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ALL 1% RARE POKEMON LOCATIONS! Pokemon Let’s Go Rare Pokemon Guide

ALL 1% RARE POKEMON LOCATIONS! Pokemon Let’s Go Rare Pokemon Guide

okay I’m just putting this in the video
somewhere because there’s like seven Beedrill on screen I’m just getting
swarmed by Beedrill there’s supposed to be rare Pokemon let’s go is just an
amazing game this is going to be your guide to catching rare Pokemon and
Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee so on screen right now we have a really good
example of how weird the rare Pokemon mechanics are in these games because
there’s two different kinds of rare Pokemon we have a separate rare Pokemon
encounter table for Pokemon light Charmander Bulbasaur squirtle
Dragonite porygon chancy and a few others and if you haven’t seen that
video I recommend you checking out in the description down below but there’s
also one percent chance spawn Pokemon that’s what today’s video is about so
this video helps you out anyway don’t forget to leave a like on it YouTube is
very interaction driven right now you know the more that you engage with the
video the more gets out there and then more people are helped by the video so
it’s effectively a win-win for everyone and today we’re just going to talk about
the ways of improving the chances of getting the 1% Pokemon getting on catch
combos and then just catching them non-stop cuz as you notice I just had a
bead roll on screen and it’s supposed to be 1% which doesn’t seem super rare but
also we have like Bulbasaur and all kinds of Pokemon running around so I’m
done catching this guy I’ll show you guys like how crazy these mechanics end
up working and also I don’t want to break my catch combo so I’m just gonna
leave there’s plenty of Beedrill in this forest so much like rare Pokemon 1%
Pokemon have very similar encounter methods so if you actually use a lure
you increase the chance of these Pokemon spawning also being on a catch combo
increases the chances of these Pokemon spawning so that that’s why we’re seeing
like Bulbasaur and Beedrill on screen at the same time because I’m catch combo 11
which makes these guys really common boss having catch combo of 11 for
Beedrill so that’s gonna make them really common like we just saw three of
them pop up so that you can use this for all of the Pokemon that we just grabbed
in this video Kangas gone Pinsir Scyther the 1% Pokemon they actually start
getting a lot more and more common like other rare Pokemon and then you can
catch combo them which means you get candies you get high Ivy’s you can get
them competitively so that’s pretty much it as for the
locations of these Pokemon as we can see we’re in Viridian Forest and we have
some really pesky Beedrill that are challenging to catch running around the
place so if you let’s go Eevee version it’s
gonna be Beedrill yeah let’s go Pikachu version it’s gonna be Butterfree and now
start breaking down some of the other areas where you find 1% Pokemon now not
all of these Pokemon are going to be exclusive some of them are going to be
fully evolved so it’s really just one of those cool things where a nine tails
pops out in front of you and that’s just awesome but there’s also some Pokemon
you can’t get other ways like pincer Scyther they don’t have any pre
evolutions no way of choosing it like that so let’s head over to some other
areas well I mentioned nine tails so let’s go for nine tails on routes seven
and eight so on the left and right side of saffron city you can find nine tails
and Kadabra with a 1% chance or in Pokemon let’s go Pikachu version that’s
going to be an arcanine instead so version exclusives they still apply now
these are really garbage routes for trying to farm rare Pokemon that on
route 8 it’s like it’s a bigger space but there’s like really scattered
patches of grass so it doesn’t really spawn Pokemon too frequently and on
route 7 all you have is this tiny little patch of grass over here but it is a lot
easier here I think it’s gonna be quicker because you can go in and out of
the building and reset it also it saves a lot of money because you can burn
through lures on route 8 just by trying like flyover and reset Pokemon or
something but with this lures are based on steps so just taking a few steps
either way and then that’s going to kind of preserve your lure and give you a
better chance of getting that nine tails or arcanine to spawn well we got a
Kadabra and you know what I’m gonna take it now I’m not gonna catch it because I
have the beat real catch combo which is gonna help me for other Pokemon this
video as you can see um there’s just some cool Pokemon I can spawn now route
10 is where things get a little fancy because you can find Dragonair here but
it’s kind of weird how the Pokemon spawn because there’s a very narrow strip of
land and if you get a Magikarp it’s pretty much gonna keep blocking you also
you can use Dragonite to kind of fly over or get another flying Pokemon fly
over the area and then kind of keep scouting until you end up with a dragon
err but Dragonite can be found in the sky on route 10 which is like another
weird thing like we will go over here there’s a spawn that can either be a
Charizard a wow we just got the whole game showing up so yeah you can also
find Dragonite or dragon air here I don’t really know what it means or what
it adds but it is one of those rare Pokemon spawns and you can find in the
area also by flying over as you can see we’re getting a couple of spawns but
it’s also going to waste lures pretty heavily and it’s going to kind of be
crazy but that’s we can find that Pokemon okay I think I might have been a
little unfair Dragonair because doing that during the
story mode actually means you can get kind of like a Dragonite before you can
just start catching in the wild if you go to Rock Tunnel you can get a
kangaskhan this dude just like popped up when I walked in so sometimes the odds
are just like better or worse depending on the grass you’re going to reinforced
has a lot of grass spots so a lot of Pokemon can frequently spawn same with
any kind of cave Pokemon they were found in caves there’s a lot of open patches
so they just start popping up all over the place and let’s we got an onyx onyx
is a ok onyx actually a Pokemon want to talk about – so there’s Pokemon that are
one percent in some areas but are higher percent in others so ditto ditto in the
pokémon mansion is going to be one percent but in cerulean cave it’s going
to be five percent in you know mount moon onyx is a 1% but here in Rock
Tunnel it’s gonna be a 10 percent so it’s not really as much on the guide and
then if we just kind of wander around King’s gone I guess I got lucky on that
Kangaskhan right there but again this has a lot more areas for Pokemon spawn a
lot of ladders so you can reset the area really quickly getting king is gone for
mega kangaskhan actually not gonna be too bad
cerulean cave is where you can find Poliwrath in the water now again I just
don’t like these flostor phobic waterways so if money is no worry to you
that’s when you can do the repel method if you really want the dragonair if you
just want to flex and catch like every pokemon in the game at some point and
you really want that poly wrap then you can just do repel lore strats and then
try to make pokemon spawn so yeah you can notice that there’s like poliwag and
poly world and stuff trains eventually you’re gonna end up with a Poliwrath
here actually almost caught one yesterday but i wasn’t recording so I’m
a little sad but yeah the way the Pokemon move around here actually isn’t
as bad as route 10 so you can kind of dodge them in the corners and stuff but
my wrath could take a little bit of time time that I don’t really care about
Poliwrath enough to go for on routes 18 19 and 21 you can find star me in the
water but route 21 is a bit more interesting because there’s also this
patch of grass so depending on what version of the game you have you can
find a vileplume or a victreebel so as you’ve been seeing like audition
Pokemon let’s go Pikachu that’s how you get vileplume and then getting
victreebel is gonna be pokemon let’s go Pete Eevee now the thing about
this is it feels a bit trivial because like Star users already hanging around
getting a star me isn’t really too much more difficult after that and then this
patch of grass I feel like it’s more of a novelty that if
you’re like walking by here and all of a sudden like a victreebel pops up or
something soft resetting or going for this Pokemon really isn’t that important
you know what is important Scyther a pimp sir so let’s go find them on routes
14 and 15 you can find pincer and Scyther now route 14 is a little
unfortunate because that’s the only patch of grass that you have and then
it’s a long walk back to route 15 where there’s also not really too many you
have these like little strips of grass over here and Pokemon can spawn inside
of them so this seems like another thing where you just kind of hop off your
Pokemon you just kind of walk in and out between there and you hope something
spawns in that little patch so you can see for Pokemon just burst out of that
and we had a small chance for one of those to be the Pokemon that we’re
looking for so pincer can be found in Pokemon let’s go Evie and Scyther can be
found in Pokemon let’s go Pikachu so yeah if we just kind of go in and out we
can see that the Pokemon spawns are actually pretty decent because it’s the
only patch of grass that’s there so tries to force a lot of Pokemon in there
I’d say you wait for at least two or three Pokemon to spawn before hopping in
hopping out does preserve your lure so like Route 14 doesn’t really matter too
much again it’s one of those like novelty things if you’re running by and
you just get incredibly lucky at some point if you enter enough routes if you
play the game long enough one of the 1% Pokemon might just pop up and if it’s
what you’re looking for you should probably catch combo it until you get a
higher combo and then the Pokemon are just gonna be all over the place hey we
got a pincer so the name of the game is patience that only took me like an extra
minute remember these are supposed to be rare Pokemon it’s also like getting a
catch combo started for a Bulbasaur Charmander squirtle and those other rare
Pokemon and maybe you can even like walk to that second patch and walk back if
you’re really trying like as many spawns as possible but eventually you’ll start
paying off and they can snowball those combos pretty well all right so in
seafoam islands you can find cloister as a 1% chance to spawn now shelter is
already here fairly commonly but it’s just well it seems like if you want to
go for those Pokemon straight up it’s a nice little challenge it’s something you
can add to this and the best way of doing it is by getting swept away by the
current because when that happens you go into a nice big patch of calm water and
you can find quite a few Pokemon that will spawn there so yeah in here this is
this is kind of it there’s also a nice little ladder closeby so we can do is
you can kind of float around here until it fills up see there goes shelter
there was a chance I could have just been a cloister after that romp the
ladder run down surf again does take quite a bit of time to go through all
the animations and all the wait times but if you really want to go for it you
can find cloister as a 1% chance pawn in seafoam island alright guys home stretch
fly to the indigo plateau and we can find three Pokemon that have a 1% chance
to spawn now the best way of doing this is just getting your flying Pokemon go
into the top of it at the Pokemon League and then just flying down because it’s
not quite at the Pokemon League it’s also not in victory road so we fly over
that and then we go to this patch of grass over here and this has a 1% chance
of getting executor needle king or Nidoqueen as we can see there’s already
a lot of pre evolutions running around so we have execute right there saves you
leaf stone really doesn’t matter and then dinner and or Nidorino madrina all
the new durán fun stuff like that run around and you can just kind of run
between these two areas until you find this Pokemon that appear so there we go
guys that is the craziness of more rare Pokemon stuff in Pokemon let’s go
Pikachu an Eevee there’s also 4% spawns 5% spawns I think it’s just kind of more
a cool feature because there’s like I said there’s some Pokemon where it’s
more of a novelty I think that’s awesome like it really enhances the gameplay if
you’re not going for them and then yours kind of wandering around boom like neato
King pops up in your face or get that 1% chance for an Onix inside of mount moon
another thing is that you have a 1% chance of finding clefable in mount moon
but moonstones do respawn inside the crater in mountain moon so you can gotta
just get Clefairy into clefable whenever you want it’s more just a treat that’s
why I really like about Pokemon let’s go it makes you feel rewarded by just
sending some really interesting orangey your way every once in a while it’s like
oh hey a rare Pokemon popped up you’re flying through the sky it’s just
supposed to be a pleasant surprise more than anything there’s also those
exclusive pokémon like pincer and Kangaskhan they can’t get any other way
so with that I hope you guys enjoy the video hope you all have a nice day
comment down below how you think about what you feel about this guide was a
good guide what do you think about rare Pokemon general how do you feel about
like the split of having different kinds of rare Pokemon being able to be found
in different scenarios so kind of crazy to me so hope you guys enjoy the video
hope you all have a nice day thank you very much for watching

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