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Astrology for the Soul April 11, 2018

Astrology for the Soul  April 11, 2018

100 Replies to “Astrology for the Soul April 11, 2018”

  • Liz G says:

    Love you brother, thanks for sharing. I LOVE Egypt, enjoy

  • ani raphael says:

    life is good?? You are one liberated man of love and life? You are fucking awesome….thanks

  • Vanda Guzman, All things Spirit says:

    Awesome thanjs Live V

  • Dolby says:

    love you baby, spot on, let go a few things that were no longer serving me, living my truth. Thanks for the confirmation, I did this yesterday. Wow

  • Katrina Sky Weaver says:

    mali cum shalam

  • GLNgal9 says:

    Thanks so much for your message; it hit home as usual.

  • suzy fracassa says:

    I love you, Tom! Thank you so much for your clarity, inspiration and global healing. Truth!

  • Mariette Papic says:

    YOU so good

  • lil brans says:

    Philae/Nubian village Aswan? My favorite places in Egypt. Feeling this xoxo

  • Jeff Pryor says:

    AMEN Brother

    First Dynasty King, EGYPT

    November 2017 to 2018
    Jupiter's 12 Year Cycle
    (Jew Peter, Yew Petra)
    The Chronometer
    Devoured Every ⛅ SUN

    NEW Year Tragedy
    MARCH 21, 2018
    March 23 The Sun 🌟 still
    19 April (GABRIEL) 2018
    Neptune in PISCES
    Points to Andromeda
    (Where Man [Andro] from)

    Welcome to NEW AGE of AQUARIUS
    17 January 2017
    @ 8:10 a.m.

    23 September 2017
    (The Sun should have been in LIBRA CONSTELLATION)

    AFTER 7000 Year Alignment
    SIGN, 4 YEARS Later,

    The TECHNOLOGY needs an Upgrade. Copper Coax Cable is Corroded and Eroding Away Poisoning Our COMMUNITY'S



    21 AUGUST 2017
    8 APRIL (GABRIEL) 2024

  • OshoRuchi says:

    love the camels

  • Sascha Koershuis says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Julie Sarah says:

    SO relevent! literatley just had a conversation with someone yesterday about discerning whether we were defending life choices that actually stand in the way of our growth with proud principles or whether by questioning them, because they are unique values, we are doubting our truth, and we really do hold those values, but society/ parents hold different values.

  • Sonya Knox says:

    I love you man❣❣❣❣😎✌

  • Rita Jakuceviciute says:

    Thank you so much! this is exactly what I'm going throw.. Namaste

  • Rima Muna says:

    I love you! I love that you spoke Arabic

  • Hilda Sanabria Azofeifa says:

    Yes! I´ve beeing feeling this pressure that seems not going to end haha aa!! BUT i need to do those things that i wanted since years ago and that live is giving to me now! they are my dreams ! its scary like hell but i/we have to do this for us <3 As a capricornian I know very well the limitations and yup they are so many , right now im going to take the bus, the last bus i took was like 2 months ago….its time!! thank you Kaypacha <3 <3

  • Angelique Marie says:

    Kaypacha, it was a supreme pleasure to meet you last May in Costa Rica at Astrology Rising. I hadn't slept for 33 hours on that long journey to get there. I really appreciate you. I didn't get to say what I wanted to that day because I was delirious, but here it is: You have been saving my peace of mind for many years now through Youtube the Pele Report changed everything for me. You lead me into studying astrology at much greater detail and I am now able to understand so much about this life. Your words and intense generosity continue have truly saved my life on more than one occassion. I'll never be able to thank you to the depth at which you have helped me. SO MUCH LOVE! Angelique

  • Astral Unity says:

    Ye man right on, right on ✌🏼❤️

  • Angelnlight says:


  • teresa fonseca says:

    Such an inspiring video. Thank you Kaypacha.

  • Zeoreading Tarot & Oracle By Joseph La Sac says:

    Thank you Kaypacha! Just what i needed to hear 💙

  • Du Vaughn says:

    Kaypacha, bayba. Love to hear it.


    Thank you. You're awesome. I feel your heart.

  • Nick Kesar says:

    Kaypacha is No.1

    Thanks sir, for the wisdom in your words and for updating us about all those blessings that we already feel nearing. Much love to you Mr Kaypacha! Aloha!

  • Catherine Band says:

    OUCH! Just too true.

  • Tanya Lovebuddha tarot says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙏 I love your readings. My cards today spoke very similar messages xx

  • shinawright says:

    Auuuuuú! My spaceship is ready!
    exciting times! you are the one rocking it out Kaypacha! much love!

  • Victoria Paine says:

    Especially 8:00 — 13:00ish the message I'm grateful to receive today. Thank you!

  • Lisa Tully says:

    Thank you for sharing…💜 Im taking off…💜

  • Sash says:

    Thanks for the trip to the nile, loved it!!

  • Céline Bossé says:

    Love it!!!!

  • onebutterfly420 says:

    Namaste <3

  • zeinazeinazeina says:

    salaamu alaykum

  • Ave Guenthner says:

    The Nile!!!

  • Elisabeth Ann Wexler says:

    Have you traveled to every continent? Wow! Thank you as always for your Astrological perspective!

  • Connie West says:

    I cried and cried, as an Aries married to a Scorpio I never gave a thought to my husband setting boundaries for me, I just for the last 43 years thought I had weak boundaries and I didn't matter. I will keep this post and remember that I am worthy of love and life, thank you so much, God bless you!

  • thattoughchick says:

    I've been speaking my truth all along… Couldn't even help but do so. And of course I got in trouble with some people and institutions that didn't want to be stood up to, or feel unimportant or unable to control me. I'm an independent spirit, though. No one can or will control me. It's been a difficult period having to stand alone and just do my own thing while others sat back and disapproved, judged, and gossiped about me while secretly wishing they had that kind of freedom and peace within themselves. I've tried to help my fellow man through this period of rejection; that was how I felt I could heal, and I have. It's nice to finally get some validation, not the pushback and hate I've gotten for years. It's especially valuable coming from the planets. Namaste! Enjoy your African excursion – it seems like a vibrant, gorgeous setting. 😊♥️

  • valerie joyce says:

    Thank You ⚡️🌹⚡️

  • Orion Je'daii says:

    Anyone else see the UFO/orb at 8:30??

  • KT TenHoopen says:

    Love, love, LOVE this… spot on! Thank u, Kaypacha. xo

  • Beth Summers says:

    Brilliant – clarity I have been asking for, feeling slightly guilty at not being able to accept the relationship that my daughter wants, which means, on her terms. It has taken me a while to realise that I have to let this go as she is not willing to meet me half way but it seems like wants to control me through her own sense of power and insecurity!  It has been such a hard thing for me to do and it has taken 30 years to get here! I guess this is truly letting go but it feels like a price to pay for self integrity. blessings.

  • Alice Pesta says:

    you are magic namaste

  • Tracy McCormick says:

    BEAUTIFUL. Boundaries are key to me. Blessings and gratitude, Kaypacha!

  • Remmi Shand says:

    Holy smokes. So cray cray! Thankyou.

  • Fierce Compassion says:

    You my brother are f-in so cool! Great message for n my heart is right in tune, guess because it's being delivered from home in past life….. Thanks

  • pascale RACINE says:

    Space for Life ,river of création , it own truth. Thank kapaysha

  • b says:

    wow! so spot on and speaking directly to the heart of what I'm dealing with right now. Also– the video quality and lack of background white noise/feedback on this was AMAZING!!! one of the best I've seen. I usually struggle to get through b/c of the background noise. Maybe you should keep using your phone????

  • Nathan A. Gamer says:

    i love your shirt btw!

  • Poornima Wijendra says:

    So current .🙏🏿✌🏾☀️namaste Kaypacha 👌🏽

  • locecha lo says:

    this is scary resonating!

  • Liliana Jai Hung says:

    ılı.♥.ılı. ∞~ !

  • Charlie Bakels says:

    Thanks kaypacha 🙂

  • rainbow starks says:

    I FELT LIKE YOU WERE SPEAKING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME. Thank you so much. This was the last push I needed to go my own way 💙

  • Melissa O'Brien says:

    Beautiful Egypt 🙂 I have great memories of The Nile over 18 years ago now… Thanks for your energy update Xx

  • rankemperor says:

    This horoscope reminds me intuitively of the birthing process.

  • Lottie Sünkel says:

    Thankyou so much tom!! I was wondering if you could define astrology in your terms…I’ve done this many times for myself and find there are many different ways of understanding it, but would love to hear yours. Hugs!

  • Emily Alp says:

    Great hat and lighting and info. So much gratitude!!!!

  • Ruby Q says:

    Saying no feels good!! Standing up to abuse and finally being able to break free from patterns and people that make me so sad. Because of standing up for myself, they are getting so livid and trying to control and hurt me even more. I'm still pushing through. They will not keep me down any longer. I choose freedom and a new life, the one God really wants me to live. Thank you so much! Strength and courage to all through these tests.

  • TechnoAtTheDisco says:

    Best one ever. Thank you so much. You helped my guts feel better about guilt. I am living my own truth thank you man

  • Lisa Murray says:

    I'm so bummed I couldn't be there for this trip. I so wanted to. But feeling it remotely. thankyou xx

  • Barbara Leonard says:

    Why do you keep referring to Capricorn as a negative force? Capricorn is also the sign of Mastery and manifestation. We can choose the lower aspect of the sign (Nixon) or the ascended Master aspect of the sign. : /

  • Lynn Kavanagh says:

    Amazing message ~ thank you!! 💜

  • TANDIN says:

    I almost always take time to watch your reports since June 2016 and I have been experiencing a lot of what you were expressing today. Thanks for the acknowledgement of source that reminds us that we are ok and not somehow bad just because of imagined failings. Peace love and light from AZ.
    Breathing, self love!
    Such monumental hurdles we are all dissolving together.
    What's really cool is that some how through all the fear and doubt we will transform ourselves into a new race of human beings.
    No "question" anymore, no more duality or illusion's of freedom.
    All our dreams have formed our new world for it is us who must build it.
    Our liberation is at hand, united we stand, lets fill our world with our beacons of light.

  • Anjali says:

    Wow! you are really a big time traveller Kaypacha. How lucky! We get to see some amazing places with your travels.

  • SharmaRay Goldman says:

    this reading totally speaks to me!
    thank you for such a bang on reading!!

  • Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann says:

    Love you Kaypacha!

  • Raychel Espiritu says:

    Thank you for this message!

  • Melo Earth says:

    Kaypacha you are in denial. hahahaha (the old river joke)

  • Seasoned WeMoon says:

    So much Love Brother from an Aries true! ✨✨✨✨

  • marie-noelle Anderson says:

    it's not only us vs. our parents, but us as parents, freeing ourselves from our grown-up children 😉 !

  • Pacinka Malinka says:

    this is freaking scary. i quit my job yesterday. came home listened to your report and i knew you would tell i did the right thing. goose bumps.
    NICE SHIRT BTW, so much love. thank you

  • treasurelu says:

    Amazing! So spot on! The new Moon, Sun, Uranus and Ares will be on my Ascendent on Sunday! Mars and Saturn will be on my Jupiter. Chiron is entering my 12th house. The Full Moon on 29 April.will be on my Neptune in my 7th House. It's been tough, man… I've been suffering madening bullying at work… I need to reclaim my power and tell them to back off!…

  • daniel aguayo says:

    Yup after 6 months of no smoking i told my mom basically i had one marijuana cigarett and bam it was the end of the world lmao im still here giving blood.

  • into the Heart says:

    Thank you for this, Kaypacha! ✨💗✨

  • Barry Minor says:

    New beginnings for a BETTER LIFE
    More Best Upgraded Days ahead
    Unfolding the truths and act accordingly to THRIVE

  • Angela Bowes says:

    Wow, so spot on!!!
    I love you Kaypacha x
    Thank you, for everything x

  • Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy v2.0 says:

    Spot on!

  • Kataleen Sophia says:

    sounds like You're gonna get a divorce!!!! Sounds all like your personal stuff.

  • IriniLoveLotus says:

    Wow! been feeling this time was arriving soon, thank you fr clarifying this time. I knew I had to watch this video had missed a few of them lately preparing for the flight. Namaste to you too Kaypacha, getting my rocket fuel ready to blast off! Gently of course hehehe. My cuspian birthday coming up soon, interested to see how these next two weeks go because the last month has felt like something was holding me back because of something else about to arrive, today something changed a shift motivation increased, then watching your video, now Im ready! 😉 . Irini Peace

  • wp yogini says:

    Wow. Spot on!

  • Andrea Joy says:

    Incredible insights♡♡♡ thank you and So much Love**

  • Micheila Satie says:

    Gosh Kaypacha. Since you got so famous I haven't been able to talk with you. Remember Carollee from Arizona. Shamanic Astrology. ???

  • A. Snow says:

    The US started the bombing of Syria on Friday the 13th.

  • May Coello says:

    Kaypacha, man! I love you <3 I'm rocking out yeah baby 🙂

  • Marcelo Di Florio says:

    Fri 13, three days before the new moon the U.S start bombing Syria. Can astrologers stop ignoring that the fact that the elite use astrology to instigate events to effect our frequencies? The silence is defeaning on the subject. And guilt isn't the number one controller it's war as a tool for blood sacrifice for the divine feminine that you so fondly speak of.

  • Juanita Watson says:

    Literally one of the best videos yet. I am making huge changes in my business right now and this message is incredibly empowering. Thank you Kaypacha!

  • Rosie's Inspirational Channel says:

    Thanks Kaypacha, spot on for me!

  • AgentFluffyKnickers says:

    oh I love you! just rocked it out a gig and found me a rhythm section and a big rocket ship ! yeeha xxx

  • cricketseeker says:

    For once….no smothering here! I did have to exit a FB friendship last night with a somatic narcissist whose energy I could bear no more. I told her why I was exiting, as compassionately as possible, I guess that was a bit smothering but at the root simply a choice which could just as easily be reversed. Not sure how one can share that kind of thing in a way that won't be perceived as shocking and as far as destruction…some patterns are destructive and need to be re-examined. Appreciate your reports, they help me to make sense of the madness of this world. I should be watching them sooner rather than later in the week though at which point they simply serve more as explanation for everything that has occurred. 🙂 You are traveling in the tracks of a journey I took at the age of 23 to Greece and Egypt. Bringing back good memories. Safe travels…

  • Suzy Cat says:

    🙂 LOVE 2 U ! <3  Great location! Energies having sudden changes, hot & cold, love & tensions. Neptune trines Neptune amongst my Scorpio Sun & stellium there ^.^ Jupiter almost opposing Venus affects us.Oppositions that brought attraction feel different. Sure its temp. Venus in Taurus has been super <3  Thank you for helping me see myself clearly & for all your weekly uploads. x

  • the Wellness Channel says:

    another great Pele Kaypacha u rock!

  • Rose Czyrny says:

    I just returned from Egypt~ such a mystical place. I was there for 2 weeks chanting, meditating in the temples and pyramids. Such an awesome forecast! Thank You!!

  • Alo says:

    Associating controllers, oppressors and dominators with 'Capricorn energy' is neither nice nor accurate. I'm a big supporter of the Pele report and have been fora couple of years, but I'm a bit tired of hearing that blanket statement repeatedly on here… Capricorn is like every other sign: made of positive and negative energy…

  • Kelly Makortoff says:

    Years now…..blowing me away….every dang week. So much gratitude!!!

  • Fernanda Aragon says:

    Love you

  • MiMi Meems says:

    hi Kaypacha. I have a rather small channel by comparison, but i love my friends that subscribe and I wanted them to know about you as well, so I gave you a channel shout out. Hope that you don't mind. Much love<3

  • Cris Meillon says:

    I love you Keypacha.

  • rasila88 says:

    INTERRUPTIONS.. Way I 'feel' control, thank you admitting we do not control every thing and therefore do not create all our reality. I dislike the new age
    'you create everything" over simplistic interpretation..
    ommm spot on in many ways.

  • rasila88 says:

    Wow.. that last bit about Space and flowers so in sinc with my inner thinking when practice. room for practice silence to bloom. ommmmmm

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