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5 steps to make a Capricorn love you

5 steps to make a Capricorn  love you

Had a hard-working day capricorn style hello everyone and welcome to my channel today I’m going to talk about five things that you can do in order to make a capricorn fall in love with you out of all of the signs i would say that this sign is very misunderstood. Me personally I love capricorns. I had a lot of friends and romantic interest that were Capricorns , so I think i know a thing or two about them But i also think that many people do not get them to the core. I think many people just see the surface and they stop there in understanding a capricorn So what I’m going to talk about hopefully will open a deeper door into the Capricorn soul OK, so number 1: Let’s get this out of the way, this is what everyone will say, and this is this is one of the things that people know usually about Capricorns You should be well off You shouldn’t be rich, but you definitely cannot be dirt poor or you definitely cannot be a person that has no perspectives in life so Capricorn is working hard usually to get the better life for themselves they know how hard this is they put a lot of effort into their self development and if you are very poor or without perspectives or without any future you will not be appealing for a female capricorn not even for a male capricorn so just do your best. No. 2: and this is where it gets even a bit deeper into this… What did I mean by well-off? Well I think it’s also a bit of a difference between a female and the male Capricorn so male capricorn, will not necessarily want you to be extremely rich but you should have the features of a woman that takes care of herself that respects that respects herself, that is actually well-dressed well perfumed, maybe well-read and can carry on a conversation so imagine your a CEO Capricorn boyfriend would need someone by their side at the very posh dinner you need to be able to to be presentable… as a girl taking this into account its it’s not so much about how much money you make but how you look for a female capricorn, I believe if you have a bit of assets that would not be bad and will definitely make you more a more appealing to her as well as your looks and your appearance that should also be a pretty decent 🙂 and should give a good image to the outside okay, No.3 : and i think this is one of the most important things in order to keep a capricorn and really make them love you love you and that is that you need to need them what do I mean by this? I mean capricorns work so hard because they want to have the best for themselves and they want to have the best for the person that they have in their lives so they usually work so hard because they are supporting their families because they are taking the responsibility for someone else on to themselves and you might think: okay but I don’t need it i’m pretty independent well capricorn shows their love through taking responsibility, so it is a type of declaration of love when they are doing something for you and when they are working hard to to offer you a better life so if you need them then they will know that you are there to also support them and you are there to be in their life is not such a bad thing to to need them No. 4 it is another one of those things that doesn’t come so naturally or you wouldn’t think about a capricorn but you need to show that you are sweet and warm-hearted behind the tough shell that a Capricorn shows to the outside world they they are actually a very warm inside and they are very warm persons that are longing for a very deep relationship and actually sweetness and emotion and real love many people think ok it’s a pragmatic capricorn that dosen’t need love it’s absolutely not true capricorns can be extremely, extremely romantic and when someone sees through that tough shell and actually appeals to their deep heart and its really warm towards them and shows real love this is this is the best thing that could ever happen to a capricorn and actually is the one thing that that actually breaks all through their taugh shell so just go for it, be the first one to show love and warmth and don’t play the game of ignoring someone else or being cold because you think they are acting like this no, always going with warmth and you’ll get more back from capricorn ok, so No.5 and this is more fun one but it is to try to always surprise them with presents, like I didn’t say this about many other signs and I know all signs love presents and things like that but I think capricorns particularly like a presents especially their presents of things they actually care about they care about many things that technology, nice watches capricorns are for me the sign of watches “watch people” or tickets to a trip like a surprise trip, or you know something really exciting but also valuable or high flat and and that will guarantee because this is how they would show love as well they will show it through gifts many times because they are not the most communicative of signs or and they would will also buy your lovely gifts but just just try to try to sense what they like and and buy them a surprise gift because that really works with a Capricorn. ok these are my tips for Capricorns. Please comment down there if you agree with it, if you have anything else that you would like to add and also please subscribe to my channel if possible. Thanks guys!

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  • AzurFlamas says:

    This should be interesting coming from a cap who loved an Aries, my ex was an Aries and it was going super great then it went to shit, I haven’t had good experiences with Aries

  • Don't read my description please says:

    i cri

  • Devildevil Devildevil says:

    Sorry about this but your eyebrows are scary,right

  • M3st1za says:

    CAPRICORN sun, mercury & mars in 7th house. I love buying my love interests gifts so if I get one back, I will inspire even more. But what I value more is my love interest time and attention. If you make me priority, I will do my best to give you everything!

  • pretty selected says:

    Let us say: what a capricorn loves. Lol we cannot pretend to be someone we're not just to make them fall for us cz we won't be happy since thsts not who we really are lol

  • Tshering Lhaden says:

    I am Capricorn and hard work is key to success in life and I believe in depending on oneself rather depending on others but I love sharing n helping others.but I love being alone rather doing blah blah.for me honesty is best policy..i agree with you

  • arlene arlene says:

    eyebrows super fleek😁😁

  • Allison Chan says:

    Just amazing. Aloha

  • ferris h says:

    Capicorns are self centered and materialst, they act needy and want to cheat and use people

  • Lauri Sxm says:

    I love watches, adventures and that… Private adventures 🥰🥰

  • SMonica Blanco says:

    #5 is highly true.. i am a capricorn and small gifts are very important and special for me…

  • Lainie Riehs says:

    No hate but umm is it just me or girl your eyebrows are creeping me out

  • Potassium Selenium says:

    I'm sorry but for the first time I did not recognize myself in it, like … I don't care for gifts that can be bought, just a little sign of affection (preparing food when I come home late), go to museum, remember a tiny detail which is worthy or whatever, just little things like that are valuable to me. Not an expensive gift, actually I would get uneasy if someone (and even more if a boyfriend) does that to me !

  • Life of a Potato says:

    I'm a Taurus and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. We love each other a lot but sometimes he can be so cold hearted 😖

  • Deborah Larkowski says:

    I am a female capricorn and i do agree 100 what you say about us capricorns.

  • Mobile Legends DTB TV says:

    Capricorn ♑️ here♑️♑️♑️♑️♑️♑️! A raw Capricorn

  • Mobile Legends DTB TV says:

    Can you please talk to my girl!! I’m very intellectual very! Yesss girl!!! Yes!!! And I’m British!!! I have never ended a relationship over how much they have! But if u can’t get me off with conversation I’m out

  • Camilla Martz says:

    That was awesome and I am a Scorpio and it really helped. Thank you.

  • Dan Brown says:

    I like your videos, have you thought of doing Chinese zodiac videos?

  • M.s. Dickerson-Jones says:

    Keep the gifts coming #SpoiledCapricorn these men love being spoiled..they still won't talk much but just be by his Side ❤❤😍😍🔐💰

  • Jerry Riddle says:

    I am Aries woman. Really like a cap man really trying to figure him out.

  • Blue Eyed says:

    7 jan capricorn true

  • Evolved species says:

    Am sagi

  • tang chaipeng says:

    Spot on, I’m a male caps.. i love little surprises, it don’t have to be expensive/costly.. sincerity and the heart counts

  • patricia miranda says:

    Capricorn here 🙌♑😀 born on December 31 💜

  • agnes josiphine says:

    Please someone can you guys gimme advice how to tell a cap that i him? Like should i be direct and vocal about it or should i show him with my actions?

  • Kurcoljub Karic says:

    Who cares about aries girl, we care about aries men hahahaha

  • Luis Rodriguez says:


  • Kevin Bibbs says:

    I'm a Taurus and like a Capricorn they

  • shahrukh Zaman says:

    Thanks. And i find your points well for caps

  • zombie marshmallow says:

    Im capricorn and my bigger turn of is: lazy people with no goals, bitter people who push others down, people with no morals, unfair people and people who lie. For me on partner is important that they support me to become better person and support me to succeed in my career. And also that they help me to relax and chill sometimes. And that they are good in bed and I can trust them.

  • Michelle McDougall says:

    I like gifts from the heart like a song written and sung by the person. I am a Capricorn and I am a simple woman.

  • Alice Independence says:

    I’m only watching this cause ima Capricorn ♑️

  • Franki Santos says:

    Virgo man here and I have needed a Capricorn woman for a REALLY long time.

  • Franki Santos says:

    Virgo man here and I have needed a Capricorn woman for a REALLY long time.

  • Franki Santos says:

    Virgo man here and I have needed a Capricorn woman for a REALLY long time.

  • Pasteld _Gacha says:

    I’m cancer so it wouldn’t be that hard!

  • Gala says:

    Everything is true. You are a very smart girl. Best regards. Capricorn.

  • wissal ch says:

    M a leo and my crush is a Capricorn, I don’t really know what to do he drive me crazy but I like him a lot

  • David King says:

    Damn bitch yo eyebrows intense asf😭😭😭

  • Maryam Sksksk says:

    Watching for my Capricorn crush sksksk

  • Wolf DragonTamer says:

    As a Capricorn myself the 3 main things to really get our attention:
    1. Be warm hearted 2. Surprise us in a good way 3. Don't play hard to get

  • Jane Free says:

    I AGREE.

  • Himanshi Rana says:

    Very true things about Capricorn people 😊

  • Niceᄋne Jc says:

    I’m a Gemini women and I have a crush on Capricorn men. But we don’t talk at all and I really wanna be close to him but he just look scary sometimes he always have the poker face, so I can’t really approach him. Even though we don’t talk if we accidentally have an eye contact with eachother it last really long like 3 sec-5 and we’re just awkward to eachother but I don’t know if he like me too because his confidence is high and mine as well😅.But what’s bothering me is that ,according to others compatibility we won’t really have a good relationship , but we will be good as business partner😔. What to do? I don’t know how to get him notice me? Should I reach out on him first?😑

  • FilongIsGod 15 says:

    I’m a Gemini and I love a Capricorn for a very very long time and when I confessed my Feeling to her she friendzoned me

  • jabran irshad says:

    You waste my time. . . Fuck off

  • It’s me Jamelia says:


  • Weird Things says:

    Many thanks, I have been researching "what capricorn man wants" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Konarter Kanason Eradicator – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  • Malama Kaualani says:

    U r right about a couple of things about capricorns. U forgot to add they need praising especially after they have struggled to get to that point of success. After so many years of either getting it wrong or doing wrong.

  • Charles Phariss says:

    So your saying Capricorns woman are gold diggers? Some how I think your projecting

  • Mariam Galal says:

    I don't know but my ex was a capricorn and he used to talk with me a lot and show me that he loves me and cares for me but things didn't end up well so we left each other but now my bf is also a capricorn but he is different from my ex he understands me more but he talks to me less and i hate it sometimes he ignores me and sometimes he just don't do anything except for trying to make me happy and to understand me more but i hate it when he ignores me then what should i do (i believe that he truly loves me cuz of so many stuff happened before but okay and my ex didn't truly loves me)

  • Ramos Mon says:

    Well that a lie Capricorn does not value a good friendship. I have all those 5 value that u said About Capricorn in this video.
    He did value me. I am a Leo

  • Paz Sincethe80's says:

    O.k … your koo… much luv… send u some luv and and hand protection and a hand of healing… and all u got to do is put a beer in hand… LMAOFF 😅… simple plain… luv the river and country side… because im a Good OL" BOY… LMAOFF 😅

  • Maz Bangash says:

    I am a Scorpio and I like a Capricon woman.

  • arnela bih says:

    I am the BESTEST….Sagittarius team…where are my fun crazy Sag..♐💞🙂?

  • S C says:


  • S C says:


  • Indira Rohhamlal says:

    Hi I am a Capricorn n she is right about everything.

  • Allison Olazabal says:

    We won’t make the first move, you gotta come to us man cause we need love😭😭

  • Gaigin Oni says:

    Hey I just watched you video on how to make a Capricorn happy in 5 steps. As though I am one of the Jan caps, surprisingly yes this did make me happy. Thank you and blessed be

  • MARIA AMAYA says:

    Most people give up in the middle of chase… they don't know it takes a girl Capricorn time… specially when the person is not being direct but playing a game of chase the mouse….

  • Russia Man99 says:

    In Russia it’s a bad superstition to gift a watch, so don’t give your russian Capricorn a watch 😂


    Hi all. Who all think that their are successful Capricorns? Please let me know and how did you reach succes. I'm a Capr. 10 January. I work hard, 1 year I slept less than 4 hours every day and want to be successful soon. Living without dad and mon since 13 and today I just started my own business.

  • Angel of War I am says:

    please do a video on the DARKSIDE of capricorns ♑️ .. thank you

  • Luisa Marroquin says:

    Positive Capricorn…you don't want to deal with the dark side of this sign…

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