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12 The Hanged Man Tarot divination meanings – sacrifice, loss

The 12th card is The Hanged Man, which is
rather unusual, the naked man hanging from the symbol of the ankh of life. This card
is reflected in the The Emperor, it mirrors the crossed legs. The Hanged Man is the mother
letter of Water, mem, and he talks about as the baptism or death. This idea of this man
is hanging from the light of kether above. He talks about the form of the rosy cross.
About the left foot is the serpent, who destroys and creates all things. The 3 gunas as well.
The colour green is the colour of Venus, now Venus isn’t water. The formula of Osiris,
is discussed in the previous card. he quotes from The Book of the Law, I give unimaginable
joys on earth, called certainty not faith, while in life upon death, peace unutterable,
breath. Nor do I demand thought in sacrifice. This is the card of sacrifice, the dwellers
in the water, the crocodile the threat of Hoor-pa-kraat. The Crocodile which appears
in The Fool card at the bottom. All these things are connected up. You just have to
find them and work out what is happening. We are back to the precession of the equinoxes.
We also talk about Noah. He mentions a particular practice called the sleep of siloam, sex magic.
He brings in the idea of the perfect child in the amniotic fluid. And the lance and the
Cup, back into that one. It will keep on cropping up. He talks about the soldier that pierced
the side of Jesus and watched the blood flow out. This holy grail or sangraal of Monsalvat
as salvation. The dish of the sacrament is placed in the graal, of the Chariot card.
he equates all of this with the Great Work. The are many mysteries associated with this
card. I am trying to give you a flavour of what this card represents. For the mnemonic,
it says the Mother deep the godman hangs, the lamp Aeonian. The lamp of the Abyss. That
could be the Hermit card couldn’t it? Let not the waters where on thou journeyest. we
thee. And being come to shore drink thou the divine. The wne is of course Dionysian, which
we see in the Fool card. Divinatory meanings are enforced sacrifice, loss, fatal suffering,
defeat, early death. Not a cheerful card by any means.

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