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Astrology for the Soul August 16, 2017

Astrology for the Soul  August 16, 2017

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  • Ruby Star says:

    All I Am Aware of, is that Kaypacha is a Leo Sun. ~ ~ And Yes, it's Heartwarming to See Him Mellowed by the Italian Influences, including the Wine. ~ ~ Although Wonderfully Warm and Sunny, He Does became a Tad Impatient with Things, and recently Commented (from Ireland, I think), Saying Words to the Effect of: "Why Does Everything Have To Take So Much Time?!" ~ ~ ~ That ties in with the Comments Below, that a Number of You Wrote, about Him having a Host of Planets in Leo, including His Rising Sign, combined with a Gemini Moon. ~ ~ On the Flip Side, He Gets a Lot Done, and Covers a Lot of Ground, and I *LOVE* that He Journeys around the Globe, Rocking Up in Unspoilt Beauty Spots, and Offering Us All His Wonderful Astrology for the Soul Reports, with Wisdom, Intuition, Humour, Clarity, Realism, and His Trademark Crazy Laugh!! ~ ~ He Expresses Honestly and Openly How He Feels, but then, it is Gone, and He Moves On, seemingly able to Release His Stuff, and Burn It on the Fire, thus Creating Space for Whatever Arises Next!! ~ Alchemist that He is ~ Kaypacha is a Great Teacher, because He Lives His Life, According to His Vision, a Wonderfully Free Spirit! ~ ~ Expressing His Passions to Everyone Everywhere! (Astrology and Kundalini Yoga +). ~ ~ He is also simply Himself! ~ He Inspires, by Example, Inviting Others to Be Their Unique Expressions of Who They were Designed to BE, too!! ~ ~ I LOVE YOU, KAYPACHA*X* ~ ~ YOUR PRESENCE ON THIS PLANET IS CONSTANTLY UPPING THE ENERGY, LIGHT, AND POSITIVITY, AS WE CO – CREATE THIS NEW PARADIGM, WITH YOU!! ~ ~ *COMPASSION IN ACTION* ~ (Replacing Capitalism with What Works for the WHOLE of Humanity). ~ ~ Infinite Love & Bountiful Blessings ~ Ruby*X*

  • sue Gentles says:

    as the eclipse was at 29o leo. it was in my 10th., not 9th house, take notice of that folks.
    thank you again for such an awesome report. So much Love xx

  • Torbj├Ârn Larsson says:

    It is really amazing to experience what those eclipses, full and blackmoons can be triggering. Even though we are prepared in our thoughts and minds some things can just appear and we have to do something we didn`t have plans for just a few minutes before. I will confirm that this eclipse was about speaking our truths and facing our fears, well at least for me as well. So i share that road ­čÖé Very good inerpretation and prediction!!!

  • Luna Johnstone says:

    So much love to you Kaypacha! What a great Pele Report, though I love them all this one was real chill just the vibe we need x­čĺť

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