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Aquarius November 2019 ♒Tarot Reading

hello my dear Aquarius welcome
I’m Tarot moon light and this is your tarot reading for November 2019 so as
you can see I have some new cards I like new I need a change as well sometimes
and I have the angel tarot cards right here and the Tea Leaf cards and so we
have – swords Wheel of Fortune three of cups the
Emperor 3 of Wands forests the tower and the quill and the crown so a lot of you
might be having some sleepless and worries and stress happening but it
seems like it’s gonna be ending soon so there’s nothing to worry about release
it because you don’t want to be in that mood of self-confidence being shot you
want people to notice you so when you’re not confident people notice that and so
you need to change that because with this card honor and respect will come to
you but that only comes to when you’re confident enough so what you need to do
for November is get rid of that stress and calm you know the confidence that’s
shot you have to get rid of it get rid of the stress get rid of the worries
there’s no need to worry in November because with the Wheel of Fortune big
card man it’s nothing but success it’s about luck angel of Destiny she’s on
your side right now everything that you’ve been hoping for
or if you were worried about it’s not gonna happen it’s just gonna be opposite
so be lucky this is your lucky month with the Wheel of Fortune whatever
opportunity comes your way grab it don’t worry about it be happy
respect yourself and others will respect you and just be strong because of the
Emperor right here as well the angel of wisdom you know a lot right and but yes
sometimes the stress and worries take charge
sometimes but you have to get rid of it and use your wisdom use your knowledge
that you already have and don’t worry about anything because with this it’s
your luck time people are recognizing you you may be moving up or becoming a
team leader or some sorts that’s gonna be causing some kind of celebration here
with the three of cups and also with the three of cups I’m just thinking here
with relationship-wise I feel the relationship is growing and
it’s going from one level to another and it’s gonna be some kind of celebration
for the both of you it could be an anniversary it could be maybe you’re
getting engaged maybe I haven’t say divorce because it’s a happy month so no
divorces no breakups no nothing no worries just celebrate being a
celebrated mode mode right it’s a good month November it’s still nice outside
it’s not as cold depending on where you are and start building on things because
you have to prepare yourself now because it seems like things are gonna be moving
up the ladder and so you have to start from the basics you know it says get
back to the basics so if you’re starting on you with something new right with a
new opportunity that just came up that new job that you’ve always wanted that
finally came to you um you have to start from the beginning and then work your
way up don’t jump from here to there but some of you you may become a leader
really quick and there could be a promotion that’s coming your way really
quick as well where you’re gonna have to take charge of something and once again
time to celebrate and with the mom I don’t know why this muddled card here
here is the forest muddled unclear thinking so that
comes with the stress and the worries so get rid of those cards you don’t need to
have that in November say bye-bye sweep it out and comes with the tower
solid foundation and success with effort so you need to make the effort in order
for leave these things to happen and quill um once again get back to the
basics start on the over again if you need to no skipping steps right
you’ll be great and like I’ve said earlier honor and respect will come to
you so comes with that respect that will give you the propose the promotion that
you’ve always wanted and people respect you more because you have the wisdom you
have the knowledge and you’re a great leader all right my dear Aquarians
please do leave a comment let me know what you think and I want to hear some
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can continue to make these videos because if I don’t get any then I’m not
making these videos because this time consuming I do want to help you but I
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know right that you honor and respect me but I’m not an Aquarian I’m a Virgo but
anyhow it’ll be nice to hear from you thank you my friends and always remember
to live love believe

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