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#2 Divination in the Germanic World – Seers & Oracles

#2 Divination in the Germanic World – Seers & Oracles

31 Replies to “#2 Divination in the Germanic World – Seers & Oracles”

  • windzeitwolfzeit says:

    Great as always! Thanks

  • Dispatcher says:

    Sometimes believing in a course of action is more powerful than actually knowing the future. I think this is the occult reason for divination, but it works better if this is left in the subconscious

  • Tanja We says:

    very interesting! Thank you 🙂

  • Luna Nero says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Andrea Gambaro says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Kelly Fishbeck says:

    Wow! This is so well researched and enjoyable – I really appreciate this. 😀

  • Mnomquah says:

    Great vid, thank you!

  • EternalRespawn says:

    Hahaha there was an ad about coming back to Jesus LOL

  • Julianne Victoria, Through the Peacock's Eyes says:

    Thank you for all the videos you make. I very much enjoy your channel.

  • teresa branquinho figueiredo says:

    Mr. Arith, This is fabulous! Great, the best! Congratulations once again.

  • Seveni S says:

    Nice background music. I very much like the more up close video. A man with knowledge and passion is hard to come by. It makes me tingly. I have a double dose of interesting in my family. My great grandmother in Rome Italy when she was young refused for like a month to go in her room at the end of the hall in a new apartment building cause she said she kept seeing a man. Finally they tore a hole in the wall to prove to her nobody was there but indeed there was the body of a dead man. My mother is a whole other story herself. My paternal grandmother read palms and other things.

  • Seveni S says:

    One of my poems copyrighted May 2019- from my book of vampiric poems and prose.
    His evil covers the land like a mid mornings mist rising from the bog. The mist is his essence and I breath it in this life to slowly eradicate myself of yours. Death is your god. Eternal life is my lover and I am horny for its frigid arms to embrace me.

  • Karl Magnusson says:

    Wasnt thors head healed by a volva After his fight with hrungnir?

  • Keeperoftruth says:

    Truly fantastic thank you

  • Ravenslip # says:

    Thanks, Your knowledge is impressive.
    Thank goodness your knowledge is being recorded, for posterity I hope.

    You sir, are a national treasure to those that came before us all.

  • John Galtman says:

    I will live to be 93 or 95, that is what I have been told in my dreams. I hope to die before that but I know I won't. I will watch the suffering that is going to happen before me no matter what actions I want to take.

  • OrphanPaper says:

    i know nothing

  • Fenris Úlfur says:

    there is any account of volva that were also shamans?

  • Chris W says:

    I died and came back. Like Odin I gained knowledge from my suffering. See my surgeries video. Then see my petri dish Earth videos. Then check Norse creation. After I went sudden cardiac arrest while I was partially spinally decapitated the first thing I saw was the Wild Hunt in the sky. Changed my world. Then stuff started filling my head such as this world is flat and WHAT it is. Lets talk.

  • denyse shorrocks says:

    I have missed your last three video's as they are not coming through on the patreon e-mails and I do not get the notifications on FB , however I am not on FB that often . only found this one by chance ,,,

  • Balder Wilberg says:

    This video was awesome! What's wrong with Youtube?! Why so few views?! This was so great!

  • Ant Squirly says:

    While I am here and think about it, what color would equate with Hel?

  • Caleb Hanson says:

    Not sure you can claim seidr has nothing to do with healing or dancing. There is not enough source material of these practices to make those claims. Also i can’t remember the name of the saga but I swear the one where they hired a seidr worker she set up a platform where the seidr worker would stand on and sing. It would make sense for there to be dancing as well with the type of ritual being described and in a way she was hired to heal the land.

  • Erik Mayse says:

    How did they count years in pre-christian Scandinavia? If one where to make contact with the spirit of a viking warrior from the 8th century, what would they say? What year were they born? Or when did they die?

  • Dis posable says:

    powerful beard of gods!

  • e causey says:

    I am always so disappointed at the end….It'S OVER….u make my mind a greedy sponge..? thnx..

  • Kari Lambert says:

  • Harmony Woods says:

    have you thought that the singing was done to wake the seidar consciousness?

  • Buffy Breeden says:


  • Tara Maye Moves says:

    Thanks for making these video Arith🙏 Always very informative

  • teresa branquinho figueiredo says:

    Let us help you with this task and let us help you continue to do this beautiful work, be a Patron!

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