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Astrology for the Soul May 9, 2018

Astrology for the Soul  May 9, 2018

100 Replies to “Astrology for the Soul May 9, 2018”

  • Mireille Claire says:

    Greetings from Berlin too. Are you having a seminar anywhere in B? I'd like to join!

  • Juhl Lightheart says:

    Blessings Tom, counting them, every moment of every day. We are so lucky to of partaken in this journey ❤

  • Harald van Gils says:

    Hey, good report. I've lived in Berlin. Used to run along the Spree river. Nice, you can see the Tv tower in the distance in your video.

  • Sila Bluemoon says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! please come and visit! lets meet! i live in berlin and would soo lik eto meet you! pleease?

  • juan campo says:

    Thank you sooo much , love ya

  • Golden Qi - Geomantie & Feng Shui, Mariana Weber says:

    I live there directly at the water…how cool that you were there. I did a landhealing here just few months ago with my colleagues for my appartment here and in that process we also freed the water dragon, that you were spot on with your boat 😀 It's a strong landscape energy that is now free again <3 Love it that you were exactly at that spot 😀

  • Vickie Branigan says:

    There is strength in surrender..I bow to the wind.

  • Nancy Pike says:

    Will that Uranus intensive be here on you tube?

  • S J Paz says:

    Spot on !! So cool K 🙂 Berlin. looks great from that angle, heard it had a cool vibe in general as a city. Try Glasgow for greenness one day 🙂

  • Owen Lucas says:

    A study into what exists behind the physical veil of reality, into the memory of Nature and the fields of consciousness and Universal imagination.

  • DeeplyBreathing says:

    Stand strong and dance with the wind <3 So.Much.Love!

  • Moonsglow says:

    Yes! The end line felt different for me too…I'm hoping that the wind shakes my branches so that the fruit can fall!! Thanks Kaypacha love you xxxxxxx

  • Nadine Kühn - Alchemy of Heart says:

    So great that you were in Berlin. This is one of my favorite places of Berlin where you recorded that video. Thank you so much, and so much love. Greetings from Berlin.

  • Suzy Cat says:

    Aye aye Captain Kaypacha🙋🏻‍♀️ You steer our boat through these waters 🌊 Thank you for You! 💞♏♌♉ 😗

  • diane46ful says:

    Thanks you are spot on Kaypacha, blessings

  • Eloah DRmwvr says:

    Excellent interpretation of the energies both personally and externally thanks once again

  • Keryn Dawer says:

    You are the sexiest damn pirate EVER Kaypacha 😄😄😄 (love that constellations bandana too!) Beautiful, epic, deep report as always and ever. Love and Appreciate you so very much ❤🙏🌈

  • Esther Drums says:

    thanx again***much love back to you ♥

  • S Lane says:

    Namaste <3 Always appreciate your report and wisdom.

  • Karma Karl says:

    Amazing as usual. Big love to you. When you next coming to England???

  • Rachel Harding says:

    so much love…the song 'Winds of Change' popped into my head just before you said the words…. moving altogther!!!

  • Tones Freeman says:

    Brilliant times.

  • Paula Christensen says:

    Thank you Kaypacha! I'm feeling the wind. Makes me want to go get in a boat myself and feel the wind in my hair. 🙂 i'm a earthy girl, crystal/gem lover, what is the yellow stone in your ring??? it's so bright!

  • Donna Thompson says:

    Many thanks to you, Kaypacha for this and all you do. Big Love

  • sherab39 says:

    Oh Boy.. I better be like a tall tree for my Bday this Saturday.. Thank you for your reports!

  • Amira Celon Mediumship Academy says:

    LOVE THE WATER and the boat 🙂

  • Sara Lawrence says:

    The holy month of Ramadhan begins with this new moon. I am wondering how astrology affects this ??

  • LCD D says:

    Thank you. It sure is a time of change and growth and letting go of what doesn't go with our greater good. Namaste 🤗

  • cloudthunder1 says:

    I feel like a mummy stuck in a vault not sure if I want the responsibility of escape. thanks Kapacha. happy trails

  • Janine Roux says:

    Wow, spot on! 0 deg.Taurus sun on the midheaven…. On the fixed cross as well… Mega pressure… Very supportive and encouraging in the best possible "spin"…. Thanks!

  • jrae says:

    With the wind to my back pushing me along….instead of holding me back as we try to move forward peacefully. Namaste, so much love, loved that last part "I don't know"…I've been sayin that about my life for a while, it's liberating.

  • WickedMuse says:

    Spot on! I'm feeling this. Planning the new way of being and finished looking over what I have. Thanks, as ever, for your guidance x

  • Aliyash says:

    in berlin in germany? or? i wish to meet you!

  • Hawaiinei says:

    Thanks Kaypacha! Looking forward to the New Paradigm Dream Team Uranus in Taurus!!

  • Sandra Smith says:

    so much love thank you just love it

  • GLNgal9 says:

    Thanks Kaypacha! It definitely has been an a** kicking time!

  • Jason Lieberman says:

    So on point!

  • Gracious Love says:

    Yes Brother. Moving with the wind, flowing with the flow, seems like the way in these "unbelieveable" times. Thank you for your strength.

  • Nancy Crompton says:

    …move with the wind is great! The tree that lasts has flexibility and strength. We are beginning a Healing Waters ritual beneath a Big Tree on the town commons, to bless a town that has been deeply harmed by opiate crisis -THINGS WE CAN'T CONTROL – all we can do is keep on praying and showing up to give good wishes to the vulnerable community. The stories are heartbreaking and can make you quite ill to hear them, every suicide and overdose affects a whole extended family with pain and suffering, too. What people don't realize… the heroin that replaces the prescribed opiate addiction brings a whole lot of gang violence with it, so you are burdened with both addiction and also extortion/rape/home invasion/murder that it travels with. And if you overdose, you are DEAD, NOT DEAD (they succeed in giving you a dose of Narcone), OR DOUBLE DEAD (overdose plus accident at same time, happens a lot). Terrifying stuff.

  • Valerie Baird says:

    :O Major sync here… you mention winds of change around the 12:00 mark.. my mother and I just recorded and posted a collaboration days ago called "The Winds of Change." She writes poetry and I write music and something finally urged us to join forces. lol! Very cool timing. <3
    I'll post it below..
    I listen to your reports regularly and have for years now. Thank you so much for your knowledge, wisdom, and mostly, your sense of humor! 😉
    Here it is: The Winds Of Change (A collaboration w/ 'A Voice In Time') by Valerie Baird
    This is for everyone, so listen and enjoy! ^_^ <3

  • quistunes says:

    Dance with the wind

  • henrik persson says:

    make me not fall asleep…….

  • henrik persson says:

    last of the mantra……my previous comment aloha, so much love

  • K Hum says:

    Lets not build anymore! What about Israel and America? They need to come down

  • aquawater says:

    please help

  • Christi Wich says:

    I admire your integrity in ALWAYS following through and posting these reports no matter where in the world you are or what you are engaged in. May you know that you are blessed!

  • Gina M says:

    Que pasa, Kaypacha! Hehe…. thanks for the report. so much LOVE

  • Stacey Bourdeau says:

    I am SO embodying these energies! Lol Spent a week hooked up with a cowboy, joyfully blossoming in all my aspects. As he is part native, my interacting with nature spirits brought him with great appreciation back to his tribal ways. My intelligence and resourcefulness impressed him and aided us in a big way. My cuteness, my sexiness….I was greeted each morning with a romance novel's reader's wet dream: a cowboy in long coat, boots and spurs with my coffee and cigarrette rolled and lir on one knee outside my tent. But dang, if one night he got mad because I was spending too much time laughing and talking with my children while he waited for me to join him in his bedroll. In his drunken fit, he threatened to call the cops when I tried to stop him from dumping my stuff in a big mess. He doesn't believe in cell phones and would have had to flag someone down to do it, the road not far away. So, I untied his onery mule and horse, slapped them on the ass so he'd have to catch them before making any calls, and took off across the state line. The next morning, though feeling the loss of the relationship; the site of that cowboy trying to catch his mule while wearing boots was still pretty damn funny!

  • Sandi Gates says:

    Love being a part of the NPA group and looking forward to the free Uranus in Taurus seminar. THANK YOU for bringing it !

  • hitchhiker says:

    Much Love <3 and Many Thanks

  • Words 4 Wisdom says:

    Glad the attention is off of Capricorn lol

  • Violet Jaguar says:

    Kali is having a strong presence in my spirit circle now…hurt and wounded she destroys the notions of the words that have been used to ‘punch me rt in the gut’…its time for work of strengthening! Namaste…my thoughts and energies go out to your home’s mainland in this time of profound changes Kaypatcha<3 ‘so much love’ to you as well!

  • josetta ludwig says:

    Thank you, Kaypacha

  • Ingvild M says:

    Beautiful <3

  • The Stormborn says:

    Is it silly to ask if any scholarship memberships could be opened for those in special circumstances to allow them a month to experience the membership for a window of time?

  • Robert Hartley says:

    Many Thanks For Sharing, Love What You Do, Namaste', from Canada

  • Lee S Kennedy says:

    To face Zeus gratefully🙂

  • nicole westdal says:

    We flex gracefully with the strong winds of change +💟+
    Thank you Kaypacha ☮️💜☮️

  • Cher C says:

    Thank you always a pleasure to watch and listen to your pele .blessings to your friends in the big island xx blessings to you X X

  • MissWizard Tarot says:

    Im a member…how do i join this uranus worshop

  • shelley w says:

    Thank you, Kaypacha!

  • Tracy Moorehead says:

    Well lets just add one more player to the mix. Mars hits my Sun as soon as Uranus squares it, missed that one.

  • Suzanne McDermott says:

    Were you in Babelsberg Park—in Potsdam?

  • Chelsea Irwin says:

    "Stand strong and sing with the wind"

  • Elisabeth Ann Wexler says:

    In my opinion , what is missing in your reading is the needed perspective about the internal strength of women, earth based, and not referencing men. From this internal mother nature Lilith Earth place of strength, we females and women need to experience for our own physical, spiritual and emotional health and well -being separate from men, and as men explore their own internal selves, as women have more power in the world bringing our internal (true strengths) into the world, and as men go through and experience their own transformations around the misuses of their power, of their external acting out within the distorted patriarchal structures in every part of our world then we will be on a different playing field. It is not enough for "the feminine looking for the masculine in order to soften and open." This part comes later after women explore, open to and know their/own real worth, power, depth, beauty which is not defined by men. (Lilith wants to and needs to and MUST define her own self first. Look to what happened in the story of Lilith, Adam and Eve. Lilith took off because Adam wanted her to be subservient and not to be an equal. So he framed Eve and the rest was "his-story.") This is the beginning of the patriarchy as we have known it to be for the past 3000 years. Lilith needs to lead and bust open this power dynamic with full force! She will be doing this in a transformational way from now into the future. Women and females cannot soften until men soften. It is not men's power and "truth" which will soften women/females. WE as women must go within and circle with other women to know our own strength and essential truths as many of us have been doing since ancient times. A whole restructuring of men's role in our society must occur as we as women find our own internal power and strength. It is the rebalancing of both women and men, females and males.

  • Robert Harris says:

    Stand strong and move with the wind. Good catch!

  • Guitar Gal2 says:

  • Shamanicka Love says:

    I am Scorpio rising Scorpio with my Sun in 12th house, Mars and Neptune conjunction to my Rising…Changes I know them…Insecurity, uncertainty, the unknown, that is my life story…so no problem with these times we are in.Love these times. Shake it out, burn it all, and let’s face our truth, who we really are… drop the veils and reveal our true self…time to awaken…awaken or suffer..die to our old self or struggle…Surrender to the Divine! That is all there is. Love is all there is! Thank you Kaypacha! Wahe Guru! Sat Nam!

  • anita alvarez de toledo says:

    thank you Kaypacha for re defining Lilith as just the feminine. I feel Lilith is the feminine primordial force, I tattooed the Lilith symbol in the palm of my left hand a couple of weeks ago to revindicate that primordial force in me, and to let the symbol work in my past (own and hereditary ) wounds from the patriarcal abuse. A LOT has been going on since I have Lilith symbol in my left palm, intense and scary but needed to be so, so I can heal. Sorry I wrote so much, I am really moved by Lilith right now, I am Aries Moon Aries ascendant Sag, so I am feeling Chiron kicking in as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH, i really hope you read this. Lots of love to you from Mexico, I adore and thank so much your existence.

  • Elisabeth Ann Wexler says:

    As long as women are created in men's image, women will suffer. Women/females must create ourselves in our own image, from our own deep internal wells and experience of ourselves. The lacking of this internal reference point for women and women being pressured and forced to constantly reflect men's image of ourselves is part and parcel of the patriarchal equation. The great omission from millions of women's lives is this internal strength and crucial and essential reference point which has existed too rarely in women's lives for centuries. As this changes, men will be challenged to change as well. It is not men's truth which will soften women. It is a combination of women's internal and real truth born from the deepest place in the earth of our bodies, the waters of our souls, the air/sky of our minds and the fires of our hearts, and the bellies of our imaginations and men's own journey to evolve their broken masculinity and unhealed and injured receptive selves. This glaring omission to our self-discovery of women and un-covery must be seen, known, faced and we need to as females welcome this experience into our lives. Men must make room for this discovery and power from within women to be born. This will also occur in harmony and cooperation with the changes and transformations of our Mother Earth. As our Mother Earth is rebirthed and reborn, so women and all females can experience this in harmony with her! Uranus in Taurus will bring this about in ways that will release us from the great oppression of women and all females having to be known as reflections of men's needs, wants, ideas of who we are, must be and will be. Enough of this! Enough! The healing will happen when this shifts and transforms! The systems of oppression stacked against women, the demeaning internalizations of misogynistic values and objectifying hatred and making us small and less significant needs to change. This is not militancy. This is reality. This is saying NO to the structures which have bound and hurt and demeaned women/all females for years.

  • Oya La says:

    Blessings – Thank you for your clearsight

  • Dorothy LaRue says:

    Deeply rooted and moving with that strong wind (literal and figurative around here in Norcal right now)!!!

  • jimmshorts says:

    …hold my ground and let the winds blow by

  • kismet spiral says:

    As always Spot On! But Boy have I been under HEAVY bombardment! Feeling like STOP!! TOO MUCH!! Yet I am still here. The Growing deep roots analogy is so resonant with me..It keeps coming up. I have leaves on my toes.

  • Angelnlight says:


  • Dylan R McCabe says:

    What are the chances.. you were in Treptower Park. Around this time last year, I was on a pedalo there, enjoying the sunshine and the water with my then partner. We split up recently, and that has been super challenging and painful. Treptower Park was "our park", and area at the beginning of the video was where we sat under a full moon together for the first time. I knew I recognised it. This has brought up some sadness for me, and also beautiful memories. Thank you for your work, Kaypacha. 💚

  • Vanda Guzman, All things Spirit says:

    Thank you. I looked for class but thete is no way to join, it said free to their community. Can some help me please with how to sign up.
    Right now i am near Frankfurt on Holiday grom York PA. Love Vanda

  • Suzanne Elizabeth says:

    Omg you got on the boat 😂👍🏼

  • moonspheare says:

    Enriching as always… Thanks, Kaypacha!
    Also, if I may be so bold as to offer my own modification to the mantra:

    When dealing with forces beyond my control,
    I must summon my strength from within,
    So I may stand strong like a tree with roots deep,
    And bend gracefully to dance with changes in the wind.

    Much Love!

  • Anna Keiller says:

    I very much appreciate and adore the weekly Pele reports, but a lot of emphasis is often on relationships between men and women – or relationships in general. But what about the ones of us flying solo?

  • Digalog says:

    rotten roots

  • Sarah Irene Productions says:

    <3 10:20 thoooo – 100%

  • Scarlet Peoni says:

    'The predator helps the prey evolve' 😍😍😍 wow love that quote.

    Then another voice in me is saying, yes but if the predator just got some therapy or brought up properly in the first place etc etc a few generations down it would be forced to biologically change, technically, not considering throw backs, then there would be no need for the prey to evolve. Then another voice yes but the predator needs meat to be healthy you cannot force it to go vegan. Then another voice yes but meat is simply a combination of different elements put together so you could technically have fake meat that was just as healthy as regular meat. Then another voice yes but then your messing with nature and no idea of the consequences. Then another voice , don't be dumb we're part of nature and nature is constantly throwing hiccups anyway.

    Which beautiful city did Tom say this was?

    Uranus is gonna be on my ascendant for 7 years and natally is in my 8th in Sagittarius and I've got Jupiter in gemini in my 1st house. Has anyone experienced this? What types of things happened for you?

  • Petra Lehmann says:

    Are you still in Berlin? Thank you sharing 🙂

  • Juan Luis de la Garza says:


  • lovelife02 says:

    Love it

  • Dawn Lowndes says:

    Walking with camera nauseating. But love ya

  • Karina Assiter says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share these reports; I look forward to them every week (even though I don’t always understand the planet relationships part).

  • rasila88 says:

    So shit on wifi, do not know how to join your streams and webanars.. ommmm ph.. . To Kundalini and magical metaphorical understanding. to thrive through what going on in my life right now is really only option

  • miguelan ca says:

    …… and add to this the next year the North node in Cancer! . It's nice the
       that Neptune will remain in Pisces

  • Elizabeth McKenna says:

    Lol, I have a suggestion for the end of the mantra…."I stand strong and sway along with the wind". Just a thought I wanted to share. Thank you Kaypacha, as always. ❤️ Much love.

  • Beth Summers says:

    As a 77 year old Taurean I have Uranus in Taurus 22 degrees conj. Jupiter.  I hope this transit will prove more gentle than the natal planet that has brought a chaotic life, starting with being born during an air raid and ww2 here in UK:  talk about the unexpected. Frequent moves of home, unstable family and relationships, but of course great interest in astrology which has kept me sane!!  maybe I will have a second chance at becoming more stable, but with it just about to square Pluto I doubt it!  wish me luck!

  • Faith Bay says:

    Watched this and fell asleep and had very wild visions of my masculine and feminine coming together as one and saw myself becoming whole. Was a bit of a what the fuck watching the dark mother merge with the dark father. Sigh. This week since then has just not been what I would have expected, albeit so far on the external all is pretty much the same … and owning being whole is a lot different of a process than I would have thought. This is so weird. I feel like watching your video triggered this initiation. Typing before I have made sense of it all. When does the catharsis kick in lol. It starting to make sense why I keep hearing from Pele although I would have never expected to sense that energy so loud and clear, I've never even been to Hawaii. But it is making sense slowly, partly because I feel like I'm just cracking open and seeping out all this heat .. As part of this weird process. Sounds too simple explained in a few short sentences.

  • Beth Summers says:

    Yes here I am again, just couldn't resist passing on this Uranian insight  that came this morning.  For me it represents freedom – as Kaypacha says, to move with the wind – in order to survive this world, it is wise to practice the art of non-attachment – a Buddhist belief but if we can do that, just let the things of the world, the pain, hurt and all else that shakes us (the wind) move through and pass through us without getting attached to outcomes or anything else, we are free, free free to fly!

  • Morgane Oghmanann says:

    +Elizabeth Ann Wexler – The rise of the Divine Feminine is about the Divine Feminine in both men and women. This is not about genitals. Yes, women need to be elevated to their rightful place of power but Kaypacha is and always has been a feminist. I believe what he was referring to was the nature of feminine energy in how it responds to masculine energy and vice versa, not how men and women respond to each other. We are talking energy here, as it operates in Nature.

  • Jason Lieberman says:

    That subtle change in the mantra is actually quite profound!

  • john guglielmo says:

    great thought, prey helps predator evolve through non-judgement and compassion and setting boundaries. Yeah!

  • john guglielmo says:

    All energy workers please do your work on this volcano, Weather is holding emotions and responses well to energy work.
    Spread the word, let's get busy…lots of bad weather is coming!!

  • Nicholas Fraser says:

    Beautiful Kapatcha, which city are you in this time? As a Taurus I can feel some serious shifts heading my way.. :0

  • IppaFi says:

    Awww please come to Finland !!!

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