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[ASMR] 占いより眠くさせることが得意? 最低評価の売れない占い師 / The Worst Reviewed Fortune Teller (ロールプレイ)

[ASMR] 占いより眠くさせることが得意? 最低評価の売れない占い師 / The Worst Reviewed Fortune Teller (ロールプレイ)

OMG! I fell asleep.Hello.Since when did you there?It was okay to wake me up.It’s been a while that a guest visit here.Maybe 6 months?Thank you for visiting.How was your day?Did you make a reservation?Wait, We don’t have a reservation system.Sorry, I apologize.Maybe I’m still sleepy now.Well. Which fortune do you want to know?Okay, you want to know various,but especially want to know
about your future, right?
Got it.Then, please tell me
your name and birthday.
Okay, Thank you.Let’s see,Well. yeah.First,I tell you what I found
from your name and birthday.
Your blood is red.If you take too much nap,
you cannot sleep at night.
If you are thirsty,
you must drink water.
If you are hungry,
you want to eat something.
If you run for more than 6 hours,
you are a sweater.
You think that people should be
evaluated by personality,
But you care about how it looks.You feels that summer is hot,
and winter is cold.
If you have a low test score or a bad job,
It is a depressed type. You hate the crowds of morning trains. You are the type that only listens to
your favorite music. If you read a book too much,
your eyes hurt. You feel dazzled
when you see the sun. You want to love someone. You are always stressed about something. How is it? Correct? It is, right? I’m correct. Let’s take a look at the future fortune
based on that information. I will try ASMR Zodiac Hex spell. Zodiac culture spreading
in the Oriental Chinese character culture. From a distant past to a distant future, I will do fortune-telling
by Collecting all the time in the world. During this fortune-telling,
people tend to get sleepy, So be relax,
and please sleep if you are sleepy. I will start. (Spell the ASMR Zodiac Hex) Okay, I saw your future. If you think positively,
the future is bright, If you think negatively,
the future is dark. What? Am I saying something natural? Maybe you’re right. However, natural things,
Are all people taking it into action? I am very sorry that
I didn’t tell you more fancy stories. One thing I want to say is Please live ‘NOW’. Don’t blame yourself
for regretting your past mistakes. Don’t rush yourself
by worrying about the future. Now, please focus on your position,
environment, ability and people around you. That’s the way to be happy, and improve you and your life,
and also future. How is it? Is it helpful? I adviced rather than fortune telling. Is that why I don’t have good review? If you like my fortune telling
or an advice, Please write positive review about me. Then, Take a rest. Good night!

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