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A Good Old Fashioned Shade Off | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(light orchestral music) – May I present Lady Alea. – How dare she come to this party. – She proliferated rumors
about our dear hostess. – Ah Lady Alea, do sit. Do you know Lady Jada? – Good day. – Yes Lady Alea, forgive me, I don’t recall
sending you an invitation. – Oh my, it must have gotten lost, much like your chastity. (group laughing) – Upon reflection, last time you attended
one of my dinner parties, you did not respond well to the beef. (group gasping) – They’re talking about the beef. Oh.
– Oh. – Dear lady, I have no issue with beef as long as it’s properly served. – Get closer. – Like tense champagne,
it’s about to pop off. (orchestral music) – Oh, it seems that we’ve
attracted attention. Dear guests, please refrain from spilling because all napkins in my home are stuffed in this lady’s bosom. (spitting and laughing)
(horn ringing) – Well, I needed to use
those napkins for my tears. I’m so very sorry for
the death of your poodle. – He’s quite alive. – Oh, then what is your wig comprised of? – If you want to know
where she went, I say, I say she went there. – I don’t believe I’ve congratulated
you on your engagement. How generous of your
fiance to accept his dowry in the form of a coupon. (group laughing) – Are we in a library? Because she just got read. – Lady Fiona, would you be so kind as to retrieve my handkerchief? You do have ample
experience on your knees. – Like a pig on a spit, back up, you have been burned. (gasping and whooshing) – Oh God. Oh, oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, no! (dramatic orchestral music) – Oh no. – Cheek bones for days, eye-stam. (grunting and barking) (violins screeching) – Oh. – Ooh, ooh. – Woof.
– Horn-swah-da. – Flapdoodle. – You want some more, Charles Bitchens? – Enough! This is not worth your lives. Make amends or settle
your disputes in private. – But I do love disputes. (slurping) (gasping) (gun firing and screaming) – And what?
– Same some stuff. – And what?
– Say somethin’. – Say somethin’.
– One of y’all, say it. – Oh no, oh no. Oh no, stay with me. – Hold me close, I’m shivering. It’s so cold in the shade. (coughing) – Well, she dead.

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