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ARIES Pasado, Presente y Futuro Inmediato + La Buena Noticia del Mes Octubre 2019

ARIES Pasado, Presente y Futuro Inmediato + La Buena Noticia del Mes Octubre 2019

welcome to my warriors aries this reading for October is a special reading where we will see the energies of the past that they can estarse generating blockades let’s see your present and the immediate future for October 2019 I am jot and jot’re here in my channel I invite you to subscribe tarot activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications to remind It is also that you can leave in comments your name and country with a Yes No question let your data up and share this video with your friends as We reach 400 thousand subscribers before October 31 I will return to this video to answer your questions if random or not so you can leave your questions down there in comments questions whether or not Share and invite your friends to who subscribe to reach the 400,000 subscribers look into the past here you tell me that you’ve been suffering from situations of betrayal discussions you lawsuits could you overcome this situation a situation which you felt you attacked It is felt that people who were your were about having bad intentions with you and even you They put in a corner and tried to attack you and make you feel bad some of this could represent you even to an argument or a fight where physically assaulted see two people you were in a corner They are attacking you had bad intentions for you and all they wanted do was hurt you and destroy you and saw that for long they have you managed that way that way in which you were feeling – in which you felt you is trodden with this letter ten of spades and I am using my black cards you They know that these letters speak to him you do not want touching because it is quite deep remember that these readings are general not everyone is going to identify with them and if this message is not for you then maybe the messages present and future apply immediately or you can listen but look at your rising sign this letter 5 of Wands speaks of that situation in which you were tried and as in the days before this It could also represent a life last talks and times earlier when they burned witches at the bonfire later they were all people around and they were attacking they were saying things insults and were making him feel bad for so people around you you They have tried for decisions that you have can be taken with your family can be with your children and those people do not They have the knowledge to one hundred percent because you took the decisions you make test in the past with your family or with your partner even your children also marks that here in the past someone takes decision to move away or separated from their partner and that decision may have It has been widely criticized by your family or for your friends in which you said you never you will achieve the success that you’re leaving to always she is in the same position you’ll always remain the same loser person is reading at the end you will have good news where I will draw a card to keep forever positive energy and I’m talking here the past for a little percentage this will be happening at this moment but I’m seeing into the past something that already happened to you and It is important whenever these things go back to the light so you can identify blockages you’re taking because these situations for some of you locks may be generating right now same in your life where you’re not seeing things like where you’re having fear of making decisions and where you because they do not want to feel frozen be tried again for the same situations in the past for some people Now that the planet is Saturn They go back live to be repeating certain cycles lifecycles in which you’ll see how you hear this and I’m already spent for three years five years ago and this situation repeats you have to learn your lessons so you can then take wise decisions and not fall into the same pattern of previous years the letter of 10 swords tells you about that your life was a person who I was protecting you and was defending from these toxic people and of these people who had energies with which only wanted hurt this is a guardian angel you may have a slim guardian It can be a family member who is no longer a Your side was protecting you always from beyond some of you can be a grandmother or a grandfather even a parent if your parents do not They are at this moment and talk about it thanks to that divine intervention pu past your distes this letter sun leave that behind and go out reality to find your way again and keep fighting were situations They were truly sad to because you feel that the world will He came over and felt well since you stay alone you stay just that all your friends and your family gave you the back and this is something that until today for some of you because you may Some of you already overcome and that It is a story of the past but to some of you that’s still in you in your heart in the depths of your heart and you could not work that energy still like I always told them is recommended that if you have any type of trauma if you have some kind of situation in the past that you attend a doctor a psychologist a therapist you can provide adequate treatment for you can get ahead of this I as a messenger I highlighted the points he brought up so that again and discover you can work them let’s see what else is in your past that It could be affecting you has the letter dated 10 letter bastos 10 gold and letter of the magician looks the message I get here is that Some of you have reinvented their Life has to have even changed their name to leave this life behind and have lost some of you until identity this is for some warriors sign Aries remember but are me indicating that you wanted is that marc delete your past and the way in which you did was disconnecting you from your country disconnecting you from your city or simply disconnecting you from these people to such a level that you could have changed your whole identity for some of you if you’re in the US this might It has been some sort of protection the government gave you for others of you it does not matter if you’re in the US or elsewhere it could have been then just a decision you you took is to outrun your past and can start again with a family and things from scratch but for some these things of the past could still be a hundred trying to resurface and are always and your conscience will not let you be at ease because you feel Now you’re lying to your family the people you have around you then you have to find a way out of the mental prison in which Some of you may find to enjoy with family and power then manifest and achieve dreams and the things you are willing there are some of you who like them He has indicated their identity have changed left behind their real estate for some of you as this can simply mean that’s the way as it is used to heal and For others get ahead yet It is affecting them in your life let’s see your present what’s going on with you right now comes you the letter from 10 Wands have a lot of weight on your shoulders many responsibilities They could also be on your conscience You xota have the letter of gold and letter from the Queen of Pentacles and I are speaking here that someone is weighing a decision on his conscience someone is analyzed and is watching their budgets also to make a decision regarding Her future I see the letter xota of gold and Queen of diamonds that someone is thinking right now to make some kind of proposal or offer someone wanted buy you That was the message that the word fell in my mind is like someone He was trying to buy could be a person who is trying to Buy your truth a person who is around you who would be trying to buy your silence ‘or you could be trying to buy right now in this silence of someone who It is around you but I see also you have a lot of stress during right now we are talking about October’ll feel in your as much weight back and shoulders and neck could be having quite It could be quite tight because you’ll You are feeling a lot of stress and that Stress has to do with some of you are afraid that your past You can once again return to the present let’s see what else is there for you right moments look is also telling me your guides since some of you might You are thinking about giving money to some father figure may be Mother Mother mother father grandparents grandparents mom mother and then you are analyzing providing this assistance you could be You need this help or your parents They could be communicating with you ask some kind of financial support or you could be in need of such support economic and you’ll be seeing what way you can do to apply the money these are the energies that I I see at this moment stress thinking about money again who may be in need of your Help could be you or be your Parents will need support monetary support regarding money and finance his immediate future looking at chart 8 de Oros with lovers and 7 Golds speaks to me of a progress me speaks to me that in your immediate future You’ll be able to have a perfect match over your finances and love reminds me in the comments and Tell me if you like this new format reading with the past, present and your immediate future to continue what doing and then comes the good news Of October and remember to share this video with your friends and leave me comments also you ask your fingers to up when we get to 400,000 subscribers and we need some by October 31 will return this video to answer some questions yes or no random look to your future I work for you immediately comes next much work you’ll be doing It has much effort you’ll have to do and this may represent for you obviously also increased with about finances that you have waiting status Also it coming for you during this month are associations that’s your future immediately you be talking to companies that want to give yourself Jobs could be having associations in love where you’ll be meeting people who go to have the same intention and they will be on the same spiritual level and beliefs that you could even get to be having calm and resolution you’ve been waiting for in love with your partner if you You have these things energies past that may be affecting still and the letter of 7 golds that is also indicating that for your future immediately during the month of October you go have to cultivate your patience and go to have to start taking these seeds that can give you ideas you those seeds that can reach your life regarding projects regarding plans and plant you They are saying that remembers what you always today is what You’ll reap tomorrow yeah right That sounds very cliché but something important there if you sow in these moments rancor and hatred doubt fear remember that here you are repeating and cycles do not go to do this put a person because you could now you be doing this any of your children placing them against the wall and repeating the same cycle of what you It happened to you probably judging making bad decisions regarding them as you are believing that they are taking a wrong decision about their future and their children so very very careful because I see cycles that he will be repeating From the past and so this letter is indicated here since it is always sows love is Sowing seeds positivism loyalty the truth so that in the future it is what crops and non-crop is then then none negativity or crops these types of toxicity in your life but it is fine is fine aspected your immediate future work effort comes for you to receive passes with compensation regarding your level of effort the Charter of love tells you about a union of peace quiet harmony in your life 7 letter tells you gold is grown planting either need is patience work on that and be love if either need that confidence if You need that to people and these letters here have money so in finance for you too they will improve special especially if you’re expecting money or if you’re going to be in need or if you have to give to someone well let’s see what the good news aries for you warriors for the month Wow the leave in October Give me a jiffy we apologize again here is the good news for the month of October you out the letter of understanding and look The good news for you is going to be looking How is this person in the past enclosed and in these in these pastures full of fire and fear out All you have to do this person It is knock down those rough knock down those sticks because here there is a jail there is no prison speaks to you that the prison You have within your own mind and good news for you with this letter understanding is that during the month of October you can understand why You did these things happen in your life going to understand the purpose of these situations that you wanted to teach now you have this reading you will be able open your eyes and heal what the I aim to see this part of the past because I want you my warriors heal those wounds and all We work together to get out and forward this letter gives you good news that you succeed you understand because people acted that so forgive them and see you free yourself open that door then you He was locked up in your own thoughts that you had locked you had with that inability to get ahead you free and you join people who you really are going to deserve and they’ll support you better This good news does not have to be you will receive thousand millions of thousands of dollars just for some people the fact that you you can have peace of mind you may have tranquility that you can overcome your these traumas demons in your childhood traumas these relationships before you can open that door and break free and fly enjoy life worth more than all the money you can have in a bank account during the month and you’ll October to take those steps you need to open that door and free yourself what partly marvel at this moment you appear the following videos you I recommend this is my secondary channel Jota tarot stars invite you to see you I have videos that are beyond horoscopes newspapers and other videos also varied and at the top it is here link to guarantee you a consultation private with me let me know in the comments what you think about this reading to share it that way we can reach many more warriors and reminds reach 400 thousand subscribers I wish you a month full of lots of light and progress

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