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Aries & Cancer: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Aries & Cancer: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Okay, Aries and Cancer. This is Fire and Water, which aren’t exactly
a great mix. A perfect example of this kind of couple is
Homer and Marge Simpson from the TV show The Simpsons. Think about it — Homer is like an über-Aries
— so totally self-centered, always just following his impulses wherever they take
him, without ever thinking about the consequences, or about how he might be hurting Marge’s feelings. He doesn’t think; he just acts, and it gets
him into all kinds of trouble. That’s quintessentially Aries. So Marge is always getting her feelings hurt. She’s always grumbling to herself, brooding
over whatever Homer’s latest stunt is — and Cancers are known for being very emotional. They tend to bottle it up and brood until
they explode. So while Homer is doing his thing, Marge is
the one left to keep the family together and make sure everyone’s taken care of. Cancers are very family-oriented. Marge is a nurturer: She puts up with Homer,
she makes sure the kids are fed and tended to, she always listens to her sisters’ advice. It’s almost like she’s too busy with her family
to see Homer’s selfishness — good thing for him! And she’s very emotionally connected and tuned
in to the people she loves, and sometimes she gets stuck between them, because she feels
everything they feel — again, that’s very Cancer. While Homer isn’t so emotional — or, his
emotions just burn through him, fast: They’re there and then they’re gone, on to the next
one. He gets mad, he’s happy, he’s sorry for some
ridiculous mistake he made… But whatever it is, he doesn’t feel it for
long. Five minutes later, he’s already moved on
to the next thing. These two signs are Square — they’re three
signs apart in the Zodiac, or ninety degrees apart on a chart wheel — which creates a
lot of friction and tension between them. No wonder Homer and Marge butt heads a lot! They’re both Cardinal signs, which means they
both want to be the one in charge — and they are both in charge, just in different
areas. And this is the way these two signs have to
work together: They have to find a way to compromise, to let each other have some authority
and control, because if they don’t, they’ll just clash too much to be together. But they can also really challenge each other
and push each other to grow on a personal level, so this can be a good pairing, if the
tension doesn’t get out of control.

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