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Om Namah Shivay In life when we encounter any difficulty we go to astrologers and request them for any solutions after reviewing your horoscope the astrologers tell you about the problem with your planets, some planets are weak and they advise you to wear some Gemstone, Chant Some Mantras, or Wear Rudraksha and you will be out of the problem you have thoughts in your mind that whatever the astrologer is telling you and you follow that but will this be an effective solution, if you follow the advice of the astrologer, will you be able to come out of the problem it is very important for you to understand whatever problems that you are facing at the moment are because of your past Karmas and if the baggage of the past karmas are
very high then you can merely reduce the effect of that karma by following the advice of astrologer you wont be totally able to clear it lets understand this with an example suppose a small kid is riding a bicycle and you ask him to wear a helmet or guards in order to avoid any injury on head, knee
or elbow its not that if the Kid Falls while riding,he
wont get any impact of fall. there is a possibility that he might get some bruises but for sure he will be safe from serious
damage. because of the helmet ! so when we do any astrological remedy thats never 100% effective, but there is one important thing whenever we are told to do any remedy, we become little confident about that for example, if someone asks you to wear a Gem Stone or to Visit any Shiva Temple every Monday so at the back of your mind you have thoughts that you have been told to do some remedy, and you are doing it with discipline and Sincerely And definitely, God is going to support therefore you become more courageous and a positive person in life lets take another example when the battle of Mahabharata was going on then Lord Kirshna felt that Pandavas must win the battle because Pandavas were fighting for Truth and Good but when Lord Krishna felt that Pandavas are fighting with Karna, and Karna was very strong If Pandavas fight with Karna, they won’t be able to win the battle so Lord Krishna said something to Karna related to his past and after which Karna lost all his confidence and he lost that battle, he did not fight the battle with full energy and because of that, he lost that battle and Pandavas won Suppose if we get to know about any problem or any disease and if we prepare/fight with that confidently and with positivity that means that the half of the battle is
already won To summarize, all these remedies are only
protecting us and not removing our problems completely !!! In the next episode, we will see that what all types of remedies are there, such as Chanting Mantra, Rudraksha or Wearing Gem Stones etc. And how much are they effective for our problems so we will cover this in the next part. Om Namah Shivay

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