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A Disturbing Dream About President Donald Trump and China

A Disturbing Dream About President Donald Trump and China

hello hello hello Jennifer LeClaire your
senior leader The Awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite prophetic
Network I’m here today with my dear friend my family Ryan Johnson prophet
Ryan Johnson and he had a dream we’re gonna dig into that is very disturbing
and I remember when he sent it to me before he released it to the public and
he asked me what I thought of it what I saw in it he was praying a few others
were praying into it because it’s so astounding and on the surface of this
dream the dream being about President Donald Trump China at the surface of
this dream you may conclude that it means something but when you dig deeper
when you partner with the Holy Spirit in prayer when you search the scriptures
you find and by the way when you keep up with current events you find that this
dream means something much more disturbing than what you might think so
this dream dealing with crocodiles this dream dealing with swamps this dream
dealing with metaphors and symbols that we’ve heard in the news and I’m gonna
let a prophet Ryan share this dream we’re gonna bounce back and forth a
little bit and if you have any interesting questions we might take a
few of those but what I want you to get out of this is in the realm of dream
interpretation one of the lessons I want you to take away from this is in the
realm of dream interpretation things are not always as they seem on the surface
but the other thing I want you to take away from this is the need to pray over
what the Lord is showing you so those are two things I want to say at the out
for at the get go from the start while you’re all signing on here remember
whatever medium you’re watching this on to share this because this is an urgent
urgent dream a proper Ryan say hello tell them how they can find you online
and then share the dream well first of all thank you so much apostle it truly
is an honor to be doing this with you on your format and such and so it’s a
privilege to be running with you and to call you family
especially getting to come to your place I was at your places couple weeks ago in
the dead of winter like that and it is always nice to be in Florida during
winter time I’m just there that’s very nice for those of you that may not be
familiar with Who I am you can the best way you can learn about us is go to our
website at Ryan Johnson US when you go to Ryan Johnson dot US you’re gonna see
all the links on how to follow or connect with us you’re gonna see my
beautiful wife my four amazing beautiful and talented children and you’re gonna
learn a little bit about us where we’ve been what we’re doing and that’s just
the simplest way to do it I’m based out of Northeast Alabama
born and raised in this area but it’s not the place I’ve always called home
I’ve lived near DC I’ve lived in North Carolina I lived in a couple different
spots in Alabama as well and I’m still seeking the Lord to move to a beach
somewhere get away from the cold weather at times but yeah you know back in
September I had a dream and there was nothing going on on the political
landscape at the time except we were bearing down for a hurricane it was
fixing to come up through Florida actually through your part it was it was
headed towards Fort Lauderdale Miami and then it kind of shifted and turned a
little bit and there was some talk going on with our government and the
government of China concerning some tariffs and trade and so on and so forth
and but other than that there wasn’t a whole lot on the political landscape
that was kind of stirring up anything to create some kind of false reality in
this dream so I have this dream I wake up in early September and when I wake up
I’m startled by what it was that I drink and here’s what I want everybody to
understand it was not a real lone dream but I knew exactly how the dream was
unfolding in the early stages and then I sought out help in some other areas and
stuff because the worst thing I believe that we can do try to interpret dreams
by ourselves now I’m not a proponent that we just put in
on social media and we get five thousand dream invitations but there’s people
that you’re close to that you have a relationship with that you can confide
in and you can hear some proper insight and wisdom being applied in dreams and
that’s one of the things that I was doing so in the dream what happened was
I was in Washington DC I knew exactly where I was at in DC matter of fact
again I lived near DC for a number of years worked for the ministry there had
been a DC countless times you know DC can get very crowded and you can get
lost in DC easily but for the most part I sort of know my way around DC because
of the many trips that I’ve had and actually it’s a city that I love to be a
part of and be in and so on and so forth so in the dream I’m in Washington DC and
I’m not too far from the Washington Mall I’m not too far from the Senate building
and I know I’m not really far from the White House but I’m on a particular
Street and there’s some steps going up to other buildings and stuff and and as
this is happening in the dream there are people everywhere which is very typical
of Washington DC and as people were everywhere all of a sudden there emerged
this water coming up from the ground and it began to rise now it wasn’t water
that was rising rapidly but it wasn’t necessarily slow either so it wasn’t
like an an instant panic because of the flood waters rising but there was panic
a little to a degree because water was rising and as the water began to rise
and it just it got you know foot to the top of your foot then it get a little
bit ankle deep and you could see people were starting to kind of get concerned
about this water that was coming eventually the water got deeper and
deeper and you’re wading in the water and people are genuinely seen panic and
fear all over their face and people what do we need to do where do we need to go
and in the water all of a sudden there was this massive alligator
I’m telling me it was just like bigger than what you can comprehend and the
natural I knew this alligator was huge and it was just way
through the water and when it was wading through the water all of a sudden it
started pulling people down now it wasn’t like it was pulling people down
by the hundreds but it was like it was picking people out if that makes sense
it was very strategic in the people that it was pulling down now in the dream I
couldn’t see anybody that I recognized by face I don’t have any understanding
of why it was certain people that it was being pulled down but when this
alligator was pulling people down they the panic and fear really amped up and
it really began to intensify people were screaming and as the alligators pull
these people down there is blood that is coming up out of the water you you know
it’s a very violent scene it’s strange to say this because in the dream it’s
like I wasn’t really in a panic or a fear in that moment but in the midst of
that all of a sudden there comes out of the water a giant dragon I’m talking
about this thing is mean bad and ugly I mean it is a dragon at another level and
it’s twice the size of the alligator and the dragon starts fighting the alligator
and I mean it is like one of the best battle royale movies that you would ever
see between a dragon and an alligator going toe-to-toe with one another people
are running people are screaming they’re hollering and this dragon this alligator
are fighting and then all of a sudden this alligator kind of repositions
itself and when it does it is in the perfect alignment for this dragon to
bite the head of the alligator off at its neck it did not bite the head off
front it was to the side and got it at its neck and it ripped its head off and
when the dragon ripped the head of the alligator off people went to cheering
and people went to they started hollering and they started giving praise
to the outter to the dragon and they started thanking the dragon for taking
the alligator out and I knew in the dream even though I’m there in the
I knew that something about this was wrong and I started screaming at people
to stop cheering the dragon on stop celebrating the dragon and what the
dragon had done and I remember cleaving with people in the dream of that you
can’t cheer this dragon on this is not good this is not a good situation this
this is this is something that is not right and people’s like no don’t you
understand it took the alligator out it took the alligator out and and I’m
sitting here in the dream and I’m pleading with people stop celebrating
the dragon and then I wake up and I’m going ok god what just happened you know
what is going on with this scenario that there’s something that is bad wrong with
this so I immediately went into prayer and I went to the scripture and I begin
to dig out some things because as I can see some of the comments anytime that we
see a a legate er we’re really quickly to say okay Leviathan and yeah and I’m
not describing that whatsoever because there are definitely types and shadows
and understanding with alligator and how the alligator is Leviathan I’m not
taking away from that whatsoever but again there’s something about that
alligator and I knew it wasn’t Leviathan and the reason I knew it wasn’t
Leviathan is because of the dragon now this is what I’m saying because when we
go to the scripture now I’m gonna go back up the alligator we can look at
Leviathan in the scripture we can even look at false gods of Egypt and how
Egypt you know worshipped an alligator the Nile River and so on and so forth
when we go to the dragon we look in the scripture of their scripture that talks
about in Book of Revelations how Satan himself will come up out of the water
out of the sea like a dragon and then also in the book of Nehemiah it actually
mentions a dragon whale but again okay here’s here’s here’s where a little bit
of we got to be patient in understanding what’s going on the dragon and the
alligator fought each other the
dragon eventually takes the head of the alligator off if the alligators of
on–then and let’s say that the dragon is a type and shadow of Satan Satan
would not ever take Leviathan out yes Satan wouldn’t go to battle with himself
so there’s something that is not as quick and easy to say okay this is
Leviathan this is you know this is Satan there’s something more to this again
let’s go back this is in DC now we know that right now one of the most popular
statements in Washington DC with President Trump is during the swamp
drain the swamp that’s been a very popular political statement and people
are often talking about that and how he has been one to drain the swamp well
again we have to go back to Washington DC we had to go about the water the
water wasn’t being drained the water was actually rising in this now this is
where if you and I want to I want to say this with pure sincerity to everyone out
there I am NOT an anti President Trump I’m not a big Pro President Trump
I am a let’s support and pray and encourage the best we can of any sitting
president yeah that doesn’t necessarily mean this is a dream that is attacking
President Trump or praising President Trump one way or the other
it’s simply letting us know what’s going on in a bigger scale of things now so
when you go back and you look at all that there’s something that a friend of
mine I sent this dream what I’ve done is I recorded it and documented the day and
the time that I had this dream and what I believe some of this was and then I
sent it out of course to yourself I sent it out to some others and said you know
what do you think what do you think is on this and so after a lot of Prayer a
lot of going back and forth and trying to understand we’re we’re getting some
clarity about this that now is making a lot more sense
I’m saying all that to say if you are a big Pro president Trump person you’re
gonna have a hard time with what I’m about to say so I want you to put on
ears that will allow you to receive what it is I believe that God is actually
saying now I said that to say I’ve come to the realization that I believe the
alligator is actually President Trump now I don’t mean that in a bad way
I mean that the alligator was very strategic in the dream the alligator was
you know wading through the waters and it was pulling certain people and
individuals down it was attacking everybody
it was very methodical in the dream now here’s where somebody’s gonna go I does
have a hard time believing that the alligator is President Trump because of
Leviathan all this other stuff well what’s interesting is one of the news
articles that had came out before President Trump was ever elected
president or before he ever determined to become president
he went to Florida he was trying to build a casino in Florida down at the
Indian reservations and one of the articles that we came across that was
very you know in a way hey I’m friendly the Native American Chiefs there in
Florida and they had this massive alligator there in the Indian
Reservation there in Florida where President Trump was trying to build the
casino this is back in 2006 and they named that alligator Donald Trump hmm so
there’s an actual alligator named for Trump
now just stay with me just only for a little bit longer so we don’t think that
I’m crazy not long after that I came across an article where there was a
gentleman who had been investigated and and done some things and he was
counteracting he’s he’s a diplomat for another country he actually own record
made the statement he said President Trump is the head alligator of
Washington DC he the head alligator of the swamp and he’s
on record as saying he is the head alligator that is taking individuals
down one by one and so now all of a sudden now you have these diplomats from
different countries that are acknowledging that there’s a high
probability that there’s this identity that has been attached to President
Trump as an alligator now so just stay with me just a little bit longer when we
go to the dragon there something that stands out very very quickly and that is
China China is often linked to a dragon it’s very connected a lot of times the
symbol of most Chinese things are usually some kind of mythical dragon and
there’s this kind of context of this warrior and so on so and so with this
mythical dragon and stuff so I have a friend of mine we were talking and he
goes I wonder if it’s the year of the dragon and so I quickly looked up real
quick because if most everybody’s ever been to a Chinese restaurant you know
they got these little paper mats that they put on the table and they have your
year and even though we know there’s nothing to it we can’t help but
sometimes look down and go what year were we born and does it make any sense
to us and so on and so forth well actually 2018 is the year of the pig
2019 is the year of the dog it will not be the year the dragon until 2024 2024
now the reason that the dragon stands out is a couple of things first of all
in Chinese mythical lure dragons one of the powers that dragons have is the
ability to cause water to rise water to nowhere cause areas to flood and cause
some kind of calamity that’s going on in its environment for that so there’s
water that is attached to a dragon okay first of all in that second about
understand that the Year 2024 is a pivotal year for this nation now I’m
saying that to say I believe what is structurally happening behind the scenes
is you have a nation that is working its way against our current president in a
multitude of different ways and this nation is planning on some different
tactics first of all let’s let’s look at what President said President Trump said
on August 29th he said in an interview in a statement that former presidential
candidate Hillary Clinton had her email hacked by China well here’s the first
thing to take in consideration if China did do this this is a major deal I’m not
saying that China did if China did do this to former presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton was to say that China won’t do it to someone else what’s to
say that they can’t hack into emails by President Trump or vice president pants
or any other future political candidate or current politician or elected
official in the moment so there’s a high probability of that but go a little bit
further in four weeks ago Prez buys president Mike Pence made a statement it
was a documented article in USA Today news where vice president mint set a
pence said that they had documentation that China had been infiltrating our
elections that they had been hacking the elections already that was happening in
the midterm elections of still and so forth they had documentation that China
was trying to hack certain servers and so on and so forth now I’m saying all
that to say I believe that not this is potentially a political warning
number one that you have someone such as China that could come in and cause this
chaos in this issue this problem around our current president and even those
that may come up behind the current president now the reason I’m saying that
is if the year the dragon is 2024 that’s very interesting because if President
Trump goes in wins a second term this final year is that year and we have a
new elected president in the year 2020 2024 we have a new setting president if
President Trump is elected to a second term we have a new president in 2024 so
there could be some kind of finagling that china somehow does emails and
corruptions and so on and so forth that’s saying that part of it now I
believe personally I believe that there’s something a little bit deeper
into this and I believe it’s it’s twofold number one let’s go back when
the dragon took the head of the alligator off people begin to cheer now
I know in certain circles that there’s a lot of people that believe that
President Trump can do no wrong and I’m not discrediting you I’m not making fun
of you I’m not criticizing you but I do want to kind of bring you to a little
bit of a reality that is unfortunately becoming more and more of a minority
viewpoint there are a lot of people who despise President Trump they despise him
for everything that he stands for everyone he’s connected with and they
despise everyone that is connected to President Trump now I’m not saying that
de bashyam I’m just saying that as a reality that there are a lot of people
that do not like our current president and when they don’t like him they’ll do
anything they can to get the man out it is if you go back and you study the only
the president that has heard the terminology of impeachment a course goes
back to President Clinton over the Lewinsky scandal and you go back to
President Nixon over the Watergate scandal but there have been more active
work of impeachment against President Trump right now than any other sitting
president before without a major scandal what I’m saying that he’s not well-liked
he’s not well-liked around the world we have to take that in consideration I
know in America we want to look around and we see that the red numbers are high
but we have to understand that he is a threat to the world to the structure of
other nations he’s a threat I just recently came back from three
different countries and I would ask people what were their views of our
current president and I’m gonna be honest with you three different nations
I could not find anyone in the church that light
our current president so there’s something that we have to pay attention
to that makes people mad but I’m we just have to pay attention to the fact that
he’s not well-liked when the dragon bit the head of the
alligator off people started cheering and I believe that if something was to
happen and I’m praying that nothing happens to our president I don’t want
anything to happen to President Trump but if something was to happen to him
you would have an overwhelming majority of people that would celebrate that they
would cheer that on now my final thing and saying that is I believe what is
coming is more than just a political candidate or political manipulation I
believe what is coming is socialism there is a growing growing popularity of
socialism in this nation and I believe that if you were to start connecting to
the dots you would find out that a lot of the financial resources are going to
be coming from other and I believe other countries are
helping support these political candidates that have a mandate to make
socialism and take away the freedom of this nation I believe what the dream is
saying is this I believe that the dream is saying that there is a nation that is
working under the current to take out our current president now I’m not saying
that in a life-threatening way that’s not what I’m saying although we can’t
discredit that I’m saying that they’re trying to do something that would limit
him as an individual but it would cause this resurgence of popularity to come on
the forefront what I mean is can you imagine if just say someone rose up and
they were a very socialist individual and they came out with documentation
‘he’s that were detrimental to our current president and it just you know
it totally eradicated who he was and what he was doing what would happen you
know what would happen would people celebrate that individual and that
mandate that they carried with socialism in that so I think there’s something
that we have to pay attention to number one we have to pray for our current
president whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant you have to pray
number one for their safety you have to pray that no physical harm comes to them
comes to his spouse comes to his family and comes to everyone that’s involved we
don’t want any physical harm to President Trump we don’t want even
physical harm to vice president pants and his family or anything like that
number two what is being done whether it is tampering with emails or tampering
with political elections that stuff has to be revealed so what’s being done in
secret we need to pray that that stuff is revealed so it will be stopped number
three we need to pray that our elections are not manipulated that they’re the
voice of the people there the voice of anyone else that want to
try to make something happen in that in that application and the fourth thing
that we need to do we need to really look at what we’re supporting across the
board now I mean that in the sense of socialism I mean that in feminism I mean
that in liberabit ISM I mean that in everything across the board we need to
really understand what it is that we’re supporting and why we’re supporting it
and what it is in this because I’m telling you guys people don’t like our
current president and I’m not saying anything to bash the man at all I’m just
telling you he’s not a very popular person and there’s people that have
wickedness in their heart in order to take him down and if we’re not careful
we the church are going to lose our ability to intercede for the right
reasons because you can be praying for something but if your heart is not right
your motive is is disqualifying the prayers out of that so I believe
ultimately Jennifer that this dream is warning us that there is a bigger
national picture number one of of a different nation I believe that you know
president Trump is in some serious trouble
and I believe that there’s people that are working right now behind the scenes
to come out with some kind of damning information you know we saw that with
the attempt that that people tried with stormy Daniels we saw that with judge
Brett Kavanaugh and I believe that still trying to happen but when you destroy
when you’re wicked let’s put it this way when you’re wicked and you destroy what
you deemed to be more wicked you got to have a hero and my concern is who is
that hero going to be and I believe that hero is a topping shadow of that dragon
they’ll take the head off and they’ll be cheering us on and so forth but I
strongly believe that socialism is connected to this as well wow that is
really insightful you know I heard you explained it in the video and I know
even since you created the video of the private
you’ve gotten into a little deeper and receive more revelation I want to point
out a few things here that I noticed first of all I want to correct the
assumption that prophet Ryan Johnson is for or against Trump or especially that
he’s against them he’s asking you to pray for the man he what he’s saying is
he’s not taking a party-line of this is not a party-line prophetic dream this is
a dream from God there’s a lot of prophets who will prophesy or have
dreams according to the party line and it’s not really from the Lord this is
what he’s saying is he’s he’s standing as a neutral intercessor the second
thing I want to point out is that in this dream we’re talking about dream
interpretation and also how it relates to this dream in this dream he was a
watcher a witness he was there but he was looking into a thing therefore this
dream the purpose of it is primarily intercession when you’re an observer in
a dream it’s primarily intercession not only that he was a watchman he was
sounding the alarm he was saying hey you know look what’s happening and I’ve had
many dreams like that where I was the one warning that means that he is
charged by the Lord to not just pray but to warn others so that they can pray
that is the purpose of this broadcast also notice how he allowed scripture to
inform part of the dream interpretation the best interpretation of a dream comes
from the Bible and Holy Spirit then the counsel of others because we see in part
and we know in part and so notice the responsibility and the care that he took
in interpreting the stream when you have a word like this when you have a dream
or a prophetic word like this you have a heavy responsibility – way to judge to
get as much understanding as you can before you release it but at the same
time you have only so much time to press in before you release it understanding
that when you do release it others are going to have bits and parts potentially
that you don’t have and we’re stronger together than we are apart notice also
how he dug around and studied symbols you know there’s cultural relevance to
dreams what means something to me in my culture might mean something else to
someone else in a different culture I’ve got a
a new book out comes out in two days actually got my shipment it’s called
decoding your dream life you can find it on Amazon or my web site decoding your
dream life and in that book I focus a lot not only but a lot on the cultural
aspect of things so he looked at the culture of China and some would say well
why are you looking at what urine is because there’s Chinese symbology in the
dreams and God will use symbology from different ethnicities different races
different countries to help you unlock or uncoded REME so he has searched this
out the Bible said it’s the glory of God to conceal a matter but the honor of
kings to search it out and I applaud you Ryan for pressing in and looking from
all different angles to hear where God will speak I’m the same way if I see us
sometimes the Lord will speak to me through a billboard on the side of the
road I was driving through Atlanta to go to the awakening house to prayer there
in Atlanta and I saw a big sign and it said Minister of supply and the Lord
spoke to me that in this season the Minister of supply was ready to dish out
to hang about who is the minister of supply it’s Jesus Philippians 4:19 says
that my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches and glory in
Christ and so he is the minister supply so I’m sort of coming behind him not to
add more interpretation to the dream but to help you understand the principles of
dream interpretation and how he applied all of these to come to this conclusion
is he willing to hear more does he believe there it’s rock-solid that maybe
there’s not something to know that’s why he’s sharing it because I believe he
wants you number one to dive in yourself what does this mean and also you know
this could mean something now it could mean something in 2020 could mean
something in 2024 there’s a different response to dreams in different stages
of their development and there’s also different some sometimes different
meanings of dreams it could mean one thing now could mean
another thing 10 years from now so this dream I I believe as a prophetic warning
I believe it’s to sound the alarm for intercessors to rise up I believe as you
all pray you will begin to get different pieces different you know Leviathan
could be involved you know the Satan himself could be evolved these are
since shadows we don’t know it all but I believe what what profit Ryan Johnson
offered was a very very strong and a very very solid interpretation of this
dream and if you’ve got more submitted for judging but I believe he gave a very
thoughtful this is one of the most careful men I know with the prophetic he
is very slow to speak he is why he got it weighed and you should learn a lesson
from this and how he handled this because this is a great model and a
great a great example of how to deal with a very heavy prophetic dream well
you know first of all thank you so much Jennifer and I do want to reiterate the
fact just because we’re saying a time or I am saying a top and shadow an
alligator represents president Trump is not me implying that President Trump is
operating in a spirit of Leviathan right that is not what I’m saying whatsoever
I’m saying it’s the type in shadow of something you if you went to Washington
DC right now and we’ve done a poll of everyday citizens walking in the streets
of Washington DC you’d be shocked to the people in DC that are not fans of
President Trump which is very sad that you know we have a sitting president and
there’s people that are so adamant against a current president that breaks
my heart it broke my heart for years and I was
adamant I always when President Barack Obama was in office I called him
President Obama well but I knew ministers that would call him but they
would just say both are they would say Obama whatever to me that is a great
disrespect to any setting or front our former president weed was had the
passing of our 41st president I still refer to him as President George HW Bush
just because you’re not sitting in the office doesn’t mean you ever lose that
respect in honor of that position that you held so to me I would still say
President Obama and I didn’t agree with everything President Obama said or done
but I would not criticize him on a level that a lot of people did the same thing
for President Trump but unfortunately you have a lot of people that you know
they’re they’re they’re afraid for the wrong
reasons a lot of times we’ve seen people like Jimmy Kimmel on The Late Show make
up stories about our current president go to the street and people believe it
and there’s no truth of validation to it whatsoever because it’s a concept of
fear tactics a lot of times that people have about our current president so I’m
no implying that he is Leviathan but I am saying that there’s people that live
in fear because they absolutely are terrified for the wrong reasons about
our current president so to see him as a symbol and a dream as an alligator in
what has been deemed swamp taking certain individuals out is not a
far-fetched understanding of that again the one thing I do want to say that the
problem with saying that the alligator is simply Leviathan or the dragon is
simply Satan Satan would never take out his own now I know that’s hard for the
church to understand because meaning the church get off and taking one another
off out but it’s just wrong on every sense of the level if Satan wouldn’t
take out his what are we doing as brothers and sisters in Christ so we
have to learn this is a call to pray for our current president pray for our
elections and pray against this spirit of socialism that is that is getting
more and more popular every single day socialism I’m telling you people don’t
want to hear it but it is a it is fed by demonic spirits and we have to
counteract it through prayer if not you’re gonna see a culture raised up and
there’s gonna be a there’s gonna be somebody and they’re going to come out
with damning evidence against our current president and that everybody’s
gonna cheer them on and we’re gonna be in serious trouble in 2024 amen I agree
with that let me just give validation and and somebody out there saying well I
don’t know about that well you know what the Jesus said Satan you know is it
going to cast out Satan because the house divided
itself cannot stand so you know we’re not gonna see Satan take out Leviathan
at this stage I mean it would make no sense he this is the end times we’re
pressing into that and and so this is really a call to pray now I would
suggest that we you know develop each you know prayer strategies and no
prophet Ryan you’ve got a prayer strategy you know I would suggest
praying in such a way to you know silence the accuser of the Brethren over
his life all this witchcraft you know witches have I’ve never seen
you know any president sustain that much open witchcraft I’m not saying that
President Obama or President Clinton or President Bush or I’m not saying they
didn’t have witches pray but they are open and blatant about it so we’re
seeing that you know in John Paul’s not John Paul Jackson excuse me John
Kilpatrick many have seen the video where he said that you know Trump has
been dealing with this a hab spirit he’s been pressed against that but now
he said Jezebel’s right around the corner and so you’re seeing the level of
warfare I’m not listening I’m not saying that it is more against Trump than Obama
or you know President Obama or Bush president bush or Clinton President
Clinton or you know I’m not saying it’s more than I’m saying it seems more out
in the open and that is a sign of the times where you know the enemy has
gotten so emboldened and to think that he can just you know openly you know
come against these these different leaders of our nation and we do we have
to stay united whether or not we like Trump a lot I I’m not a big fan of Trump
but I’m not against them I’m praying for him as well so right how would we you
know what are some ways that you’ve been praying for it for president Trump
because we need to equip the people to pray first of all I believe you need to
pray for his mind his mind and the reason I say that is we have no concept
of what is being put into his face every single day whether it’s a phone
conversation whether it is documentation we we can’t comprehend the level of
stress that would be on his mind so he needs to have a stable minds we pray for
the stability of his mind to think clearly to be able to hear clearly and
the other thing is that no matter who is around him the voice of the righteous
will always be louder so we pray that those that are around him that the voice
of the righteous will always be router in other words for example we know that
vice-president pence is an outspoken man of God so we want to pray that he’ll
always have a voice in the matters around president Trump number three we
got to pray for his safety his safety I don’t care if you love him or hate him
you don’t want a president to be assassinated in any form or fashion so
we have to pray for his safety we have to pray for the safety of his wife and
his children very much so number four we’ve got to pray for our government
structure the ability to be hacked on any level ought to be alarming to us
whether it is from Russia whether it is from China whether it is from whatever
country the fact that we could have anything that could potentially be
hacked is something to take very very seriously because of the everyday things
of this government that we have the other thing that we’ve got to pray is
that we don’t lose sight of our liberty and our freedom we don’t lose sight of
our liberty and our freedom I try to remind people all the time that yes we
are a free nation but what makes us free is our Liberty the Liberty that we have
in certain areas and what I mean by that is the structure and the sanity of the
Constitution of the United States the moment that we begin to trample on the
Constitution is the moment that we begin to trample on our Liberty I know that a
lot of times a socialistic or a communist mindset tells you everybody
ought to have the same freedom to the same thing at all times but we have to
remember in this nation this nation was formed not for the sake of freedom but
because of the sake of Liberty this our forefathers did not go to
battle in the Revolutionary War for freedom they were already free what they
fought over and what the government was established and built on was for liberty
Patrick Henry didn’t say give me freedom or give me death he said give me liberty
or give me death the Declaration of Independence is not about freedom
it is about liberty we have freedom as men and women on this earth but it’s the
Liberty that keeps this government what it is and if we’re not careful we’re
gonna let a fascist idea and a concept of socialism I know a lot of people say
communism but and and they’re they’re so neck and neck but socialism is gaining
more ground lately than communism ever has that it’s going to eradicate Liberty
so we have to pray that we stand for our liberty in this the other thing is we
need to pray that there are men and women of God who become assigned to our
president our vice president and his entire staff and what I mean by that is
whether they’re a whether they’re assistant whether they’re the Secret
Service whatever the case is we need men and women of God who know how to pray
for our leaders so when they’re in the room and they hear these what’s going on
they know how to pray for the men and women of God men and women that are
leaders of this nation they know how to pray right then I’m not saying that we
need to quote which I wouldn’t be against if we had men and women of God
they were elected office I’m not against that whatsoever I’m for that but if we
can’t get men and women of God let’s get the assistance there that can say hey
let me just pray for you let me do this and let me do that so that’s the
strategy behind all that but the one thing I do wanna say is you’ve got to
start paying attention on a global scale on a global scale because I think as
Americans a lot of times we believe that the world is thinking like we are in our
our spectrum of where we live and maintain and our last election ought to
give you a little bit of a sign that that’s not how and what is happening you
know Hollywood and the latest they thought man it’s going to go very
liberal and it’s going to go in the Democrat side well then they found out
that this nation has a lot of other people in it other than coming out of
California in New York and in DC well on the American front is the same way the
world was you’ve got to you got to start thinking on a ghost a lot more you got
to pay attention to what’s happening what’s happening in other nations and
specifically why and what we’re doing with these other nations I’m telling you
right now that if you go back and you look at not your local paper I’m sorry
but go look through the Washington Post New York Times go USA Today and and many
other articles and stuff now I know everybody’s gonna say Satan you say news
if ain’t news but you need to pay attention what’s going on right now with
our current situation with China it is an ugly nasty situation China’s leaders
have said multiple times that if they don’t get their way on the current
tariff negotiations they will flex their muscles towards this nation economically
and military was out of China’s own mouth they said they would flex their
muscles economically and military wise to this nation we have got to pay
attention to what’s going on amen amen we really do pay attention to the news
you know I’ve got news you can see headlines you know I was to
subscribe to the London papers the Asia papers I get headlines from around the
world in my box every day why because I’m a global citizen and that’s taken on
maybe a negative context at some realm but you know I’ve got to know what’s
going on in the world I travel to the nations I’ve been to I think 35 nations
already so I mean I travel I want to know what’s going on where I’m stepping
foot but it’s important for you even if you don’t travel the nations because God
can speak to you through the headlines and you can pray
prophet Ryan should is there anything else that you wanted to mention I want
to make sure they go visit your website ryan johnson got us you’ve got books
you’ve got merchandise and you do itinerant ministry so you you know you
if you wanted to be taught on the prophetic or other topics you know he’s
your guy is one of the greatest teachers and the prophetic that i know
well thank you so much actually i am excited because this thursday i’m
getting to come hang out with you apostle jonathan stood on us with
jonathan ferguson prophet james go there in tampa at a sin gonna be able to be
there if you’ve not register for a sin you got to go in Jennifer’s page you’ve
got to look that up and you’ve got to be able to go and get to Tampa get to Tampa
we do travel full-time as itinerant ministers we go from place to place I
find myself in a very unique situation I’m not as old as I think that I am but
I’m not as young as I once was I am I’m saying this because I want to encourage
people in in in in understanding what we’re doing in the kingdom I’m over the
hype I’m over the catch isms I’m over the flashiness of ministry I mean this
with a sincere heart but the longer that I’ve been in the ministry the ministry
kind of makes me sick at my stomach now what I mean by that is the Machine of
ministry so I’ve really this past year has been a very unique year for me where
it’s been a lot of personal gutting emptying myself out and asking myself
why am i doing certain things and and why am i seeing these things and and I’m
in a unique situation because I find myself more and more i I want to see
people built more than I want to see them torn down and I won’t I know that
there’s things that have to be destroyed but I’m finding myself yearning to see
it properly built back up than it is just to get excited to run into a place
tear it down and then leave I really want to see people equipped in their
identity and what they’re called to do so a lot of who I was 10 years ago is
not who I am today which think who Jesus I’m not but we’re
we’re in a unique situation right now Apostolic Allah prophetically you know I
I even said today that I’m weeping at what I’m seeing and hearing out of
apostles and prophets today but I’m aggrieved about what I’m not hearing
yeah grieves me by what I’m not hearing and we desperately need the Evangelist
the pastor and the teacher to come back and help stabilize the foundation
because it the pendulum has swung too much and so I’ve really I would
encourage people that whatever you’re doing make sure you’re doing it to build
the proper foundation and if we can help you in any way we would be thrilled we
would be honored to be able to be a part of that you can simply go to our website
again it’s just Ron Johnson dot us people have asked in times past what
does it take to bring you on an invitation that’s what it takes I do not
have a set honorarium we do on love offering we ask you know for lodging and
you know and when I say lodging I don’t mean fleabag Motel I want to clarify
that because there’s been some doozies you know and help with travel expenses
and such and everything but our heart is to go where we can go you know and I
really people say what do we need to call you and I don’t tell people I don’t
care I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me you know that’s just
yet I want to be used for God but it’s a very unique situation Jennifer because
the things that I honestly hungered for even five years ago is just gone I just
don’t have a hunger for that anymore I’m longing more and more for the revelation
of the father then I believe I ever have in my life and it’s weird because a
pastor asked me the other day asked me a unique question and I said it’s a weird
time of life because I’ve well more than I have ever wept any time in my life I’m
talking about just weeping over situations and circumstances but at the
same time I’m frustrated and I said the only way that I can explain it is one
day jesus walks in the temple overturns of the temple drives every
out with a wheel that same place he’s on a cross before he goes to that city he’s
weeping for them and then he’s on a cross and he’s his father forgive them
because they don’t know what to do and I said that’s that’s honestly how I feel
right now I feel like I’m gonna overturn tables but at the same time out of my
frustration for what I’m seeing and not seeing I’m weeping and I’m saying God
forgive them because they don’t understand what they’re doing so it’s
unique time but it’s a Cassatt in the time at the same time ya know I’m with
you there and you know that’s the thing with the conference we’re having is it’s
not conference as usual I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever do another one this
might be the only one that I do I’m I’m not against conferences don’t hear me
wrong I still speak at conferences but in this season I guess we’re getting
real transparent with our audience in this season I I just I’m so tired like
you are seeing people get ripped down torn down gossip about persecuted you
know I they need to be built up we’re heading into the end times and family is
going to be so much more important than ever
you know Mike Bickle shutting down the one thing conferences after this year
I’ll be there on the discernment team you know helping them pray about what’s
going on in each session but there’s they might never do another one and and
you know more and more it’s about family and it’s about you know what God is
saying not not how much money you can make or you know in the last of the last
days your money’s not going to do you any good
it’s not gonna do you any good in heaven either so yes we have to have money to
pay our bills yes you know it if I told you what my ministry budget was I’m not
gonna say it publicly your jaw would drop prophet Ryan your jaw would drop
yeah and I so you so we do we need we need supporters to do what we do but if
your motive is money and if your motive is building your own Kingdom then you’ve
already lost and in the end in the end of the time when we stand before Jesus
we’re gonna give an account so I’m really sober about where we are and what
we’re going into you know Lou Engel lays down the call to you know go into the
sin because he sees the another Jesus movement that’s probably the precursor
to the last harvest this might not be the last harvest but it might be the
ones who are gonna labor in the last harvest to get a get saved and this
my god I don’t know but I’m sober and I’m just I do speak at conferences I
know you speak at conferences but I yeah there’s so much more there’s just so
much more that we have to put our hand to but then it goes on behind the scenes
a lot of that has to do with prayer and seeking the Lord so that we can help
somebody else not on a conference platform that’s all good but helping
them you know in the grocery store or you know wherever so yeah I’m on I’m on
a pedestal I’m right now I’m not a pedestal but I am a soapbox I suppose
right now but yeah that’s where my heart is – well I think it’s you know being
real with people here I think it’s why when you don’t have a set agenda you can
permit yourself to allow God to use you and and that’s the reason you know I
don’t profess to be Republican or Democrat or independent I I always I’ve
always just said I’m a patriot and I think because I don’t really relate to
any one of those political parties it allows me to be able to pray for
whatever president is in office from a right perception you know if you
strongly disagree with any president sometimes you’re gonna pray out of a
hidden motive of anger or frustration or whatever the case may be
well I tribute that into the kingdom you know I really had just this wake up
moment yesterday may not been profound for a lot of people but it was profound
for me I you know I know that there’s people that are talking about my name to
other people and they’re trying to set this persona you know and the Lord all
of a sudden spoke to me and said it’s just a sign that they need deep healing
yes it’s why and this is Lord said it’s why you can’t allow your emotions to get
involved because I’ve called you to bless those who curse you and the the
Mandate of Heaven is to be obedient to the word not dictated by our emotions
and so I’m you know I can sit here and even
though I know that there’s people saying things about me whatever they’re saying
that is neither here nor there for me to defend or deny it is my responsibility
to be obedient to the word which says bless those who curse you so it you have
to learn how to live a life without an agenda but you live from the Mandate of
your obedience in the kingdom and I think that’s why and where we gotta get
with ministries where we gotta get politically if if we’re not careful we
can let a political platform whether you’re Democrat Republican independent
whatever you can allowed that political platform to carry more weight than the
Word of God and it’s why you’ll vote for certain people but you’ll vote against
other people and so on and so forth when you have when you carry the mandate of
the word your word determines how you view how you receive and how you release
and so it’s why I can sit here and say am I a hundred percent against this
minister of ministry no I am NOT I’m not against them I’m not I’m actually I’m
blessing them I’m cheering them on and I want them to be successful do I agree
with everything sure no not but that’s the beauty of the Word of God we work
out our own salvation am i a hundred percent in agreement with our current
president no I’m not there’s things that we disagree with but because I’m not
called to be political but I’m called to be biblical I know my assignment and
praying for him I’m not a hundred percent against him
not a humm percent for him but I tell you I’m a hundred percent called the
inner seed pray to prophesy and declare the success of this current president or
any current president that may come I don’t want them to fail I don’t want
anything bad to happen to President Obama or former First Lady Michelle
Obama I don’t agree with everything that she’s
saying and stuff but it’s my assignment to bless her it’s my assignment to
prophesy the she would be in good health that she
would see the riches of the glory that God has for her or so on and so forth
it’s why I’m taking so many steps back Jennifer and I’m and people are I get
emails sometimes or text message men you won’t believe what I heard and
everything and I’m like I just don’t care anymore because that’s it’s not my
place to be entertained by the gossip it’s my place to bless those who curse
me yeah that’s right I don’t want to hear about it anymore either you know
the sad part is is there’s probably a good number of people watching us now
they think we’re talking about them and it’s gonna elicit a whole new round of
cursing but you know I just want to say this you know what I love I love you and
I’m not against you and I’ve never been against you so please let’s stop the
nonsense we’re a body and when one of us suffers we all suffer one of us hurts we
all hurt and we got to stand together we don’t have to agree on everything in
order to love one another jesus said you will know that they are my disciples for
the love that they show for one another so my agenda in this season is to love
and you know what everybody won’t receive my love but I can still walk in
love and that’s just the bottom line I’m just I’m just over it I’m just over you
know I’m almost 50 years old people don’t know that but I’m almost 50 years
old I know I look beautiful and young and you know this but I’m almost 50 I’ve
lived a long time but I’ve seen a lot of things and it’s just I’ve come to a
point in my life where you know the kingdom is the priority Matthew 6 and 33
seek ye first the kingdom of God in His righteousness his right way of being his
right way of doing and everything else doing it’ll be added to you so I’m
walking in the overflow I’m living in abundance I’m happy I’m peaceful I’ve
never been so happy until peaceful so joyful is so prosperous in my whole life
and it’s because I’ve chosen the low road instead of you know the Nimrods
spirit you know so do I stay hard thing we confront demons yes but do I love
people absolutely yeah and I want to encourage people who want to learn how
to be in Abraham to a lot and what I mean that is I think of all the things
that could go back and look at Abraham the thing that gets me is he
number one he wasn’t told to bring a lot he was told not to bring lot not to
bring anyone but his wife’s hair and everything but he did bring lot so
because of the relationship Abraham had with God there was a permissible will
there to occur which is mind boggling but in that process you know eventually
Lots Kemp caused problems so what did Abraham do he allowed him to choose his
destiny and so he permitted that he didn’t criticize him he didn’t try to
derail him he didn’t try to say you know I’ll never have anything to do with you
again your unredeemable your unrestorable and your this don’t ever
contact me bla bla bla he didn’t do any of that he allowed him
to choose his own destiny yeah and then when the time came and destruction was
imminent Abraham fought for a lot yeah and I’m
I’m at this point now that’s where I want to be I I wouldn’t want to be at
that point to where I can still fight for those that even though they cause
trouble and chaos I still want to be able to fight for them I got to learn
how to do that have I perfected it no but I want I want I want to be that kind
of friend of God you know what I mean yeah that’s what it’s all about and
that’s what we’re striving for so if you want to invite Ryan Johnson to your next
event ryan johnson dot us be sure to meet us at ascend if you cannot come to
tampa you absolutely cannot get in a car and drive watch it online go to Jennifer
LeClaire you know check it out whatever is gonna bless you check it
out I do have the brand new book coming out in just a couple of days it’s called
decoding your dream life if you want an autographed copy get that on my website
Jennifer LeClaire org make sure that you get on my mailing list and on Ryan’s
mailing list as well get on there take the time to minutes right now and get on
our mailing list you can find out what it is that we are up to one more thing
our online campus it’s it’s free to be part of it there’s almost 4,000 people
part of our online campus after just a few months a hop dot online you can
watch my messages every week prophet Ryan is there sometimes pasta Jonathan
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from actually this next coming Sunday so you know there’s a great content there
it’s free it’ll bless you get signed up for that it’s it’s a hop dot online
listen we’re gonna go but we’ll be back with you again really soon and look for
us at the ascend conference hopefully we’ll have time for a Facebook live or
two even if it’s just to say hello we bless you in the name of the Lord thanks
for being part in this broadcast make sure that you share it with all your
friends bless you

100 Replies to “A Disturbing Dream About President Donald Trump and China”

  • Susan Fowler says:

    China didn’t hack into Hillary’s servers. She sold them the access.

  • Melinda Premo says:

    2024 – the second solar eclipse crossing the United States that crosses the 2017 solar eclipse at the New Madrid Fault – 7 years between. Significant?

  • The Messenger says:

    You know you really should take this video DOWN!! You are NOT hearing from GOD about President Trump!! Watch videos from a very, very accurate TRUE PROPHET OF GOD, Kim Clement, his prophesies are still coming to pass even though he is in heaven now since November 2016!!! You really could learn something about what's REALLY GOING ON!! ( my caps are not for yelling, but for emphasis)

  • H D says:

    I sure wish we could have shorter videos. Long videos are not easy to view for busy schedules. To be more concise would be great.

  • Lance Larose says:

    You knew I was a snake when you took me in Trumps words

  • Rich Buddee says:

    You clearly have absolutely no connection to the Spirit if you have not always known Trump is a terribly wicked man from day one despite what you backslidden church and false prophets told you. He owns casinos people! what more do you need to know that he is wicked to the core not to mention everything else about him and you caucaoid nationalists masquerading as followers of Yahawashi (whom you stupidly still call Jesus) love him and it’s clear why

  • Rich Buddee says:

    He clearly doesn’t know what the dream means and needs to shut up

  • Rich Buddee says:

    Maybe Trump is indeed the Alligator who ad it is in reality is not draining the swamp at all but making it much worse to the point it’s showing all over the world like never before in his corrupt wicked dealings in Venezuela Iran Yemen Syria etc for big oil, central bankers, the fake Khazar “Jew’s” new world system, Wall Street, the European elite order that will not happen, and caucasoid racists everywhere. Instead of draining the swamp he is on personal selfish vindictive assignments attacking individuals pulling them down but his trade war with China the dragon will hurt the economy and his reputation and people who hate him will cheer this even if it hurts them and they feel the discomfort at least this Alligator won’t be re-elected they will think. China may be weakened economically but they don’t have to worry about its people or re-election like trump. the guy who had the dream was alarmed that it still wasn’t a good thing that this wicked trump was being given a fatal blow by his trade war with China and didn’t know why but it’s because this dragon China will indeed follow with a military campaign with Russia and North Korea and the people have no idea what they are in for. The caucasoids are going into slavery for their debts. 200 million young agile killing machines will fill and occupy towns of America! Get ready Babylon!

  • patti jesinoski says:

    So This Is LDS church in 3 nations?
    Mittens Romney leading charge against president trump at the head.

  • patti jesinoski says:

    Your generalizibg,"people don't like DJT.
    You claim 3 countries, but too chicken to announce what countries.
    NO. You are more than dream observer. You make claims of countries where you actually were in churches that did not like President Trump. That wasn't part of the dream, yet you refuse to name church or countries.
    This is propaganda.

  • Susan Matherne says:

    I’ve noticed lately Trump is not staying humble, please pray for him.

  • Catherine Grace says:

    With all humility I am concerned about the churches who don’t like President Trump. It sounds like their source for news is CNN. In all honesty they should know better.
    How do other churches have issue with the President who is trying to do away with abortion? The President who has brought prayer into the White House. The President who is actually bringing jobs to blacks and Hispanics. Who is trying to bring our country’s budget into subjection. Who is openly fighting for children who are being sexually abused. The President who has restored our relationship with Israel after FORMER President Obama did everything he could to destroy it.

    Does anyone from these churches know a vast majority of female Democrats and people who work in the motion picture industry are a part of the witches coven the.wing? (I don’t call anyone an elite or celebrity BTW) Hillary Clinton. Valerie Jarret. Donna Brazille. Gillibrand. AOCortez. MANY more. Practically every last one. They are members of the.wing witches coven and they’ve all done photo ops promoting their membership. That’s how I KNOW.

    Straight up; I really do not appreciate this attitude towards President Trump. It shows a lack of being informed of what President Trump is doing and what he actually stands for: the American people. President Trump is not a leader of other nations; just the United States and in my opinion he is doing a FINE JOB. An EXCELLENT job even so I am unsure of where this “I’m not really a fan of Presjdent Trump” comes from but I’m completely disgusted by it. I’m not sure what people expect from a leader but it sounds unreasonable since President Trump can’t measure up.

    I don’t get my information second hand. I don’t watch television or fake news on television. Not one of them. I get my information straight from President Trump’s Twitter feed and others who are standing with our President as legislators. Judicial Watch is also a great source. They are keeping the fire to the feet of people like Hillary Clinton. Former President Barack Obama.

    I don’t think a person has to know every evil deed a leader has done but to NOT know just how evil FORMER President Obama was and Hillary? Uninformed. VERY uninformed. Don’t take my word for it. Go check Judicial Watch social media. Start there.

    Are we facing a “socialist” win in 2024? Let’s pray not because socialism IS of the devil. It is NOT a utopia.

    There is ZERO doubt in my mind God put President Trump in the White House and I support him in prayer and otherwise. For the record, David TAUNTED Goliath before he slew him and that’s what President Trump does with the Democrats all the time. Them and the fake news media.

    I challenge this channel to leave my comment up because I’m not being unfair. I challenge Jennifer and her guest to research if what I’m saying is not true. The hatred for President Trump might be a bit more understandable. I also think if you talk with “regular” people in other countries they have a respect for President Trump and wish their leader was not selling them out to those working towards a one world government.

  • Becky Berlin says:

    I'm thinking maybe TRUMP is the GREAT DELUSION the bible talks about……just saying

  • James Price says:

    B4 u said it, i knew the gator was trump……………………

  • Jeanne Stjohn says:

    Barr, let history punish the traitors! He released Obama, Comey, McCabe! UNBELIEVABLE! Now they can continue to destroy America! 👿🇺🇸👿

  • Marc Graham says:

    The globalists are pushing Trump’s destruction all around the planet. They control mainstream media in every country. People hate trump because their TV told them to it’s that simple.

  • Marc Graham says:

    it’s now 8/31 2019 and China’s got their hands full with Hong Kong they’re bringing Chinese CCP Indiscretions to light. I think Trump’s going to win it’s going to be like Reagan with USSR victory!!!

  • Garry H says:

    Trump is the last President of America..he wins 2020 but is assassinated DUEING his second term…

  • Garry H says:

    After this Obama comes back to Rule over the masses with an iron hand as a dictator…prophecy 444 news site..
    Judgment on America is coming…

  • Garry H says:

    You to !! Are false teachers..
    Trump is NOT A CHRISTAIN..

  • Garry H says:

    You two.

  • Contending For The Faith says:

    Sadly, so many of you are caught up in this beast system of politics, that actually lead to the beast himself, the man of sin, the son of perdition, the Antichrist. America is the military and political leader of the Antichrist beast system, and you think you gonna save this Trump and this country, by praying for both? Trump is about to go against God in plain sight, as he has already stated he is the chosen one. You better wake up people, Donald Trump is definitely shaping up to be the beast of Revelation 13.

  • Elisa G says:

    This was ridiculous…there are more conservatives for the first time…smh…he is LOVED BY THE WORLD…is he jealous or what?

  • Elisa G says:

    Btw…socialism will never happen…he is OBVIOUSLY NOT PART OF THE MILITARY FAMILIES…again, how ridiculous.

  • Elisa G says:

    Obama was NEVER my presidenr…GB was skull and bones…how many times can you say President Trump is not liked…say it again? My goodness…you have some deep problems going on dude.

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    God protect President Trump!!

  • Skip Littleton says:

    SAFE. Amen 🙏🏿
    Edens Garden KyANA Way 2say HeY BLESSINGS Amen

  • Skip Littleton says:

    BLESSINGS & KDPGN Again !! MAKE It A Good 1

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    yyour pres is a lying , hateful crook!

  • Rosebud Adkins says:

    Why don’t you let God decide who Trump listens to? Pence is a pedophile and Karen is a witch. Trump knows and Pence won’t be on ticket in 2020.

    This is a huge problem the church is so infiltrated most of us are leaving them. We are starting small worship services in homes.

    You better pray for discernment. Many church leaders are pedophiles. Copeland one of biggest.

    Brother, get your house in order before you advise others. Be on your knees in prayer. If you are hearing from the Father and not the enemy.

    Blessings for wisdom.

  • Thomas Crooks says:

    The gator is satan the Dragon is the Arch Angel Michael! You saw the final battle.

  • Rosebud Adkins says:

    Body of Christ,

    Please pray the scales are removed from your eyes. The very elect are still being deceived. This dark demonic deception is getting worst. Just because one says, they are Christian does not make it so.

    Test them by their fruits. Indiana-Ohio are huge pedophilia hubs. Protect your children. Do you know how many children go missing worldwide? Millions and millions.

    I practiced in Cincinnati. I share two cases with you: I had a four year old girl put on suicide watch. Think about it!!!!!!! Four yrs old???
    Another was a 21 month old baby boy. He had been anally raped to the point his bowel ruptured. He tested positive for STD’s in every orfice. He survived surgery and had to have a colostomy.

    The child abuse in that area is swept under the carpet. So many agencies are infected with evil. Why do so many children go missing worldwide?

    We need to wake up. We must start coming against the demonic spirit of pedophilia. It’s very real. Can you imagine if the true body of Christ came against it. The children that would be saved.

    Like him or not. Trump and Melania are trying to save children. This is Trump’s biggest mandate. They know this is going on. Already children have been found and released. Remember those choppers flying into California? They had two missions. One was to free children being held and the other was to stop a biological weapon.

    Ministries are going to fall. They are under judgement. I believe many are involved in satanic rituals. They take part for wealth, power and control. Big name people many listen to and support finically. You would be better off flushing that money down the toilet. I am so grateful that my eyes are open. It’s a struggle to not be lead into the snake oil many are selling.

    We are dealing with an ancient culture. Recently, they are digging up remains of child sacrifice. These demonic entities infiltrated our society. Many of you aren’t ready for the truth.

    Please please pray for the gift of decrement. Target focused prayer is needed. May our Father grant you wisdom.


  • Mattathias Macabees says:

    American is Babylon and trump is a pig dog demon beast and the beginning of judgment on Ephraim/ Egypt. He is NOT a godly man, he brings destruction. The alligator is removing the wicked, he kills only who he is allowed to. And the beast was given his seat and great authority by the Dragon. Your dream when covered with many scripture shows how America/ Egypt- see Isaiah and Jeremiah ect. Trump is a con man. Looks like he is going to suffer a mortal head wound. Obama is evil and TRUMP is evil and the Clinton's are evil. A lifetime of indoctrination has you all believing one side is good and one is bad. Both political parties are evil. Grow up.

  • Vermont Aviator says:


  • Debra Frazier says:


  • Deborah Buhrman says:

    Did I hear him call her Apostle, that kind of scares me!

  • Deborah Buhrman says:

    About twenty years ago I had a vision. It was as real as where I was standing in my living room. I saw what I tell people was an Angel, I even say it was an Arch Angel. She or He I don't believe the Angel had a gender as we know as man or women! Very tall, and dressed in a white robe. There was a very large book self with very large books on it , the Angel reached for a book on one of the upper shelves,. The Angel removed it from the shelf, and showed me the binding of the book, there was gold writting on it. It said only,. 2023 in gold! I hadn't thought about it untill about two or three years ago . I know there are sevens to do with Trumps presidency, If Trump is reelected ,His seventh year of presidency would be in 2023 ! Isn't there something about seven years of Tribulation? I know God works in sevens, and forty's! I know there are more things to do with sevens with Donald J Trump, He even has seven in His family (sevens come up more, but I can't remember right now!) I have old timers right no,I just turned 73, I'll remember latter, I'm sure you remember all of his sevens , like birthday and things like that!

  • polly jetix says:

    Oh wow. As soon as he told the dream, it looked crystal-clear to me.
    The Alligator is Donald Trump.
    The Dragon is socialism.

  • Helen M. Mamrosh says:

    God bless President Trump Praying for my President

  • Theresa Graham says:

    It sounds like he doesn't understand how satanic all of these past presidents are. They are pediphiles and don't deserve to be called president. Pence is actually a pediphile and has plotted with deep state to kill Trump. This is a proven fact. President Trump is working hard to take down pediphiles. President Trump is fighting for our freedom. And is trying to stay strong with such evil around him. He is not the only one who has had this dream of trump being asasinated. When Trump dies America will quickly loose their freedom.

  • Brian Watson says:

    While I believe the dream is from God. Let us not panic or draw any conclusions. (1) Sometimes God shows us what he desires to happen and intercession is necessary to bring it to pass. (2) Sometimes God shows us what the mainstream and the enemy desires and plans which can be changed or overturned by intercession or the intervention of God.(3) And sometimes God shows us what is going to happen and nothing can change it. I believe that this dream is a #2 case and the urgency in this is that we should indeed pray for the president but as long as the church pray the will of the enemy cannot prevail. So everyone please be calm and just pray.

  • D KC says:


  • Blanche M. Gurney says:

    Whoever the hell that guy is talking about Donald Trump being an alligator what the heck is wrong with you if you're a minister then you should know better than anybody reading the book thumping the way you do to be a minister and the ordained in Revelations Trump is the last trumpet blown before rapture did it say the alligator Trump was going to be there before rapture no you should mind your own p's and q's in your opinion is just don't matter to me how you come up with something like that out of a dream would you eat a taco or something that didn't settle with you that night and if you did have this pathetic dream then I don't know I don't see anywhere in the Bible that I've been thumping her over now all these years said anything's that alligator ended dragon it tells me about the three false prophets at the end of time the Beast the Dragon never mention anything about an alligator

  • Brandy Pryor says:

    Interesting from the very beginning… Video posted 2018 it's now 2019, his dream was received in early Sept starting with a hurricane hitting the same area of Florida as Dorian is now also early Sept this year and also turning, this is right so far now I'm going back to the video.

  • Pgs Penang says:

    My spirit grieved when l saw this video. You both are fake prophets!
    Obviously, both of you knew God not!
    Trump is no doubt, not an angel. But mind you! He is the chosen one by God to fulfill His plans to save America!
    God loves the US too much to experiencing His wrath but want them to come back to Him, just their forefathers did.
    Trump is placed in to fight the Jezebel spirit!
    Know the truth, guys!
    A lot of false prophets will the sheeps astray during these last days.
    Never believe in men but only thru the holy spirit.

  • Sam Counsell says:

    at 2148 I think you are very wrong sir oh, there are more stories of staunch Democrats walking away especially blacks from the Democrat Party because all of their lives and all the things they stand for finally woke them up. There are more and more supporters of President Trump coming out everyday, this president is like hey awesome rock group or individual singer who draws more and more crowds to his events because he has kept promises he made he has done everything to open up the eyes of people so I just have to agree to disagree with you because I do not believe what you're saying I Kim Clemente, and Mark Taylor.

  • Carol Hanson says:

    The U.S. was created as a "Capitalist" country. If those on the Far Left want to live in a "socialist" country, there are plenty of them to migrate to. Go there! For instance, France will pay for your education through age 28 and has socialized medicine. The U.K. and Sweden have similar arrangements. Take your pick.

  • Elijah ha Navi says:

    the title prophet is misse used, there are no more prophet, we have the patriarchs prophets and disciples, the first 12 apostles, beware , only one prophet left, to return, Elijah, no one else on earth is a prophet , disciples yes, ditz the false title, I am Elijah the prophet on earth now, prophetesses and prophets today, your joking nuts, only one prophet to return and I am back, announce the Lord's return, , the dragon china , but the trump is the croc, the croc is u.s. and china is the dragon, the crocodile will be judged , by God using china, because aweful evils in the u.s. killing babies lies of hiv/aids when it really syphilis, illegals , wicked media and democrats who want to introduce communistic governance , social ism is here thieves through insurance on everything, cost people freedom, insurance companies not gonna pay to heal people , aweful wicked new world order, you got so swamp like chararter of entire u.s. housed within the u.s. are true followers, very few , sabbath is Saturday, 7th day, demonic media, and movie industry and many everything , I saw from new York to Chicago 5 nukes go off , popping off 5 cities, those grapes of wrath gathered


    Why is it that every Christian that has a dream thinks it's prophetic from God? You guys are a dime a dozen!

  • Annie Heredia says:

    All I can say is GOD is in control! I don't care if all hell and satan himself comes against him! God's will and plan will come to pass! I don't fear that they will get away with whatever comes against our potus! Hes covered by the blood of Yeshua Hamashiach! Until Gods plan is fulfilled! After that, only God knows what will happen to him! But yes let us keep him in our prayers, never stop!!

  • Debbie Gladen says:

    At 9:27 on the video, it is obvious to me that the alligator was just another red flag but it impacted more people than usual. The dragon obviously was the solution to the calamity. When people began to praise the dragon, they did so amiss. The dragon is Satan as the man of sin before he is possessed by the dragon i.e. Satan. All along really it is Satan as the answer to world peace.

  • Mr Man says:

    You do know that sometimes a dream is just a dream right?

  • Mr Man says:

    And also God said he would never again flood the earth, that is why rainbows are there! to remind us of that covenant between God and Us!

  • Betty Tavares says:

    The meaning of the dream means that President Trump is going to loose the second term of his office. The Dragon you saw is China, China will hack the computers like Russia did with the meddling and they will also leak some classified information but they will cause it as the one coming from president Trump e-mail computer to smear him on how careless or callous he has failed to safeguard the classified info. China at the moment is working with Clinton mafias and Pelosi on how they will chop the head of president authority off like how John the Baptist head was beheaded . The authority which is the head of trump will be cut off when all Americans are not expecting it.and CNN is one with the Dragon allies which will all work against Trump winning the second term. If Trump wins by any margins they are going to attempt to assassinate him together pence. The alligator s head is a symbol of authority Trump has for now it is also written " thou shall not spread malice against the leader of your people. "He will win the election according to GOD'S will but all the votes shall be manipulated and muddled with. We must pray for him as well as Boris here in UK. They are going to assassinate him after all is announced he has won the election. Let's all fast and pray for these two Boris trump and Israel.

  • Lilaq Dee says:

    DJT is anointed by God. He is spirit filled.

  • Allen Allen says:

    The fact that other leaders in the world do not like Trump is actually a good thing! According to a very well known teacher and prophet with the initials of P. S., most of these world leaders are Luciferians. I do not believe that there’s a secret information about Trump about to be used against him. If it existed they would’ve use that instead of the false narrative of Russian collusion thing. Remember it is God who raises up kings and take them down. I think these two people here probably never watched the movie when it came out called the “Trump prophecy‘s” by Mark Taylor. Democratic party is so anti-God with them being behind abortion up to and including nine months and they are very much against the Jews, The Lords people. To declare that you’re not on either side shows a person who is on the fence about the things of God. I would take this video with a grain of salt. It could be true that the enemy wants to bring something up about Trump, but it would not be true and will be likely meet up just like the Russian collusion with made up. We will not be in big trouble in 2024, as God has got this! We need to keep socialism under control for sure, but a Democrat will not occupy the presidency for at least another 20-24 years.

  • Allen Allen says:

    Trump will win 2020 but church still needs to pray. He will not be impeached nor assassinated and he will have great success because it will be given to him by the hand of God. These people in the video never spoke of why God appointed Trump. The Lord wants to give great wealth to America because it takes money to spread the gospel. Whoever cannot see God appointed Trump and God has it, to me is not very anointed in the prophetic. Listen to Mark Taylor videos. Another is Kat Kerr! These people I just mentioned are much more on track with what God is doing. Blessings.

  • Allen Allen says:

    Although it’s unlikely he will admit to it, but it’s quite obvious to me that this so called Prophet is not very happy with Trump even though he claims he is non-partisan.

  • Conan Coulombe says:

    I think that was an incredible interview. Keep up the good work guys. I hope to hear more from you soon.

  • Stacy Adams Board says:

    I've been having flood dreams about the ocean!
    I'm from West Virginia and last year for weeks I dreamt people saying it's the end of the world and waves were coming but at the time we could walk across the ocean as it was dry in many places..I woke up scared n sick

  • Stacy Adams Board says:

    I love Trump as well and am a huge supporter but lately I've been suspicious
    His penthouse is set up like the SUN GOD WORSHIPPERS ..I can't explain you'll have to watch video of his watch video of his visit with the Pope..WHY WERE THE TRUMPS DRESSED SO CREEPY? Plus many more things that creep me out like him being surrounded my Jesuits..

  • Carol Gilmer says:

    I am not trying to blow your theory out of the water, but I don't agree with you. I do not believe the majority of people in America are against President Donald Trump. He has been so disrespected as well as his family. I am sick of it! Hillary is pure evil and Obama was a manchurian candidate. We have had 25 years of liberals changing our culture and people have forgotten God. I listen to Mark Taylor….5013C's are a huge problem, not to mention the pedophelia and child trafficking that is going on right under the noses of Christians. Trump is far from perfect, but prayer can change the world. This world is a horrible mess.

  • Carol Gilmer says:

    OMG! I have had great reservations about Pence from the very beginning. Too much information has been floated about his involvement with pedophelia. I pray that if he is innocent, he will be vendicated… If not, justice be done. Way too much smoke there, not to have some fire. The church is being judged right now….we must go back to thevhumble New Testament strategies. Home Bible studies and clean up of the church!

  • koolmobee1 says:

    America is Babylon the great. Her reign is over. You must Repent. GOD is using Trump to wake people up.

  • Johnny Cage says:

    If u believe the good book then know it must come to pass one day …we are seeing it as eyes that see china is part of the new world order they are the end game for Christians the nwo elites have been in bed with the people of the dragon to bring this country into a police state of total control china has the proff now in thousands of concentration camps or should we say re-education camps along their westen borders they own and lead INTERNET invasion of the free WORLD way of the chip to come for old Hebrew even says 666 is Vav Vav Vav =WWW tracking code for each is waiting…will u take the mark of the beast for u cant hide from facial recognition and selling buying for this is all here and stamped by the dragon's hands with approval…many elites rule this world and they want full controls of man to bring in the one world ruler to rule them…jc

  • Yenli Yang says:

    Socialism is preparing the world for Antichrist coming to power.

  • Abraham Smith says:

    It means China waits to conquer

  • cosa nostra says:

    we out nuke china by far i say lets use them if we have to

  • Holly Sumner says:

    Beware! The Clintons, Rodham of Tartarian Russia, and the "Bush" GHW SCHERFF a Germain Spy, hitlers right hand man, all have ties to CHINA! the same group with ties to Deep State, false Tax Collectors knoen as IRS, they ARE NOT IN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, they are a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION off the coadt of GEORGIA, they ALL have ties to keep America from being advanced..look at America and look around the world, how other countries are more advanced then America esp CHINA..China has been monitoring its people by camera reading on everything about them "CHINESE PEOPLE" and putting them on a credit system basing their lives on what they can and cannot buy, schools they can and cannot go, and separate them, poor from the ELITE PEOPLE whos good credits give the upper elites their comfort seat cause these upper credit people will be the best slaves/laborers for them, the rest starve and are SEPARATED from the upper credit society "the MARK OF THE BEAST IS 666 WHICH IS CHINA!" up on CHINA and how their technology created a very powerful communism against the people..Then go back to the Clinton presidency time and look how much time the clintons PARTIED WITH THE chinese in America in the white house, WHAT DID THEY SELL THEM?, the Observatories, land, military arsenals, etc? What did the clintons gave chineses access to IF didnt sell to them, as their backup money for a rainy day? They ALL put America in a financial pitfall so the borrowing can occur, and borrower had to be CHINA! [GHW SCHERFF "aka Bush" was COMMUNIST-GERMAN, HITLERS SPY, CAME UNDER OPERATION PAPER CLIP WITH HITLER, THIS IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER "COMMMUNISM", GHW SCHERFF JR- GOT THE BALL ROLLING BEHIND THE CURTAIN!, the following successors fill in where their part needed to bring forth communism after the Scherff and hitlers for REAL! The story of hitler is so UNBELIEVEABLE, ic you seen that evrtyone who followed you died of a posion capsule they bit into, why didnt hitler bit into one, no the story is "he shot himself in the head, SERIOUSLY! ALL who could talk, even his wife and child died, NO ONE TO TALK, WHU WOULD HE SHOOT HIMSELF, THINK!!!!!!!!!!, HE DIDNT! This is why OPERATION PAPERCLIP came to be, brought HITLER & HIS 2 SPIES SECRETLY INTO THE USA, TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY!!!!!:] MONEY FROM CHINA, so WHY CHINA? Gave china property in the USA in lue of the money borrowed..All this the last 4 presidency glued TOGETHER is what PRESIDENT TRUMP is EXPOSING, just remember Hillary Clinton was also in the " Nixon Watergate!" Here is the EYE OPENER!

  • Jayson Cordrey says:

    interesting what you've said, but I think your dream is interwoven with what you are reading and seeing in media and journalists are saying about Trump and there view and dislike of him….I also believe that your dream is saturated with fear and a deep belief in something happening to President Trump, when alot of the media exaggerates and makes up news to deceive and steer people of the US in the other direction from truth to made up stories.

    I seriously believe you might want to rethink your interpretation of your dream and apply some obvious factors that are influencing your dream or what not.

    Don't get me wrong it is interesting what you have to say and every President has to content with, but the advent of social media and all new forms of media that have come into extistence it is easy to get sucked into these things that you are talking about.

  • tiqvahone says:

    "A lot of people hate Trump". All those on the liberal progressive left hate Trump. This is obvious. If this hatred is coming from the Church as well, they are in a minority compared with the (Christian) voters who support him. Those Christians who want Trump impeached have no understanding of what is going on in the world amongst globalists and the NWO … They are part of it!

  • Steven Lockridge says:

    God put him into power (Trump), so he is my President though I don't like him or agree with most of what he does, or that he is. I agree with your discernment and interpretation of your dream. The fact that the people cheered, could mean that China, and others (news media/the American public?) will openly reveal why what happened to him happened, China will be behind the revelation or what will happen to him, and most of our people will gloat over it, be appreciative of it, and will praise China for doing it. I don't know what will happen to him, but I pray for him often as well; not as often as I should, but I do. I do not like him; but God put him in power for a reason, possibly to show, reveal, and expose to our country, overall, what we, as a nation have become. Our nation, in my opinion, is a mirror image of what Trump is, what he represents, and what he is really about, and we need to do an about face and quickly. We need to turn back to God and do it quickly. At present this trade war is really irritating and angering the chinese and I will bet they are doing all that they can, along with others, to bring him down and shut him up…….for good. If the interpretation of this dream is true, and I believe it is, the very nation that exposes Trump and helps to bring him down and tear his head off, is probably that same nation that God will use and allow to attack, invade, and destroy us and lay us waste if we do not change. God bless you Brother, and you also Jenn.

  • Rick Ricky says:

    Where was those Trump prophesies when he was still running his show the Apprentice? Lol

  • Steven Lockridge says:

    Trampling on the constitution is bad yes, but when you trample, reject, mock, curse, spit at, and dismiss Almighty God as your protector, your Savior, your Lord, the very ONE that made you great, all that you hold dear will quickly be taken away…and yes, no matter how hard you work to protect it (apart from God), God will allow it to be taken away, because if you take the Lord God out of the equation, you are open game for satan, and nations who openly, voluntarily, or involuntarily serve satan, to trap you into a ruse, and annihilate you like a dragon biting off the head (the government) as you dreamed. We (America) are in big trouble, a whole heap of a mess. The constitution is one thing, but it in and of itself does not guarantee freedom or liberty. God, and yes singularly dismissing everything else, is the One that we can depend on who will never hurt or harm us. We can only trust God and nothing else; without Him, the constitution, or any other piece paper, will not matter or will never matter without Him. I understand what you are saying Prophet; and I agree with all that you say and have said and the interpretation of your dream. But the common denominator and absolute solution to peace, success, prosperity, liberty, and freedom for our nation, is the Lord God Almighty; we have torn ourselves as a nation away from Him; and we as a nation have chosen and allowed all of these evil things to come in and happen to us; it is our fault because of our choice as a nation to turn away from God, still looking at Him but having our backs turned against Him. If we do not turn back to Him, in wholeness and together as a nation, we are doomed, and will soon succumb, completely to the very nations that have threatened us and who we fear have surpassed us in every way, shape or form. Let's all pray for our great nation, the government, our leaders, citizens, everything, including our world and our enemies. I love you all.

  • jur ancony says:

    sister the dragon is not China, don't forget that Hillary Clinton was portrayed as queen of the dragons

  • Bonnie Bon says:

    It means that Qanon is a Chinese psyop.

  • God bless peoples fighting Isis says:

    Heavenly Father God bless our President his wife and his children keep them safe and may your Holy Spirit live in them and keep their hearts and Minds strong! Thank you Lord in Jesus' name amen!💖💖💖🇺🇸🛐✝?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

  • The Galaxy says:

    All this talk about holy this pray that but not once has at of you spoke the truth about the hatred and racial divide that your very POTUS keeps empowering. I see why God said when he returns he is going to start with the church because it is full of hypocritical souls. Yet nobody says let's pray that racism is done away with,let's treat people with dignity and respect. Above all let's pray that love is shown.

  • Jose e Isabel Quintero says:

    I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Wow. Thanks.

  • Lynne Atwood says:

    I believe you had what I call a detox dream. Those dreams help process and release fears, anxieties and other garbage in our psyche. Fear of Trump, fear of China and communism and fear of reptiles are all emerging in this dream.

  • Jimmy Cees says:

    disappointing at best.

  • Jeanne S says:

    People having dreams and visions does NOT make them a prophet of God. The numbers of people having them is staggering because it is fulfilling Joel's last days prophecy of young men having visions and old men having dreams. I myself have many but always always check what I have been given in a vision or dream against Scripture and pray over it. But not everyone knows how to discern the spirits either to know which dreams and visions are from God. Not knowing myself as an immature Christian got me to go to a school of the seers which I found was being taught by some guy who blasphemed the Holy Spirit by deciding as an untrained student minister to go to a wiccan coffee houses and lay hands upon some guy performing reikii (calling upon demonic spirits for healing) and said all healing is from God it is all the Holy Spirit, When they laid hands upon this guy they claimed this was the Holy Spirit when indeed it was demons and not the spirit of God. There is no forgiveness for doing this and this guys visions changed from agreeing with Scripture to forming a brand new doctrine of demons because now we find Jesus failed to bring about the kingdom of God and so it is now only up to this man to literally rewrite our Bible from scratch and he alone (through deception and lies which are suddenly okay to achieve the kingdom of God) will be bringing about what Jesus failed at. Such blaspheming the Holy Spirit opens one up to the false doctrines of demons and he has lead thousands astray. To me a true prophet of God not only has 100% accuracy of the message of his dream or vision but he is one who goes before the leaders of nations and reveals to them what God is saying. I would call Jonathan Cahn a prophet. And David Wilkerson too.Just because I have had many dreams and visions after immersing myself deep in prayer and Scripture readings will never call myself a prophet. I will call myself a seer which is similar but not the same thing. I seem to understand prophecy better than most and have even told a few famous Bible scholars to reread certain passages and see if some other view fits better. For example many people argue over who Tarshish is in Bible prophecy. There are, according to history, a few nations who had this name Tarshish which includes Spain and England or what we now call Spain and England today. So they say it is impossible to know which Tarshish the Bible is speaking of. Well it's not … all they had to do was read a few more verses and know fairly recent history. The Bible (Isaiah) tells us that the first Israelites coming back into Israel after the long diasphora (latter days) came in ships from Tarshish. Therefore we can know because there are pictures and written history which shows us that they came in ships built and that set sail from England. The young lions of Tarshish are those nations which came out of England. Canada New Zealand, Australia and the USA. since all but the USA are still a full part of the British commonwealth the young lions of Tarshish most likely is the USA which is independent of it's parent. Another example was a passage in Amos that we were studying in college which was okay in the older texts but for some reason for many centuries was miscopied or mistranslated concerning the name of a locust king: Gog. These locusts do not have the same properties as natural locusts. Natural locusts are written about in Proverbs 30. For some reason my instructor could not wrap it around his brain that Gog is a demonic king of a demonic army. If they aren't literal demons I tell you they will be demon possessed humans with supernatural warfare abilities. More shocking is Bible codes for Ezekiel 38.2. The term chief prince just happens to be the Hebrew term for president: nisi. If one takes every 7th letter from the first letter of nisi in Hebrew one gets the name Obama. And there are several places where Netanyahu's name and Obama's names cross in Bible codes throughout the Gog-Magog war passages. As president Obama could not control many nations going to war in Israel, only America and only through an act of congress. BUT he could control many nations going to war against Israel if he was to lead the UN which he has talked about doing in the past. America is in Bible prophecy at least twice for sure and for certain. Zechariah speaks about four horn (groups of nations) that are defeated by God when they sign a pact to divide Israel and Jerusalem. This is the two state solution always placed before Israel and the Palestinians fight because they will stop at nothing less than the complete annihilation of Israel. Any nation that attempts to divide Israel will be divided.The four horns has been in place as a coalition of multiple nations that will make middle east "peace". Literally they are called the "quartet of the Middle East" and were conceived in 2002.These horns consist of the EU, UN, Russia (which is many smaller nations joined) and the USA (many states joined). When God deals with these nations and defeats them then Israel and Jerusalem will be living as unwalled cities. This must come to pass in order for Ezekiel 38&39 Gog-Magog war to even start even though everything else that had to have been said and coalitions formed to fit prophecy for this war is already in place. I have seen in visions that there will be one skirmish and warfare right after another and while every eye is focused upon what is happening in the Middle east … the devil who is not omnipresent will be extremely busy and suddenly every Christian who is hearing and doing the Word of God will find themselves under the protective left hand of God out of harms way. They will have a ringside seat to world events but safe and sound. I have no clue what day or hour I just know one second one's awareness is being on earth and the next is raptured away. If you think that natural disasters are really bad now!!!! The global warming lie will be getting bigger. Leviticus 18 explains that when sin reaches a certain level that the land (and everything else of creation in the last days) was designed to vomit ALL of the inhabitants out of it. In 2008 I was reading about what NASA said was a newly discovered phenomenon, but now they say they have known for a very long time….. space quakes. In 2008 they said they'd never be more than equal to a 4.0 earthquake…but with sin rising NASA has changed their story. They can get up to an 8.0 quake on earth. I am sure space quakes can get to be so bad that the heavens will open up at some point of the tribulation and everyone can see Jesus on the throne. I see news I have lived through being rewritten all the time. We are fed lies and bunk all the time. Prophecy said even the heaven would shake…and they do.

  • Josh French says:

    Oh my goodness, I just don't know what to believe from youtuber's anymore. I have never been much of a guy who is interested in peoples dreams. It's not that I don't believe this guy had this dream it's just that it's a 'Dream' I guess I just never taken them very seriously. If someone were to show me or tell me where in the bible it says dreams should be taken serious or are messages from God. Then I'd be happy to change my stance on Dream analytics.

  • cjmvegas says:

    Don't stop with socialism, just call it communism.

  • cha cha cha says:

    Aligator, leviathan spirit?

  • M F says:

    Rule #1 about a prophetic dream, Someone other than you needs to interpret it. You just had a dream, that's all, Trump is not who you think he is, He is a Jesuit, working for the pope.

  • tammy goodman says:

    How can you support some one who puts babies and kids in cages? A person who does this isn't mentally well, those who support it are just as sorry! What would GOD say about this cruelty?And I go on FACTS. Not hear say. Maybe you should go to the part of the bible where it talks about little children, read it out loud on camera. I'm sure every one would love to hear it, and Pence, he is the same as Trump. I can't believe you said he is GODLY! Oh my goodness, I need to get off of this FAKE channel. And I will pray for the ones who are being mistreated in those camps at the border. If you were real you would pray for them too. No you pray for the monsters and say how sad it is that people don't like him. If you have any kids I feel sorry for them.. FAKE Christians!!

  • Blanche Addona says:

    Too many Christians judge Trump by his past and his personality – God chose him because he could get the job done – to save America -God's ways are not our ways !!

  • PAULA O says:

    Apple has all of our driver's licenses, in it's data bases now. They're under contract by our government to do this…
    They are sympathetic to China. Trump, will serve a second term. Trump, has a spirit of Leviathan and witch craft attacking him. We have to pray for our president, whether we like him or not.

  • Brian Pinto says:

    I believe that we have a President who is in love with himself more than this nation or it's people. All his speeches are centered around, 'Me, Myself and I.' Unless he changes that tone into, 'We, Us and Ours;' he cannot be a people person. World economies are inter-twined in such a way that we cannot exist without one another. It's just the plain reality. If our President continues with this bullying tactics; its not far before we'll lose whatever respect we've got. In early 2017 i saw a vision of a chaos forthcoming. A recession will hit our country like one never seen in our lifetime. It will take down the economies of all nations with it. People who worship our President as God sent today; will begin to hate him and curse themselves for putting him into office when they see their assets plummet in value and their retirement funds go to levels way below what we saw in 2008. I could visualize some say, ' we'll never back off from supporting him come what may. ' To them I heard God say, 'If Peter; having walked with the Son of God seeing all His works; could deny Jesus three times ever to have met or known Him; who are Trump's supporters?' America has been the most powerful nation on this planet for decades. It has nothing to do with Trump; although Trump and his die hard supporters would like to believe its all happened in the past two and a half years.

    The only thing that can bring us down is us. And that is what I see happening. We see signs already with all the threats coming out of Trump to allies and other nations. I also saw America restore its lost glory after an extended recession. But I dont' think I can say if I saw Trump in that restoration. Neither did I see anyone else. So I don't know. But my believe is that unless we mend our ways; this is going to pass.

  • Peggy Johnson says:

    It's the democrats doing it. Your a Trump hater

  • McGraths Farm says:

    I had a dream that a massive Asian army took over America, they were turning our army against us, people were frantically trying to run and hide

  • Joseph Bryant says:

    I read very well

  • KINGDOM MINDED!!!! says:

    China is one head of the seven headed dragon they are demonically driven that’s why they persecute Gods people but kings and kingdoms will fall by the sword of his mouth!!!! Stay Kingdom Minded!!!!

  • Joseph Bryant says:

    Fake to you. It's how you feel about it

  • Amy Vonlanken says:

    It probably means Islam will be replaced in preparation for the antichrist he's finished using the Muslims now

  • Amy Vonlanken says:

    Right now Trump has a 51% approval rate plus the majority of military votes Republican…..

  • dylan veteto says:

    Leviathan was a fire breathing dragon I.e dinosaur. Not an alligator. Just to correct ya there. From what I got from your dream, Trump is dating the swamp and the deep state or globalist, along with the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump through lies and deception. Satan is behind trying to end Trumps power. So because Trump drained the swamp the dragon had came in to destroy him.

  • greg hall says:

    2 points: it's nearly a year later now and you have the grace of hind sight, 1) Our President not only has survived He has beaten every attempt against him…Trump is the Dragon, not China. 2) You spoke of socialism taking hold and owning America and millions agree with you. To this I suggest you research the socialist movement against America 1955 – 1958. All this evil energy we are witnessing today is a carbon copy of those years. Thanks for listening

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