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봄vs가을 토론에서 김종민 멘탈 탈수기돌려버린 여자친구 신비,엄지 [뇌피셜]

봄vs가을 토론에서 김종민 멘탈 탈수기돌려버린 여자친구 신비,엄지 [뇌피셜]

[Logic Wasting Debate Show]
Brain-fficial. [Today’s Good Talker!!! Come on out!]
Come on out! We are GFRIEND. I’ve only seen you sing but never logical. [SinB’s sudden tears!!!] [Confused Brain-fficial! Happy Birthday~] [Shocked Brain-fficial;;; You idiots!!!] We can’t keep a decent conversation! [Brain-fficial looking for another conversation partner!] Hello? Jongmin Kim just… [The tough GFRIEND starts a Brain-fficial hunt!!] If you don’t subscribe, Jongmin is sad! [Logic Wasting Debate Show] Hello Neurons! Seeing that there are two seats today… I remember when Jimin and Minkyoung came, also when Jaesong Hwang and Jinho came on the show. [Overcome with sudden trauma from two seats!!!]
I don’t have a good feeling about this. Who is it? Come on out Good Talker. Hello. [Big smile] [Hastily rising;;; It’s GFRIEND!!!] [Today is Brain-fficial’s lucky day!!]
Nice to meet you. [12 seconds ago! The lost smile] Introduce yourselves. Hello, we are GFRIEND. [Mr. Jongmin….your mouth…]
I’m Umji from GFRIEND and I’m the youngest. [Very focused]
I’m SinB from GFRIEND and I’m the main dancer, in charge of the group’s performance. [Exploding with reactions! Full of energy] [Today’s provocative talker.. SinB and Umji of GFRIEND] [Happy Brain-fficial]
I’ve always been your fan. But then you say that to every girl group that come on this show. You saw that? Yea I saw that. Do you know any of their songs? [No need to say] [Anticipating] [Full of confidence]
Of course I know. Into the New World. [Eyes…shaking…Starting today we] [Even the lyrics are wrong]
We are fluttered. Starting today we.. We don’t have to meet ever again. [Where did it go wrong?] Do you know the song Fever? Fever? That’s the name of a song? We just made a comeback [Uh-oh]
with the song Fever. [Brain-fficial isn’t here. How could you do this to us?] [I can’t be beaten like this]
Did you ever watch Brain-fficial before? There were a lot of illogical statements. [illogical answer]
That’s how we do it. [No logic] So, do you like summer or winter? Winter. If I had to choose, winter. First, summer is too strenuous. During winter, you can at least keep the cold away by wearing layers of clothing. So today’s topic for the debate. What was it? Today’s topic for the debate. What is the best season? Spring! Fall. [#1 Free Debate]
I want you to be precise and logical. I’ve only seen you sing but never being logical. [So logic is what you want?]
We will try to talk logically by following your lead. Good. Personally I think the best season is spring. Do you know why it’s spring, summer, fall, and winter? Why? Spring comes first because it’s the best. Then out of Monday to Sunday, is Monday the best too? [From the start! Jongmin gets knocked down by Umji’s logic!] Spring begets life! [Umji’s logic]
Although it may be a season when life begins, isn’t it a bit unstable? The reason why I like spring is. During winter there aren’t many festivals while there are many in spring. There are many festivals in fall as well. [The highlight of festivals, College festivals!]
There are college festivals. Sure. [Because of his age]
Maybe he doesn’t go to many college festivals. [Brain-fficial is shocked!]
That’s possible. [Umji shaking up Brain-fficial!] Ever heard of a May Bride? -Yeah.
-You have, right? May Bride? What does it mean? There are brides in May! There are no September Brides. [Where did the logical person go?]
I want you to be logical. [A place where you will get played if you don’t pull it together! Brain-fficial!] Which national holidays are there in the fall? [That’s easy.]
Chuseok! There’s Chuseok. We don’t get to see our families very often. For real? Are you okay? We live in a dorm. [Dumbfounded. Storm of tears] [Deep into the role.]
Why are you acting all of a sudden~ We live in a dorm [I miss my mom~] [Perfect teamwork]
so the only time we get to see our families [GFRIEND is so good at the crying act.]
in only during holidays like Chuseok or the lunar new year holiday. – Seriously, wow.
– That is why I believe fall is the best season. To idols, fall is the season when we get to see our families. [Shouting for no reason]
What’s the point of seeing your family? [No need to say]
They love seeing us. When I meet my parents they drill me about why I’m not married yet. [Harsh talk]
Really, why aren’t you married? [I can only laugh] I have a reason for not liking fall. [Asking for trouble]
Shinji’s birthday is in the fall. Congratulations. [I lose…]
Happy birthday. Happy birthday. [Today is Brain-fficial’s day of suffering!] And what day is October the third? [Help me… laughing out loud] I know what it is! – October the third is the National Foundation Day of Korea.
– The National Foundation Day.
– Correct, the National Foundation Day. – And
– October the ninth. Hangeul Day. [After a year as a Brain-fficial… he’s still got it!] [Brain operating at full capacity]
And did you know? In the national anthem… only fall is mentioned among the four seasons. – The fall sky
– That ends the debate. [Impossible to refute. Sensing victory.]
is void and vast. No other seasons are mentioned? Nope! [Man in danger. Jongmin’s suggestion for a singing contest!]
Then how about I sing a song that has spring in it, [Full of confidence]
and you sing a song with fall in it? This band is famous worldwide and they say it’s spring. What was the song? – Guess what it is.
– What was it? Spring Day. Do you know the song? Sing a little for me. [Here you go, a song!]
Snow. Flower. – Snow flower?
– is. [What?]
Fall [Again, this guy knows only the title of the song.]
-Down. [(Sinner) Apologies to A.R.M.Y;;;] Wow you guys are really something, you know. [I can’t be the only one to sing!]
You guys try a song too. [Singing contest starting for real]
A field where the fall wind hovered. Sping, spring, spring, spring is here. Yellow, it’s dyed yellow. Do you know Cherry Blossom Ending? [It’s such a famous song.]
Of course, it’s a famous song. As the spring wind blows, Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, cherry blossom. [This is the skill of a singer who made his debut 20 years ago] [The ultimate song of the singing contest!]
The ultimate. There’s an ultimate song that will determine who will win. A song that we really want to dedicate to you…. Do you really like spring, you idiots? [A song dedicated by GFRIEND to Jongmin Kim]
You idiots. There are songs that hate spring. But there’s no song that hates fall. [#2 Acquaintance-fficial]
Shall we make a call to our friends? Sure. I have an amazing friend. [Who is this amazing friend of Jongmin’s? Curious.] Your call is not connected. Please leave a message after the beep [Who?]
I’m curious. [How could this be]
I’ve lost one person. It’s a close friend of mine. A younger friend? You guys have a younger friend? Hello? [SinB’s friend, actress Saeron Kim]
Hey Saeron. Eun Bi We are on the Brain-fficial show. Hello. Hello! Hello, Ms. Saeron. [Out of nowhere]
I saw you at the hair salon. I moved to another salon. Where did you move to? Jungsaemmool… Jungsaemmool So, Saeron. Which do you like more, spring or fall? Fall. Right? [Protesting]
Why, why, why, why fall? I don’t like bugs. There are tons of bugs in the fall. Spring is… more like, the season when insects wake up. [I’m going to find the common ground between you and me!]
When you were filming ‘The Man from Nowhere’, which season was it then? It was in the middle of winter. [This one failed]
It must have been cold. Which month do you want to get married? [Tact Level 100]
When is a good month to get married? [Jongmin’s Brain-fficial. The May bride is the best!]
May, May is the best month, the May bride. Then I will choose September! I will choose September. [I’m having a difficult day]
This conversation isn’t going well. You personally prefer fall? Yes! Then why don’t you come on the show in your favorite season, fall. Sounds good. – Thank you.
– Thank you, Saeron.
– Thanks. – I’m going to call one of my group members.
– Who? I can identify the person just from her voice. Where are the other members now? – Probably at a hair salon.
– I think probably at the hair salon. Hello. [Who is it?] We’re filming for Brain-fficial right now. I can tell. Say hello to Jongmin Kim. Hello. Hi! [In a chorus]
Guess who it is! [Confident]
Of course I know, I know just by the voice. Yuju? Wrong! Hang up, hang up! [I’m in trouble.] I wish you the best~ [Frozen] [Pupils shaking]
These girls are no joke. [One more attempt to call another member] Hello? When we called Eunha earlier, Jongmin thought it was Yuju from her voice. [So it was Eunha, not Yuju]
So after hanging up with Eunha, we’re calling you. Thank you very much. Hello. Hi. Yuju [Spring vs. Fall]
Which do you like more, spring or fall? For me, it’s fall. [Obsessing]
Where is Eunha? Eunha says she likes spring. [Following on]
We’re a good match, Eunha and I. But you already kicked Eunha away. Is Eunha there with you? Yeah, yeah. [Desperate]
Can you please put Eunha on the line, just once? Please put Eunha on the line. Hello? [As friendly as possible]
Eunha. Yes. Actually I really like your voice. [Very firm]
I will put Yuju back on the line. [Her grudge lasts a long time]
I’ll hand over the phone to the voice of our group, Eunha. [Brain-fficial is through]
Goodbye. [GFriend knows how to play Brain-fficial]
Hello? Unnie. Jongmin says he likes spring. [Asking Yuju to singHoly!]
He wants to hear you sing a bit of ‘Spring is Gone by Chance’. It must be coming to me by chance. [Very excited]
I can see the scent of spring. [The old guy gets his groove on with joy]
You must be coming with it. [Thank you for the live singing!] [Regret]
What about Eunha… Can’t you ask her to sing just one spring song? [What is he saying?]
Please put her on the line again.. [Whatever]
I have to make up to her. Eunha. Yes. Do you know any spring song? [Nice Eunha]
There’s a song called ‘Fall in Love’ by us, GFriend [I will make sure to remember your voice, Eunha]
You keep on seeping into my heart [When you’ve finished singing, we’ll be friends again]
I can’t help but hide it. It’s a song that goes like this. Your voice sure is the best, Eunha. [High praise]
Your voice is very clear. Thank you. Thank you. No more grudges, okay? [Thank you for answering the call, Yuju and Eunha ^^] [I need to get back at them]
I bet there are more people around you [Brain-fi gathers himself and restarts the debate!!]
with the name ‘Bom (spring).’ Why? Because it’s prettier. Then when you have a child later you’ll name him/her ‘Bom (spring) Kim’ rather than ‘Gaeul (fall) Kim’? [Needless to say]
Of course, Bom Kim! Doesn’t the name sound somewhat trapped? – The pronunciation is very trapped.
– Bom Kim. – Gaeul Kim.
– Gaeul Kim. [This only applies to Brain-fi. We ask all Bom Kims around the country to hold no offenses]
Gaeul Kim. Bom Kim. Hey Bom. Let’s check the facts on which name is better. Please check the facts. Hello? Who is this? It’s been a while. This is Sungjoon Park, who does fortune telling, physiognomy, [ Fortune teller]
feng-shui, matching, and yin-yang and the five elements. Which name is better, the name ‘Bom’ or ‘Gaeul’? Well, when it comes to names, it’s difficult to say which one is better or worse just by the names themselves. It differs by the person. Then may I ask, among us three, who has the name that best matches the face? The name. First is Jongmin Kim. I think the syllable ‘Jong’ goes well with you. You seem somewhat like a ‘jong(servant)’. [Hey servant~] Not ‘jong’ as in servant or slave, but a bell. [That’s a relief]
A ringing bell. Whew. Your face gives an impression that you continuously have to do something active. Umji (meaning thumb) sounds kind of like the head or the leader and your face has that impression that’s just like a thumb. [What kind of a face is a thumb-looking face?]
There’s a thumb in her face? Umji is actually a stage name, but many people think it’s my real name. And SinB, [Very focused]
The word ‘sinbi’ has a wondrous and mysterious feeling. But in reality SinB – has a strong preference for things that are concrete and certain.
– You’re right, you’re right. SinB has a strong desire for fame and easily gets stressed so the name that can relieve some of that stress is Gaeul, rather than Bom. Do you have a lot of stress? [Giving up]
Yeah, I have a lot of anger, and also a lot of stress. Is that so? [Silently holds her hand. (Unable to go on)] [I will keep from talking.] So it is true. She doesn’t deny it! [(Stress)] For Jongmin, ‘Bom’ is better. You see? [It’s surely ‘Bom’ for me!]
I can instantly feel it. Bom Kim. Bom Kim. [Wow] [Strangely it suits him well…]
It’s a bit strange. For Umji, neither Bom nor Gaeul is okay. ‘Yeoreum (summer)’ is a bit better. So Bom Kim, Gaeul Hwang, and Yeoreum Kim. I think I can sum it up like this. Thank you. You have thirty seconds left. [A sudden call] Hello? [Later] What are you most worried about? I can’t sleep well. [Is this okay… Three kinds of nonsense]
You can’t fix it. Just sleep. [Just what he is known for] [The amazing solution from Brain-fi that even GFriend didn’t expect?!]
Today’s best solution. [To be disclosed soon!] Hello. There’s this incredible guy. Seho, what are you doing? I’m out to buy a portable charger. [He can make others laugh with a portable charger…] I lost one recently [Can’t say anything]
so I’m out to buy one. [Abruptly]
Which do you prefer? Spring or fall? I like spring. [Thank you Seho. Finally Jongmin has someone on his side]
Why is that? [You are my only one]
After a cold winter, I love how the warm spring comes back. Autumn feels as if [No, don’t say it]
winter is coming soon. I saw you on the missed call list and I wondered what the occasion was, [You don’t call for no reason]
but now I see it’s Brain-fficial since you’re asking me about spring or fall! Say hello to see who’s here. – Who is it? Who?
– Hello. This is SinB and Umji from GFriend [Happy Seho]
Hello there. [His voice is completely different from when talking to Jongmin] Hey, what’s up with you? Seho, [Please say you don’t mean it]
do you really like spring more than fall? Do you prefer fall, SinB? Yes, I do. Umji, too? Do you also like fall more? Yes, I prefer fall. [5G-speed change in attitude]
Well then, I might change my opinion this time. [Please be on my side]
What food is good to eat in spring? [Should I take Jongmin’s side?]
Seasonal food is good to eat in spring. Like what, for example? I don’t know, I should find out. [You go Seho!] [Cementing his position]
You should listen to GFriend’s songs in fall. [Further confirmation]
You should listen to ‘Fever’. [Why don’t you know?]
You see! He knows the song, Fever! If you had to go on a date, when would it be, in spring or fall? [No question needed]
Fall, of course. How about marriage? Spring or fall? [Answering immediately]
October, for sure! [You just wait, Seho Cho]
You just have the answers all prepared, don’t you? [Pissed]
You guys go on without me! But hey, Jongmin! Of all your calls so far, today’s was the most pleasant. Seeing that you’re so happy, [Rapid end of friendship]
I’m going to hang up. Okay, bro. [Nothing but the portable charger on his mind]
I need to go get that portable charger. Okay, Seho, thanks. – Good luck on the show!
– Thank you. Nothing! Can exist without spring! [Refutes]
Well, spring also cannot exist without fall! It’s the chicken or the egg question. You should come on the show again, you all! [SinB up to the challenge]
Okay! Bring Eunha with you! You have my word! What is your Brain-fficial opinion? Press the button on the right, and vote now! Knowing is fun, Brain-fficial! Press subscribe! Press like! Leave comments below! [Brain-fficial’s counseling center] [The hidden go-to place for Idols’ concerns! We do our best to give advice.]
I don’t know if this is going to be helpful. So what is your biggest concern? [Serious]
Well, for me I have a very irregular lifestyle So you biorhythms are affected. [Sympathizing]
They’re all broken. – They’re all broken and you get irritated.
– Yes, that’s right. Even if I try and get back on a regular lifestyle during break, once I get back to work, it all falls apart. [Jongmin says] It cannot be fixed! [Dumbfounded] [Brain-fficial’s solution you can trust!] When you are working, it can’t be helped. You just have to be a little careful. But when you are on break, you have to take very good care of your health. That is what you have to go through in return for all the love you get. Just bear with it. You just have to bear with it. [Next, SinB’s concerns]
Mine is similar. When I’m working, I get so sensitive and stressed [Fully sympathizing]
and I can’t get enough sleep… You don’t get enough sleep?! [Half in doubt]
I guess there’s no solution to this either? [Let’s think Jongmin. She’s suffering from lack of sleep.] Well, you want to do your best, show your best, and you have so many things on your mind, which keeps you awake at night… [He’s been through all that]
Yes, I have so many thoughts going on in my head. When thoughts keep popping into your head, just sleep! [Um, hello…]
I mean, I’m unable to fall asleep. [Taken aback]
You can’t fall asleep? [Jongmin says] Then try drinking milk! [Out of nowhere]
Try drinking milk. If I look back on myself drinking milk… it’s hilarious. So you fall asleep laughing? Yes, that’s right! [Charming. A master’s counseling center]
The best solution. [Anyway, SinB’s concerns are resolved!]
You are doing well. Thank you. Brain-fficial [More than you know]

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