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Are Libra & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Libra & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

100 Replies to “Are Libra & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide”

  • SleepTightSnake says:

    It simple means you where born when the signs where changing from one to another… there many videos out there with this information.. and some good ones here on youtube also..

  • SleepTightSnake says:

    Yeah that does and them some, it probably took you no time to see behind that pretty mask while others where still stuck on the out looks only hahaha

  • Sophia Taylor says:

    Alyssa explains almost everything ^^

  • ❤CollegeBabe❤ says:

    i'm a libra yay

  • Kevin Knight says:

    This explains why my last relationship went the way it did.

  • Michael Thorn says:

    Libra here.. dated a Scorpio for awhile and it's def true.. i understand the dominant attitude of Scorpio but unless Scorpio can learn to ease up it's a relationship that is full of fights.. it's scary sad though cause when there are no fights or disagreements it's a damn good relationship that makes you love each other.. I give it honestly myself a 50/50 relationship.. there are positive points to keep it alive.. it just need's some work.. not a failed 100% relationship.. just need's some basic

  • Santabub113 says:

    Dang… She nailed it. I'm a scorpio and that's exactly how it went.

  • Lakeisha Ray says:

    Lol I'm a Scorpio

  • Sam Cortez says:

    I am a libra and have been with a Scorpio for almost 3 years. Lots of ups and downs but I wouldn't have changed a thing as long as I was with him.

  • Da'Naisa Love says:

    I'm a Libra in a relationship /friendship with a Scorpio & I can agree on the anger and stuff, but I notice that there is so much you can grow and learn from in this type of relationship. I'm finding out my personality flaws as he reflects back similar characteristics and what should avoid doing. I appreciate knowing this Scorpio for that reason & many more. Full of intellect and mystery. A bipolar relationship though

  • Junious Wright says:

    Wow true.

  • chrissanchez7777 says:

    Not as deep as scorpio wants them to be

  • LC87 says:

    I think there's a very important caviah missing here. I'm a Pisces ascendant, Libra sun and Taurus moon with a Scorpio ascendant and sun, and Libra moon. Aside from the typical squabbles of any relationship, we're doing very well. In other words, I think this pairing can work if the Libra has Scorpio elsewhere in the chart such as a Mercury.

  • Kay kay says:

    She has nothing nice to say about Scorpios no matter who the compatibility was with smh

  • Director_Ranjeet says:

    wow … what a load of bull

  • Daughter oftheKing says:

    I'm the Scorpio, and I'm the one that was, and is still trying to get away from that Libra

  • Joseph Melville says:

    omg she is so right i am living proof of it

  • Joy says:

    I'm scorpio sun, leo moon and libra rising… would this work with a libra man?

  • Libran Divo says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!! I have been wondering why my compatibility with Scorpios does not last or end well in most cases. Again, thank you for sharing your insight!!!

  • Susana Lopez says:

    my boyfriend is a Scorpio

  • Susana Lopez says:

    and I'm a libra

  • elizabeth r says:

    Really? I think it all depends on ppl, and personalities. Some is true though.

  • _Officially_bera says:

    BOI I'm a Scorpio and he's a Libra he annoying as hell but I still love him he can play to much like he's a baby 😅But he likes to get a lot attention which is cute 😂😂

  • Kayley Lee says:

    I'm a Scorpio and this sounds like me and the guy I'm seeing, is there a way to control being such a strong Scorpio

  • kydn oof says:

    She's so beautiful 😱😱

  • Nathalie Boneta says:

    The libra will suffer and die if they date a Scorpio. The Scorpio will ruin them.

  • Satirical Scorpion says:

    I'm a Scorpio and my bf is a libra.

  • Kiana Wright says:

    Not All Libras. I'll Say Depend On Their Venus.

  • Soccer_ 14 says:

    I'm a Sept. Libra and i'm actually really annoyed by Libra male. idk why but i hate that they talk to much & that they cry & always sad when i tell them that i don't like them back but they just don't leave me alone & i just want to throw them off a cliff. They are like babies (if u are a male libra i'm really sorry for saying these things not all libra are like this. i only know 3 libra guys so this isn't saying much). Idk why i feel this way about them but maybe it could be that my Rising and Venus sign is in Scorpio and i don't feel like a Libra sometimes, i mostly feel like a Scorpio.

  • Soccer_ 14 says:

    I'm a Sept. Libra and i'm actually really annoyed by Libra male. idk why but i hate that they talk to much & that they cry & always sad when i tell them that i don't like them back but they just don't leave me alone & i just want to throw them off a cliff. They are like babies (if u are a male libra i'm really sorry for saying these things not all libra are like this. i only know 3 libra guys so this isn't saying much). Idk why i feel this way about them but maybe it could be that my Rising and Venus sign is in Scorpio and i don't feel like a Libra sometimes, i mostly feel like a Scorpio.

  • astrotrxsh says:

    I once dated a Scorpio and we both kept each other happy (yes, I'm a Libra.) That Scorpio wasn't afraid to always make the first move and yes they were protective over me and I didn't mind cause I like being protected by my significant other. Well with after all I've been through and what I've seen. Otherwise I did very much enjoy our relationship but we did part and I am still broken over it cause I really liked him and still do.

  • Nick Alexander says:

    Many Libras seem to be obsessed with Scorpio . They can wind up being a stalker…a word to the wise🦂🦅

  • Emcee Moniker says:

    that's cold blooded

  • Tori Tori says:

    every time I watch videos like this don't nobody have nothing good to say about Scorpios.I'm a scorpion some of the stuff true but on the other hand some of the stuff is not. I'm not that aggressive or mean or dark I'm a Scorpio who can be happy one minute but as soon as you cross me I will quit Put you back in place not being mean I just take no bull & if you call that mean in some way, oh well so be it. now if you take the time to get to know me you can see that I'm not "dark" , & so "aggressive".

  • Robyn Courtier says:

    I dislike how people think that Libras are obsessive towards Scorpio's . I'm not obsessed with Scorpio's I just find them more interesting and more fun to be around . because my Venus sign (that debates the way i love) is Scorpio I also want an intense relationship with 100% loyalty and commitment not all Libras are stalkers and self-centered 😒

  • Chicquanna Walker says:

    Five years with my Libra, no actual problems, he's annoying, but a sweetheart, I don't see it ending.

  • ELSAV says:

    I'm a Scorpio and in love with a Libra that I once let go.
    I regret it so much.

  • Errocel Shane Dolor says:

    I am a Scorpio with a scorpio sun sign, aquarious rising sun and cancer moon sign and i'm dealing with a Libra man ryt now. would it possible to be in a good relationship?

  • Courtney Cammell says:

    my horoscope is in between Libra and Scorpio 😂 I was born at midnight..between the days 😂

  • Dragon Angel says:

    Scorpios just needs someone who understands them, that's all. They are the sweetest people I have ever met especially if you're real! I've learned to block the volcanic energy . Its so strong . I love how strong they are. I love deep emotion, but being a Libra I feel like I have to learn it…geez like a robot lol 🐯

  • cassidy kent says:

    This is true. In the beggining its amazing but its all up to you were you lead. Yea it can go bad by thats why you comprimise. If you try to chance some of youre behaviors it can work out. Between the both of you.

  • dominatelibras h8weekscorpios says:

    I'd rather eat my dogs diarrhea than date a scorpio man ew

  • Shilowfa says:

    She always badmouthing Scorpio. I’ve watched so many videos where it better describes them.

  • Roman Reyna says:

    I’m a Libra and scorpios and I always have a mutual understanding or friendship. My mom is one and we’re incredibly close.

  • oso lovely says:

    This not true.

  • Emelda Lawson says:

    30 Thirty years of, WOW! It was fantastic. It was an ongoing and trusting and, we never stopped being, the best friend. Beautiful!

  • Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs says:

    I’m best friend with a Libra male, he understand what I really want to say and doesn’t get hurt by my offensive joke that is not meant to hurt anyone. He always make me feel better when I’m down. I honestly love him so much

  • Rajim Wakefield says:

    Libra and Scorpio are not that bad ….it just has to with personality

  • Anonymous says:

    Libra males are annoying yet libra females are really nice to be around

  • Kim Price says:

    I'm a libra dating a very intense scorpio

  • WatchPGF1 says:

    scorpios are assholees

  • Cloud Tunutmoak says:

    I'm a libra

  • Cloud Tunutmoak says:

    I went out with a scorpio

  • Cloud Tunutmoak says:

    I went out with a scorpio

  • nostrapss maheni says:

    Ok good to know so is either run or doll & f** you up the toss you out that's it basically hmmm

  • Brandy Mundy says:

    I'm a Scorpio and my daughter father is a libra. He tried for 11 years to get me to go with him after the birth of our daughter and because of what happened during my pregnancy the answer has been no. I'm a Scorpio who has always attracted dominate men. I am not controlling. I think Scorpio just feels such an intense attraction to people it brings out that side to them. We want to all their is to know. I also know that Scorpios who don't care about you don't care what you do. Also if we like you and want to get to know you, if it doesn't happen their is a moment of intensity and then it subsides and we adjust and then we let go. When we let go it's completely.

  • nika's life says:

    so many libra men attract to me but I never attract to them.

  • TheMarker2015 L.S says:

    She's right, she's also talking about Venus signs here folks.

  • DJ Justice says:

    That's not cool wen a women say o if it's a problem in a relationship run u might as well join the damm trax team u b running the rest of your life that's a week minded.person communication the key look four spiritual solutions two make your relashionships work especially wen its potential thier the women dress in red and grey I am sorry that's the worse advice I ever heard far as u saying give up wen its not working with scorpio.or Libra I no anything's possible wen a man and women master friend ship and love and respecting each other's feelings one of the responds two some.women don t two mentally.phisically.thats one of the resonds.they can't keep a man and he looks 4 a exspiriance.women but two make a relashionships work lady's men study what dew love mean In the book of life study. What dew friendship means order in a house mean weather u study spirituality Islam or church God taught his sun not two teach religion but he taught us how two build relashionships weather just friends or in a relashionships we gotta learn even in eastern phalosaphy our body's need water rest food love making it's a time and place 4 everything we gotta stop being big babbys.sometimes and learn how two love the ones who really cares about us and u pleas your mate pleas each other speacialy if that's wifey and wifey pleas your man real talk that's how u keep each other attention in a relashionships love one another b open with your feelings respect each other's feelings take time two .think about what's important two make that relashionships work .y'all can dew it out thier practice talking two each other with respect and love show each other u appriciate one another start reading up on positive relashionships advice books from libary google what makes a relashionships work God got the answers summite 100.percent two God peace if not dew what's morally right peace king justice aka sincere

  • DJ Justice says:

    One time I had a cancer women give me a lap dance I said lord how eyes almost rolled in my head lol

  • DJ Justice says:

    I love Burnie max.said bye the pound and love wen a women keep the poom.poom smelling clean

  • DJ Justice says:

    U gotta keep the poom.poom clean .u a brother might give a early.birthday present and he might feel like carpet.munching.lolmmmmm.or eating some big Mac and

  • joyce hewitt says:

    Wow So True

  • Patrick P says:

    I am a Libra, and happens to know a Scorpio, she is so attractive (not just physical)

  • Ashley Ellis says:

    I am a libra with a lot of scorpio family members/friends in my life and this is true!

  • Renzo Taza says:

    Told my life story

  • Fall says:

    Never, Scorpios can't understand us, the way we feel, the way we love . My relationship with Scorpio was the worst ever. I did everything to save that relationship and on the other side he did everything to destroy it, and in the end he win

  • Ml Meek027 says:

    I am a Scorpio woman and my libra friend will leave and when I think the relationship is over here he come back more intense.

  • Jeremy Black says:

    Honestly I'm a Libra sun Libra rising so my Venus is Scorpio ok I just stop talking to a Scorpio sun that blocked me off social media out of no where. We was doing fine I love him always will he no that but the thing is yes he was demanding and I liked that actually I'm not afraid of the deep I wanted to go there with him mind you also my Pluto is Scorpio in my first and east point with my Lilith Scorpio. Only thing I felt I was missing with him is what about me I want you to take charge not let me make me do all the work you got to put in to…

  • Gourav Sonu says:

    am not interested

  • Kaja Kuhar says:

    Scorpios are too passionate…

  • Deborah1russell Gray says:

    I’m a Scorpio and I dearly love a Libra male….. he’s a beautiful man. I’d do almost anything for him. I’ll always love him, no matter what.

  • justforlaughs says:

    Not really true at all. One of the most difficult relationships yes, but only at the beginning. In the end becomes one of the most if not the most powerful relationship. Many envy them, they reach many goals and dreams together. If they work together, financially they skyrocket. Both are creative, devoted to each other, good sense of humor, extremely intelligent, and very but very deeply in love with each other.

  • Victor Diaz says:

    I adore my Libra. And I’m glad that we share a bond together ❤️

  • Brierra Walton says:

    I love my Libra man ♎️💖

  • artfanatsymanic says:

    "Scorpio does not want a relationship just for fun" I'd say this is generally true, but then how do you explain me?!!!!

  • Santos Cortes says:

    She doesn't really know Scorpios at all one bit

  • Itz_alice_ Chan says:

    Okay good thing my crush is a libra and he’s very annoying but still kinda nice and cute 🙂

  • joshua morales says:

    In all honesty no…they are not good at communication, they tend to lie and cheat.

  • Romely Notarte says:

    I am a Libra wife with a Scorpio husband. It's hard but every relationship is hard. With true love and strong commitment to each other, we are still together after 14 years and it gets more and more exciting every year..

  • Depressing Whales says:

    You just described my one year relationship with my libra gf

  • NightmareK1ng says:

    I’m a Scorpio my crush is a charming, witty, funny libra who is annoying but mature

  • Aneesa Na'ava says:

    I'm scorpio and I'm not possessive nor controlling. This is why you shouldn't listen to things like this

  • Rainier says:

    I dated a Libra (I'm a Scorpio woman) 30 years ago. In the beginning it went great till he dropped me for another girl and treated me bad. I just took revenge on him and just started talking to other guys which got him seething mad and we both went our separate ways. He got married and had a kid and had to see him and his wife around my work place. I worked at a hospital so I even had to see his child being born at the hospital I work in. Now time went by we reconnected on social media. He is now divorced twice with 2 children and I'm married with 2 children. We talked about the times and said he now regrets everything what he did and apologizes of hurting me 30 years ago. We're now the best of friends.

  • Sean-Patric Seaborough says:

    My bestfriend is a libra and she understands me and i understand her sometimes we have times where we dont talk due to our respective situations but she means the world to me i dont know wat i would do without her

  • Awhina Iraia says:

    I'm a Scorpio female hes a libra male I'm an introvert hes an extrovert we've been together for 33yrs off and on lol we're much settled now after I let my guard down and stopped trying to turn things around to suit me and what I thought was right for us wasn't for him. So now I go with the flow in everything we do his decisions do work for us even though sometimes he does things the long way I just love him to death which is the deepness I feel for him and he loves that too💗

  • Alexthebadwolf nightcore says:

    I’m a Libra and my bf is a Scorpio

  • Christine Meek says:

    I'm a scropio and my bf is a Libra I mean in our relationship some of these things did happen but it perfect

  • Ummama Ahmed says:


  • Marianna Waldroup says:

    My neighbors are ♎️ and Scorpio ♏️ she is the libra ♎️ he beats the hell out of her you are absolutely right

  • Jeannine Vollebregt says:

    52 years of marriage with my Scorpio husband, i recognize the signs but always loved him for what he is, not an easy life but worthwhile in the end . 4 children and 8 grand kids later family counts !!!

  • Deann Kuske says:

    I’m a Scorpio and my husband is a libra and we have been together 32 years and extremely happy and still more in love than when we married

  • Kira Kompliziert says:

    Well damn

    I'm a Libra and my crush a Scorpio

  • Catchyourgucci says:

    I’m a Libra and I’m obsessed with scorpios 😪 as much as I hate it I can’t really control it

  • Ester Morales says:

    I’m a libra and I want I demanding Scorpio and want it hard

  • Ester Morales says:

    My friends a Scorpio and I don’t know why people say Scorpio are mean and tough she is not like that

  • NayahLovesHerself says:

    I’ve been with my cousin we’re besties we’ve been besties for 9 years she’s bit rude and sassy but artistic though

  • Jindora_De_Explorer says:

    Im a libra and i had a girlfriend who was a scorpio. We were always happy with each other until she left me bitterly for another man ( an aries btw) she really shattered me yet i still love her 🙁

  • Zahir Bivings says:

    This is all true their relationship is fatal Scorpio can be possessive and demanding and sexually controlling

  • Zahir Bivings says:

    Libra can only bring out a scorpios Darkside due to libras positivity and niceness. In a relationship

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