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Astrology Horoscope 2014 April Eclipses Grand Cross KG Stiles, Astrologer

Astrology Horoscope 2014 April Eclipses Grand Cross KG Stiles, Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology.
Eclipses are always significant game changers. The Eclipse Seasons in 2014 are exceedingly
potent change agents. What happens this year will have significant influence on how your
life will unfold for you over the next 20+ years. You’re given an opportunity to set yourself
up for success at the very start of 2014 when your personal planets Venus, Mercury and Mars
all station retrograde. It’s your chance to make necessary adjustments to better align
yourself for success in 2014 and to take advantage of the Eclipses that are to occur this year. This is a 7 Universal Year, so Spiritual Awakening
and Deepening your intuition are keys for your happiness and success this year. Also, the number 1+4 on the end of 2014=5.
5 is the number of media and communication and signifies rapid change. This year will
unfold rapidly and is likely to be filled with dramatic moments, lots of media coverage
and cathartic crisis points. On February 6th shortly after Venus stations
Direct you experience your first big shift this year when the North Node (head of the
dragon) enters the sign of Libra. You may already have intimations of this forthcoming
shift in you focus of attention. The North and South node are karmic points
and help you to clear and free yourself from karmic (cause and effect) entanglements. Your attention and where you need to focus
attention now shifts from the area of you life where Scorpio has been located for the
past 18 months to Libra where the North Node will transit for the next 18 months. This
means the south node moves into Aries. The South Node denotes your past, where you
have previously been, what you have learned and represents the tried and true that which
comes easiest for you. The South Node represents your past behaviors,
karmic actions and habits acquired from your previous experiences. It can be challenging
to disrupt old patterns and ways of doing things, but that is your challenge now if
you are to move forward to the next cycle of your life. In 2015 the South Node will
conjunct Uranus the Awakener. The North and South Nodes are tied into the
Eclipses. Where the Nodes go so go the Eclipses. On April 15th we have our First Eclipse of
2014. The day before on April 14th the planet Pluto
at 13º Capricorn stations Retrograde adding punch to the Full Lunar Eclipse just a few
hours later on April 15th. The Full Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra is exact
at 12:42am PT. On April 15th, the day of the Total Lunar
Eclipse in Libra we have the most exact Grand Cardinal Cross yet. The Grand Cardinal Cross
is made up of four intersecting 90º angles formed by several planets in the sky. The planets making up the Grand Cross are
in Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. Those with personal planets and
points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, ASC or MC in a Cardinal sign from about 10 – 27º
will feel this Cardinal Grand Cross the most strongly. The Cardinal Grand Cross is made of Mercury
conjunct Uranus at 13º Aries square Pluto in Capricorn now standing still in the sky
in its Station Retrograde position. Mercury conjunct Uranus the planet of communication
conjunct Uranus the Awakener is Square to Jupiter now moving Direct in Cancer. Mercury
conjunct Uranus is also opposing the Libra Full Moon Eclipse to the totally Sun. The Total Lunar Eclipse of the Sun representing
your will and life force energy is loosely conjunct Mercury the planet of Communication
which is conjunct Uranus the Awakener. This is a potent and explosive combination of energy. The Total Full Moon Eclipse is loosely conjunct
Mars now Retrograde while Mars the planet of action and desire (now moving backward)
in Libra exactly squares Jupiter the planet of expansion and good fortune. There’s tremendous
tension escalating and expansion of breakthrough energies. Mars Retrograde in Libra is opposed to Uranus,
Mercury and the Sun in Aries. Very explosive combination for change especially ways of
relating and communicating, taking initiative. Tremendous push pull, back and forth circuits
of energy rapid fire release, expanding and building for release now. On April 14th Pluto station retrograde in
Capricorn further amplifies the transformative power escalating to a high pitch on April
15th and adds intensity to this Full Lunar Eclipse in Libra. So we have a Grand Cardinal Cross with the
purpose to breakdown old resistant patterns and break free of past structures and systems.
That which no longer works will break down and fall away while what is true will remain. Fortunately the Kite Pattern that’s been functioning
since July helps you rise above circumstances and break free of traditional and established
ways of being and doing that you’ve outgrown, so they can fall away. Think of the kite pattern like the structure
that surrounds a rocket ship giving it stability to withstand the mounting pressure for lift
off. As the rocket jets of propulsion create enough force for you to lift off the kite
provides a structure that helps you rise above any resistance to change safely. The planets forming the kite pattern are Jupiter
the planet of good fortune and Black Moon Lilith representing your feminine drive to
power in Cancer. Jupiter and Lilith are in a loose trine to the planets of love and compassion
Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces and Neptune is the natural
ruler of Pisces so your personal and transpersonal love energies are functioning well now. The Kite pattern connects at two axis points
in the Grand Cardinal Cross helping you to rise above circumstances and resolve tensions
creatively and peacefully and with some degree of ease considering the volatility of the
energies involved in the Grand Cardinal Cross. This Kite pattern that has been active since
last July when Jupiter entered Cancer is formed by 4 axis points that looks like a kite. The
planets Jupiter, one of the axis points of the Grand Cardinal Cross, is in loose conjunction
to Lilith (representing your feminine drive for power) in Cancer, and Neptune, Chiron
and Venus conjunct in Pisces, and the planet Pluto (another axis points of the Grand Cardinal
Cross) in Capricorn and the 4th axis point is Saturn in Scorpio. Good loving and beneficent energies are available
to help you to creatively resolve anything that’s being exposed or breaking down. Only that which does not serve you and the
greater good will fall away. Like dead wood it will be cut away. There’s tremendous electro-magnetic energy
being released as Mercury conjunct Uranus the rulers of your nervous system and your
communications networks within yourself and with the spiritual worlds goes through a major
upgrade. This dynamic duo of Mercury conjunct Uranus
is further charged by the presence of the Sun. The Total Lunar Eclipse Libra Moon is conjunct
to Mars the planet of drive, energy and action. Figuratively speaking as the Libra Full totally
eclipses the Sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus your old nervous system goes offline momentarily
and as the Sun re-emerges from the Eclipse your nervous system and internal communications
systems of your physical and subtle psychic senses will experience a re-boot as the upgrade
is activated. New visions for your future and the future of our world are given birth. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra conjunct
Mars in a Grand Cardinal Cross Square dance bolstered by the Kite pattern marks a significant
turning point when the resulting revelations can activate tremendous opportunities for
moving forward into a more enlightened way of structuring and living life that supports
the individual freedom of all species and plant life on Mother Earth. Most importantly the breakthrough now is grounded
in truth and will unfold through time. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra energies
released culminate and play themselves out over the next two weeks with a peak after-shock
resolution release point occurring on Easter Sunday April 20th. On April 28th 11:14pm PT we have the Annular
Solar Eclipse at 8º Taurus at 11:00pm PT. Mercury the communicator once again plays
a part as it conjuncts the Taurus New Moon Annular Eclipse. The Taurus New Moon and Mercury
are also sextile to Neptune in Pisces and to trine Pluto in Capricorn. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and
the harmonious alignment to Neptune and Pluto suggests a harmonious and peaceful time when
you can seed new dreams and transform situations in your life. Well those are the key highlights of the First
Lunar and Solar Eclipse in 2014! I enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your
questions and comments. Thanks so much for watching. If you’d like to know more about how the Eclipses
may be affecting your own personal life contact me for a private session. Links appear below.
Thanks so much for joining me for this special 2014 Eclipse Season Forecast!
Until next time…relax and enjoy your life! I’m your host Metaphysician and Intuitive
Astrologer KG Stiles.

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