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49ers vs Bucs Prediction Week 1 (2019)

49ers vs Bucs Prediction Week 1 (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game
between the Niners and the Bucs happening this Sunday at Tampa Bay. It is
going to be a very hot game weather-wise. It’s going to be about 93 degrees, which I
don’t know if San Francisco is used to that. Well technically it’s in Santa Clara,
but sometimes in Santa Clara, the weather gets pretty hot in that range eventually
in late September early October. I think that’s how the weather works
over there. I don’t go there too often. If you’re from the Frisco, Bay Area, please
let me know on that. Going to be predicting this game. Should be a fun time.
Interesting matchup. Kyle Shanahan versus Bruce Arians. Jameis Winston
versus Jimmy Garoppolo. Both have a lot to prove, especially Winston because of
the fact that he’s been in the league for a long time. He’s been with the Bucs
since I think 2015 with Marcus Mariota and yet, he hasn’t been able to produce
anything in terms of a playoff appearance or just a winning record. I
think they had one winning record, but other than that, nothing too crazy for a
disappointing career to be honest with you. When he came out of the NFL, I
thought he was going to be one of the great quarterbacks for the Bucs. I thought he was going to
resurrect the Bucs, but didn’t happen so far and I don’t know if it’s going to be
happening this year, although Bruce Arians is the head coach. Maybe he can
get a career resurgence. We’ll see then. Anyways, going to be talking about this
game. Let’s do it. Before I get the video started, please “Like” and Subscribe to
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the conversation because it’s going to be a fun time. I expect to see a lot of you
guys talking about what do you guys think. Who’s going to win this match. Let’s
get into it right now. 49ers and Bucs, who’s going to win this game
prediction time? Okay so prediction, prediction, prediction. Wow I missed
saying that. It’s been since last year that I said that. Now I can say it for week
one. Who is going to win this game? I’m going to get to it in a second, but before I do,
want to do a quick tale of the tape from each team last year all the way into now.
49ers, they are coming off a 4-12 season although Jimmy Garoppolo
tore his ACL in week 3 against the Chiefs and then Beathard and Mullens took
over. Beathard, kind of a mixed reaction. Mullens, he did a pretty good
job on taking over this team and led us to three wins, even beating the
Seattle Seahawks for the first time since 2013.
Pretty impressive there. We probably would’ve a better record had we’ve been able
to close games even without Garoppolo because there was a lot of games where
we were very close, but we couldn’t end the game. That’s why ended up 4-12. It is what it is, but the 49ers, looking like a lot of things are
happening. Wholesale changes to the defense. Jimmy Garoppolo coming back and the running back system, I think it’s going to be amazing. A
lot to look forward to in San Francisco. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they’re coming off a 5-11 season. They fired Dirk Koetter last year. Hired Bruce Arians, which
is a pretty good hiring I would say. I mean
Arians, he’s one of the great coaches in the NFL. I know he’s coming off a year of
not coaching, but the football mind is still there. He also has Todd Bowles as
his assistant coach. Really if I’m the 49ers or 49er fan, I’ll be
focusing more than the coaching staff than the players to be honest with you
because BA, he can make a lot of stuff happen. He changed the Colts 2012 season. He
changed the Arizona Cardinals life. Now he’s going to try to do another
resurrection with the Bucs and Jameis Winston as well. There’s a lot going
on for the Bucs and there’s a lot of pressure for Winston to do really well
under Arians because every time Arians coaches a quarterback,
they’re very respectable, all the way to amazing. Look at Carson Palmer, even Drew
Stanton couple years ago with Arizona. Look at Andrew Luck, all those players I
mean they were able to flourish under Arians. Winston I expect something the
same and if he’s not, then Winston’s pretty much done in the NFL if he
can’t get his career resurrected by Bruce because he as a quarterback
whisperer as they say in A Football Life. There you have right there. Tale of the tape.
All right, I talked about position by position. I won’t be talking too much
about that. Talking about some other things. I want to talk about the Bucs a little
bit. I don’t want to hate on the Bucs. I actually like the Bucs some way, shape or
form. I try to like Jameis. I’ve been trying to be a fan of his ever since he
got drafted out of Florida State with that undefeated season or whatever you
want to call it when he was over there. I thought he was going to do fantastic things
in the NFL, but not really happening. I mean I don’t blame him completely
because the ownership for the Bucs the Glazer family, they’re a mess. They’ve
been doing a lot of coaching rotations. He’s been having to deal with a lot
of offensive coordinators. So I can’t blame it all on him, but the turnovers? Oh
my gosh! They are just absolutely terrible. I want to read up a number
with you guys. I think this is from So this is Tampa Bay’s own
fan or whatever you want to call it website from Wanted to talk
about a statistic right here. It is very, very bad in terms of turnovers. I’m going to
read it right now. Winston has given more giveaways in 2015 than any other
quarterback with 76 and last season which was 2018, he accounted for 17 of
the Bucs worse giveaways at 35 giveaways. So that’s 14 interceptions and 3 loss fumbles. Keep in mind that Winston only played in 11 games starting nine. I think
he got suspended last year. That’s why he didn’t really play a lot of games
but yeah. I mean that’s pretty terrible right there. Also you want
mentioned two giveaways. I mean you want to look at last year. It was so bad that 6 teams last year, the Bengals, Cowboys Packers, Texans, Saints and Seahawks, they
had 17 or fewer giveaways as a whole team. That is just Wow amazingly terrible
under Winston. Hopefully Bruce is fixing that issue if you’re a Buccaneers fan
because that is a huge problem and for me personally in San Francisco, if we’re
going to win this game, we have to make Jameis turn the ball over because he like
to turn the ball over quite a bit. He can throw the ball to wherever you want. He
can throw it to Mike Evans and OJ Howard, but he’ll make that one big mistake and
it’ll be game over and I hope the 49ers could do something like that because
Winston, I don’t know. He just has a rocket arm, but sometimes a rocket arm
isn’t really that good. It’s not the most accurate arm. It is what it is.
Jameis, he does have to lower those turnovers and Garoppolo on the other
side, I have to mention that as well because sometimes he takes a lot of risk
like Brett Favre, but it’s not as bad I don’t think as Winston because Winston
just turns the ball like crazy. Garoppolo makes a calculated risk.
Quarterback comparisons right there. Other things that I would take into
consideration for this prediction. Winston versus our defensive line. I
think Buckner, Ford and Bosa are ready to pound this guy because oh man.
It’s going to be an awesome defensive line. I think they’re going to show up and show out. Garoppolo vs the defense of the Bucs. You know they have some talent. I like
Lavonte David. I like Devin White. I think that’s a very good pick that they did this
year. Defensive live Ndamukong Suh, he could probably cause some havoc
for Garoppolo, but overall. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. For me personally
my last video, a lot of you guys say well I was biased. I don’t think I was being
biased to be honest with you just because Tampa, they’re really not that
good to be honest with you. I mean I look at their talent. I mean it’s pretty much
the same team. Last year, they lost a couple of
players. They lost DeSean Jackson, I think Vincent Jackson as well from a
year or two ago. A lot of players had come and go for the Bucs and I don’t
think they got any better to be honest with you in terms of the roster. I’m just
banking on their coaching to see if they’re going to beat the 49ers. See
Bruce can out coach Shanahan, which I don’t know. It might happen because
Arians has had success against the 49ers when he was in Arizona. There you have right
there. If I had to go with a team; talking about all that. Talking about
position by position. Mmm, who am I going to go with for this game? If I had to pick a
team. A lot of you guys, especially if you’re a Bucs fan. You think I’m biased, but I’m
going to be picking the 49ers to win this game and with good reason as well.
I know Garoppolo, he has a lot to prove. Looking at his offense, I think it looks
pretty good to be honest with you. The running game is really good. That’s the
key to winning this game against the Bucs is to run the ball down their
throats. Tampa wasn’t really
against the run last year. I don’t really expect them to be any better to be honest
with you, although Suh might be a big problem, but other than that, I think
we’re going to be running the ball with the big running back by committee. We got Breida,
Coleman or Mostert as our running backs. also Kyle Juszczyk and one of them is
having a really good game, then they can have a good game. If not then rotate each running back and just tired the defense out and Garoppolo can have some
easy passes to other receivers like you know Kendrick Bourne and Marquise Goodwin,
all those guys. Also George Kittle, he’s a pretty good player. I think all you guys
know he’s one of the best tight ends in the game. There’s a lot for Tampa’s defense
to handle and you know it’s not going to be like last year where we were just ill equipped and just didn’t have enough players to be honest with you because
everyone was on IR. Everyone’s completely healthy. This is week one. 49ers,
they’re not going to get jet-lagged or anything like that just because of the fact
this is their first week playing. They’re not coming off another game.
They’re just resting up and getting ready for a very hot day in Tampa. I
expect the 49ers to win this game. Do I think it’s going to be a blowout? Probably
not, unless Jameis turns the ball over like crazy. That’s the only way I could
see a blowout, but other than that, I think it might be neck and neck. It’s going to be
a fun one. Hopefully you guys from both fan bases are excited for this game. I
definitely am and this is a must-win for the 49ers in my opinion because if we
don’t win this game, then I don’t know if we can have a good season, but you never
know. Turnarounds could happen. For me reasons why I’m going to be picking the
49ers to win this game, I think the running game is going to pound Tampa’s
defense. Our defensive line is going to get to Jameis big time and he’ll make that
big one mistake that you don’t want if you’re a Bucs fan to lose the game for
you guys. Really what I’m banking on for this. This is all I could do. I can just
predict the game. If I had to go to a final score. San Francisco, I would probably go
about 28, Tampa Bay 26. 28-26, I think that’s a pretty reasonable prediction
right there. Very close game. Robbie Gould, we do have a very good special teams. If
anything goes wrong. We do have our three point man in Gould to kick those points
and we have Wishnowsky that can pin the Bucs all the way down to the
one-yard line. There’s a lot of things factoring in for
me picking the Niners to win this game, only a slight bit, but only time if it will be a blowout is if Jameis decided to turn the ball over like crazy. That’s it guys.
Quick prediction right here. Hopefully you guys did enjoy this. Please let me know
in the comment below who you guys have winning this game. I’d like to hear
what you guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like”
and Subscribe to support my channel. That is going to help me out a lot.
I’ll be catching you guys up tomorrow for more 49ers and Bucs info. I’ll
see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

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