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Adorable Jerry Morrison III Shows Off His Astronomy Knowledge

What’s up? Nothing unusual. Nothing unusual? How’s your day going? Pretty good. Jerry, your full name is
Jerry Roy Morrison, right? The third. What does the third stand for? It stands for three
generations of Jerrys. First of all– Tell me. –my grandpa, second,
my dad, and third, me. So now you get it? I didn’t know before. Now I know. Thank you for telling me. So you are a big brother? Yeah. Do you like it? Yeah. Which you got? A little sister or a
little brother, tell me. I got a little sister. What’s her name? Layla. Are you nice to Layla? Yes. Are you a gentleman. Yes. OK, high five. Yeah, that’s why I like this. Look at how cute your
little sister is! As long as you’re nice to her,
that’s what matters, right? Is she nice to you? Yep. Even better. Great. You are in kindergarten. Yes. You sure you’re not in college? No. Are you positive? Yes. You got a girlfriend? Yes. Of course you do. How long have you been dating? We’ve been dating for 80 days. Do you want to say hi to her? What’s her name? Brianna. Do you want to
say hi to Brianna? Yes. OK, go for it. Go say it right there. She is not here. She’s not here, OK? Colton! Let’s talk about
your favorite planet. What’s your favorite planet? Uranus! [LAUGHING] Mine too, mine too. Why is that, why,
I’m afraid to ask. Why is Uranus your favorite– Because– Tell me. You know it spins
on its side, right? I didn’t I actually
know nothing, so you can teach
me these things. And the second
thing why I like it is because me and my dad, Shane,
shared the color of Uranus because it’s kind of
like a blueish-green, so I share the green and
my dad shares the blue. He is out there right now. Where? In the audience? Hi, Dad! Hi. [APPLAUSE] Has he always been into space? Yes. Is he always like this? Yes. What a cool kid. That’s awesome. I’ve been learning,
I’ve been liking it since I was two years old. And you’re so old now. So it’s been how many years? Like, 40? Yes. Yep, yep, got it. I got some questions. If I do some pictures, will you
tell me what the planets are? Yes. The good news is, I won’t know
if you’re telling me the truth or not. Are you ready? Yes. Go! Jupiter! Tell me something about it. It is the fifth
planet from the sun. Its orbital year is 12 years. None of these are on here. I believe you, but I don’t know. OK, I’m with you. Let’s move on to the next one. It is the biggest planet. It has a big red spot. And the big red spot
is bigger than Earth. What? Nun-uh! Yes. Are you sure? Yes. And, and– Can I take you home? You’re so cute. Let’s move on to the next one. Let’s see what else know. Ready? This is a tricky one. Are you sure? Ready. Earth! I barely flipped it. Tell me about this planet. It is the blue planet
because it has more blue than land and the snow
and clouds and stuff. Yep, yep, that’s– And It has seven continents. That’s right. That’s on this! Correct. And– What else you got? It is Venus’s twin sister. [GASPING] And I have a feisty
little sister! [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Moving on to the next one. Venus! That’s your feisty little
sister right there. Yeah. Yeah it is. All these ladies be feisty. All right, tell me about Venus. It is the hottest planet. And you know what– Hold on, I don’t
know if this is true. One second, it’s not
on my list, guys. I really, I can’t, it is? Do we know these things, though? I trust a six-year-old. Go ahead. A six-year-old knows
everything, you know. I think you and my
kids are related. It is the hottest planet. Tell me. It rains acid on Venus. That’s good enough for me. And it is so hot. Do you know why I called
it my feisty little sister? Tell me. Because it is so hot that it
is like an explosion here! Amazing! [APPLAUSE] I heard that you love
to draw, build things. Uh-huh. You do? So we may have a
little gift for you. You want to come with me? Yep. I think– I would love to. Yeah you would. Come this way, kiddos. [SCREAMING] That’s all for you. Oh my God! Come, come, come, come. What do you think? I love it! We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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