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Astrology for the Soul July 5, 2017

Astrology for the Soul  July 5, 2017

100 Replies to “Astrology for the Soul July 5, 2017”

  • Elisabeth Andersen says:

    I am forever grateful that I have found you soon two years ago when I was at my darkest times 💜 You really do make me feel better and put a smile and a laugh on my face every time! So much love from Denmark 🇩🇰 ❤️ 🙏🏼

  • lordsod69 says:

    Thanks again bro; good that you mention the Federal (Fraud) Reserve, Rothschilds etc; what a scam it is indeed; we have all been duped for a long time by these hucksters. Time to ditch the Monopoly (fraud board) Game and get back to real living; actually caring for one another rather than being pawns in their game. Looking forward to meeting you in Ireland!

  • ani raphael says:

    oh my Goddess and 3 frickin bunches of bananas in a yod….hold on to your sweet visions and keep on laughin into the microphone bro, You are so powerful wiithout struggle

  • ani raphael says:

    brother hood is the goal

  • ani raphael says:

    no needs bro, we are already complete and whole right in this moment…..! Just move into this new energy in love and unity…..loveya Bro yep! getting crazy creative

  • Ry Lv says:

    Wow!!!!! Best pele report ever!!!!

  • Amy Owen says:

    Great report, thank you! As someone born in the first of the Pluto soul groups mentioned I've been wondering for years how to live off the grid doing my "real work", which seemed separate from the career. Now the real work is happening as naturally as getting up in the morning to a new day. The career I have easily encompasses and reformats into healing ourselves with our geography, our local food and nature, creating economies that serve community, and teaching others to do it for themselves. Yes to changing up the system from within!

  • Jennifer Swystun says:

    Yes, even shopping at your local Farmer's Market, working on those Farms in exchange for food, trades (your time for another's product), Farm labour as "rent" etc. Be creative & open to possibilities :o)

  • Toetsie Lugtigheid says:

    Cool, today I was having a conversation with a friend about our dreams as therapists/ healers and how to inspire people to change there life's an open there eyes! Cause that's what we feel it's all about. So mind blowing to hear you talk about the same thing. Also great to hear about the Pluto Scorpio generation, because jep, that's us. Freaking cool. Knowing that helps at understanding and gives a lot of trust/ confidence! Let's kick some ass!
    Love, Toetsie

  • neptunesdreams says:

    Want a new system? Check out the Unconditional Basic Income at BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network) – http://basicincome.org

  • Laurel Miller says:

    You always blow my mind. I was watching that movie for the first time in years today prior to seeing your Pele. I launched a new business idea today. New New New. Raw from the old feelings coming up and asking to be purged. You are amazing. <3 Thank you for being a mirror and validating I'm not alone in feeling this energy so intensely.

  • SlowRevolt says:

    Lookup 'The Money Masters' here on YouTube if interested in learning more about the Fed

  • Diogo Martins Mota says:

    what about the matriarchy kaypacha ? will the end of patriarchy result in a world where woman rules the world like ginarchy and matriachal societies, it is very manly degrading

  • Janelle Rose says:

    Thank you brother, and also for the insights about Pluto in Scorpio. I'm just stepping into that right now, I've started making videos and created a (quite shamanic alchemical) healing program for trauma survivors based on body shame, disordered eating, and self love. My channel is "Body Love Warrior" and I'm just making a video on toxic shame and suicidal ideation. I appreciate the affirmation! My mission is to help empaths and sensitiveS liberate themselves from the prison of abuse trauma and reconnect to their vast inner resources so we can all rise up! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nlrH858kihw

  • Amanda Collings says:

    Why has no one recognised that for years now we've been forced to live in a debtocracy as I like to call it.

  • Amanda Collings says:

    Wow…my life has been completely blown apart over the last year…I chucked the junk out of my trunk, a couple of deaths, feel like a kaleidoscope……but other thing starting to come in and make sense. Need to use all my painful experiences in a healiing way for others.

  • Brian AllOne says:

    This one brought tears to my eyes. So accurate.

  • cristiane lindner de moraes says:

    So perfect report… Nail it… I'm doing that exactly… New epistemology created… Design thinking method for creativity… Amazing…

  • Danila Angileri says:

    What is the solution?

  • Miss B says:

    Born 1970 … Pluto in Virgo. Feeling the push. Best report 🤸‍♀️ thank you

  • Gwen Noack says:

    Kaypacha I have loved listening to you for years… and have found I am utterly yucked realizing that the future of man is chipping, RFID, and personal digital currencies… As our current "system" collapses; it will be replaced with "The Chip" as discussed in the Zeitgeist films. You couldn't be more right when you say that dancing and singing and what not is not going to cut it…nor will it develop the kahunas to refuse The Chip & The Replacement System… So, I'm trying to find the positive in RFID for humans; for my children, my grandchildren, my great-grand children, and so on…Not much luck so far! How do you seriously discuss it with your children and grand children? Seriously. What have you figured/planned as a family for forced chipping at birth? ID2020.org is real enough to be holding meetings with the UN…We are passing through the doorway of The Singularity. The old, natural ways truly are passing away and are being replaced with "technology" for everything. To wish destruction and collapsing the current System will send the US back to a mid 1800's lifestyle… and our pampered, snowflake, peace loving "yippies" of all ages (yuppie-hippies) are grossly under-prepared for that kind of living…Therefore, they will be the backbone, the foundation of The New Digital System; not healers and shamans and saints of the future. Any "system" is only as good as the people inside it.

  • EatYourselfHealthy says:

    Yeah, zeitgeist. Quite the awakening. Glad you mentioned it!

  • tiger8me says:

    Hey Kaypacha…love this…as always. If you look into the OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust) it takes you even further down the $ rabbit hole. A group of lawyers filed a UCC document that foreclosed on the Federal Reserve, the Vatican and all Corporations. Basically removing their power to control us, unless they step up and admit they enslaved humanity. The video is here under this title.. A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People's Public Trust

  • catherine anderson says:

    Luv u Kaypacha xxx

  • English Roberts says:

    Thank you for the hints about pluto in scorpio! What do I do if that is my South Node? Neglect those abilities to move towards the North Node or what?

  • Diana Westrup says:

    This resonates with my personal perception of things. Revealing of practical paths to undertake. Thank you very much Kaypacha. Much love to you.

  • Deb Criss says:

    Sometimes it would be great if you could just get to the report a little faster. and once you talk about the bananas, maybe not keep going back to it, once you've covered it, and get back to the report. One from Asheville

  • Deb Criss says:

    and really do love your report, for the most part

  • Bren the Wizard says:


  • Roni Wise says:

    Beautiful message. My cancer sun is deepening into the loveliness of rejuvenation and rest, preparing for a burst into creativity and appreciation. Thanks for the heads up for the weekend, forewarned is forearmed, I always say 🙂

  • Kaci West says:

    Many months of foreseen self-development in Playa Avellana, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. If you don't mind me asking, what region are you in?

  • BeingHere.DoingNow says:

    So feeling these energies!Thank you for the reminder and the validation of it Kaypacha.
    Just want to add in that bringing forth the feminine in how we manifest all of this is very important. Honoring that balance… "…That starts with me, being able to see into the fixture of wo/man." 🙏💜

  • Dorene Garvin says:

    Way to always say it like it is, Kaypacha! <3

  • Katie Indicrow IndiCrow Energetics says:

    kaypacha. i love you. you influenced my journey so much. thank you for all the lessons and realness. youre a beautiful gift.

  • cornellcutie1 says:

    We are attracting all the people who want to be part of the solution at our website! This forecast sounded like you were talking about all the hard work our supporters are working on. 🙂 Take a listen to hear about all we are doing and our plans for the future. http://www.thetransition.org/the_transition_featured_on_the_sustainable_living_podcast

  • Melanie D'Arcy says:

    SO on point & timely. I literally spent all day today absorbing, let's say, 'dot-connecting' articles & videos about the system…. (not most important, but most entertaining… anyone heard about the #MemeWar going on right now? Spinning off from Reddit/CNN/Donald Trump, & epicentered on twitter — it's "the internet vs. CNN")

    You are so right about the monetary system… which anchors a tightening control grid the powers-that-be want to impose on all of us… (police state, new world order, agenda 21, etc etc) And if they don't get their way they have the option of crashing the economic system too… (ever think about that?)

    In my spirit, I felt a stirring to get involved in permaculture & permaculture networks again… as part of my next steps, after digesting this latest wave of info. And actually, I spontaneously ran into someone from my 2013 permaculture course yesterday…

    And here is permaculture being mentioned in your report, along with the other themes!

    Entrepreneurship is something I'm currently working on… I like how you emphasized stepping into roles of healing & leadership at the end….. That resonates.

    Thank you!!

  • Melanie D'Arcy says:

    PS: What about Pluto in Libra? You skipped us!

  • Élisa.and.Blair says:

    hahaha… you're welcome Kaypacha!! So much love! … Sounds great by the way 😉

  • michaela villiers-kendall says:

    'Before we know it', Wonderful Gemini expression! We already know it, don't we. We just want to SEE it happen….Or start to. Good one, Kaypacha.

  • Sabine Neuteboom says:

    Not everyone is able to live the way you do. They are surviving in the system in terrible jobs with low income, to support their children. We should not Judge or feel better as them. Not everyone is able to escape. They don't have the money, the connections, the health or the knowledge how. I wonder if there would be enough space when we all leave the city to move to the countryside and start with permaculture.  But I like the Idea. I've seen the earth will go through some changes first. And we ar not all going to survive. But we also know life is more than what is going on on this 'level'. I love your reports, your optimism and humor!

  • Anne Verhulst says:

    Thanks Tom, made my heartbroken day again 🙂

  • Rabia Rashid says:

    Well said. Excellent video.
    All the best.

    { o8•21•1986 }

  • Torbjörn Larsson says:

    I do agree with you about how we should relate to the systems. Perhaps our systems have some differences but in worldwide it is basicly the same, the money rules the world and the people and not the other way around, just like s broken runaway train that has left the track a long time ago and runs just faster and faster until there is nothing left of it. Its time to turn our back to this old destructive chain of slavery and start something healthy and sustainable for our lives, bodies and sould. Just lets do what we can everyone after her own capacity. You are doing a great job talking about this very important questions and put the light where we need it the most. I feel you are a role model for how people should use their courage :). Peace.

  • LoveHasWon says:


  • Shockin' Rose says:

    wise words once again, thank you Kaypacha! <3

  • Tirra Omilade says:

    It is as if you have been in my head. Thank you for this!!!

  • Merlee says:

    How could you top perfect again and again? Bravo Perfecto

  • Nella Rohan says:

    If I was born with north node in Leo does that make this placement even more potent or urgent for me?

  • Nella Rohan says:

    Definitely feeling the demands of the system as I try to spread my wings and flying higher into my creativity and purpose

  • Yvonne Delet says:

    Soooooooooooooo true.

  • Cassandra Says says:

    You are very helpful. Thanks.

  • rilema05 says:

    You've never been to Wisconsin! 🙂 Come to Wisconsin? I know , it's not a location people are dying to get to haha.

  • culturehorse says:

    K is nurturing his inner Alex Jones? LOL 'change the system', eh? Good luck with that 'vision'. Certainly NOT what we come to hear about. Can get that in spades elsewhere and better informed as well. Kaypatcha mentions the 'federal reserve' again, I unfollow. Not AT ALL what the message here's remotely ever been about.

  • Amanda Moxley says:

    Best one ever. Thank you. Your reports bring joy and reason to all of us!

  • Fermín A. Valenzuela Franco says:

    that was a funny introduction, "i put foam on the microphones!" lol

  • Taylor Smothermon says:

    How do we navigate as healers through this shift into the Age of Aquarius while being allies to our indigenous brothers and sisters and not crossing boundaries of "cultural appropriation"? (People that are lost with no link to spirituality being introduced to ceremonies, prayer, medicine, sweat lodge, yoga, sister/brotherhood, etc.)

  • fruitmakesucute says:

    you warm my heart <3

  • Ms.FitVegan says:

    Amazing video! Thank you 🙏🏼💕💕

  • Gilla Zuerner says:

    interests are soooooo interesting and the current currencies gggg

  • blackbird garden says:

    i dont think only 2 pluto generations have the monopoly on healing. In my experience the two generations you quote can, and do, very easily go wildly in the opposite direction into destruct-mode rather than healing mode. In terms of who is a healer, Chiron placement and Chiron aspects in the chart are huge, as are simple virgo/pisces planets, aspects and point placements.
    In terms of permaculture, Ive worked in this for many years and its the devils own job to wake up permaculturists to the truth of things like constant toxic geoengineering affecting all growing things etc. And in terms of being brainwashed by UN/Corporate engineered terms like "sustainability" they come top of the league and cheerily do the work of the corporate/banker elites for them, uncritically using their terms and concepts, with no awareness of what they really mean. Also many permaculturists Ive met, can be "holier than thou" and just "dont want to know" anything regarding for example the UN Agenda 21, and Agenda 30. So I think it is important to look deeper and not idolise one group of people over another. Anyway thankyou for raising these topics and I enjoyed your report

  • Julie Dagle-Funk says:

    Over the top!!! Thank you SO much & SO much love!!! I have my struggles with technology too- we will arrive… in style of course ❤️🦄🦋🌞🌎🕉💕

  • Beth Roberts says:

    Best Pele Report everrrrrrrr! Thanks so much!

  • Wanda Grantham says:

    Spot on, my BD was 7/6 I am feeling it intensely, every thing you said, Spot ON

  • Lisa Waldstadt says:

    What about Pluto in Libra generation…the ones in-between?

  • Dryfield3 says:

    Your still the best, although I feel that things have to get way worse before things will really change for the better. But change they will.

  • Rob Nelson says:

    "I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create". William Blake

  • Max Udovičić says:


  • Kate Culver says:

    Knowing the history of our economic system is great! And next we look at the solutions and the wonderful ideas coming forth around Public Money. This is beyond Public Banking. It is about taking the GENERATION of money away from the banks all together. If you want to go deep in understanding this fix here's the place: www.monetary.com

  • xAgentVFX says:

    Yeaaaaaahhhh Doctor Strange

  • Kym Michelle says:

    Fabulous Kaypacha 💝 So many messages I needed to hear and remind me about my ideas and purpose 🌻

  • Kimberly Lynn says:

    the higher plan, the transformed path, is not made by a series of mild choices and partial inaction. choosing freedom ( this includes mental bondage), balance, action, responsibility , sovereignty, cultivating mindful devotion to service … this Is how we find our security, our safety… because we know the security we seek is an illusion, but as Amma said " surrender to the supreme is the only guarantee of safety, and the only way to bliss "

  • Stephanie Rose says:

    my weekly ceremony: Pele report, cup of tea, deep exhales! xo Thanks again for the light, love and inspiration. Loved your talk on Saltspring xo

  • Kameron Witham says:

    Good one! 🙌🌞🎶💕

  • Setro says:

    I had no idea planets had such effect on us and our own planet. This is neat stuff and I really like the whole aspect of astrology. Subbed!

  • thatonekid says:


  • Vanessa Palm says:

    Thank you! This helped me to explain how I was feeing as I was lookin at my natal chart and comparing it to the transits. Always love these pele reports. Thank you Kaypacha!

  • Lea Walters says:

    "The system isn't broken, it was built this way." Sign at Occupy march.

  • Lightworker Support says:

    LOL – YOU ARE A RIOT – in addition to being wise and brilliant – THANK YOU!

  • Jennifer Justice says:

    THANK YOU!!! I can HEAR you so much BETTER!!

  • Kate Feathers says:

    I live in Asheville!

  • R says:

    You are a blessing for us. Thank you

  • travis17travis says:

    Spot on!
    Thank you!

  • UpFromTheSkies Etsy says:

    Handmade Crystal Jewelry for anyone looking for support on their path to spiritual evolution, or just some good vibes ♡ https://www.etsy.com/shop/UpFromTheSkies

  • Lyra Zabriskie says:

    Powerful message and such a good perspective reminder about attracting through wisdom that feels good. 🙂 yay! The most enjoyable way to "fight the system". Really feeling lifted up to do more this week. Thanks as always!

  • betty beepbeep says:

    thankyou kaypacha .so much love♡

  • LET A LONE says:

    Very Jack Nicholson.. 👊🌍✔🍀🔥💥

  • Ioana Covali says:


  • Gijsbert Dekker says:

    Nice mantra, just have seen and will create a whole new live and plans, based on new deep insights in myself, and leaving all old plans behind. Exactly as you mention here. Nice. Creating a even better future of even higher vibration by working each day in myself to grow and grow, and leave all old patterns and emotions behind. ALso nice you mention not to fight what we don't want anymore. Exactly they only way that will work. Choose only what you want and feels good from your inner feelings/soul, and don't mind and give attention what you don't want. Just say YES what you want in live and forget about the rest. It will indeed auttomatically let other people follow us on our path to inner wisdom and happiness, to find their own path and happiness.

  • D'Ann J says:

    SO much love ❤️

  • Lizi Jamal says:

    yes it was.Buckminster…. absolutely and thats what permaculture teaches us…… start in your own back yard… Aho brother all power to the good…..xx

  • Babette C says:


  • Brittany Lynne says:

    The system isnt broken. It was built this way.

  • Nelly Coerts says:

    you are spot on kaypacha!

  • Mycenea Worley says:

    I love you, Dude! Your approachable wisdom coupled with that humor is fantastical!

  • Ana Ribeiro says:

    Thanks I really needed to hear that. Studying to be a Nutrition Educator (vegan). ❤️❤️❤️

  • kungfu2toe says:

    lol We are not born into slavery. If it was not for the trains planes and auto's 3/4 of the tree hugger's would have never been born!If you fuckers don't want to build bridges YOU WILL DIE!

  • Heart Centred says:

    Waiting on this week's Pele Report, having withdrawal symptoms lol it is late

  • c0nz0rd00d says:

    Still no new report?!

  • julia trops says:

    Does anyone know the physical/metaphysical benefits of being present in the full solar eclipse? We are going to Oregon to be there. I feel it is important but I don't know why.

  • twistwashere says:

    such a majestic waterfall,  could this post be fav heapz, was looking out for a lady named Holly, maybe,  took many exciting frames of her incidentally meeting Kaypacha  in Bali at the Dragonfly Inn,  was glorious to observe her magic and excitement, would be pleased to pass the frames on, ThankYou for your energy in being pro-active to allow this to happen, bubbles of Bliss&Delight to all,

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