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Aries and Libra Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Libra in love — now, these two
create a lot of energy and fire together. Just think of wind on a brushfire — it spreads
the sparks everywhere, right? Aries, a Fire sign, and Libra, an Air sign,
work just like that together — Libra makes that Aries passion just spark and spread like
crazy. The quintessential Aries–Libra couple, in
my mind, was Bonnie and Clyde. These two — what a crazy, exciting, doomed
match they made! Running around the country, robbing banks
and killing police officers with the Barrow Gang. The thing with Aries and Libra is, they’re
Opposite signs, and opposites truly do attract. These two probably fell in love at first sight,
you know what I’m saying? And I’m betting they had lots of ups and downs
and crazy passion between them, because with these two signs, when it’s good, it’s great
— but when it’s not, it sucks. So Clyde Barrow, the Aries — he was the
driving force behind their crime spree; he had the courage, the guts, the daring and
initiative to pursue this lifestyle of anarchy. Remember, Aries thinks like a warrior. Bonnie Parker, on the other hand — she was
a Libra, and Libra is all about harmony and partnership. Libra wants to do whatever it takes to make
it work — in Bonnie’s case, even if it’s illegal! By all accounts, she was not at all the cigar-smoking,
cold-blooded killer they made her out to be in the papers. One of the Barrow Gang members even said he
didn’t think Bonnie had ever shot a gun at a police officer. So what was she doing with someone like Clyde
Barrow? My guess is, she was standing by her man,
just like any Libra would. She probably fell in love with the romance
of it all — Clyde cut a really dashing figure with his machine gun, after all, and maybe
being part of a gang made Bonnie feel less lonely. Libra needs lots of love and romance and reassurance. And like a true Libra, Bonnie was gorgeous
and stylish, perfect for this exciting persona the press created for the newspapers. Yeah, these two signs have a lot to offer
each other, if they can appreciate their differences and their complementary strengths. And Bonnie and Clyde certainly made it last
until the bitter, violent end — what a romantic, crash-and-burn ending to a great, if insane,
love affair.

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