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Astrology for the Soul June 7, 2017

Astrology for the Soul  June 7, 2017

100 Replies to “Astrology for the Soul June 7, 2017”

  • Stacey M McBeth says:

    love you and the background in this one! I see definite lifetimes of acceptance in it.

  • Jane Evans says:

    No Complaints here! Love the reports!

  • Kristina Honeycutt says:

    You have great energy! Thanks for the wonderful Pele reports!

  • heather dawn pipke says:

    hi there

  • Wellness & Cancer advocate says:

    Love all your videos .

  • Elena B says:

    low bar here, love your videos 🙂

  • Lea Walters says:

    Welcome to San Francisco!!! Just got to meet you in Grass Valley and next week near Portland. Yay!

  • Bay Native says:

    ooo ooo ooo i kno i kno!!

  • Bay Native says:

    how do i meet up w you wile yr here

  • beatleme2 says:

    noone notices the house in the clouds up from 1 – 1:32 !? and buildings with columns etc through out !?? ..weird man..great message man..yeah im a sea lion man..coo co ca choo !!…lol

  • Aixa Reina says:

    KayPACHa, I'm on my way to Costa Rica first Panama City is there any way I can meet you any class your offering need the love.

  • Monika Humayer says:

    Why can't at least astrologers start the month from the Sun sign change? Make video for Sun in Gemini month instead of June. It would stand out from the unbelievers calendar view . Stand up for astrology !!

  • VIKI M says:

    …💖 luv n light 💖 ….

  • Mother of Men says:

    this week we should all be okay to figure it out on our own i think everything is so introspective towards us from the sky that we really dont need guidance we need to talk to ourselves and think all week and thats why it just didnt work out as planned if your upset its just means that your on the verge of the truth within your own feelings and trying to avoid it or get an alterior reason for what you are thinking and feeling but i think this week is a week that thoughts and feelings are very transperent and true

  • Katy Magic says:

    my Birthday)

  • Ste Kel says:

    San Francisco.

  • Tyler VanSteenbergen says:

    thank you Kaypacha! love your reports! always so powerful and perfectly attuned to the universal consciousness
    your awareness is inspiring and beautiful!
    Satnam Waheguru!

  • Nikki Colombo says:


  • Katrine Høyer says:


  • Jessica Farber says:

    San Fran!!

  • Yasmin Zaman says:

    Respect to you brother Kaypacha. Love all you share, I've learned so much and continue to learn through you. Thank you so very much. xxx

  • Ad Astra says:

    I love it if you ever screw something up… you always end up laughing about it. Watching you, I start laughing too & the world becomes a better place for a while! Thanks so much for ALLLL your reports… have a great time in SF… Happy Full Moon =)

  • theFORCEismyallie says:

    Amazing report but what happened at the end? It was a Gemini moment.

  • Tracy Quasters says:

  • Aqua Marin says:

    whatever happens technically this is always the most loving and beautiful gift for me. Thank you beautiful Soul !!!!

  • dikless222 says:

    Wow. Spot on…again! I've recently had some sort of a major breakdown (breakthrough?) about some childhood issues that I was totally unaware of…harbouring old shit for 50 years man! And now I'm addressing those issues head on, I feel lighter, clearer and even MORE in awe of this life. Thank you!

  • कुरूकुल्ले शेर्प says:

    yup crankiness is a sign of taking life too real and solid without humour…thx

  • New Paradigm By Annanda says:


  • Marina Elwes says:

    soooo apt, as always……….

  • Heather Stahlnecker says:

    safe travels enjoy Alcatraz and SF! 🙂 *thank you for sharing insight for this full moon.

  • Ane Walsh says:

    You are Excellent! <3

  • Shawn Hollahan says:

    Hey Kaypacha…. Love to you always….. You wouldn't have to tolerate viewer complaints regarding video sound if you just bought a collar microphone for $20…. a very simple solution to make your life more peaceful.

  • Mia Mia says:

    ❤️Your beautiful mind

  • Elżbieta Shah says:


  • Sonia de meester says:

    If one could just start tomorrow with what one relished today …
    consider what you would lose and realise how lucky you are.
    No apologies needed

  • whatellerhvad says:

    LOL – totally trashed it man 😀 luv it!

  • Shab Chique says:

    yay you're in my town!  Welcome to the SF!

  • Sandra Rodgers says:

    Thank you, Sir~ and when your report was not on Wednesday, I searched and found 2 delightful videos from 2012 of you with Jewels~~ I had NEVER seen you cracking up like you were then~~ it was wonderful. Published on May 8, 2012
    If you ever need to laugh, watch this… we were trying to record an interview for May, 2012. This is the part that I cut out. Enjoy! " " Tom Lescher, Jewels attempting an interview on Astrology
    Law of Attraction Radio "

    And when I just posted this report on FB, I had NEVER, copied and pasted your email, but, I did this time. And lastly, because, I'd been to Fisherman's Wharf, as I lived in the Bay Area for a time and you began and ended, the report with the Sea Lions~~ on FB in the comments I HAD to add a 55 second video, my Brother and Sister-in-Law had done
    " Bonnie xxxxx
    September 22, 2014 ·
    We are looking for some friendly sea lions. "
    In Gratitude , Aloha and NAMASTE'

  • Karen Tlusty says:

    June 24th there is a T-square with Mars, Jupiter and Juno in Capricorn. IMO Juno is asking us to review our commitments to the social structures that are associated with our childhood traumas. Thank goodness Jupiter is expanding our relationships, giving us room to work all this out. Thanks Kaypacha for all the wisdom you share!!

  • Durga Andre says:

    Wish you were my nextdoor neighbor and we could hang out and laugh!

  • Cheryl OConnor says:

    Life is perfectly..imperfect!'re the best!

  • Nella Rohan says:

    What was that about north node in Leo? Love you Tom And thank you for your consistent and amazing offerings.

  • Truud De Kroon says:


  • Domis Thebomb says:

    The imperfections in these videos make me giggle… And keep listening. Keep being perfectly imperfect, I think it's awesome.

  • Susy Freelove says:

    Alcatraz! Used to live in S.F and Sausalito. lookin cold!

  • Sherry Leavitt says:

    Your reports are life perfect & much appreciated …. Happy Full Moon !

  • Patricia Lyons says:

    Love & thanks to you, always Kaypacha!

  • Rebecca B. says:

    And sometimes they're psychopathic narcissists who feed off of destruction and the suffering of others. That's a good lesson for sure…..get the hell out and run, run as fast as you can! Great video once again….

  • Patricia S says:

    San Francisco ~ I grew up 25 miles south of SF. Love the weather, especially when summer gets hot!

  • ProfBrunoLampeeni says:

    Welcome to my crazy town. Hope you're having a great visit. In honor of your being here, I will start my non-stop weekend of having fun…now!

  • Liz G says:

    You're awesome, thank you for the free report in beautiful nature settings

  • Eric van Leeuwen says:

    Thank you, Kaypacha! So much love right back at you ❤️

  • Kelty Wilton says:

    Ive never seeen a report that I didn't love. You make it easy. Thanks

  • Mar Azur says:

    <3 beautiful and insightful as usual. I'll try to translate this one <3 Nature's noises are the most wonderful ones <3

  • Jay says:

    Pier 39 – meaning? My mental thought reducing numbers to~12=3 =gemini … still figuring it out.. Thanks again for another awesome report ♥

  • Marlena McClain says:

    wait… did your editor just cut you off?

  • Loretta L Vervooren says:

    Being a Gemini I've learned we Love everything and sometimes nothing. Gemini is all about change so is the wind in some tribal cultures observance of the earth tells a tale of the future. Winds of change yea baby! I love it never get bored with change happening bring it! Change makes you grow through different experiences yet some out their freeze up with change instead of just growing with the FLOW like the Winds BLOW!

  • Azenya Burdett says:

    you are so Rad!!!

  • Tina Liveras says:

    You really hit some notes for me in this one – not for the first time : )
    Love, light and healing. In such gratitude for you. tX

  • Ste Kel says:

    Kay pacha, you seem so salty lately. Relax brotha! Namaste.

  • MsAstroStone says:

    LOL That's San Francisco's June Gloom. We get this weather every year.

  • Leslie Z. Hollingsworth says:

    You were HERE???!!!!! ZOMG!
    next time; if there's time; come visit my store!
    xoxoxo your happy Gemini friend

  • zeinazeinazeina says:

    welcome to the Bay Area 🙂

  • scubadudefrommaine says:

    Thank you Kaypacha!
    I always look forward to hearing your pele reports 🙂 I feel like your words lead me on a path of healing and growth and joy.

    Namaste, Aloha, So much love.

  • Olivier de F. says:

    Merci Kaypacha for your report ! Very important for us ! From Paris Namaste man ! ☆

  • Gigi D says:

    is that island behind you that prison Alcatraz? Cool.. dont listen to people complaining either,

  • Kim Stuart says:

    Love your videos, your message, you spirit. thank you so much. you always make me smile.

  • Nicholas Natoli says:

    Gnarliest ending !!

  • Alyssa Tennent says:


  • Lotus kwe says:

    This is so right on! Feeling dynamic! Thank-you for this confirmation

  • DeeplyBreathing says:

    To those who would criticize or rudely complain about even a second of your presentations? Laughable cos I don't see them, feel them, or sense them holding a fraction of your Love & Light… drop any thought about them. You rock, Tom. <3 Thank you!

  • Torbjörn Larsson says:

    Interesting what you said about mars in cancer in relation with jupiter in libra. I guess it is going to be a challenging time not only for those who has wounds from the past and are aware of them in one way or another, but also for those who has burried their wounds away from themselves. It may be some interesting times ahead of us. Thanks for putting the light on these aspects !

  • Corinna Sp. says:

    Thank you very much, Tom. Are you in Gdansk? Wish you time to take a break . Namasté.

  • Cherilyn Hopkins says:

    LOVE to hear you laugh!! great report, thank you so much. Namaste

  • Jo Pelletier says:

    Kaypacha, I love your reports, noise and all. It's all good. My gratitude for it is immense. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from a gemini soul. Much love!

  • Tony Vei says:

    Mr. Kaypacha , when my eyes seen pier 39 I knew exactly where you were standing Tom, it can become extremely chilly in the middle of the summer, always carry an extra sweater and have a wonderful stay.

  • SweetBodhiSoul says:

    Your reports are ALWAYS AWESOME! I NEVER have trouble hearing you 🙂


    Love you, Kay-Pac ! You are the best

  • Maya's World says:

    hugs! buddy ~ haha you cut yourself off, perfect thanks again

  • Carolann Driver says:

    Look at the buddies!  Fisherman's Wharf.

  • Kii Aiya says:


  • Margo Rowe says:

    Thank Sanfrancisco…suits you..💝

  • Vee Labelle says:

    San Francisco hello Kaypacha from Durham NC, YOU SHOULD VISIT HERE TOO💜🙏🏻💜

  • Theorna Seraphine says:

    pshhhh.. ha. we'll lower the limbo bar for ya. how low can u go?

  • jenn A says:

    I recognized the seals right away! Welcome!

  • Emma Michaela Thompson says:

    Thank you for You! Namaste. 🙏 SO MUCH LOVE !❤💗❤

  • English Roberts says:

    What happens if my South Node is in the 3rd house but my 10th house is Gemini and the kicker is that I have chiron in the 10th as well?

  • Krystal Lion says:

    I got 3000 friend requests this week. Whoa this week was spot on in the best way 🙏🏼

  • Like Life Depends On It says:

    Hi Kaypacha.

    I have a question. With the understanding that we create our reality, our thoughts and feelings create our Universe what does it mean to get an astrology reading that says don't be too much in the clouds? Don't dream too much. This to me is contradictory. Your wisdom is appreciated.

  • Danila Angileri says:

    San Francisco

  • Andrea Adams says:

    I always hear ya 😉

  • Kyriaki Chonacas says:

    thanks for sharing.

  • leistar says:

    Rolling with the flow, no judgment, love ya for taking the time to gift us weekly. Love the adventures of Kaypacha. Keeping it real

  • Inspirational Tarot says:

    Love your necklace

  • GC L says:

    people need to suck it up and absorb the knowledge and just let go of the other stuff

  • La Ricachona says:

    lower the bar a little bit

  • Levandetag says:

    Beautiful report 🙂

  • Thelma says:

    so cool

  • victoria renee says:

    What book are you reading?! healing familial trauma?! soul wounds?! this is calling to me

  • Mar Azur says:

    Spanish subs up and running!

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