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10 Times TV Shows Predicted The Future

10 Times TV Shows Predicted The Future

10) 1999: in a sketch Chris Rock jokes that
O.J. Simpson wrote a book titled ‘I Didn’t Kill My Wife! (But If I DID, Here’s How I’d
Do It)’. 8 years later O.J. Simpson released a book
about the murder of his wife titled ‘If I Did It, Here’s How it Happened.’ 9) A 1995 episode of the Simpsons set in the
future shows Lisa’s fiancé using his watch to make a phone call.
In 2013 smart watches became widely available allowing calls to be answered from the watch. 8) Cartoon The Jetsons debuted in 1962 but
was set in 2062. It accurately predicted future gadgets…
…including flatscreen TVs, video-conferencing, moving walkways & tanning beds. 7) In May 2012 a Person of Interest episode
aired about a young male NSA whistle blower revealing the agency’s illegal surveillance.
A year later in June 2013 Edward Snowden whistle blows on NSA activities, mirroring the events
of the episode. 6) The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) featured
a protagonist with superhuman bionic limbs. In 2012 scientists achieved a neuroscience
breakthrough which allowed a woman to move her artificial limb with her thoughts. 5) An episode of Family Guy depicts a failed
suicide attempt by comedian Robin Williams. A repeat of the episode was broadcast by BBC
3, minutes before news of Robin William’s suicide broke. 4) 1980s cartoon Inspector Gadget featured
a precursor to a laptop, used by his niece Penny.
The computer book was a wireless handheld device with a search engine & GPS. 3) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine predicted Google
Glass with a head set used by the Vorta & Jem’Hadar species.
In the series wearing the gadget is described ‘like having a view screen inside your brain’. 2) 1987 sitcom Second Chance predicted the
date of Colonel Gaddafi’s death within 3 months.
The episode set in July 2011 depicts Gaddafi facing judgment before St. Peter in front
of pearly gates. 1) In March 2001 the pilot episode of The
Lone Gunmen depicts a highjacked airplane being aimed toward the World Trade Center.
The episode aired 6 months before 9/11 took place.

43 Replies to “10 Times TV Shows Predicted The Future”

  • IglooDweller says:

    Did they predict or ~inform~ the future? Maybe they got their ideas from watching these..

  • UserName Whatever says:


  • Smidday says:

    Family Guy also predicted Bruce Jenner would become a woman, go watch "We love you Conrad" episode.

  • Daniel Cervantes says:

    What if it didn't tell the future it inspired the future

  • Way Lawn says:

    Alright here's my prediction, one day, Aliens will fart to take over the world. RECORD THIS BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN!

  • Saira Banu says:

    seems like these people invented these in real too

  • BadMallardCreations says:

    First laptop style computer: 1981First episode of Inspector Gadget: 1983That would be a miss. Reality before the "prediction"

  • NinjaTurtlesFan89 says:

    I'm surprised no one noticed how the rated R movie, Team America, predicted the terrorist attacks in france. Don't mean to creep any one out it was just something I noticed

  • Donna Stoudt says:

    Not sure if it was prediction or was it an exponential idea, that was picked up and turned into reality… hmmmm  ??

  • Mitchel Hadsell says:


  • don1985don says:

    friggin cant see the friggin words

  • Breezy Almarie says:

    most of these just seem like it was influenced.

  • Tiki Torch says:

    The 60s show Laugh In made two awesome predictions that came true ,. that Ronald Reagan would be president, and that the Berlin Wall would come down in 1989.

  • Jacques S. says:

    surprisingly enough I posted a trolling comment, and all the reactions were trolled, coincidence?!

  • Gawa spec says:

    predicted the future or ???????

  • Rujholla H says:

    the text superimposed at the bottom makes it impossible to read the text and is stuck on 10)1999: in a sketch…

  • Stu M says:

    You forgot Lord of the Rings. Where the Ring forces all Kings and Leaders to sacrifice themselves. Replace the Ring with a new world order, and the little people (us folks) who can stop it.

  • colum bannon says:

    The Watch that this video show and flat TV screen that people could get in contact almost like Skype, was seen in the 1940`s or 1950`s for the TV program Thunder Birds.

  • Tal Brott says:

    The show "Black Mirror" depicted the PM of the UK fuck a pig (really) and a year later it was revealed David Cameron actually had.

  • Daniel Light says:

    how is ideas for future devices predictive? thats how ideas become inventions you are dumb

  • Tyroneification. says:

    In the TV Series Rowan and Martins Laugh -In They Talked About the Year 1988 in Which Ronald Reagen Was President.

  • Tyroneification. says:

    On an Edition of the English 60'S TV Series Ready Steady Go, John Lennon is Being Interviewed by Dusty Springfield, Dusty Then Asks John is it True You Were Shot at For Stealing Apples When you were a Boy John Jokes and Says Yes Dusty Then Points to John Lennon's Face and Points to the Dimples in John Face and Aks is That What These are Scabs, She Says There's Nothing There John Says that they Are Really Bullit Holes . John Lennon Was Murdered on Monday, December 8th, 1980 Shot Fout Times Twice in the Back One in the Shoulder and Once in the Arm

  • supertrouper says:

    The Jetson's also had a phone on their watch to speak into. That also predicted the technology we would have for having a watch/cell phone gadget.

  • Lauren Conley says:

    Or possibly ….these things were inspired by the past.

  • Blah Blah says:

    Dock Tracy cartoons in the 1950s showed him using a phone watch.

  • Vinescrauce says:

    Doctor Who predicted the 2012 election and the 2012 Olympics.


    goosebumps man

  • Thomas Hundley says:

    Only a pleb would think these so-called "predictions" are anything more than precursors or coincidence.

  • Tina Gallagher says:

    The "watch phone" was predicted decades ago in a comic strip named "Dick Tracy." It was not predicted by the Simpsons. The cartoon ran in the late 30's on .

  • Adam King says:

    Alla curate except…. its been proven airplanes never hit the twin towers. From the pilots, passengers, and crew members supposedly on board said planes surfacing STILL ALIVE to the evidence that jet fuel couldn't have done ANYTHING to the concrete encased steel beams holding up the towers AND ETC!!!

  • SAGAR SHARMA says:

    music is awsome

  • Fizza Syeda says:

    rest in paradise to the Victor in 9.11 he actually hung himself in the fucking bathroom right before tho… in paradise to cyber bullying because just turn off your computer…..stupid as mothers who act like tiger Lilly ….I'm overly protective on Zelda pain tooo……I feel so sad about nine 11 and about alcoholics who fucking drink themselves to death but fuck it shit happens …..acronym is f.eye.shadoobie.happens….angry about people who get paranoid af and over glorify schizophrenia but cool video.,.,…now everyone who watches Caitlin Jenner won't understand how many sports Bruce Jenner did #triathlethe #olympics history is important even to know it alls……but tysm for the video lol happy Nuh year March 1st of the month -is face cube

  • Luis Pacheco ASMR says:

    you forgot the Simpson's on predicting dolnald trump as president

  • Moe Wilson says:

    Original Star Trek predicted more gadgets than anything else.

  • beers baron says:

    still waiting for that shoe phone max

  • Marimar Rivera says:

    Predictive programming!

  • nejacne68 says:

    these simple!!! all these gadgets were already available for government use only!!! today they perfection the models and make billions of it, Nasa had most of the gadgets already available.

  • my penis is unbelievably small,but says:

    you idiots they just see it and they find it a good idea so they make it real like wtf

  • trout mouth says:

    You do reliaze the government is 20 years advanced in technology that the American consumer can get

  • IslangDong317 says:

    I don’t think those are predictions. There obviously hidden messages that were telling us wtf they were going to do. The devils in charge of this country

  • Rhythmicons says:

    Dick Tracy had a talking watch in what…the 30's?

  • Dylan H says:

    The elites were amused and made what they saw on tv possible as to make people believe cartoons predict the future…something they intend to use to lul us into believing we shall live in peace and joy.

  • Jonathan Augustin says:

    Putting on television technology that we are bound to get isn't anything magical.

  • Aarush Arora says:

    These people must have watched cartoons

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