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Ajab Karamat – Suspense Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018 – Siddharth Randeria, Ami Trivedi, Rupa

Hello, I am Sheela, secretary
of Mr. Pramod Marfatia. Would you please check if
Mr. Marfatia is there? He has not come there.
Oh I see! Okay, thank you! Hello, Juhu Gymkhana? Is Mr. Marfatia there?
Pramod Marfatia! Yes! Just check in the card room!
He has left from there? Okay, thank you! Madam, I am sorry! I checked
*everywhere sir is not to be found. He has left from Juhu
club a long time ago. Sheela, there is no need
to find him anymore. But madam today is your birthday. You have made plans
to celebrate it. What is there to celebrate? Celebration should be of
happiness and not.. ..for being sorry. I am fed up of Pramod’s behavior. I am fed up of his lies. I am tired of him. Sheela, answer my one question. Is Pramod a drunkard and a
gambler from the beginning? Well madam, how can a secretary
give her opinion.. ..about her boss? I am not asking you
as a secretary. I am asking you as a woman.
As a friend. I know Pramod only from
the past six months. But you are his secretary for
the past two years, isn’t it? Well madam, what more can I say? Pramod-bhai is flamboyant
right from the beginning. Liquor is his weakness and
gambling his necessity. And he is fulfilling his
necessities with my money. He is using my wealth
for his flamboyancy. But madam,
why don’t you refuse to give.. ..Pramod-bhai the money. How can I deny him that?
I still love him. My love has become
my helplessness. And Pramod-bhai is taking
advantage of that. No Sheela! When I married Pramod
he was not like this. He was very affectionate!
He was very loving. In six months everything changed. The man of my dreams is ready
to shatter my dreams. I never did realize that
he was deceiving me.. ..right in front of my eyes. His false sympathy influenced me. My loneliness made me anxious. Madam, your loneliness? Yes Sheela! I was born in Kampala
city in East Africa. My grandfather Premji Kalidas was
the wealthiest man in Kampala. My childhood was just
like a fairy tale. When I was six years old there
was a massacre in Africa. Everything was destroyed. And our house was the one
that was struck the most. They killed my grandfather. To save our lives my father
took us to London. That was my grandfather’s
foresight that we transferred.. ..crores of rupees to London. And we started a new life there. When I was twenty years old I
*lost both my parents in a car accident. And I was left all alone
in this world. Madam, that was so terrible. To get out of my loneliness
I came to India. To see, learn, understand
the people. And there.. There you met Mr. Marfatia,
am I right? -Yes! I still remember that day. The day when I met Pramod
for the first time. I was waiting at the airport
to go from Delhi to Jodhpur. And Pramod was in front of me. He was very angry.
He was boiling with rage. Because his wallet and
his ticket was stolen. God knows why I felt
pity for him and.. ..and I kept my hand
on his shoulder. And I kept my credit card
in front of him. He looked at me with surprise
and I smiled at him. And then we both ran
to buy the ticket. Great! That means your love
started from charity. No! Not exactly! The next day he came to
my room in the hotel.. ..with a very big bouquet. -Oh! And would you believe.. he said
thank you to me 1000 times. And I said most welcome
1001 times. -Then? Then we both went together
to Rajasthan. The beautiful city of Jesalmer! Pramod and I were just immersed
in one another. He was so loving; so charming. Proposed to me and I
immediately agreed. Someone has said the right thing. A lady is always a fool. And a lady who is in love
is an utter fool. I am sorry, madam! I..
did not.. -You are right. We went to Nepal for
our honeymoon. And there.. there I came to
know his reality. -Means? The first night I was waiting
for him at the hotel and he.. ..he was gambling down
in the casino. He kept on playing one
game after another. In one night he lost 6 lakh
rupees. -Oh my God! I did not want to spoil my
honeymoon so I repaid that money. Madam, that’s it!
That is where you made a mistake. Otherwise what to do? Should I have kept my
husband mortgaged.. ..there at the casino? I asked him that you gamble
so much of money.. ..then what is your income? He said that his business
is give and take. There is a lot of give and take. Madam, then it is there!
There is give and take. Income is not definite but
outgoing is definite. Pramod-bhai has done
different business.. the past two years. But he incurred losses
in every business. And to fulfill that
loss he married me. I must thank the Lord
and my lawyer. They have kept the money that
I received as a legacy.. my NRI account. That means without my
signature Pramod.. ..cannot even withdraw a penny. Madhavi-ben,
just see how this is? The one who gets love does
not know its value. And the one who does not
have it craves for it. Whom are you talking about? Yours?
-No! I am talking about Vinod. Vinod? Who Vinod? Your boyfriend? -Yes! Oh my God! But you tell me this. The whole day you are with us
*then when do you meet your boyfriend? Well.. that.. actually..
madam we have not met.. ..since the past one and a
half year. -What? But why? Madam,
the circumstances are like that. Vinod does not stay here.
He stays in Bahrain. He is working there in a hotel. I am just waiting for his return. Oh madam,
looks like sir, has come. He has the keys. -Oh yes!
I’ll.. I’ll just check then. Madam, post! -Thank you. You do one thing you sit down. I will make first class
coffee for you. We will celebrate your birthday
by drinking coffee. What else? Bills! Bills, bills, bills..
bills. To Sheela! Personal! There you are! -Thank you! Sheela! -Yes! -There is a letter
for you! -For me? -Yes! Where? -It is on the table. Whose letter is that? -That..
is Vinod’s letter. From Bahrain or from Thane’s
central jail? There is a stamp on it. Oh no! What was the necessity
for him to write.. ..a letter on this address? Sheela, why did you lie to me? Madam, I am sorry! I am really
sorry, but I am helpless. For what? I will tell you!
I will tell you everything! But first promise me that you
will not tell Mr. Marfatia.. ..anything about this
letter and Vinod. I cannot give my promise till
I do not know the truth. All right! Vinod is in jail for the past
one and a half year. Why? -He was accused of robbery. Your lover is a thief? No madam, he is not a thief.
He is innocent. A thief’s beloved will
always talk like this. But what I am telling
you is reality. Vinod was trapped!
-Who trapped him? Answer me, who trapped him? Tell me! Why don’t you speak? Madam, if I open my mouth then..
-Then what? Then Pramod-bhai will
not spare me. Pramod? But why? What is his
connection with Vinod? There is madam..
there is a relation. There is blood relation. What? -Yes! Vinod and Pramod
are real brothers. What rubbish! Pramod does not have
any real brother. How do you know? He only told me that
he is all alone. There is no one in his family. And you believed him? -Of course! Madam, he has lied to you. What? -He has threatened me
that you should not know.. ..anything about Vinod. But why?
Because Vinod is a thief? No! Because Pramod himself
is a thief that is why. Sheela! -Madam, don’t get
excited. Don’t get excited! Pramod-bhai had in fact done
this robbery for which.. ..Vinod is in jail. What? -Yes! Burglary of antique statues. He took the goods from the
shop and then denied it. No! I don’t believe this! Madam.. madam,
looks like Pramod-bhai has come. You please do not tell him
anything about this letter.. ..and about Vinod, please. Relax!
Relax! -You have my oath! -Relax! I will go in! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Madhvi! Happy birthday to..
hey sweetheart! Darling, my beloved, I am sorry!
I am sorry.. I am late. I thought that you
would not come. Sorry once again that your
anticipation was wrong. Stay away! -Oh my! What style? Hey you know something!
After I drink liquor.. look like Kareena
Kapoor to me. Kareena! I don’t drink! No, when I drink you look
like Kareena to me. You drink everyday!
Last night you came at two. No,
who told you that I came at two? I had heard the clock chiming! You had heard the clock chime. No darling, the thing is at that
time it was just eleven. So the clock would chime
eleven times.. ..and then you would awaken
from your sleep. So what I did.. so I stopped the
clock after eleven! I stopped it. Hey, why are you so annoyed?
Today is your birthday. Sit down!
Sit, sit; sit! I remember. How can I forget that it is your
birthday? Look at this! I have brought a gift
for you sweetheart. At least see it. “Every minute near my heart.” Pramod! Gold wristwatch! Gold wristwatch! Such an expensive watch!
From where did you get it? The place is not important
the gift is important. You wear it on your
delicate wrist. Patni Jewellers! -Patni! That means you must have not paid
the money to my jeweler? Yes! -Are you not ashamed? Giving me a gift of my own money? Hey my dear,
what is yours and what is mine? And what is yours is not mine? I don’t like this!
Your attitude! I don’t like this. Do not tie down your money.
Let it flow! Let it flow freely! From here to there. And from
there to here. Let it flow. Sweetheart your birthday
is very lucky for me. Do you know something? Today morning I took one
thousand reliance.. ..and fitted the upper circuit. In the afternoon I
went to play race. And that horse won on which I had
staked money by your name. That stupid horse won
because of your name. Donkeys can win then
what about horses? I like that, that’s a good one. You know something; why
I got married to you? One, because of your sense
of humor and the second.. ..because of your..
sterling pound. I am a millionaire in the
real sense. You know why? Because you have millions
and I am your husband. You are disgusting! Hey! Wait a minute! Wait a minute now sit down! We will talk of work,
sit here, sit! -Leave me! Enough of fun; now listen! Outside a man is sitting
in the car. His name is advocate Gokane. The club where I go to play
cards, the owner Iqbal Qureshi.. ..he is his advocate. His lawyer. I have to pay him four and
a half lakhs just now. Then give it. -Give it!
From where will I give it? How can I give?
I am not independent. I am dependent on my wife. That is why you give. You write a cheque from
your cheque book.. ..and give him the money. Did you not listen what I said? No! I have become deaf. But you hear with your ears open. Henceforth I am not going to
give you a single penny. Did you hear that? Now I have become deaf. Are you not ashamed?
Are you not ashamed of.. ..taking money from me for
your lowly activities? Really, what style do
you have, my beloved? Darling.. darling, quickly write
a cheque and give me. Otherwise.. -Otherwise? Otherwise,
if your hand gets sprained.. ..then you will not be able
to sign, understood? Leave me, please.. Hi, Sheela, hi!
You are still on duty I like it! And do one thing!
There is a gentleman sitting.. the car outside, please get
him in. Bring him! -Yes! -Yes! Sheela please, don’t go!
-Sheela, go! She is my secretary,
do as I say, go! Wait a minute! Darling, this is all destiny!
You know this is all destiny. This is all fate! Today I have lost all money!
I have lost all money. And it is destiny that at this
moment I do not have any money. And it is destiny that you have,
so you give. And if I don’t give? Then there will be problems.
If I am in trouble.. ..then you too will
be in trouble. And do you want that? Today.. today I have seen
the negative side of you. Did you se? -Yes! How did you like my new face?
Did you like it? You must have faced a
lot of difficulty.. hiding your true identity? I faced difficulty,
but it is all right. In return I got back too
something by which.. ..I became a millionaire. No! That is where you are wrong. Because after today you will
not get a single penny. I have transferred all
my money to London. And I too am going
to London forever. You will go! Madhvi,
you will leave me and go, Madhvi? What? You think that you will leave
me in the lurch and I will.. ..allow you to go? No! I had married you to stay
with you for life. Not to leave you in the lurch. And I had married you
seeing your wealth. You try your best to leave me
but I will not leave you. And if you try to go away from
here then I will kill you. I will kill you! -No! Because if you die then I will
become a millionaire. I will be the lawful owner
of your entire property. No! No! Please come in! Brother, you are great! Have you come here to take the
cheque or to print one? How long have you taken? My dear,
to extract money from your wife.. difficult like taking
bail from High court. You must have patience! Patience.
-Yes! Darling, he is..
-Dheeraj! Dheeraj Lal! Dheeraj Lal Gokane!
Advocate Mumbai High Court. Sister, you do one thing;
you keep this card. It is the motto of our company,
patience always pays. Gokane is.. a very humorous man. What humorous man, but yes, the
one who wants to enjoy.. ..I provide him money. Sister, the thing is this
life is for gambling. TV, freeze, car, for all this
you need finance, isn’t it? You get finance. So what I do.. this race, cricket
and gambling, I finance them. You do one thing!
This is the card of that company. Take this and keep it. Bhala Bhatia Finance limited. And the terms of this company
are like this. Take with this hand and
give with that hand. Sit, sit, sit, Mr. Gokane. Now to sit here I will
waste all my time. You give me my money so
I will go from here. Yes, Mr. Goakne in two
minutes my loving.. ..and understanding wife will
write a cheque and give you. Oh so you have two wives,
one loving.. ..and the other understanding? Which is this one? Gokane, do talk rubbish! She is
not my wife; she is my secretary. Oh! You are lucky you are saved. But I am very unlucky regarding
having a wife. I had two wives the
first one ran away. And the second one does not
even think of running away. That means..
your first wife ran away? Yes,
she ran away with the driver. But it is good that
I know driving. My work has not hampered
because he ran away. Gokane,
really you are very humorous. I have to be humorous as I
run a business of credit. Come on, now be quick and
give me the cheque. Yes! Darling! Madhvi, darling, take this. Take this and sign on
this piece of paper. So that Gokane and I will
be relieved. Here. Till now I used to only
see the cheque. Today is the first
time I saw you. Go ahead! Hey! Sister,
what is this you have done? I have torn all my relations
with my husband.. ..along with this cheque. But that Qureshi will
tear me to pieces. Tell all the money lenders that
from today Madhvi Kalidas.. ..has stopped giving charity
to her husband. Madhvi! -Don’t shout! Madhvi is not used to listening
to loud voices. You bloody bitch I..
I will kill you. Oh my God! Sir! This is a good omen! No, no, I mean they say that
when a glass breaks.. is a good omen. Sir, please take this!
-Thank you! Thanks! Madhvi, we will settle
our accounts later. But my brother you settle
my accounts. Why should I get involved in
your personal problems? Gokane, I am sorry! I apologize.. ..for my wife’s behavior. You stop asking, my brother.
Stop asking me. Now I don’t even have apologies
to give you. Mr. Dheerajlal, be calm!
I will somehow return your money. Do you have money
even to buy milk? Gokane!
-What are you shouting, Gokane? So now to repay me you
will gamble again? Have you forgotten
that Chaturvedi? He was a millionaire..
a millionaire. But at this moment he
is selling saris. So what? -Not so what? He is
selling his wife’s saris. That is why Pramod-bhai this
gambling is very bad. Even you inner clothes
are not spared. Enough!
I am not a pauper, understood? This bungalow is mine.
I have a vast property in Pune. My brother you may have..
you may have. I will say that Rajabai tower and
Gateway of India too is yours. The settlement is between
Iqbal-bhai and me. But I have been caught
up between you two.. ..what about that? You do one thing, instead of that
you give me a promissory note.. ..of four and a half lakhs
that is enough. I don’t mind!
I will sell all my land in Pune. I will get 8-10 lakhs
immediately. From that I will return
your money. And what if what you are saying
does not materialize then? Then you can bring an attachment
on this bungalow. But sister, I hope this bungalow
is not in your name? No! -Thank God! Madam, now you know Pramod-bhai’s
true identity? This devil has ruined his
own brother’s life. He himself committed
the robbery.. ..and made his brother stand
in the witness box. But Sheela, how is that possible? I will tell you! Madam, who is he? -Pramod! No madam, he is Vinod! This.. -Vinod Marfatia! A twin brother of Pramod
Marfatia. Twin brother. Sheela, I.. I can’t believe this! Madam, this is reality! By taking advantage of this
nature’s miracle.. ..Pramod has sent his own
brother behind bars. Vinod is going to be released
tomorrow from jail. That is why he had written
a letter to me. I see! I can’t believe
this! Sheela that.. Go my brother, go!
Go and come back quickly. And free me quickly! Gokane, I will always
remember your favors. Do not remember them,
my brother; repay me back. Sheela! -Yes, sir! I am going to Pune for two days. I will be back in two days after
*I finalize the dealing of my land. But do not forget to take your
brother’s signature.. ..on the no objection
certificate. Brother!
-Yes! Brother! My cousin brother! My distant cousin. He too has a share in the
*property. I will take his signature. Sheela! -Yes, sir! You stay here with madam
for two days. -Yes, sir! And yes Madhvi,
tomorrow Gokane will come here. Why? -To show this bungalow
to an estate agent. You are going to sell
your bungalow? Just see what happens later. Gokane, as I have hurt my
hand I will not be able.. drive the car.
I will have to go by taxi. Come I will drop you! Come on! Thank you! Bye,
bye, loving sister. -Good-bye! Bye, bye, sensible sister.
We will meet again. Thank God! Good that he has gone. Madam, did you hear?
Gokane spoke about his brother. I tell you, you take advantage
of this situation.. ..and run away from here. You divorce Pramod-bhai! He will not give me a divorce. Sheela! -Yes! Will you do my one work?
-Sure madam! Tomorrow as soon as Vinod
is out of jail.. ..will you get him straight here? What?
But madam, that is impossible! Vinod will never step
into this house. He is very scared of Pramod-bhai. What if we do away with the one
whom everyone is scared of? I did not understand? Pramod has won the game
by making Vinod a pawn. With that same pawn
we will defeat him. Tomorrow morning Vinod should
be present here. This Madhvi Kalidas will
give whatever amount.. ..for a small meeting. Do you agree? -I agree! Madam! Madhvi, madam! Sheela, you have come! I have
*been waiting for you from so long. Where is Vinod? Madam, he is outside! He is
frightened of coming inside. Tell him there is no
need to be scared. I have sent everyone away.
Call him in! Yes, madam! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello sweetheart, Pramod here! Pramod! Where are you? In front of you! -What? In the photograph! Darling, I am in Pune but
my heart is in Mumbai. Sweety,
did you sleep well last night? Only this? Did you call
me to ask only so much? Can that be?
I called up to say sorry! I am sorry about my
behavior yesterday. But you are aware that I lose my
senses after consuming liquor. It is okay, darling!
I know that you love me a lot. There you are!
You are so considerate. Now listen, I have called up
to give you a message. -Yes! Gokane is coming to meet you
just now, right? -Yes! Tell him that I do not want
to sell my bungalow. -Yes! My dealing is finalized in Pune. Okay, I will tell him but
when are you coming back? Well.. by tomorrow night
the work should be done. Tomorrow night I will be back. Okay! I will wait for you. Bye sweetheart! -Bye! Madam, has Pramod-bhai
returned to Mumbai? No, he is still in Pune. But has he any doubts on us? No! -Okay! -Go and call
Vinod quickly! Yes, I will call him! Vinod! Vinod, come! Come in!
There is nothing to worry, come. Hello Vinod,
I am your sister-in-law! Madhvi! We have never met each other. Because when I got married
you were in jail. I am sorry! I am sorry, Vinod!
I did not mean to hurt you. Come sit! -Sit; sit! I have
told her everything. Sit. Come! Vinod I know that your brother
has deceived you. And my husband has deceived me. And the one who has deceived us
is the same person. Pramod! Vinod. Why don’t you talk?
Do you want to eat anything? Beatings! -What? -Take beatings! I have only had beatings given
to me in this house. Only beatings! At the hands of Pramod.
Scoundrel Pramod.. He used to beat me a lot. Its okay, Vinod! But not anymore! Now you can take
your revenge on your brother. Revenge? -Yes! Please spare me, madam!
I do not want revenge or poison. Now I just want to go back to
my native place. Mehsana! Village! Good-bye! Come, come!
-Vinod, one minute! -Come! Sheela, come! You will go away alone like this?
-What? What? You love Sheela, isn’t it? Yes I do! I love Sheela but I
*will never say that in front of her! I said it! Oh Sheela! My God! Twin brothers. But so much difference
between them. Where Pramod and where Vinod! In this the doctor is to be
blamed. -The doctor’s? He first pulled out Pramod
by catching his feet. And then for five minutes God
knows what he was doing? After five minutes I was born. In those five minutes our
entire horoscope changed. Pramod and mine. In five minutes so much
difference, I cannot believe it. What is the necessity to believe,
I am right in front of you. Leave it! Sister-in-law the
entire world says that.. ..Pramod is a very nice man. And Vinod is a very bad person. Pramod is successful and
sensible.. clever! And Vinod a criminal! Criminal! But now we will defame
Pramod in the society. Defame! Pramod to be defamed! Oh Sheela, what has sister-in-law
decided to do? You want to disgrace yourself
or what? -No! He sent you to jail! -Yes! And he married me! That is also as good
as a punishment. But your punishment is over,
not mine. He wants my money!
He wants to ruin me. Yes, that is right!
What did she say? -Please! He wants to ruin me.
-He will do just that! I guarantee you he will do that. You do not know Pramod.
I will tell you! Sheeladi, this big brother does
whatever he decides to do. Sister-in-law, I will tell you! When we were small in Mehsana.. From the age of ten he
used to tell me.. See Vinod, I am not going to
stay here; I will go away. And he really went away? At the age of 15 straight
from Mehasana.. ..he directly reached Ahemdabad. And from there without ticket
he came to Mumbai. He came to Mumbai by train. But sister-in-law,
I will tell you one thing! Pramod is very clever.
His brain is very sharp. But is school there was fun. Many a times it used to
happen that he would.. ..give all the answers quickly
and I would pass the exam. Very clever! But I would have been very happy
if he would have used.. ..his intelligence
in the right way. But he is interested only
in gambling and racing. His speech is deceitful and
he is an utter fraud. That is right!
But Sheeladi, do you know? Whatever it is, but when I was
small I used to praise.. ..Pramod from my heart.
His.. what do you say to that.. Impression! Sister-in-law, he used to be
very impressive, really. I used to think that big brother
would really become big one day. The way he used to talk
fluently in English! Here it is very difficult for
me to speak in Gujarati. Then do you know what I used
to do, sister-in-law? When there would be
no one at home. I would close the door of the
house and stand in front of the.. ..mirror try and act like
my elder brother. I would try to speak in English. Hey! Get out! My name
is Anthony Gonsalves! Get lost! Oh my God! I got
hurt! I hurt myself. Not bad! Now you come out from
your inferiority complex. Now from what is she telling
me to come out? -Enough now! Sheela, if you both help
me then I have a plan. Plan? -Yes! -What plan? I want to free myself from
Pramod’s clutches. I want to divorce him. Yes but.. how can we help
you to take a divorce? Vinod can help me! I? Sister-in-law let it be!
I beg of you. I beg of you. No, no, no! Leave the matter
of the divorce aside. I want to break all my relations
here and go back.. my native place. Sheela, come on.. come on.. we
will go to Mumbai Central. Come! Come! Vinod! -Yes! Pramod has taken undue advantage
of being your twin.. ..and has cheated many people. But I want to teach
Pramod a lesson. Sister-in-law, you teach him
a lesson, or deceive him.. ..or do anything but
allow me to go. Five lakhs! If you do as I say
*then I will give you five lakh rupees. Game? One minute! Sheeladi, which is this game that
will give me five lakhs? Madam,
what can be done in five lakhs? Then you quote the price! Ten! -Ten lakhs! I agree! Hey tell me what is this?
I have started perspiring. You are talking of ten lakhs? At least tell me what
is the matter? The matter is very simple! You will have to become
Pramod for a few hours. To become Pramod!
What did you say? I have to become Pramod! Crazy! Sister-in-law has
lost her senses! Come, come, Sheela! We will go
to our native place. -Vinod! To do this acting for only two
*hours I will pay you 10 lakh rupees. Your rate is four times more
than even Amitabh Bachchan. Where is Amitabh Bachchan
and where am I? Sister-in-law, the one who
can do it should do it. I do not want to do
anything like this. One minute! But madam,
what are you going to do.. those two hours? The matter is very simple! We
*will have to appoint a good lawyer. Lawyer.. again a lawyer?
Why do you want that? You will have to act like Pramod
in front of that lawyer. And you will have to say that
you are willing to.. ..give me a divorce. Everything will happen
in Sheela’s presence. You will get 10 lakhs, the lawyer
will get ten thousand.. ..and I will be free forever! Sheela! -Yes! -Sheela,
I do not understand anything. People give five hundred to
the priest to get married.. ..and then they give ten
thousand to the lawyer.. ..for a divorce. Vinod please stop making fun! We have very little time with us. Tomorrow night Pramod
will be back here. He will come here! And Pramod will come here and
wring my neck so finish! I will be dead! Vinod, be calm and sit down! Sit down! -Here on top! I missed the chair! -Just think! Just think how dangerous this is?
Just think! Sheela, there is nothing else
besides danger in this matter. Madam, that’s right! I don’t think that Vinod will be
able to act like Pramod. -Yes! But I think that Vinod will
be able to act like Pramod. You both decide on your own
but at least ask me? Madam, I am sorry; the risk is
more and the reward is less. So you tell me the amount where
the danger looks trivial. 25 lakhs! 25 lakh rupees!
For the sake of money.. Hey Sheela.. -Yes! Not good! After all,
sister-in-law is my relative. She is my relative,
give her some discount. Madam, how and when will
you give the money? You have to take the money,
you tell me! All right! 25 percent now! And
25 percent when I will start.. ..Vinod’s training, at that time. 25 percent when the lawyer comes. And 25 percent when..
*-Immediately after the job is done. Perfect! What are you saying perfect..
perfect! I was in jail for the past
one and a half years. Now it is only one and a half
hour that I am out of jail. Do you wish to send
me back to jail? Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Yes! Why do you talk like
crazy people? Even a blind can look
at me and tell that.. He not Pramod.. he Vinod!
Come, come, we will run away. Where do you want to go,
sit here! Where do you want to go?
And where will you go? What is your capability? Just because I stood by you,
you have the guts. Otherwise you would have
*committed suicide in jail you pansy! Sheela!
-Go away! You illiterate man! You have no strength
to retaliate! Think before you speak,
what do you want to say? What will you do? Tell me? What will I do?
That means you will insult me? Tell me what will you do? Vinod! Vinod! Please!
Keep the table down. Vinod control! Calm down! Sheela, this man! Oh God! Madam, did you see that? Did you see a glimpse
of Pramod Marfatia? Yes! For a minute I was
confused whether.. ..this is Vinod or Pramod? That same anger,
that same aggravation. Take away your hand!
Do not touch me! I am sorry! But did you
observe that when you.. ..become aggressive you
look just like Pramod. I swear on my mother,
I would have broken your head. Blood would have oozed
out from your head. Sister-in-law,
why are you laughing? Do not laugh! Really! You would
have died unnecessarily. Yes, now we will change
his appearance. -Yes! His clothes!
His hair! And these glasses. Not my glasses! Sister-in-law,
sorry, sorry, sorry! Do not touch my glasses.
-But why? I will not allow you to
remove my glasses. If you wish then I will
give my clothes.. ..but I will not give my glasses. Hey, but.. -I cannot see. I have
a very high power glasses. I tried eye drops but the power.. Vinod, do not worry!
Once you can see 25 lakh rupees.. ..then your number will
automatically reduce. What? What did she say? 25 lakhs! But Sheeladi!
Sheeladi! Listen to me! I will not be able to do it!
*Really, I will not be able to do it. Vinod, listen to me! Where do
you have to give a lecture! Just this that you have to sign
on the divorce papers. I don’t understand! Let me speak.
-Yes! I will sign on the paper! -Yes! Now you tell me if I
sign on the paper.. ..then how will you and Pramod
get a divorce? Tell me. You will have to sign
as Pramod Marfatia. Okay, so tell me.. Oh my God!
Why are you unnecessarily.. ..putting me into trouble? I have to sign as Pramod? If you wish then I will
sign as Mahatma Gandhi. I will sign as Kasturba! I will sign as Jinnah..
Mohammed Ali Jinnah! But I will not sign as Pramod. Once..
once I had signed in the past. For that I had to go to jail.
-Vinod! Take this! Wear this!
-What have you brought? This is Pramod’s coat, wear it! Such a coat?
Wow! This is very soft! I will tell you, Sheeladi!
This type of a coat.. ..the magicians in our village..
Mangal magician wears. Oh my God,
what magic he used to do? He had a pot from which he
went on pouring water.. ..kept on pouring water. Now set his hair! -Yes, madam! What are you doing? Do it slowly! Are you combing
my hair or are you.. ..breaking my head?
Do it properly! Take this cigarette! -Cigarette? Please forgive me! Forgive me!
Do you want to corrupt me? I have taken an oath in Mother
Goddess Bhauchar’s temple. That I will never have any vices. I will never touch
cigarettes ever. I will never touch liquor. And I will never touch non-veg,
and not even tobacco. Have you finished? Will you catch
this cigarette in your hand? Catch it! -Oh mother, please
forgive me! Please forgive me! He has come!
The bell is ringing.. ..that means Pramod has come. All of you go and hide.
Wherever you get place you hide. One minute, that must be Gokane!
-I will see The bell has rung,
who must that be? -Quiet! Quiet! Glasses! -Glasses..
I .. I cannot see anything. You will be able to
see everything! Sister-in-law! -You will see
everything. -Sister-in-law! Come sir! Please come in! Good morning! -What good morning! There is nothing good about
the morning. -Why? I had to run to the doctor
early in the morning. But why? -This my wife Jamnagadi. I had gone to bring sleeping
tablets for her. Sleeping tablets and that
too in the morning? The thing was she was given
a heavy dose two days back. So today she woke up so I had
to rush to the doctor. Hey you! When did you return
or you did not go at all? What happened about
that land deal? Who are you? Oh! Now that you have to pay me
you have forgotten Gokane? No! No! -Gokane! Just see!
He has drunk a lot! He does not understand
what he speaks. Sheela! -Yes, madam! Take sir upstairs. -Yes! Darling, you go to sleep! Sleep? -Yes! -What are you
telling me to sleep? To sleep? -Come, sir! Hey listen to me.
I am saying one thing. Pramod will kill all of us! Did you see he is cracking jokes? He does not remember
his own name. If Pramod is cracking jokes
then that means.. ..the deal must have
been finalized. Come on give me my four and
a half lakhs quickly! So that I can give you back
your promissory note. Yes.. yes! Four and a half lakh rupees! See, just see his condition.
Sheela put him to sleep! Oh yes, but how is his hand now? Hand? Sir, it is paining a lot!
Saw, it is paining a lot! Come sir, I will apply medicine
for you. Come! What are you doing to me?
You are forcing me to sleep. I don’t understand,
madam why were you.. ..putting him off to sleep? Did you see his condition?
But you need not worry. You will get your money.
-That I will have to get, sister. I had not given just like that. But sister,
shall I tell you one thing. The greatest quality
that Pramod has.. that he is your husband. But sister, you do not feel bad;
I want to say that why did you.. ..not get married to
an industrialist.. ..rather than getting married
to this cheater? I was a fool, what else? -Yes! That is right!
To get married is foolishness. Sister,
shall I tell you one thing? Marriage is like a scissor. And the husband and the wife
are its two blades. They never get separated.
They both work the opposite way. And they cut whoever comes
in between them. I have decided I will break all
my relations with Pramod. As far as possible I
will take a divorce. Great, you feel like this but
he should feel that too. You are an advocate, right? Shall I show you my certificate? No, it is not like that! Sister, the thing is that
by looking at my face.. ..people are not ready to accept. That is why I always carry
my certificate with me. Will you help me in
getting a divorce? Sister the thing is that when
a husband and wife.. not agree on anything. When they agree on this point
they immediately get a divorce. But he is not the type who will
let go of his golden goose. But I am ready to pay the price. My dear sister,
it will be very expensive. Instead of that you try and
accept him as your husband.. ..that will be cheaper. But now I have decided.
Are you ready to fight my case? Look here, sister! However he may be but
Pramod is my friend. I am your client!
-Then business first! Tell me! Very good! So at the earliest you prepare
the divorce papers. I will prepare them in such a way
*as if I am going to take a divorce. Today evening! -Sister,
you are really impatient. I had married also hastily. Now again do not make
such a blunder. This will never happen. I am going to London forever! Good! Now you and your husband
sign on the papers. The rest of the job is mine.
But.. But what? It will be expensive.
-Do not worry! Then what is the problem? So in the evening? -Okay! Leave me! -But? I am telling you I will
not be able to do it! I will not be able to do it. I will not be able to move
without my pyjama. Why do you constantly keep
saying.. I can’t do! I can’t do! Can you say anything else? I cannot see! Our secret would have been
out in front of Gokane. Sheela, let it be!
This poor one was frightened! No sister-in-law,
I was not frightened.. ..but I was worried. Worried! That is why I sent you upstairs. Yes, now everyone push me a
*little so that I will directly go up. Vinod, enough!
At least now for the time being.. ..the situation is under control. The real game is in the evening. When Gokane comes
in the evening.. will have to
act like Pramod. I will not be able to do it! I am really telling you that
I will not be able to do it. Come on; take this! Advance! Pay to bearer.. perfect! And this.. so that Vinod should
not lack in his acting.. ..that is why!
Right Mr. Bachchan? I and Bachchan? -Yes! Amitabh Bachchan! -Yes! I know! -What? I know how to say! -What? I am your father by relation! My name is Shehenshah!
Shehenshah! Okay Bachchan; but we will have
to practice still more. -Yes! What to say and how to say
and how much to talk. Otherwise again you will start..
go to sleep! Go to sleep. -Come! Now you do one thing!
Go in and wear Pramod’s suit. I have to wear a suit?
-Come! Come! -I have to wear! Just like high class
Amitabh Bachchan. Today I am very pleased. Hello! -Hello sweetheart! Pramod here! -Pramod?
Why did you call again? To tell you; to give you
the good news. -What? The deal is finalized. -Oh! Darling,
the land deal is finalized. Very good! You are coming
tomorrow night, isn’t it? Tomorrow night? Darling,
not tomorrow, today.. just now.. I am in Mumbai! I will be present in front
of you in half an hour. In front of your eyes. Sweetheart I am in a mood to
celebrate. Stay in the house. I will be there in half an hour.
Bye! -Bye! Oh God! Do not snatch away the
opportunity that I have got. “I have become a gentleman!” “See how smart I look in this!” “See my suit, see my shoes..” Oh my God! Sister-in-law, I am ready! Hey Sheela! Sheela! Now you teach
me how to speak in English. -Yes! Then you see how I speak?
-You are right, Vinod! Now I will teach you how to speak
and walk like Pramod-bhai. I already know a little! No! Now it is of no use. The game is over!
The game is lost. What?
-That means Gokane has refused? Pramod is coming home
in half an hour. Let him come! Let him come!
Let Pramod come home. He will be stunned to see me.
He will be speechless. Hey Pra.. -Vinod! Pramod is coming here? That too in half an hour he
will be here? Oh my God! I am in big trouble, Sheela! Everyone go and hide!
Everyone go and hide! Wherever you get place just hide.
-Shut up! Madam,
first of all call Mr. Goakne.. ..and tell him not to come here. This is the game for my freedom. I will not allow it to fail. Madhvi Kalidas will not accept
defeat so easily! But Madhvi, you will do this and
I will bear the brunt of that. Please forgive me! Hey Sheeladi.. we do not have any
place to flee too. We will go and jump
in the sea behind. Sleeping pills! -Sleeping pills?
That is the best idea. We all will take sleeping
pills and go to sleep. Then we will reach there! Vinod please! I will cleverly
give sleeping pills to Pramod. That means he will become
unconsciousness. And then our path is clear. Sister-in-law, before you feed
sleeping pills to Pramod.. ..he will shoot me. Sheeladi, I have a hole in my
head now I will have one.. my heart?
-Vinod! You need not be scared. So will you be scared
instead of me? Why don’t you understand? What if Vinod would have come
here without informing? It is good that he has informed
us of his arrival. So we will make him
unconsciousness and.. ..then we will carry out our
plan without any worry. She is right; she has a point!
-Yes! Shall we start? -Yes? Come, you do one thing! You go
and sit there like Pramod. Go! Oh God, please save my honor!
-Yes! Oh Mother Goddess Amba!
Mother Goddess Saucharba.. ..please save my honor.
-Sit like Pramod, okay? Like Pramod! -Yes! Sheela, Gokane will come
here at sharp seven! You will come from the kitchen
with two cups of coffee. And in one mug you will already
put three tablets, right? Yes, madam! Pramod and I will be
talking over here. Pramod darling, are you ready
to give me a divorce? Oh you fool, say yes! I made a mistake! Yes! Pramod, then sign the papers! Sign? -Yes! -Yes! Sheela! Did you see? -Yes! Exactly Pramod’s signature? Isn’t it exactly like Pramod’s? And then in front of
Gokane I will say.. Mr. Gokane, I want a divorce! I am telling you come with me. No, no, Sheeladi leave me!
Sheeladi, leave me! The way they take a buffalo
to the slaughter house.. ..the same way where
are you taking me? Sister-in-law, Pramod will
come and then he will.. ..not spare anyone. That is why Vinod, we have to
hide you in the outhouse. In the outhouse? -Vinod, go! Don’t waste tie, you go! Like a bundle you are throwing
me from here to there. Madam! Madam! I have hidden
Vinod out in the outhouse. And now it is your responsibility
to see.. ..that Pramod-bhai does
not go there, madam. He will not go! I am sure! Madam, you.. what are you doing? I am watching.. how long do the
sleeping pills take to dissolve. They have dissolved! Immediately! But madam, how will you give
this to Pramod-bhai? Very simple!
As soon as Pramod comes home.. will offer him whisky. And I will already keep two-three
pills in the glass. Very good, madam! I will say for safety sake
you put 5 to 7 pills. You silly girl, we have to make
him unconscious for some time. Not permanently! But madam,
my heartbeats have increased. Will everything go smoothly? Madam, Vinod and I have staked
our future for this. You have staked your future
but I have staked both.. future and my present. My tension is more than yours. Madam.. Madam, Pramod has come?
Now what shall we do? Now what shall we do? One minute! One minute! You
do not get so nervous. Madam, you look more nervous
to me than my self! So what? Do one thing! Glass..
take the glass in. Yes madam! And yes..
do not drink from that glass. Wash it off! -Yes madam.
I am going. Hello sweetheart! Maybe you were repenting
after throwing me out. I have come back to you
with that thought. Welcome! Welcome home darling! Oh my beloved! Great!
Someone has said the right thing. That a lady is unpredictable. If you go after her she
goes away from you. And if you go away from her
she comes after you. You are in a good mood today?
-Of course, why not? The deal was finalized on a much
better price that expected. Okay? -I am so happy! Yes! And for that Madhvi,
I have to thank you. Why do you want to thank me? Why not? If you would not
have denied strictly.. give me money then I would
have never gone to Pune. And then this deal would not have
materialized. Thanks! Thanks! Madhvi, my beloved!
Now I have money with me. Of course lesser than
you but still. Now you save that money.
Do not lose it in gambling. No way! From today no gambling. I don’t believe you. -No? -No! Then bet with me at
the price of ten? God, you will never change. Madhvi you know,
now my stars are going to shine. One astrologer told me that your
wife’s stars are very powerful. Whatever business you do,
o it in your wife’s name. Yes,
but don’t do such a business.. ..where my stars will change. You know, Madhvi, actually I was
going to come un informed. That means without calling you,
to give you a surprise. But then I said no! What if you
go for shopping or something? Thank God! You have done a good
thing first time in your life. What? -No, nothing! Tell me! What did you and
Gokane talk about? Go..
Goka.. Gokane.. with Gokane.. Why are you fumbling like this? I had given you the message
that when Gokane comes.. ..tell him that I don’t want
to sell this bungalow? Of course I gave him the message. He said that he would come
to meet you late at night. At night late.. but how did
Gokane come to know that.. ..I was going to return today? Darling,
you had called so I told him. But I had called up half
an hour before. If Gokane was here at that
time then what was the.. ..necessity for him to go? Maybe he has some work!
Leave all this! Drink for you! Strange! Something is strange! Why? -Today you are offering
me a drink. That is why. Thanks and sorry! -Why? I cannot drink this! -Why? And why? Why do you have
to shout like this? You should be happy? -Of course! After my hand got cut I have
started with antibiotics. And doctor has requested me
that I should not drink.. ..for two days.
I am sorry; you drink it. Are you going to listen to
the doctor? -Why not? I have decided that whether
it is my wife or my doctor. I will do whatever they tell
me if it is in my benefit. Come on gulp it down! You know that I do
not drink whisky. Just a sip,
sweetheart, let’s celebrate! Okay, I will drink it!
You go up and freshen up! Oh yes! Yes! Madhvi! -Yes! Is Sheela there or has she gone? Sheela.. Sheela is in the
computer room! -I see! Just tell her..
Hey! What is this? In such a short time
you gulped it down? My! My! That is something! What? Did you give him whisky? He says he does not want
to drink whisky. Idiot! Oh! Now what shall we do? There, Vinod must be worried.
I have closed.. ..all the windows and doors. Madam, now what shall we do? He..
-Shut up! Let me think. Oh God! Madam, please think fast! Before Mr. Gokane comes here. Champagne! -What? Yes, champagne! You do one thing! You get two
champagne glasses from inside. In one you put from before the
pills.. -I understood madam. I will put three pills. -Yes! Madhvi! -Yes! Who had opened my cupboard? Cupboard, of course I had opened. To arrange your clothes. Sheela! -Yes, sir! Your madam has changed
in one night. Sir, what do you mean by that? She has become an
ideal housewife. First time in her life she
has arranged my cupboard. Then why not we have
champagne for this? Of course, we will have! Go! Yes madam! Champagne? -Yes! Nice! Nice! Madhvi! -Yes! The deal is finalized! I think
we should go for a holiday.. ..for a few days. How about going to South Africa?
-Great idea! What is this? Who has done my
signature on this paper? That is not your signature! I
*mean that signature is like yours. But.. I have done it! -You? I’ll tell you! You had called
so I remembered you a lot. That is why I wrote your name
on this. I signed on this. Great!
You have signed just like me. I thought that only I am an
expert in all this but.. are no less! You know how to make
my signature. Now I must learn to make
your signature. No! -No? -No way! Your champagne! Madam! -Oh! Thank you so much! Sheela, the one that is
less is my glass right? Yes madam! -Thank you very much! Here! Cheers! For your
health and wealth! Health and wealth! In both the cases Pramod
Marfatia is a loser. And sweetheart.. champagne is
not to be drunk like this.. ..but like this!
Just gulp it down! There you go! Go! Go! Yes! Oh my God! What was the reason
to say my God? You did bottoms up.. that is why! Sheela! -Sheela! -Yes, sir! Remove the papers of
the Pune property.. ..from my bag and file them,
okay? Shall I do it tomorrow, sir? Actually I am getting late today
so can I leave? -Okay! Okay! Sheela, no! Sheela! There is no need for
you to go anywhere. Hey come on, Madhvi! Let her go. That poor girl is here
from two days. Now that I have come
why do you want her? Come on, go, go! But Sheela what is the hurry? Madam, I am in a hurry.
I can’t help it, madam.. ..I have to go! What should I do? Please Sheela! Sheela! This is your letter! Sir.. that.. “A letter has come!
Has come! A letter has come.” I am feeling dizzy! “After many days!” I am feeling dizzy! Yes you will feel dizzy, darling! You stress out yourself
more than necessary.. ..that is why you feel dizzy,
darling. You must have taken the effort
of reading the letter.. ..that came from Thane
jail isn’t it? I believe that you must have
told madam about Vinod. No sir.. that means..
-That means.. yes, sir! Pramod, but that makes
no difference to me. But it makes a difference to me. It makes a difference to me. Two smart ladies were trying to
fool Pramod Marfatia, isn’t it? Sir, it is not that, actually..
-It is like that! You both think that you are
very smart, isn’t it? Whose glasses are these? Yours? Or Madhvi, are they yours? I will tell you these
are Vinod’s glasses. These are Vinod’s glasses!
Where is Vinod? Tell me Vinod has come here..
now I know.. where is he? Sir!
Sir! -Where have you hidden him? Sir! Sir, I can explain! I.. I.. I don’t want you just get out! Vinod is in the bedroom upstairs.
Vinod! I thought as much,
who had opened my cupboard. That is why I asked you. You were trying to act smart! Since the time I have come!
Since I have come.. ..I felt that some conspiracy
was going on. Understood? Now I have understood what
is your plan? Vinod! Where is that scoundrel?
Where are you hiding? Come out I say! Madam!
Madam, now what will happen? I can see only darkness! Madam.. madam, I will take Vinod
and go away from here. Just now! -No! You please.. Leave me; I will have to go! You please don’t leave me and go! Don’t you move! Don’t move! Hey you girl, if you want to
die before you meet Vinod.. ..then move ahead. Where is he? Where is Vinod? Where have you hidden
that coward, tell me! Quickly,
call him out from the kitchen. Please! Please! Sheela is not
to be blamed for this. I will decide who is the culprit,
Madhvi, not you. Cheating! You are trying to
cheat Pramod? -No! No! You fool! If it succeeds then
it is a conspiracy. And if it fails then
it is a miscarriage. Call Vinod! Call him! I
will count five! Five! Vinod, come out! Vinod come out
otherwise I will shoot you. 1..2..3.. -No! Vinod, come out, otherwise
I will kill you! Madhvi I say, leave me! Madam! Madam! Sit here! Just relax okay! Sit! Sheela!
Sheela! What is this I have done? What did I do? Madam,
you have not done anything. It was just an accident! But now.. now what shall we do? That we will have to decide now. Sheela! Sheela, the dead body?
-Madam, relax! Where is the dead body? Vinod and I have thrown the dead
body outside in the well. Relax okay! Just relax! What have I done? What have I done? Madam please,
you have not done anything. In the struggle Pramod-bhai was
*hit with the bullet, that’s it, okay. No one will accept what we say. Who means, who all? Police! -That is if the police
come here, isn’t it? What do you mean? Madam, look here; except
Vinod you and me.. one else knows about this. And no one from us is going
to call the police? But.. but.. when in 2-4
days the inquiry.. ..about Pramod will start then? That time we will not be
present here at all. We will go thousands of
miles away from here. Madam.. madam,
now you quickly get settled. Mr. Gokane will be
here any moment. No! Not Gokane! Call him up
and tell him not to come. What answer will I give him? Madam,
we don’t have to answer anything. We will have to act
as per your plans. No Sheela! Now it is of no use. Pramod is no more. On the contrary madam, now that
Pramod-bhai is not alive.. is all the more important
for us to carry out this plan. But why? Madam, your safety is in that. Look here, Vinod will sign
the divorce papers.. the presence of Mr. Gokane. Because of that there will be
proof that Pramod-bhai is alive. And along with that you will
get your divorce too. Yes! You.. you are right! And madam, the moment Mr. Gokane
goes from here.. ..we will immediately go
away from here. Okay? But Sheela, I am.. I am scared. Can we have faith on Vinod? Madam,
you have to have faith in me. Somehow by pacifying Vinod
I have made him ready. On the other hand after
Pramod-bhai’s death.. ..his fear has ebbed.
He has become more courageous. Madam, your plan will
definitely succeed. Oh God, why do I have
to suffer like this? You pick the phone! Hello! I am Sheela speaking. Pramod-bhai?
No, no, he is not here. He has gone to Pune. No, but he has still
not returned home. Yes..
yes I will give him the message. O..Okay! -Who was that? Who? Iqbal Qureshi!
The one whom Pramod-bhai.. ..has to pay money.
The manager of the club. What does he say? Madam,
Pramod-bhai had called him up. God! Now? I..
I can see only darkness. Madam, relax! Police! Police!
-Madam, Mr. Gokane has come. Just relax okay! And as soon as Mr. Gokane
goes from here.. ..we will disconnect our phone.
Okay? Just relax. I will see. No Sheela! Come! Come, sir! Please come in! Oh miss Sheela,
you welcome me so warmly.. ..that I feel that I should
leave my house forever.. ..and come and stay here. On sister, how are you?
Take this. These are your divorce
papers that are ready. Call that stupid husband
of yours. Tell that Marfatia to
come and sign this. Sheela! -Yes madam. Mr. Marfatia,
advocate Gokane has come. Will you please come out, sir? Hello Mr. Gokane! How are you? My brother I am just as I was.
But you tell me.. are you? How is your health? How does it look? Like a horse! -Like a horse?
So then bet on it. What is he saying? He will never change!
Never change! Mr. Gokane! I am sorry! about.. ..I am sorry about the morning. I only did not understand what
I was saying in the morning. No problem about that! But now that you do and
speak do it carefully. You have two points with you. One is my money and the
other your divorce. Money!
Mr. Gokane, your money is ready. If you say then I can write
a cheque to you just now. Or if you want cash then day
after tomorrow, right? Right, sir! -Right! See! No,
no, no brother, you give me cash. Either today or tomorrow.
-All right! Now you tell me this other
point is of your divorce. Divorce? -Yes! I am not ready to give
a divorce to Madhvi. Because I love Madhvi. Mr. Gokane to tell you the
truth I thought that.. ..Madhvi will understand
me after marriage. My brother the reason for
divorce is that only. She knows you very well
after marriage. Madhvi,
you want a divorce from me? My brother when a woman
does not answer.. ..then you must know
that it is yes. Pramod, you are ready to
sign the divorce papers. Of course! Of course! I do
not want to tie you down. I am ready Gokane! Give me..
the papers. If my Jamuna too agrees then
even I will immediately.. ..give her a divorce. Take this. You have to sign in
these three places. Here, here and at the back. And sister,
shall I tell you something? After so many years of practice
I have found out.. ..that there is only one
reason for this divorce. What is that? -Marriage! Have you signed?
-Yes, I have signed. Come on now you too sign so
that the job is done! -Yes! Hey brother, your hand has
healed? Where is the bandage? Bandage?
There is no need for the bandage. Gokane,
my wounds heal up very fast. What? -I mean I have put this
tape. The tape is there. The tape is there! -Yes! The tape is there but..
where is your wound? Where is your wound? Your wounds heal up very fast,
isn’t it? Your name should be written
in the Guineas book. What will you write?
Vinod or Pramod? Gokane,
what are you trying to say? He is not Pramod; Pramod will
never agree for a divorce. If from my face I look
a fool; but I am not. You are right!
And I am more of a fool.. ..than what I look from my face. Gokane, I had told them in
the beginning.. -What? That I will not be able to do it!
I will not be able to do it. You scoundrel!
The moment you are out of jail.. again started your games? No, this was not my idea.
Please forgive me.. ..I don’t want to do anything. Why do you do things that
you are not capable of? Madam, why is all this with me?
What? Where is he?
Where is Pramod? Where is Pramod? He has.. he has still not
returned from Pune. Tell me where is Pramod? Pramod is not here!
He is not here! I am telling you that he has
not returned from Pune. This is a lie!
Pramod has returned from Pune. How do you know? Iqbal-bhai told me. Maybe he has misunderstood.
-Misunderstood? -Yes! Misunderstood!
What about Pramod buying.. ..a cigarette packet
and the shop? Pramod! Cigarette packet! The
secret is out! The secret is out. That is why they write on
the cigarette packet.. ..injurious to life! Oh my God! Please forgive me!
I am telling you all hide. You go under the table..
-You keep quiet! You all together though of making
this advocate a fool is it? Mr. Gokane, listen to me.
I will explain to you. Sister-in-law let it be!
I am telling you the truth. I swear on Mother Goddess,
I swear on you. It was not my idea.
This was Sheeladi’s idea! No, no, no! The idea was
not mine, it was madams! Madam! -See..
see.. I will explain to you. I don’t want to listen
to anything. Now whatever you want to say,
say it in Pramod’s presence. But Pramod? -I will find
Pramod from anywhere. You will not find him!
You will not find him! Keep quiet! Why are you shaking
your head like a bull? I will find him! I will find him.
I will find him! You scoundrel! I had said no! I will not be able
*to do it! I will not be able to do it. Definitely! Now this man
will inform the police. Police!
Now we will be hanged! Hanged! I am telling you Sheela,
come, come.. -Don’t touch me. You don’t touch me! I do not want to get
into trouble. Sister-in-law she is
calling me trouble? I have got my money,
I am free now. And madam, do not make a mistake
of calling the bank.. ..and telling them to
stop the payment. Otherwise I will inform the
police that Madhvi.. ..and Vinod have murdered
Pramod Marfatia. No!
I have not committed any murder! Sheeladi,
I have not committed any murder. Sheeladi, you are lying.
I will not allow you to go! I will not allow you to
step out of the house. Move aside or else
I will kill you. Sheela! -Now move! You love me and even then you
are ready to shoot me? No Sheela! I am telling you
to keep the gun aside. Sheela, keep the gun aside. No! No! Vinod! Sheela!
Sheela, what have you done? You murdered Vinod? Sheela! Madam not me!
You have killed Vinod too. I? -Yes! You are the murderer! Madam,
now you wait for the police! No Sheela!
Sheela, listen to me! Sheela! Police! Yes! Hello! Hello, police station!
See.. I am Madhvi speaking. Madhvi Marfatia!
Juhu scheme, Sea View bungalow. See, please help me! There is a
murder committed in my house. There.. there a girl named
Sheela will come. Please do not listen to her. Please,
I am personally coming there. Please wait for me.
Police! Yes! Police! Go, go in and check the bungalow!
-Yes, sir! Come! The dead body is..
dead body? Dead body? Inspector, the dead body was
here.. was here only. Where has it vanished? Madam,
I should ask you that question. Yes, when I came to the police
station to meet you.. that time someone must
have taken away the corpse. Someone means who? I mean.. Sheela! Inspector, Sheela murdered
Vinod and she ran away. Inspector, please believe me. Whatever I am telling
you is the truth. I swear on God! That’s okay.. that’s okay, madam. Bit we need some proof
to file the case. Proof.. -Sir, there is no
one in the room upstairs. There is no one down here too. Then.. then.. where.. oh yes!
Inspector, in the well. In the well. She must have
thrown Vinod’s corpse.. ..too in the well. Vinod’s dead body too?
That means madam.. many dead bodies are there? Yes, I mean.. Pramod’s dead
body.. Sheela had thrown.. ..Pramod’s corpse in the well. Maybe she must have
even Vinod’s.. Go! Go and check it! Go and
surround the bungalow. Go! Yes, sir! Madam, please sit down!
Please! Sit! Sit! Madam, the road, railway
and plane terminus. I have given orders to
detain miss Sheela. Now I am just waiting
for the information.. ..of Vinod Marfatia that will
soon come from Thane jail. Thank you!
Thank you very much, Inspector. I admit that I have
committed a crime. But.. but please, you help me. Madam, we have to support
the truth. -Yes! For us the most important
information is about Vinod. Your husband’s twin brother. Madam, this photo? My husband, Pramod! -Oh I see! According to your statement,
Vinod was released.. ..from Thane central jail
today morning and you.. ..made him ready to act
like Pramod, right? Yes.. yes.. that was my mistake. Madam, by accepting your mistake
you cannot escape. This is a serious crime. This involves fraud,
robbery, impersonation.. ..and above all.. murder! First the murder of your
husband Pramod.. ..and then the murder of
his brother, Vinod. But.. but.. Pramod’s death
was an accident. Can you prove it?
Do you have any witness? There were.. Vinod and Sheela! Madam, Vinod is no more and
Sheela is not present here. Madam, this case is very strange.
But.. it is interesting. That you did this illegal drama
to legally get a divorce.. ..from your husband. But I did not have any intention
of committing a murder. To decide that is the job of the
court and not the police. Sir! -Tell me! There is no dead body in
the well. -What? But.. But how is that possible? There should be a dead
body in the well. It should be there, madam, there
should be a corpse in the well. Even I emphasize on that.
But it is not there. What will we do? Inspector, I don’t understand
anything. -Even I, madam! I think that you should change
your statement, right? No! No, inspector! Whatever I
have told you is the truth. I will not change even a word. Fine! As you wish! Excuse me! Yes, Khandekar.. tell me! Yes! Vinod! Vinod Marfatia! Yes! Did you check all the records? What? Okay? Yes, madam is here! She is standing in front of me. Yes, okay! Thank you! What.. what was he saying? I will tell you!
I will tell you, one minute! First of all you answer me. When did you first meet
your husband.. ..Pramod Marfatia’s brother
Vinod Marfatia. How many times should I tell you?
I told you.. morning when he was
released from jail.. ..Sheela directly
brought him here. Okay, after he was out of jail.
How do you know? Vinod had sent a letter,
and the jail stamp was on it. Fine!
Can you show me that letter? I don’t have that letter..
I mean Pramod burnt it up. Mrs. Marfatia.. I cannot decide
whether you are a fool.. ..or are you very clever. What do you mean to say? That call was from the
jail superintendent. And according to him no
prisoner by the name.. ..of Vinod Marfatia was released
today from Thane jail. Maybe he must have been released
day before yesterday? Impossible! Because there
was no such prisoner.. Thane jail by the name
of Vinod Marfatia. What? -Yes! Sir! -I.. I can’t.. It is a strange case!
It is a strange case. We get the body but the
head is missing. If we get the head then
the body is missing. Vinod is freed from jail
but there is no record. There are two brothers
who are murdered.. ..but there are no dead bodies. And there is only one witness,
miss Sheela. Who is missing! Yes! Dheerajlal Gokane! Advocate Gokane!
Yes! He is the witness! Madam, you only call Mr. Gokane! What do you mean? Because according to
our information.. ..there is no such advocate who
is practicing in Mumbai. What? No! You are lying! You
are trying to deceive me. Madam, hold your tongue! You are trying to deceive
the police department.. creating stories
of your own. Or else.. -Or else? You are suffering from some
kind of mental illness. You are trying to say that
I have gone insane? The doctor’s will decide about
it and not the police. Sir, there is a man outside. He says that he is
Pramod Marfatia! What? -Send him in! -Yes, sir! No, inspector!
This is not possible! We will come to know now! What is happening outside? Madhvi dear, this.. why is the
police standing outside? Who is this? -Inspector Pandit! Yes!
Are you an inspector or a priest? Madhvi, what is the matter?
Any problem? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?
Dear, I am your husband! What has happened to you again? Are you not feeling well? What is wrong? Again the problem
has started, Madhvi? I am Pramod! Your husband!
Your husband, Pramod! Madam, your husband is alive and
is present in front of you. Now do you want to continue
with this case.. ..or do you want to
close the case. Case? What case? Of your murder? -What? -And
along with that Vinod too. Vinod? Who is Vinod? Your twin brother. What? My twin brother? Yes. My God, Madhvi!
Again you are getting confused? You are hallucinating? Don’t touch me! Please! Please, inspector, will
you explain everything to me? I will explain to you
only if I understand. But first just tell me, where is
your secretary, miss Sheela! Not Sheela! My secretary’s
name is miss Bharucha! And she is on maternity leave. No! He is lying!
-One minute! One minute! Mr. Marfatia,
do you know advocate Gokane? What is there to laugh
about in this? No, I am sorry!
I am sorry! Sorry! But I am surprised that there
can be any advocate.. the name of Gokane.
I don’t know him! Inspector! Inspector,
though he looks like Pramod.. ..but he is not Pramod!
Pramod is dead! Madhvi, please! -Yes! This is
a conspiracy in front of me. This is a big conspiracy! Relax! Relax! As you say, okay?
Just relax! Madhvi, do not stress your brain
a lot! You need rest! No! I am all right! I..
I am perfectly all right! You are.. you are perfectly
all right! Just excuse us! Inspector, since the past six
months she is not keeping well. Have you consulted any doctor?
-No! I don’t need any doctor! Inspector, please!
You please save me! This.. this.. this is a
conspiracy! Deceit.. ..and treachery! Madhvi, enough! Please!
Do not waste Inspector’s time. Madhvi, you are in need of
rest, you go to sleep! You go to sleep! No! Inspector! Please! Please
do not leave me and go! Listen! Listen, madam, listen! I think he is right! I will also advice you..
you go up and go to sleep. Shut up!
I will kill you! I will kill you! Madam, please! Madam, please!
Control yourself, please! It is okay! Please! Don’t shout
at her. Don’t shout! She is my wife! I can take this! This poor one is sick!
She is sick! Don’t touch me! Inspector! Inspector,
he is trying to deceive you. Arrest him! Arrest him! Madhvi, please behave yourself. What are you doing?
Inspector, I am really sorry. Today her health has worsened. And the doctor must
be on his way. Doctor? -Yes! Physiatrist.
Doctor Javed! Sir,
a nurse has come here for madam! Nurse?
No! No! I do not need any nurse. My life is in danger,
you please save me. You take me away from here;
*please you take me away from here. Please Madhvi, behave yourself! Good evening, sir! -Good evening! Oh! This is Sheela! Yes,
catch her! Arrest her! Please catch her,
do not allow her to go. Madhvi, enough!
She is not Sheela! What is wrong with you today? She is your nurse..
Mrs. Mukherjee! No Inspector! She is Sheela!
And she has murdered Vinod! Catch her,
do not allow her to go. Oh my God!
This does not look good! Spear? Who hit the spear? Inspector, her health looks
worse! -Oh! Right! Does not look good! -Right! Okay! May I see your identification
please miss.. -Mukherjee! Rani Mukherjee! -Rani Mukherjee! One is that actress
and I am a nurse! Fraud! Imposter! -No! Hold yourself, Madhvi!
Hold yourself, please! Sit down! We will have to give
her an injection! Prepare the injection. I don’t need the injection!
Let me go! Hello everybody! -Hello! Oh! Gokane! Gokane,
good that you came here. You please save me! Inspector, he is Gokane!
Advocate Gokane! He knows everything!
You know everything, isn’t it? You.. you know about Vinod
and Pramod, isn’t it? And you tell me, this is Sheela!
Isn’t this Sheela? Please! Please, sit down! Relax! Relax! You..
will you tell them the truth? Be quiet! -You will give your
statement, isn’t it? Calm down, madam! You do not have to say anything! There is a necessity!
Mr. Marfatia, it is necessary! It is necessary!
-Thank you! Thank you, Gokane! Inspector,
Madhvi is sick since many days. She often gets these bouts
of hallucination. How do you know?
Are you an advocate or a doctor? Doctor!
Doctor Javed! Javed Miandad! Today she crossed her limits! Till now she was talking about
theft and burglary! But today she is talking
of murder. And that too my murder..
mine and also my brother, Vinod! She says that I have a brother!
-Oh my God! I think that the effect
of the massacre that.. ..she has seen in Africa has
still not gone from her mind. My God! Inspector, this is a case
of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Maybe she may call you Idi Amin!
-What? Please! What are you all
trying to do with me? Are you trying to prove
that I am crazy? Or is it.. that you want
to kill me for my money? Please Madhvi, do not talk like
this. Do not talk of dying! I have done so much for you! What are you saying money, money? Are you talking of wealth? Inspector, I will show you..
this cheque! Madam had written it! It was good
that it came in my hands. Otherwise.. Great! You have brought fame
to your profession. My name is Rani! Rani Mukherjee! You are right. Mr. Marfatia,
please keep this cheque safely. No! Do not give him that cheque!
Tear it! Tear it! Madhvi, what is this? For small things you giveaway
such bearer cheques? You will ruin us! Ruin us! Doctor, I think you should give
her a sedative injection. Oh no! Injection? No! I do not
want to take any injection. I do not want to take
any injection. Let me go! -Please Madhvi! -Let
me go! -Sit down! Sit down! Let me go! Please! Please! You please sit down! -Let me go! Doctor I am.. I am tired!
Now my patience is over. Do you have any cure or no? Look here,
I am trying my level best. After that everything is in
the hands of God! -Doctor! I think we will have to get
Madhvi admitted to my clinic. But doctor,
then there will be a problem. My business will be ruined! You know Inspector,
Madhvi and I have joint accounts. On many business cheques
both Madhvi’s and my.. ..signatures are needed. And in this condition..
I don’t know what to do? Doctor Javed Miandad! -Yes! If you give me your medical
certificate. And inspector if you
give me your report. I will go and show
it in the bank. And try and do something by which
I can operate it on my own. I understand! You come to the
police station tomorrow.. ..and collect it, okay? That would be very kind of you!
Good-bye, inspector! Good-bye! Gone! Inspector has gone! Congratulations, my friend!
Congratulations! Javed, thanks for making a
success of my clever plan. Hats off to you, sir! But do not
forget to give me cash 10 lakhs.. ..along with your thanks, Tiger! My friend, what are you
talking about 10 lakhs? I will give you 20 lakhs! Go! This time we have won
a very big jackpot! What do you say? Yes, lets cheers to that, Tiger! Sterling pound! One is to eighty! Oh my beloved!
What style and what attitude? Money! Money! What did you say?
Oh my God! Oh my God! Tiger, I will say that good
that inspector went away. Now we will talk further. Madhvi! Hello!
Hello madam, Madhvi Kalidas! The inspector has gone! Now all your close people
are near you. Your doctor, your nurse and
your loving husband. Sit down! Madhvi, now you do not have
to bear any more pain. We will separate after
a few minutes. Then we will not have to see each
other’s face all our life. Hey Javed! -Yes! Explain.. explain to this woman
what has to be done further. Now we will have to admit
you in a private clinic.. ..which is 150 kilometers
away from here. There you will be treated
for your brain. -Yes! Yes, and then Madhvi, you will
forever lose your memory. Then there is no problem at all,
isn’t it? -Yes! Oh God! Who are all of you?
Who are you? I will introduce you!
Introduce you. This fatso! He is my left
hand! Javed! Javed Mukka! Hello! And this.. my beloved.. Hasina! And I am Tiger! The master
mind of this game plan. The master mind! Tiger! Madam, Madhvi Kalidas, money
is the most important.. ..thing in this world!
Only money is important! Money is that language that every
person in this world understands. Money is my God! People when they go to the Laxmi
Narayan temple and pray. They do not want to worship
Lord Narayan. But to impress Goddess Laxmi. You have a boon from
Goddess Laxmi.. ..that is why I came to you. Do you know something? We all have done this drama
already three times before. Three times! Every drama goes on for six
*months and then the curtain falls. And when the curtain falls
there are no claps.. ..but money is showered. As and when I wish the
drama takes a turn. First a letter comes then
the brother arrives. And then.. -Then Goakne comes! Madhvi, one small trick!
With one small trick.. ..I fitted my double
role in your mind. Do you want to know how? Pramod struck his hand in anger! Struck his hand! Glass broke!
And Pramod cut his hand! But how did the hand get cut? Blood came out by the miracle
of this small capsule. This.. small capsule!
There was red color in it! The one whose hand was
cut was Pramod. And the one who came out of
jail.. that fool.. was Vinod! And then started the drama
of two brothers. Hello brother, hello! I will not be able to do that! Sister-in-law,
I am telling you the truth.. ..I will not be able to do that!
It is not possible for me! Where is that scoundrel, bring
him in front of me. Call him! After that there were
two great explosions! The pistol was genuine but
the bullet was fake. I am the writer and the director
of the entire drama. In the first scene we met..
at the airport! In the second scene
we got married! And in the third scene a letter
came from Vinod Marfatia. And then started the real game! Then the game went into
an interesting stage. Madam Madhvi, I have hidden small
microphone all over the house. Because of which I could
hear all your dialogues! Down in the basement! Yes! And Pramod had not
called from Pune.. ..but from the basement! Yes, and our head master used to
hear everything in the basement.. ..with the head phones on his
ear and used to order us. And so then we used to
immediately make our entry! The moment I came to know
that the Inspector.. ..had doubts on your
mental ability. And that he thought that
you were insane. And so I immediately
made my entry. Behind him the nurse..
-And after her the doctor! Doctor Javed! Javed Miandad! You Miandad! Madhvi,
come on now the game is over! The game is over! The curtain will fall! In a
*little while the curtain will fall.. ..on the entire drama.. on this
matter and on Madhvi Kalidas too. The curtain will fall for ever! Tomorrow morning I will
go to the bank! Because now I will operate your
account with my signature. Single handedly with
my signature. I will withdraw all the money! The game over! The money with me! Mr. Marfatia,
the game will not end so easily! A drama belongs to the author
when it is being written.. the director when
it is being set up.. ..and to the artists when
it is being performed. You fool, if you are a magician
then I am an artist too. Madhvi! -Quiet! Now let me speak! I have enacted a drama with you! To make you dance to my tunes! You accepted that I
am a millionaire.. ..just because I told you,
isn’t it? Tiger, I do not have any grandpa
who was a millionaire. And London I have seen
only on the map. Tiger, I think she has
really gone crazy! Yes, even I too think likewise! Madhvi, do not try and
act smarter than me. The game is declared! Now it is of no use whatever
games you play. Understood? First thing! I am not Madhvi! And I have knowingly got
entangled in your web. I got married to you to see
your drama of double role! You have installed microphones.. the entire house, isn’t it? I have installed cameras
all over! Mr. Bachchan,
to record your movements. Hands up.. otherwise.. Otherwise I will blow off
your head. Look back! From where has this
person returned? Inspector, will you reveal my
true identity to these imposters? ACP Durga Rajan!
Crime Branch! On special duty! Yes! Very special duty! Inspector! -Yes, ma’am! I hope that the climax too has
been recorded properly? Of course! -Good! And that can be used as evidence
and confession. Right! -Confession? Yes! Crime branch for the
past three years.. ..has kept a close watch
on you three people. First case Hyderabad!
Rashida banu’s wedding with Ayub. And after that Rashida’s suicide. Second case Jullundhar! Dilraj Kaur’s accidental death! And the third case Kolkatta! Bimal Sarkar’s wife’s
sudden disappearance! You are aware of all these names,
isn’t it? We have minutely investigated
all the three cases. We came to know your
modus operandi. And that is why I decided to
participate in your drama. Yes! I was the one who
conveyed to you.. ..that I have millions of rupees. And you very well know what
happened later, Tiger. Remember..
there is never a perfect crime! Inspector! -Yes, ma’am! Come on! Move! Come on, move! Great, madam!
Great! How well you acted? This is called as anti climax! Madam, we both are alone! Shall I give you a
small suggestion? Leave the police department
and join Bollywood. You will be number one!
I will finance! Do you accept it? Out! Out you go!

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