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A Brief History of Watchtower’s Failed Armageddon Predictions

A Brief History of Watchtower’s Failed Armageddon Predictions

100 Replies to “A Brief History of Watchtower’s Failed Armageddon Predictions”

  • kate vann says:

    I was 16 in 1969. I remember being at the convention in London and we were so excited because we were told we'd never grow old. My friends and I said 'just think we'll never reach middle age!' (Which was positively ancient to us teenagers) people left that convention and sold their homes, quit their jobs, cashed in insurances etc. We really believed it? Why wouldn't we? We trusted the organization. When 1975 came and went everyone just felt so deflated.

  • Andy Sandoval says:

    U.N. statistics (2012) estimate that there are 316,600 people in the world that are 100 or older. The "Millions now living will never die" brochure was printed 99 years ago. Just the theme of that brochure by itself is false prophecy.

    Didn't a Jewish Carpenter warn his followers about false prophets?

  • Barry says:

    With all their failed predictions and false prophesy that didn't come true, then why is the Watchtower still with us today?

  • Eric Baker says:

    Is that a wood burner on the wall behind you?

  • Hermione3 Müller says:

    thank you for the video!

  • Die 5-Minuten-Stracke says:

    Bei soviel geistiger Speise wird man unweigerlich zum Bulimiker. Danke für diese spannende Zeitreise!

  • sf18 SMWAT says:

    This is one of my favourites Lloyd 👍

  • Heston Carter says:

    'Stay Alive to 75" LOL..I wonder if the next date will be 2025..50 years on from 75

  • junick2012 says:

    Great video!
    you can not get a straight answer from a witness for 90% of the watchtower’ teachings or history. The jw language is purely how people speak under oath in court… pardon my French that’s called ‘Mind F’ (a disturbing or extremely confusing experience, in particular one that is caused by deliberate psychological manipulation.)

  • Angela H says:

    Really interesting, thanks Lloyd x

  • Cindy Arnold says:

    These old books are legend to me. Thanks for sharing this text and showing the covers! It explains so much about what my elders believed and why. So sad, they were deceived.

  • jeanne homan says:

    It is amazing how some JW's are brainwashed. I have mentioned some of these things to my JW friend and she tells me that they don't use some of the older books anymore. As far as their changing their teachings, they are the first to admit when they make mistakes. That is what she likes about them. I asked her why would you stay with a religion that is constantly changing their teaching? She just repeats that they are the first to admit when they make mistakes.

  • Kelly Perazzolo says:

    Another great video Lloyd. Right to the point. Keep up the good work!

  • Reg Batger says:

    You and many others only had faith in WT but not in bible so when the WT failed you left.

  • Reg Batger says:

    I like your videos but I feel sorry that you don't have faith in the bible any more. I was raised in the church of England and then became a whiteness. In the c of e they don't teach you anything so you only have faith so when I became a jw I had faith in the bible so when the jws went bad I still had faith to fall back on. Love your 607 video. Keep them coming. Thank you.

  • Fred Firestine says:

    This reminds me of the first time I experienced end times hype in my lifetime, which was the 1970s and the book "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey. He was able to talk that into a feature film as well as additional books (since Armageddon was still coming sometime, right?).

  • D Mac says:

    I really appreciate all your hard work, Another phenomenal video

  • john scott says:

    It's interesting how deceptive and demonic you portray these people. It's always easy to criticize others while having no real answers of your own. I find it also interesting that you keep a whole library of their so-called demonic books in your home. Shouldn't you be getting rid of those disgusting things? God has a way of dealing with people like you. The irony of this may be in the future, when the governments come to destroy religion, and they will. I can just see it now, as they drag you off in handcuffs screaming " I don't believe those books! please listen to me! I'm not a Jehovah's Witness!!!" as they lead you to your death.

  • Tee Rexx says:

    John Cedars, the WT considers you to be an apostate. I am an ex JW and I can tell you that the definition that the WT gives the word apostate is a big fat lie. They say an apostate is someone who leaves the WT and speak twisted things about God and the WT. Actually, an apostate is someone who forsakes (Quits) their religion, cause, or party. That has nothing to do with speaking twisted things. In reality, the WT speaks twisted things.

  • Katherine Rogers says:

    All I have listened to are the opening lines so far. "Well hello viewers" You have made that a signature line where we know….to prepare for the goodies ahead. 🙂

  • john messier says:

    not even jw give 1 hour speech anymore, Lloyd keep it under 7 minutes, just one single topic from beginNing to end, PLEASE

  • Junie B. says:

    Lloyd you forgot a very important part of doctrine: light has an expiration date.

  • Judith Sanchez says:

    A woman from Romania told me that jehovah witness was given money to convert people in Romania. I understand that many jehova witnesses are hard for them to accept something that’s I believe it. They can not accept something like they are perfect. Even me, I was surprised 😯 and she explained that in Romania people are people and the witnesses provided them money, food and they converted because the Romanians think that they are very good people. They are users the need of those people and then accuse the catholic and Protestant to do good works to gain converts. The witnesses always boasting that they do not do good works or help people because they seeks voluntary conversion, my foot. 😡

  • Beth Sarim says:


  • Leopold Theseconed says:

    My wife and I watched this part of our family worship 🤔

  • Cenindo says:

    Very interesting; I knew most of the quotes, but not all. You did not touch on some of the most explicit-ever quotes to the effect that the end would be in the 20th century, which appeared in Awake! 1961 Feb 22 pp.5,7,8.

    It was said, among other things: "Revelation 16:16 calls it the 'war of the great day of God the Almighty,' Armageddon. This war will come in the twentieth century. It will come right on schedule, as have the wars, food shortages, earthquakes and other events foretold."


  • Katherine Rogers says:

    You look pale. Make SURE your getting adequate rest, sunshine, exercise and fresh air. Take care of YOU.

  • Katherine Rogers says:

    Prove that Jesus didnt begin ruling in date X.
    I would start by disproving Genesis with its Adam story (humanity only 6000 years old) and its Noah story (global flood allegedly destroying ALL life not on a middle eastern boat circa 4344 years ago). I could even carry on with the tower of Babel story that claimed all the world spoke one language. Compare the development of Egyptian language and that in Mesopotamia. See when Egyptians began writing hieroglyphics and the Mesopotamian began writing cuneiform. These are the foundation stories that introduce Yahweh. These characters are listed in Genesis 5 and 11 as ancestors of Abram (later name changed to Abraham, supposed father of Isaac, and grandfather of Joseph). Can fictional characters beget real people?

    I would look at the archaeology of the Canaanite (where Jews used to live) region to determine if Yahweh really always was their high god and only god as the bible stories would have us believe. Instead I find that they believed in a family of gods to include El the supposed high god and Asherah the goddess. Yahweh was apparently a bronze age addition. Yahweh rose in power as his priests rose in power. See the Old Testament / Jewish scriptures re priests ordering the murder of non Yahweh believing people and neighboring peoples. Also note how Yahweh changed from a being with a face, that no man could see and yet live, a right hand and left, and a back. Yahweh could walk about in the Garden of Eden in the breezy part of the day, argue with a human about Sodom and Gomorrah and lose, and misplace the first human pair. He could make humanity, regret that, flood the word, and vow to not do that again ie regret that too. He was a very humanoid god. He gradually changed into an all powerful all good, all knowing spirit being as humanity gradually changed their exceptions of a god from powerful tribal war leader….to a god for all humanity. Humans were writing and changing this god story as they went.

    THe biblical Adam story was fiction. There were Native Americans in America, Australian Aborigines in Australia, Africans in Africa, Orientals such as the Chinese in Asia, and even European cave painters and flute players in Europe before 10,000 years ago. Every inhabited continent has data which refutes the 6,000 year old beginning of humanity proposed by Yahweh mythology.

    No Adam and no Yahweh means that Yahweh did not have a son….whom he sent to buy back the sin of Adam in the fictional fall of man. This means Jesus (whose ancestors per Luke 3 include fictional Adam and fictional Noah) did NOT get sent by fictional Yahweh to be tortured and die to pay for Adam's fictional fruit eating. Nor did Yahweh set up Jesus (albeit invisibly so you allegedly cant fact check) at ANY of the proposed dates.

    It was ALL a pack of lies.

    KDRogersMD on twitter
    See XJW in my profile.
    I discovered there was no real Noahs global flood.
    I think wanted to know what ELSE the bible LIED about
    Apparently…..quite a bit!

  • AwesomeTamar says:

    My parents were sure I wouldn’t get to kindergarten due to the advent of Armageddon. I have a granddaughter about to enter middle school. I sat, mouth agape, for the Watchtower study when they introduced the “new light” explaining their newly made up definition of the word “generation”. No one batted an eye. Well, except me. It’s laughable to me now, but I was pretty shook by the mindless acceptance I witnessed. They literally think Jehovah intentionally gives them info in dribs and drabs to test them. Keep up the great work, Lloyd. I love your videos!

  • LadyEllington says:

    Zionist. Smh

  • Sylvain says:

    Very good work Lloyd , thank you

  • LuluKinyozi Beauty says:

    Great research.Could they be considered the false prophets and men of lawlessness whose predictions get frustrated by God as described in the Bible?

  • ArcadeRandom says:

    can u also add spanish subtitles pls?

  • Vusi Mngomezulu says:

    Only Jehovah's witnesses are true religion in the world Isaiah 43:10-12,mathew 24:9,14,28:19-20.

  • Mick Bland says:

    John ,love your channels ,but really what other hope is their for JW's apart from what they're been taught,as flawed as some of their doctrines have been.its better than the world has to offer them.they have their faith and I admire them for that, they're made a hell of a lot of mistakes that if you thought this was god's organisation shouldnt have occured ,but the basic message sounds true ,that man cannot rule himself without god

  • Debbs B says:

    I personally have come to believe that these predictions are done to scare people, keep people scared and afraid to leave because Armageddon is just around the corner and to get JWs to intensify their belief and recruit more people. I don't think the governing body even believes the garbage they produce as "new light." It is a money making scheme for them. A publishing company masquerading as a religion.

  • MrPineappleHero says:

    If you present these facts to a heavily indoctrinated JW they will simply wash it all away with the new light nonsense…

  • Darlene Rothenay says:

    The scriptures you quoted in Deut. 18:20-22 were the ones I remember reading while at the Ministry School. I opened up The Aid to Bible Understanding and immediately spotted that scripture. It literally jumped out at me. My thoughts shot back to all the failed prophesies from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and it really got me to questioning their claim as God’s spokesperson. At 71, I remember way more than many of the witnesses today. I heard the accounts from my mother and grandmother. I had a lot of the old literature, and I remembered firsthand the fear that gripped many of us in 1975. It was the beginning to the veil being lifted.

  • Nico Curtis says:

    lloyd you are the fucking man. i may be interpreting this wrong, but it seems like your goal is to educate people (both JWs and normal people) on the flaws of this doctrine and the errors of the men who lead it. and THAT IS THE WAY TO GET PEOPLE THINKING. straight up pointing fingers and accusations just lock people into their beliefs harder. i’m an ex JW thanks a lot to this channel and a couple others THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • David Wicklin says:

    "Endless Talk" about "The End"! It's coming either later this afternoon or the day after tomorrow. A Circuit Overseer once said to me "Act as though Armageddon or "the end" will happen the day after tomorrow but "plan" as though "the end" is yet far, far off. Nothing like putting one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake with constant Armageddon paranoia and false predictions creating false expectations from false Jehovah's Witness prophecies. Hijacked my life. Thanks Watchtower! May your Babylonish fall be with disgracefulness and destructive magnitude so all can see!!!

  • David Wicklin says:

    That Charles SiNUTko quote was from the Convention held here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin 52 years ago. If that "District Overseer" Sunutko with his falsely prophesying about "staying alive till 1975" wasn't enough then just add in the false "Generation of 1914" false prophecy/false expectation along with the year 2000 expectation and it hammers the nail into the coffin for Watchtower. They are just indoctrinated false prophets who are captives of a concept who have hijacked millions of lives!

  • Renewed Clarity says:

    The interpretations are true, but not to be taken in a literal sense, because metaphors of symbolic meanings should be taken in consideration! The earthly body always die, but the SPIRIT never dies! The eternal spirits of Jehovah's faithful still exist among us today and they will be called out to stand in representation of Jehovah's true ministry on earth, therefore giving revelations to the existence ofJehovah's heavenly kingdom! The stated timeframes are FALSE, because no human man knows the day or hour, but the CURRENT slow stragtegically exposure of the CULT, Catholics, and etc appears to be the work of Jehovah as predicted! BE, YEE READY, BECAUSE THE TIME IS NEAR! Believing in Jehovah has nothing to do with any particular religion, CULT, or church, because we all have direct access to Jehovah through prayers and encouraging others to do the same is all that's required for salvation! Be fruitful by leading others to Jehovah God!!

  • Kristine Osborn says:

    This was incredibly interesting! I would definitely like to learn more. I have used your words and suggestions to those who have knocked on our door. I am kind and respectful but I bring up the lies or contradictions and hope to plant seeds in the mind of the young person accompanying the older person. They never return to our door.

  • Heather Leduc says:

    Thank you for helping me on my journey of healing my mental anguish caused by a lifetime of brainwashing. That last scripture you quoted is powerful.

  • ShoNuffSoulBro1 says:

    Amazing Documentary ! ! ! Thank you for laying out that info in a very clear, methodical and factual manner. These are teachings and history that 99% of JWs have no clue about, especially younger ones. The WT has been very thorough about sweeping this history of failed proclamations in the name of Jehovah, under the carpet. I for one was shocked and have woken up due to discovering these things.

  • Andracadice Crawford says:

    best breakdown video thus far!

  • Marvin R. says:

    Open your eyes you sheep, focus on how satans world really works. weather you believe jws or not we are living in the last days regardless.

  • AndrewUnruh says:

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." Good luck in your quest, John, but it is unlikely to be as successful as you would like it to be.

  • Marj Tyess says:

    We were told Armageddon would come in 1975. I remember clearly

  • Las Bukowy says:

    John Cedars, bravo, bravo, bravo!

    I am very pleased that you are working on continually unmasking the teachings of the present governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Recalling all previous teachings of Pastor Russell, Rutherford and his successors! There are many ignorant people in Poland who swear about the history of this religious system. Thanks to people like you, many honest and honest people can learn TRUTH about this organization. Maybe someone will start translating your films into Polish. I hope. Greetings from Poland to all those who work with you!

  • Las Bukowy says:

    It's just like overlapping generations! Such fairy tales like smoking pipes. Little heat a lot of smoke. I am doubly excluded exjw. Today is my anniversary of exclusion on 31/01/2018. I was 34 years in this organization. I warmly greet all those who are excluded all over the earth and those who have left alone!

  • Mike Paniora says:

    the bible says no one knows the time or the hour which is thank goodness coming, the got the great war date right

  • jay pride says:

    They dont make predictions like this no more my girlfriends a jw and its been hard. Im not even trying to get her away from what she believes in i just wish she had more respect for other religions.

  • Barb Downs says:

    Thank you for reviewing all these failed predictions so well and including your citations in detail. I’m saving this video for potential encounters with other close encounters with receptive or questioning JWs and with those who may study the Bible with them that I become aware of.

    I’m actually thinking of sharing this with my dad, who’s faded for different reasons than their dogma. Sometimes, I think that he’s still attached to their belief system while being disillusioned by their behaviors and organization. I hope this helps pull the scales away from his eyes about the utter hogwash this false prophet (by biblical definition) has been spewing for over a century.

  • NextLevel Gamez says:

    Jehovah was never God's name. End of story.

  • Devon MacDonald says:


  • Carlos Villa says:

    Thank you from Newark NJ in the USA 🇺🇸

  • Bert Haimona says:

    I've always had questions in my mind about certain dates , but the questions that I've been more curious about , is why have the W/T applied certain prophesies to the "Clergy of Christendom"? prophesies that clearly refer to , "The House of God" , "The kingdom of Christ" , "Christs Congregation" , Basically , "The Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" , more specifically "The Watchtower" , "The discreet Slave"..They have to answer to Jehovah for themselves , Not to me , or you..Jehovah will set matters straight.. If there is anything in what Robert King preaches?..Maybe we all need to jump off the train?..Or stay til the train crashes?..Jehovah being a reader of hearts will sift through the rubble maybe? , and take those who belong to him?..One thing I've noticed about Robert King as compared to all you other ex-JW's is , he offers constructive alternative interpretations…Incidentally Robert King seems to still be a Jehovah's witness?..

  • Del Stewart says:

    Where can I contact you to ask you a very personal question and advice please?

  • belleashleigh says:

    It makes me sad to think of the broken promises my mother clung to, even right up to her death in 1998. I remember her very clearly saying over and over again the day before she passed away "But I stayed alive till 75". It made me cry then and it still does now. Anyone who tries to say the claim was not made is a bald face liar. I was there and I know what happened. Even on her literal death bed, my mom kept struggling to understand what had happened to her and why nothing that was promised came to pass. It breaks my heart. 💔😪💔
    Thanks so much for taking the time to show physical proof of the lies the organization has told through the years!

  • curtis rodriguez says:

    The one thing I do appreciate about the Watchtower is that they put everything in writing so it is easier to show when and how they are wrong and how they corrupt Holy Scripture. They can only mislead people if people do not know their true Holy Scripture. Thank you for your vlogs, Mr. Cedars.

  • David Scaparo says:

    I really like your videos Lloyd, I was raised Jehovah Witness as well. Never baptized. But went through the ministry school in late 80’s. I almost got baptized around 15 because all mine friends where. My Mom and Dad agreed that they felt I was too young. I thank them today for that. I would definitely be disfellowshiped today other wise. I stop going after high school, and jumped head first into the world, lol. I didn’t have the facts of why I realized this religion was wrong, like you are presenting, but I just knew. Keep up the good work. Love to talk to you some time. Hey do a video on the new understanding of 1914 generation. I think that would be a good one. I saw it on JW.Org the video, wow. Take care and thanks for reading 📖

  • Angelo MH says:

    1975 prediction starting from 40:27…

  • Sean Rath says:

    It is definitely a non profit organization with a new way to twist it Bible N W T Bible.They have their trust in an organization rather than in Jesus Acts 4:12

  • Joan Pahls says:

    People don't understand scripture the thousand year reign of Christ because you have to remember that his algorithmic pattern in the spiritual realm is 1 and 3. So therefore the thousand year reign of Christ matches exactly in the Physical Realm to 30 to 66 ad. That is when Satan is bound those 36 years physically and spiritually. Then the millennial reign in the spiritual Realm is congruent during the Jewish Roman War in the first century from 66 to 70 AD. 42 months 1260 days. Satan is loosed for a little bit he is destroyed physically and spiritually along with his angels hell sin and The Last Enemy is death. The variable in Matthew 24 some of you standing here shall not taste of death until the son of man returns. That means during that last 40-year Exodus from 30 to 70 AD. There is a transition from the old Covenant physical law to the New Covenant spiritual law once Christ spiritually fulfills all the feast days because he came to his own first. therefore it is done and the Vengeance was his. there is no Eternal place of suffering that exists. Christ is the spiritual Temple and is already Victorious. The vengeance is not against the Jews today or any other religious belief because it is all fulfilled. Some of you standing here shall not taste of death until the son of man returns when all things shall be fulfilled. it's an already but not yet in the first century between 30 ad and 70 AD the last Exodus just like Hebrews 8 13. The two bodies the two witnesses that are raised in one body spiritually in Christ were the Jews and the Gentiles together. the bride escaped up the mountains but not all made it. The elderly the sick the disabled were left. When Titus not the Bible writer conquered the temple some people were left and others were taken either to Babylon Greece or Rome. But in Christ spiritually Christ did not forsake his bride spiritually. the resurrection is spiritual Two Become One with Christ he is the high priest. he creates the new Heaven and the new Earth all things complete in 73 ad after all things fulfilled by Christ in 70 AD. In 73 ad the walls of Masada are broken 960 are suicided already gone the number 9 was Satan and the number 6 was sin just like the beginning when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the spiritual to the Physical Realm discovered they were naked and they were clothed by Christ as a foreshadow when the lamb was slaughtered to clothe them. Adam and Eve discovered nakedness because they were the first Covenant humans but there were already humans in the Physical Realm. Adam was made differently. he was brought into spiritual Eden. Jesus knows the end from the beginning. he is already Victorious and the physical to the spiritual shift was done in 70 AD. No physical Resurrection like Luke because the physical to spiritual shift was complete in 70 AD all Resurrection is spiritual. you enter the kingdom of God when you first believed the message flesh and blood and our flesh and blood sinley nature was never meant to inherit the kingdom of God in the first place and the journey to lead us all to free will. if we choose Christ the body returns to dust and we become one spiritual body with Christ. if we do not accept Christ before physical death, both the body and the spirit simply die or perish and that is the Eternal Darkness the point of no return to Christ. everything was created through Christ in the physical and spiritual Realm. Satan was not immortal. now the shift to the spiritual Realm was complete in 70 AD. numbers no longer speak. the power of Christ is in the gospels and the Book of Revelation. Jesus was already Victorious this is not today's script but true scripture. The Book of Revelation was complete in 64 ad and dispensed 2 years before the Roman Jewish War. Christ use Rome to avenge his murder outside the Temple Gates all the way back to honest Abel. Christ is Victorious Resurrection is spiritual

  • andyhowdog says:

    Excellently well researched and detailed video Lloyd, really glad to see Watchtowers failed prophecies as the main subject matter. As always, thanks for posting.

  • Joseph Beckmann says:

    Man really, isn't this what jw's All about? The end? Yeah it may improve your life or in some areas and they preach and call that but even the preaching done to "hurry up the work" so the what? The end will come. All about the end and getting through and getting to paradise. So that just imo sucks. And paradise replaces heaven. The GB the pope. And so on. Its just another religion cept a lil scarier. A lil more ruin your childhood with fear and your adulthood with no education and fear. I'm 42 and been out. My mother 60 been out and just today says to me "yeah your aunt(who's still in as it gets)said they've been telling them where they might gather together for a month now, that just sent chills down my spine". I just feel disgusted at how messed up it us and how it seems to never leave and if something serious would be on the horizon how all the crying wolf has ruined even that. Man. Watchtower is the disgusting thing that causes desolation. Lol. Or not. They ruin child, adult, relationships with people and God, and your understanding of God's plan. All in one fell swoop.

  • Joseph Beckmann says:

    Guess the mystery wasn't so finished huh? Had to change the text over and over. That alone would drive ya nuts. People back then: Well the unfinished mystery book said this? Wow!

  • Ed Porti says:

    Dude.. can you talk bout something else. What bout other hypocritical religions? Watchtower is not the only one!! You've allowed these people to take control of your entire self. As soon as i see you around on youtube.. I skip.. cause i know your sorry ass case. If jws are to be judge adversely.. then y worry your whole life bout them!!

  • Collin Zaffke says:

    Our proposition, we believe, we feel, all phrases that indicate supposition, at any rate they weren't even sure to begin with and their predictions then failed again and again and again.

  • Krys Anywhere says:

    Hello Lloyd, I've got a question that keeps bouncing around in my head. You often say you believe the members of the Governing Body are truly deluded and not some evil scheming masterminds, but I simply can't understand how that may be true. I'm sure they're fully aware of all the facts being hidden and changed to suit the most recent narrative, so how can they not realise it's all a bunch of lies? I'm afraid I just don't get it :/

  • Nick K says:

    I was only four in 1975, but my parents (third gen jws on my dads side) took this very seriously, even to the point of holding me back from attending kindergarden to not have me in school when the end came. So they even then thought that the end had only delayed. I was in for thirty years, and have had eighteen years of freedom. If I would have had access to this chanel, (or any internet) I would have escaped sooner.
    You are helping people Lloyd; and you have my thanks!

  • Rob Sheehan says:

    I wonder if Olivia de Havilland and Kirk Douglas are JWs.

  • Cousin Mike says:

    37 morticians apparently still have hopes of being interior decorators

  • I'm Gone says:

    I think the Watchtower treats it's predictions like a form of Russian Roulette: Just keep pulling the trigger! Sooner or later SOMETHING'S bound to pop off. 🙄🔫

  • Richard Bruning says:

    Based on their texts, to say it’s a death cult,is a compliment…

  • Richard Bruning says:

    Undertakers = Decorators. sure. right.

  • Richard Bruning says:

    Lloyd, why do you think the Faithful Slave was so quiet about predictions for close to 50 years?

  • Truth Seeker Atheist says:

    Changing the text is the very reason why Bible students only use 1916 or the latest versions of any of Russells publications because he did rewrite his earlier publications. This practice is deemed by Bible students as correcting the truth.

  • Truth Seeker Atheist says:

    Hello everybody this is Abraham here I’ve just been resurrected I’m waiting for Isaac my son and Jacob my grandson …they will be resurrected in the next two months and we’re taking over the world and we’re going to be ruling from Jerusalem so just to let you know we’re here.I just had lunch with Daniel yesterday and Sampson last night …he’s doing pretty well too but he still has a couple of engagements in the world wrestling Federation. When done Sampson will join me in Jerusalem in about the six months so everybody we’re here to take over and I’m just giving a heads up.

  • darren paul says:

    Hi lloyd I was in your circle of friends back in the day in stockport….I left with my wife because we couldn't stand the hypocrisy and contradiction. Once I left I needed reason to convince myself I had done the right thing. Your videos help so much as even tho I've been out years I still fight certain thoughts in my head. It really is a brainwashing religion to me. Frustrating because all jws wont see anyone's views even if its black and white.

  • dawnarnett says:

    The day of vengence like a morning storm sounds like a verse that needs to be in a metal song 🤘🎸

  • dawnarnett says:

    I think you and telltale should form a metal band using only stuff from Revelations. That'd be an awesome basis for a metal band!!! I'll be you all's manager. Lol. Got ya covered Bros!!!

  • Ugly German Truths says:

    Almost as fi some people that REALLY liked the bible let their fantasy fully free reign and made things up to be "clearly written therein".

    And god let it happen, not intervening when these "false prophets" distorted "his" word… hmmm… Why would an all powerful god leave humanity to b e prayed upon by insincere preachers like these "governing body" members? Like the Mormon "prophets"? Like Jones or Applewhite or any of the hundreds of televangelists and youtube pastors… WHY does god allow that much lies and deception being spread "in his name"… why even allow Islam, Judaism and Christianity explain "his" will in three different and incompatible ways? Why leave the catholic church have a quasi monopoli in most of the world for 1300 years or so? Why does god not protect the all important message how souls can be saved and lives be eternally prolonged??? Why, if not for the simple truth that the god the bible and similar documents talk about NEVER existed!

  • Blue Skeptic says:

    They pulled the same shit in 2014 because it was 100 years after Jesus allegedly tossed Satan out of heaven and the last days began. Granted, they weren't as in your face about it as they were in 1975 but they were definitely trying to imply it would happen that year.

    I began fading away in the summer of 2012 but I kept open the possibility of coming back. Once January 2015 rolled around, I knew I would never return. Just another failed prediction in a long line of failed predictions.

  • sumerbc says:

    They just came to my door, after I told them Jesus is not a created being like a angel, but is God in the Trinity… I told them about the false prophecies the Watchtower Society set for the end of the world on multiple occasions and first they said that was other people or something then I said, No! It was official watchtower society publication and they printed them all and spread it all around. Then they said they had never heard of that before! I said You have never heard of the false date setting prophecies? I told them to get the book "Index of watchtower society errors" ….

  • Dania L says:

    Yes, as you said at the 20:37 mark,the efforts to pursue peace were to a large extend successful. What a shame for the accident of World War II. Human beings can live in peace if it wasn't for all those damn accidents.

  • ginaiscoollikethat says:

    What do they actually think is going to happen at armageddon? Fire? How will we all die?

  • bak2001 says:

    When you talk about the millions book at 29:10 I remember that the return of the princes Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc was the excuse used to buy Beth Sarim the infamous house in California.

  • Peter Brown says:

    This is all to the greater glory of the faithful and discrete slave, the exaltation of Beth Sarim and its uncanny inhabitants.

  • Daniel rogers says:

    I saw someone from WW2 so that means I saw D day

  • Barbara Hedges says:

    They made it clear 75 was the end. I being stupid enough to believe them allowed my daughter to quit school to pioneer. After all the end was in two or three years. They would even say 42 months to go and count down often. I was so happy I was not going to get old. No older than 43. Wow. Here I am almost 86. Liars, I am old. I was also smart enough to get out of that cult and see through their mind control. I am FREE.

  • Claire Kelly says:

    Excellent Video

  • Prue Phillip says:

    I don't think these prediction are "folly" or "wrong",
    they are simply lies.
    The JW doctrine is a Gospel of fear.

  • chengiz says:

    My Mother said her whole life Armageddon coming. Guess what it, didn't come. Armageddon hung around my neck like an albatross. I have been stuck in a cult for 54. Thanks for the wake up call.

  • Marley Harris I am a OSAS Child of God says:

    JW’s are a cancer! Great video Homie. From Central London 🇬🇧

  • D Cee says:

    I'm so devastated. I've been crying for a week now. I tried to talk to my mother and tell her about how JWs are wrong. She refuses to listen; she says that I am listening to apostates. I said that I have not left Jehovah at all. She said that I have to go back to the meetings and get well with Jehovah's organization, because right now, I've left Jehovah completely. I can't stop crying. It hurts so much. I can't talk to any of my friends about my doubts about the organization because they come down really, really hard on me. I'm all alone and I'm scared.

  • 13binay says:

    They first told me it was going to be in 1991 😂and then every year after that knocking on my door and wasting my time 😂 🤣 😂 😭 bunch of cunts who stole everyones money 😂

  • Michael Yoder says:

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story…

  • James Higginbottom says:

    Damn fantasies

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