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5 Movies That Predicted The Future

Why see a psychic when you could go to the
cinema? From gruesome deaths to US elections, these are 5 movies that predicted the future. 5. The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Let’s start with 2016’s Presidential race. A hard-hitting former First Lady versus a
billionaire oompa-loompa lookalike? Who would have guessed it? Actually, the Warner Brothers
team behind Eddie Murphy’s “The adventures of Pluto Nash” did. This sci-fi adventure comedy has Hillary Clinton’s
gorgeous face printed on $10,000 bills and gives us a glimpse of the “Trump Realty”. Shame no-one at the studio had the clairvoyance
to not bother making this piece of sci-fi shit. Just take a look at this! Only you’re
the butt of that joke, Eddie. 4. The Jetsons 2001: A Space Odyssey
The Jetsons was way ahead of anything available upon its 1990 release. Long before Skype became
the online perverts’ dream, Orbit City’s first family was video calling to keep in
touch. And that’s not all. It also features a watch that doubles up as an entertainment
system… sound familiar? I also have to mention 2001: A Space Odyssey’s
video calls, flatscreens and touchscreen computer chess, from way back in 1968. Unfortunately,
we still haven’t sent people to Jupiter or built an awesome spinning space station
thingy above the Moon. It was a bit off on that one. 3. Minority Report
“Minority Report” is one of those films that inspired inventors to make the technology
it predicted. Tom Cruise is using touch screen tech when he swipes with those glove things
that are kind of like Virtual Reality gadgets. And it’s got holographic displays! But it doesn’t stop there. The film also
features the first depiction of targeted advertizing. We’re now used to seeing sneakers we’ve
searched appearing in our Facebook feeds, but back in 2002, the cookie tracking systems
that let this happen were a distant dream away. Apart from in Minority Report. The movie
also included driverless cars, overpopulated prisons and facial recognition software. Freaked
out yet? 2. Back to the Future Part II
We all know the drill. Back to the Future Part II took a trip to the recent past, when
Marty, Doc and Jennifer traveled from 1985 to 21st October 2015. Director Robert Zemeckis
didn’t want to go to the future because he didn’t want to predict it wrongly. And
while the fashion sense and faxes are very wide of the mark, a lot of the little things
are spot-on. The Marty’s kids wear headsets for entertainment
and communication. It’s basically a cooler looking version of the Oculus Rift or Google
Glass. Like the Jetsons, it’s also got video calling, smart watches, flat screens and refers
to motion-controlled gaming when Marty’s ridiculed for trying to use his hands to play
games at the arcade. Great Scott! 1. Poltergeist
Number one is a very grim and spooky future prediction. “Poltergeist” is pretty damn
terrifying anyway, but scarier still is that it foresaw the death of its child star. Heather O’Rourke was only 6 when she appeared
in the first movie opposite Oliver Robbins as her brother Robbie. In several scenes,
Robbie’s room is shown, with a poster for the Super Bowl XXII 1988 – already kind of
weird given that it was filmed in 1982. Six years later, on the night of the super bowl,
O’Rourke suffered a cardiac arrest. She was then airlifted to a children’s hospital
in San Diego – the same city the super bowl was in, and died suddenly the next day. O’Rourke
was just one of several mysterious cast deaths that happened after filming. Anyone else feeling
uncomfortable? No…? Just me then… So, those are five movies that predicted the
future! Are there any I missed? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll make another
video about it! Thanks for watching guys. Aaaand if you’re really interested in finding
out just how accurate Back To The Future Part II is, click right here to watch our little
commentary video on the future scenes. It was our little anniversary special in October
2015. See you next time!

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