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Archangel Michael Signs – 5 Signs Archangel Michael Is with You!

Archangel Michael Signs – 5 Signs Archangel Michael Is with You!

hey Melanie Beckler here with ask – in this video we are going to talk about signs of Archangel Michael
so Archangel Michael is of course the archangel of protection, of divine will,
he carries the beautiful solar light and is so powerful anytime you’re dealing
with negativity you’re trying to quiet your mind or you need protection in some
sort of way Archangel Michael is the Archangel to call upon and of course
he’s available for so much more his roles and the service he offers really is
vast, he has an entire legion of angels who work directly with him who support
him in his work and mission and interestingly because Archangel Michael
connects to us through the Sun and is directly involved with humanity he is
one of the easiest of the Archangels to hear to feel and to connect with so if
you haven’t I would recommend asking for help and guidance protection love from
Archangel Michael because asking is of course the key to his stepping forward
and making himself known to you but when you ask Archangel Michael helped me
Archangel Michael protect me Archangel Michael guide me Archangel Michael
assist me in my life and Wow just saying that for this video now I feel his
presence come in so let’s talk signs the first sign I want to share is feeling
the presence of Archangel Michael when Archangel Michael steps forward to me
his energy feels so uplifting it makes my entire body sort of tingle
and glow with light when he is protecting you you might feel like you
literally have an orb of light around you shielding you and when he steps
forward to guide you you might feel that same tingling and
warmth of Archangel Michael he is an archangel out of the Sun and he carries
the electric-blue fire so warmth tingling sensation and just feeling
angelic energy which is beyond words of course and trying to explain it is
nearly impossible but tingling warmth glowing just feeling so incredibly loved
and uplifted is a clear sign that Archangel Michael is indeed with you has
answered your request and is assisting you in your life number two flashes of
light as I mentioned Archangel Michael is deeply connected to the Sun and
carries the energy of electric blue fire so anytime you are connecting with
Archangel Michael the likelihood of seeing flashes of light sparkles of
light on the water blue orbs or geometries in your
meditations appearing in your mind’s eye or just a light glow or halo that you
see is a clear sign of Archangel Michael Archangel Michael has a way of
connecting to humanity through a sort of grid this is how he’s able to connect
with all who call upon him at once so you might even sort of see this sort of
grid of light that is a clear sign that you’re connecting with Archangel Michael
number three not everyone is open to feeling or seeing or the first two signs
that I’ve mentioned your ego might doubt that and so another sign the Archangel
Michael uses because he wants you to know that your request has been heard
and that he is assisting you so the number third sign is you may start to
see images of Archangel Michael here’s an image of Archangel Michael that I
think is very recognizable you may see images of swords of warriors of shields
any sort of protective imagery or warrior imagery or church sculptures
Archangel Michael you begin to see these more when you are directly working with
the powerful Archangel Michael so that is a huge sign of his presence and the
fourth sign that Archangel Michael is really with you and assisting you and
guiding you and protecting you and supporting you is that you begin to hear
guidance this may come through your inner sense of hearing your
clairaudience your inner voice you may just begin to have thoughts that are
empowering that are supportive that remind you that you’re safe that remind
you that you’re loved and remind you that you are okay this is a big sign of
the presence of Archangel Michael especially when this happens
shortly after you’ve asked for guidance or protection or support from Michael
now hearing guidance as a sign of Archangel Michael can also come through
overhearing little bits or snippets of other people’s conversations so you
might have asked Archangel Michael a specific question and then you’re
walking down the street and you past the cafe and as you go by you hear the other
person a say yeah Michael that’s great and actually use the word Michael do you
start to hear the word Michael more this is a beautiful sign and validation also
you may hear that other person say some guidance that answers your question so
they may say yeah you really should eat healthier or no walk home the other way
or just anything else when you hear guidance but you feel that it’s meant
for you trust that and take that as a sign of Archangel Michael okay finally
our fifth sign of Archangel Michael is that you feel protected you feel like
someone is watching over you you feel like you’re being guided supported
uplifted and most importantly protected when Archangel Michael connects directly
with you he does place this seal this or a light around you and it feels
so supportive so empowering you of course do you have to be sensitive to be
able to feel that so if you’re not feeling it don’t judge yourself or say
that you’re not connected with Archangel Michael just begin to pay attention when
you ask Archangel Michael to step forward do you feel like you’re being
watched over do you feel supported if you’re walking home and you turn down
the wrong Street and it’s dark and you feel a little sketched out and you think
or say Archangel Michael protect me now and then you feel a little better trust
that he has indeed stepped forward to assist you on your path and in that
moment and always remember to invite in the presence of not only Archangel
Michael but your personal team of guides and angels of light and love who can
most serve support health and assist you in your life the angelic realm is right
there waiting to assist you when you ask and invite it in I hope that these signs
of Archangel Michael have been helpful for you to know and helpful for you in
recognizing that when you ask you are indeed
astha stead remember to be open to how the guidance unfolds trust your own
inner guidance trust your intuition if you find a butterfly sticker on the
ground and you feel like that’s a sign from Archangel Michael it probably is
listen to your inner guidance because of that is where the angels will begin to
connect with you and trust listen act and know that you’re so loved and
supported by Archangel Michael and by all of the angels of love and light in
the higher realms okay I hope this video is helpful for you again comment below
if you enjoyed it or really comment with other signs that you recognize to be
from Archangel Michael and then I will talk to you there and then I’ll see you
in the next video bye for now you

31 Replies to “Archangel Michael Signs – 5 Signs Archangel Michael Is with You!”

  • Jamie Celticash says:

    This is all bs, how high are you? This all makes me laugh.

  • Tanya Hensley says:

    Thank you for your time and help and support love you so much archangel Michael. Please help me out with everything going on in my life and the people are surround me in a bit of bad talking about me or betraded me in anyway please angles Michael protect from all evil people judges me please let me know with a light or signs. Please Angles Michael protect me with having a home. Angles Michael help me out with my step mom is given me looks like she is mad at me.I don't know what happened to her . she has promised me that I have a home until my future husband gets out of jail please angles Michael she said she would help me out with everything just like my wheels and tires got stolen off of my car. Please help me angles Michael . God bless 🙏 😇💓 Amen to that again AMEN 🎆 ✨🤗 ⛰️🏘️ trust with in me.lord God please bring me your angles Michael and others angles please let me know

  • joaquin umpierrez says:

    Jesus has nothing to do with me…I Am God…its a fact since there is a lot ofMe in everything in the universe….its not my belief..its a reality I AM GOD

  • Ally Dee says:

    I have found that when I ask my guides and Angel's to come assist when I open my eyes I am surrounded by dragonflys….happens no matter where I am at the time…has happened so often for years ..I know it is a sign of them being present.

  • paul Dinardo says:


  • RAE DAWN says:

    when I was younger I had so many celestial experiences I always called on Gaberial he came
    lately my life has been affected by aggressive ppl stalkers beaters and Homeless ppl
    who are not aware of their circumstances
    I was asking God to make me more like
    someone I admire,
    after I asked this Angel came immediately
    He appeared right in front of me
    He was not winged he was dressed really space-age like and hip
    He was very handsome and very open I never asked his name I was just amazed at how cool he was
    and how beautiful he looked He actually spoke to me I was like wow
    I literally did nt know what to say I was so shocked at how quick he was
    I am pretty sure it was Micheal

  • EggNoggDreams says:

    i am watching this video while tripping on mushrooms

  • Rosarie Aprill Andrade says:

    I feel a warmth surrounding me whenever I invoke Archangel Michael. Thank you for this video!

  • Dennis Franklin Jr says:

    Cool video.

  • Tiffany Howard says:

    no cards come on lady here him feel him not cards

  • Spiritual Awakening says:

    I just don’t hear him but I see him too and I have video to prove it.

  • Doorkicker505 says:

    St Michael is also the patron saint of paratroopers.

  • Striker 333 says:

    In the true story of the exorcist, the demons left the boy when the priests prayed to Saint Michael. Later the boy recounted how he saw Satan and Saint Michael fighting for his soul.

  • Perry Saker says:

    But he can only be in one place at one time so how can he help everyone …angels are God's servants they do what God says not we

  • Camillle Sowell says:

    Wow,wow,wow,snippets of other people's conversations, wow so totally confirmation


    why am i suddenly crying? this video is so wonderful and touching

  • Kiss Me says:

    hello melanie

  • Matt says:

    For any Christians watching be warned, this is not a Christian channel, a short scroll through the rest of her videos reveals all kinds of wicked new age practices. It’s fine to call on Saint Michael for help but I suggest steer clear of this channel, she’s a New Ageist appropriating Saint Michael

  • jbishsr says:

    Go straight to the source folks, call upon the LORD. By Him all things were created. All things are by Him, for Him, to Him and through Him. Read your Bible. God's word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

  • Jimmy Byars says:


  • Ember Steel says:

    💚 🙏 Thank you.

  • tmaddrummer says:

    Where does this information come from because it’s not in any Bibles that I’ve ever read. Thanks and Blessings!!! Jesus, I Trust in You! Hallelujah!!!

  • Shari Mcdonnough says:

    No that’s incorrect. You ask Jesus to protect you ,Jesus to help you, Jesus to come into your life and protect you from all kinds of things. Not Archangel Michael. Sorry honey you got this one wrong!

  • Rafael Ceballos says:

    My Blessings to you Melanie.
    The mighty 9 rays will be with you always and beyond Eternity.
    " "Heaven is one and the army of light never lose a war.

    We won already" C P. Peace and Grace

  • geeta sakpal says:

    Thanks madam for this good video

  • Alesia Nelson says:

    I will often get song lyrics from songs talking about being an invincible soldier, songs about not letting people's cruelty and judgment influence or invite pain or darkness.

  • Private Account says:

    I've been calling on Archangel Michael to help clear reptilian/feline entities that have been possessing and tormenting me for years now! I include him everyday in the qabalistic cross ritual, however he has not cleared these entities. In fact it has gotten worse as times goes on. Be very weary of these angelic beings. They are masters of energy manipulation and will often start off with love and light and somewhere along the line dark entities will start setting in to possess and harvest your energies like that have done me. Most likely it will be the same entities you thought to be Archangel Michael. They are basically a cybernetic hive that knows how to shift between dark and light polarization.

  • Star Bim says:

    Lol his name is originally pronounced as Mi Kah El not my kel

  • Alona Mendoza says:

    Be aware: this nice lady (I mean that sincerely) seems in another video to consult "Queen of the Moon oracle" cards for guidance. Seek instead the receiving of the HOLY SPIRIT through following Jesus & you won't need cards of an "oracle." Please take this into sincere consideration. If you follow Jesus's teachings including giving up sin, & you establish a Relationship w/Jesus in prayer, making him your Lord, he will send you the Holy Spirit (to be a regular part of your life) who can literally protect you, give you knowledge, & can guide you in different ways including speaking to you in words & sentences. I know this for sure – from much direct experience (although I hadn't expected that). This wasn't always the case w/me, but there are different levels of growth & maturity in following Jesus. Although God began showing me things when I began praying to God on a regular basis in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit didn't begin speaking to me until I told God in prayer that he could have my life, which was a big step. Be patient. Jesus (Yeshua) said "I am the way & the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14: 6.

    Do yourself a favor & read the New Testament in modern English (or the modern-language edition of whatever is your main language) w/ Jesus's words in red. (I personally put Jesus's teachings above those of his students/disciples.) It seems very much to me that the archangel Michael has been 'coming to me' in recent weeks repeatedly & in different ways (which specifically I've personally never known to happen before in my life) but the archangel Michael works for Jesus. Making Jesus my Lord came first. Angels have been known to be sent to someone without the person having asked (my mom & I once had an angel experience years ago in which an angel helped, then disappeared – and no – neither one of us have ever done drugs, etc), but I've also asked Jesus to send his angels or an angel of his. It's up to Jesus if he'll send an angel & who he'll send. There's nothing like having the Holy Spirit as a regular part of your life, which is fascinating & amazing! Peace out.

  • diamond9ice says:


  • ry insane says:

    I went to church today September 29 and found out that its the feast day of Archangel Michael (we call him San Miguel Arcàngel here in Philippines). During the mass, a feather gently flew in front of me, not just once but twice and was different from each other. The level of happiness rose to ecstatic coz i knew it was him giving me presence and everybody on that church. Thank you Lord Jesus for letting me not to skip this day to worship you.

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