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Astrology 6 – Triplicities and the Elements

Astrology 6 – Triplicities and the Elements

Hi, and welcome back! My name is Nádja. Today we are going to talk about The Elements. But before that, let’s review the main points
on Modalities. Do you remember from the previous video that
the zodiac signs fall under 3 groups: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable? Cardinal signs are related to the beginning
of a season of the year. Fixed signs to the middle of a season, and
Mutable signs to the end of a season. Depending if a sign is at the beginning, the
middle, or the end of a season, it will have certain characteristics related to it. Now, there are OTHER characteristics attributed
to the signs according to the Classical Elements of Nature. So, let’s take a look:
The four elements of nature are: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. These elements were used, in ancient times
and in several cultures, to explain what things – and even the human body and temperament
– were made of. They attributed two QUALITIES to EACH element:
Fire – with the qualities of hot and dry Air – with the qualities of hot and wet
(think of vapor, to help with the logic in that)
Water – cold and wet Earth –cold and dry
The concept of the four elements of nature is that they form everything! And we all have them in us. But not in the same proportion. So, for example, a group of people has more
fire in it; and another group, has more Earth in it. And what you have more of, is what will determine
YOUR element. In Astrology, we can associate the qualities
of the elements (hot-cold-wet-or dry) to some characteristics of the zodiac signs. According to the elements, the twelve zodiac
signs are divided in four groups called Triplicities, each containing three signs
The triplicity for fire signs is: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs are intense. They are active, they like action. They are outgoing, impulsive, and energized. Fire spreads rapidly, but dies once the fuel
is consumed. Fire signs are great in initiating things,
but struggle to complete them, as if they run out of fuel while trying to get to the
finish line. But then, they find some fuel somewhere else,
and jump right into it with renewed motivation. So jumping from one thing to another seems
to keep them moving. They start something new with such passion
and enthusiasm! They feel intensely, and you WILL KNOW when
a fire sign is experiencing an intense emotion, for they are not shy in expressing it. Fire can keep you cozy and warm; but it also
burns. The triplicity for air signs is: Gemini, Libra,
and Aquarius Air represents the mind, the intellect, and
the social. Air dissipates in all directions, so air signs
tend to see things through different perspectives. They easily understand a different point of
view. They are known for being rational and logical. They love to analyze, ponder, think, and think
some more. They are not comfortable with intense emotions,
though. They prefer to distance themselves from things
too emotional and dramatic; and retreat to the realm of abstract ideas, and logic. Air signs are usually gentle as a breeze;
but angered, they will quickly turn into a tornado. They are full of great ideas, and imagination;
but they are not very good in implementing them. They are, however, good with relationships. They really like socializing with friends
and meeting new people. The triplicity for water signs is: Cancer,
Scorpio, and Pisces [Emotional and Intuitive] Water relates to emotions, the unconscious
or subconscious mind. Water signs are very intuitive. Water spreads to connect. In this regard, they are similar to air signs. But while air signs do not like to go deep
in emotions; water signs are all about deep emotions! They feel things with such intensity – and
in this sense, they are similar to fire signs. But unlike fire signs, which can shout loud
and clear what they are feeling; water signs struggle to verbalize their feelings. Just because they are not saying it, doesn’t
mean that they are not feeling it. In fact, they might feel the deepest of all
the signs. Water sings tend to sulk, instead of shout;
but if the emotion is too unbearing, you might have a sample of the tsunami going on inside
them. The triplicity for Earth signs is: Taurus,
Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth is solid, and physical. Earth signs are practical, and focused on
the needs of the physical world. Earth is passive and receptive, meaning that
it needs external energy to act on it for a reaction. Being the slowest-moving of all the elements,
it tends to keep things as they are. Earth signs are the most ‘down to Earth’
of the zodiac signs, meaning that they keep things real in this material world. They like solid foundations, and have a great
sense of duty. They are loyal, and they will be by your side
in hard times. They are also very sensual and nature oriented. Earth signs are so grounded that they APPEAR
not to be feeling anything. They are the most difficult to provoke; but
if you manage to do so, expect a landslide! Aristotle – Yeah, that Greek philosopher
born centuries before Jesus Christ – suggested that one element could change into another in a cyclic process just like the seasons of the year. This is called Aristotle’s ‘Model of Being
and Becoming’. According to it, everything is temporarily
made of the four elements, in different proportion. So, one element can change into another by
the exchange of one of its qualities. This is shown in the seasons of the year like
this: Spring is wet and becomes hot; Summer is hot
and becomes dry; Autumn is dry and becomes cold; Winter is cold and becomes wet. Which is Spring and starts the cycle again,
in a constant flow between the seasons. In the same way , that system gives fluidity
between the zodiac signs. It also explains why there are differences
between signs of the same element. For example, Pisces being a Winter sign is
colder than the other winter signs because it is of the element water (cold and wet). So, you have cold-cold. Aquarius is a Winter sign too, but it is not
as cold as Pisces because, as an air sign, Aquarius is HOT and wet. So, not as cold. Capricorn is also a Winter sign, and also
colder because it is an Earth sign (cold and dry). But, what makes Capricorn different from the
other two is the fact that it is NOT wet. It is dry. In other words, Pisceans are less impulsive
(cold) than Aquarians (hot). And a lot more flexible and sociable (wet),
than Capricorns (dry). Another example is the combination of the
Modalities with the Triplicities. Let’s get the Mutable signs – Gemini,
Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. They are all flexible, and adapt well to changes. Now, Gemini is an air sign (hot and wet). This makes it extra flexible and quick to
change. As an air sign, its realm is the intellect,
so it will be very quick in ‘Making up its mind’ or ‘changing its mind’. Virgo is an Earth sign (cold and dry). So it is not as quick to changes as Gemini. As an Earth sign, Virgo’s realm is of stability,
so it likes to make sure the changes will bring some security to it. Sagittarius is a fire sign (hot and dry). So it is quicker to changes than Virgo, and
just as quick as Gemini; but, as a fire sign, its realm is of action. Sagittarius will love a change of physical
space. Pisces is a water sign (cold and wet), the
realm of water signs is emotion. Pisceans are known to be a little moody. Like fish going up and down in water, Piscean
emotions are usually fluctuating. Interesting, isn’t it? For some graphic illustrations, visit our
website or follow us on Instagram. Links below, in the description box. In the next video, we will take a look at
yet some more distinctive groups of the zodiac signs. I hope you have enjoyed! And I’ll see you soon!

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