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Astrology 1 – What is Astrology?

Astrology 1 – What is Astrology?

Could something so far away as the stars
and planets influence your life? What if I tell you that it could. My name is
Nádja, and today we will take a look at some very basic aspects of astrology. We all love to have absolute, total,
unconditional control over our lives, right? The idea that there is something
out there which could have an influence, even if it is just a tiny, little bit of
influence on us, is kinda scary isn’t it? “What about my freaking free will?” you
would ask, and I would say: “Yep, you have that, too.” Astrology is the study of that
influence in our lives. To be more precise, it is the study of certain
celestial objects as having some influence on everything earth related.
And that includes you, and me. Let’s take a look at the influence of the Moon on
ocean tides. The moon has a gravitational pull on earth. We stay down on earth
because we are pinned to it by earth own gravity. Now, water is more fluid and, as
such, it is lighter than a solid object. So when the moon is on its fullest, it is
tugging the waters with earth. Of course Earth wins this tug-of-war, but Earth
waters are stretched to a sort of lump. And that is called high tide. Did you
notice that there is also a lump on the other side of the planet? That is because
the moon pulls a bit on Earth itself and that calls a lump of water on the
opposite side. Since Earth rotates every 24 hours, the oceans have high tides
twice a day! On other parts of the planet the waters drain a way to make those
lumps, and that is called low tides. Cool isn’t it? Now, just to spice it up, let’s
throw in the Sun! When the Sun and the moon are in alignment, the Sun intensifies
the gravitational pull on Earth creating higher tides than normal. Those are
called spring tides. Our body consists of about 60% of water. So if the
gravitational pull of the moon has such an influence on the oceans, would it be
possible for it to also have an influence on us? Celestial objects have been used for a
long, long, long time to guide people while traveling around. We all know, for
example, that the Sun rises in the East; so if you want to go East,
you would not follow a setting sun, would you? Certain groups of stars are only
visible over the horizon at night, in certain month of the year, while other
groups are only seen in other months of the year.
Ancient civilizations used to look at which group of stars was visible to know,
for example, when winter was near. Other constellations would mean that spring
was near. That was very helpful to them because they could decide when to so
when went to harvest. Those were just some examples of the influence of the
moon, the sun, and the stars here on Earth. Oh, but how does that influence you
exactly? And could you use that knowledge in your favor, to improve your life? Well,
we’ll have to go on this discovery journey step-by-step, right? That is what
this video series is all about. Together we will figure out how Astrology truly
helps us understand ourselves, others, and the world we live in.
It’s like understanding people from different cultures. Even though as
individuals they are different from one another, as a cultural group they have
similarities which are different from other cultural groups. Just likely, people
born under certain zodiac sign will be different as individuals, of course; but
yet, have certain similar traits among them. In order to understand the influence of
Astrology in our lives, we have to take a look at the broader meaning of energy.
But I’ll leave that to the next video. See you, then!

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