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🎬 Byootiful Fortune Teller

🎬 Byootiful Fortune Teller

Once upon a time there is a powerful Fortune Teller Once upon a time there’s a powerful Fortune Teller in Smolthiny Universe But, one accident happened And that made her lost her power Could the one most powerful fortune teller in Smolthiny Universe Get her power back? Let’s find out! Hiyahiyahiya~ *322yo MaMa always found out way to entertain herself* MaMa We can’t stay quiet like this we need to bring BoAei back to Smolthiny House But she’s on her journey searching tHe MEanInG oF LifE we shouldn’t interrupt her Not interrupt just meet her one more time Tell her that we totally support what she did and she will always have place here You’re right Deung let’s go find her then wait wew have no clue where she was I knew someone who will help us find her Okay, then *MaMa went outside* *somewhere* *knocking on the door* may peace be upon us excuse me May peace be upon us (too) please Are you Lil Ema? (tiny old woman) the famous fortune teller everyone talking about? Sorry, I don’t do fortune teller anymore. If you come here only to ask me that please take leave now! wait i really need your help girl I lost my child and i need you to help me to find her well, that’s not my business i’m busy right now! meh, busy of cooking? well, i’m also busy doing something else! I’ve been living for 300 years You can’t fool me with cheap sheeps Tell me what’s going on! To be honest.. I lost my power see some time ago Why? Sorry i don’t want to talk about my past *think hard* Let the past be there now look There is nobody but you who could help me to find my precious thing in this world Can you imagine that? But but I’m not sure you can do it! you know that? i… i.. an outsider like me could only give you motivation but you are the one who have the key either you run or you walk, or standing there! i don’t know Ma.. don’t expect too much! i’m just nothing nothing what? you are the greatest soothsayer in Smolthiny universe once and forever there’s no power in this world (smolthiny univ) who could help you but YOURSELF i beg you Please RIIIICEEEE…… okay Yata~ *on the way Smolthiny House with Lil Ema* *mission complete* Now give me something she ever touched before she left ahh.. ok ok Hi-Deung, come here! ya Ma? How is it going? Come hug me whoaaa really? :3 No, I’m kidding aaahh.. OF COURSE. COME. okay :3 *feels* *magic spells on comment section* *magic working* *inside Lil Ema’s vision*

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