If you go in a little hard, there is gold in the “Sool”(symbol of dog). There is gold in the “Yoo” and gold in the “Chook”. What in the end? I alone on these golds I lay the golds on the bottom and I stand alone. I mean, on a lot of crowds I stand alone. It’s not one place, is it ?! Just everywhere, everywhere from year to day. Standing in this, what happens then? I stand alone. Standing tall I have a goal oriented goal in the wild. Then, the result is floating to the “Gap”. So on top of all these crowds, Goal-oriented The appearance of the leader looks like the whole of this person. I have a shape like this. How the flow of fortune will develop in the future May I see you once? Let me see. Here, of course, when you see a person’s fortne, We need to split into code of sky and code of earth(code letter of the bottom),. I’ll have to see it then. Now we’re looking at a rough statue. In such a time, the direction of the importance is important. Seeing the direction is underneath. It is earth. There are “Sool”(symbol of dog), “Hae”(pig), “Ja”(mouse), “Chook”(cow), “Iin”(tiger), “Myo”(rabbit), “Jin”(dragon). This guy is now 26, this year ?! The 26th is now here in flow of fortune. What happened? Let’s do it now “Hae”, “Ja”, “Chook”. They are enrgy of water. “Chook” has also a energy of soil, of course, Overall, “Hae”, “Ja”, “Chook”. the north Winter, flow in the direction of the water For 30 years, the water is constantly flowing. look. I am also strong with the energy of the soil and gold. So there’s just the energy of water. It’s the 30-year-old good that emits my strong aura. I wonder how I can express this with pictures. Radiate his energy In the crowd, This guy is a singer, right? Singing My heart-warming energy I did it once. So this guy has been around for almost 30 years now. This talent, as well as singing, will come to the performing arts later? Well, next to this, this guy has a gold and water. The energy that emanates from gold to water, He is very clever. That too The talent of probe. A talent that focuses on one thing very much I mean, there are a lot of people like doctors around the world. It is very sharp and delicate. Sharp It’s bad, but I have a rough side. Extremely sharp, delicate and professional There are many such aspects. In addition, the auspiciousness grows wildly. He sings as well as I do not know what these people are, The ability to write and composition himself It seems to be enough. That’s 30 years of great fortune. What happens next? “Iin”, “Myo”, “Jin”, the next 30 years is the energy of wood. What is wood? Do not look at the tree. What is wood to gold? I win. My results, goals. I will take It is usually called a property, it is a 30-year-old. What in the end? I am the I have been eating for 30 years. What happens next? It is such a kind of harvest with the wood. So I chose the picture that I harvested. What does it actually mean to us? Money and treasure, gold. As I see it, of course, I do not know the born time yet. It’s hard to say exactly But in this whole case, The gold prode the water, the water produce the wood, and the grand canal flow into the wood. Uh … this is a great talent. Later a considerable wealth, It seems to be a major shareholder. Almost impossible to see It looks like a lot of power. And now he is 26 now. He still have to get married. Let’s just look at the luck of this person’s spouse His spouse is energy of wood, because he is gold. Let me see. This is now his spouse. What happens to your spouse? From your partner’s perspective It is a person who is elegant, because gold produces water, water produces wood. For example, if it is a job of government employee, Or a very straightforward, It looks like a well-bred person. And then this is where it is now This is same man and woman. This is his and her spouse. What about his spouse? The “Chook” also contain water called “Gye”, gold called “Shin” There is also include soil called “Gii” So, the fact that it contains the “Gye” Here comes the source of his talent, which he must pour. So his spouse, this guy Kim Nam-jun, if he has a spouse, His spouse seems to be doing very well. And there is the “Shin” in it !? Eventually a girl like friend And the most important thing is the “Chook” though This is basically the “Gii”? Soil called “Gii”. “Gii” is a mother to “Shin”. So like a mother And if you take this as a job of teacher, This person would not be the spouse of this person. Let’s anticipate once. Anyway, now we have a great Because he is the leader leading the Korean Wave. We wish he meet the good fortune and a good spouse. I hope to continue to do good work. Until now, the leader of the BTS member RM’s fortune I took time to explain easily with pictures. Thank you for watching. Good-bye.

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  • 김성미 says:

    너무 쉽게 풀어주셔서 이해가 잘 되네요. 방탄소년단 대박나길….

  • Marie Kim says:

    RM, I like what I heard about you hear, but you don't even need this. You're already an anpanman for BTS and Army, plus maybe your country and the world(?). I'm so so sorry to burden you like this; I know how sensitive you are about your destiny. Be strong but happy..

  • 사주랜드sajuland says:

    한글 자막과 영어 자막을 달았습니다.I added Korean and English subtitles.

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