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Astrology : How to Spot an Aries

Astrology : How to Spot an Aries

Hi, I’m the star goddess, and here’s how to
spot an Aries. You can’t miss these guys. They’re the ones talking loudly about themselves,
Rosie O’Donnell. Sporting a scar over their eye where they caught a beer bottle in a bar
after pissing someone off with their bragging, like Russell Crowe. A wide gap between their
front teeth like David Letterman, Eddie Murphy, and Elton John. Or a broken nose after ramming
full steam ahead into an iceberg like the Titanic, born on April 12th. These are gun
tote’n Chuck Connors the Rifleman; ruddy comp exited Thomas Jefferson, tough boys and
girls, James Caan and Bette Davis. With a prominent brow or unibrow like Dennis Quaid
and Joan Crawford. And a paginations attitude, Marlo Brando and Shannen Doherty. Speeding
around town in a bright red sport car, starting a bunch of projects they have no intention
of ever completing. These guys can tell a lie at two o’clock in the morning out of a
sound sleep like Colin Powell. They’re like fast cars, fast women, and don’t spend a minute
longer than they need to in order to get their gratification. These guys are the speed racers
of the Zodiac, like Big Brown the Racehorse. Always off chasing the next warm thing that
crosses their path like Warren Beatty and Hugh Hefner. They are the pioneers of the
Zodiac. Boldly going where no man has gone before, William Shatner. And where no women
have gone before either, Danica Patrick of Indy car fame and Sandra Day O’Connor, the
first Supreme. So that’s how you pick an Aries out of a crowd. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star
Goddess, and that’s better living through Astrology.

100 Replies to “Astrology : How to Spot an Aries”

  • Aaron .Bednarski says:

    @EPizits you must be an Aries.

  • Aaron .Bednarski says:

    @renzokata there is more to you than just the sun sign also. that's something to think about, like the moon sign for example.

  • EPizits says:

    @urbanpsych0 I am, and she "seems" like she's bitter towards aries men.

  • Serpent King says:

    @urbanpsych0 i know…

  • Carameru Dee says:

    i luv aries …im a sag^^

  • 916Tazdevil916 says:

    Lmao. The titanic. Lol

  • JihadJared says:

    I find this video offensive. This is not a representation of Aries. Expert Village is hiring Trolls? Seems to be the case.

  • RainbowLogic says:

    @DayMare2000 can you see mine?

  • RainbowLogic says:

    @sabbirsa have you dated an Aries? Have you had good experiences?

  • TheHackettExperience says:

    @kadlovesbug Stupid LOSER hates the whole fire ring. This includes Aries, Sags, and Leos(me). What a B****.

  • SirKrish says:

    Im an aries, and all of this shit is true, i thought it will be some women chatting crap even reading the comments while the video loads i was like wwwwwwwwwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaat? but she does hates us

  • Dasu says:

    What a dumb bitch!

  • Xander Hunt says:

    This is Sooo fucking true I have two bros and their both Aries and their both in need of kicks in the face

  • cybernako088 says:

    ha fucking rams…..not metion they get pissed like every ten to twelve seconds.

  • Serpent King says:

    @KittieLunacy oh hey how you doin'? im aries!

  • rsohlich1 says:

    hahaha this is true. Aries are weird to me….always mad at everything. They seem very selfish too. Am I right?

  • Paul P says:

    according to zodiac, Aries is the best sign to be. the zodiac starts with aries making it numba 1. by the way i never brag about myself ever. i always look into other peoples best interests. ur the selfish liar biznatches. im too nice to people and they take advantage of it, thats why we get pissed, aries like the ram, nice and pleasant until you go too far ill fuck u up, like i said too nice. so licka ma balls

  • Milbourne Whitt says:

    Some time ago you told me I was an Aires. I didn't know I was that bad. Born April 20, 1930 exactly 10 minutes into the 20th, or 10 after Midnight of the 19th. I still like the movie…….

  • RainbowLogic says:

    The best that you can gather from these is to think of it as what OTHERS perceive of you, not necessarily what you ARE.

  • Iveta Kirilova says:

    LOL She is right and YOU proved it (BY YOU I MEEN paco2006able and ahhman100)

  • A. says:

    lmao titanic

  • Payton Marsh says:

    I'm an Aries and I'm none of this crap. she only hates us because she's jealous that we're the best sign :3 as pp4poopoo said, We are the best sign to be!

  • Julie13XoXo says:

    @MaxtTheFox3 lol uhh this is what she means about aries bragging about themselves…so apparently she is right

  • Julie13XoXo says:

    lol hey all the aries i know are exactly like this lol…you guys just dont see that cause you dont see yourselves from other peoples point of view

  • Payton Marsh says:

    @Julie13XoXo only stating my opinion, no bragging here, if anything I have nothing to brag about…my life is retarded.

  • Julie13XoXo says:

    @MaxtTheFox3 my lifes retarded too ­čÖé lol its all good

  • Payton Marsh says:

    @sabbirsa Only an opinion ­čśë

  • Payton Marsh says:

    and If I was speeding around down in a sports car it would not be red, it would be blue! ;3

  • TierraB says:

    yeah….this is kind of true

  • braposo23 says:

    this explains y half of my house is uncomplete!!!!

  • Lana B. says:

    This is so weird, I born March 11 but all these Aries traits seem true to me …? I'm always the loudest, talking about myself, love fast cars and beautiful women, something is wrong?

  • geminivids says:

    @free2rock85 Maybe Aries or another Fire Sign is in another planet of your astrological chart. The Sun sign which would be Pisces is a limited insight to your actual personality.

  • geminivids says:

    This is kind of a negative view on Aries. I mean, sure, I might be a little brash at times, but that's only if somebody really messes with me. Not all Aries are quite as out-of-control of themselves as this video is saying. She didn't really state anything positive about the sign- According to her, all Aries are just egotistical, unable to finish projects, and get in a lot of fights. heh. Well, As they say, look for the bad in people and you will surely find it.

  • Kaepora Gaebora says:

    I think she's talking about her won Zodiac Sign

  • ayanuhito says:

    we're the Aries, not the Leo. don't have to mention whatever they talk about us, how they look at us. of course i know none of us never ever really care such nonsense reputations of the others. we can devote and concentrate on ourselves whatever the business is.

  • Mr WhatChaMaCalum says:

    how can she link genetics or race with star signs lol

  • Christina Coigney says:

    @rsohlich1 Yes, you are.

  • Christina Coigney says:

    @LovePurrrpleLilac Beak shaped noses, beady eyes, and unibrows.

  • chichiboypumpi says:


  • Aries Major says:

    As an aries, by showing your temper towards this video you're only driving the stereotypical knife deeper >_> which is fine, I wouldn't expect anything less.

  • JML510 says:

    This is a joke, right? Where'd the "unibrow" thing come from? Idiots like this lady are a major reason why most people dont take astrology seriously.

  • bijan1982 says:

    im an aries… this stargoddess woman is classic… i love her…

    she sounds like an aries lol

  • Christos Kaltsas says:

    Actually she described me but I am a Pisces
    These "astrologists" like her , make you to NOT believe in astrology.
    Stupid video indeed…

  • AngelaTruffles says:

    @Eyrynomos Thats probably because your probably on the border line of aries or have more aries in your chart.. Get it straight!

  • Christos Kaltsas says:

    No , I was born in February.Anyway, she is no good IMHO

  • narainpur says:

    i m aries and nothing i have wat she told ( all physical charaterstics)

  • FrostedPhienix says:

    Seeing this as an aires, i'm proud to of being an aires, we have our ups and downs, but it does go to show that no 1 of the 12 zodiac star sign family is perfect, but Uniquie in their own right.

  • terrancelueckgen says:

    your full o shit

  • Julia M says:

    im an aries and im super quiet and i do have a gap but its not as big as she described and i am tough but i dont get hit with beerbottles and stuff i hit people with them baha shes so wrong!!!! get a life

  • Abby says:

    not one thing she said was true man. ugh its impossible to figure out an Aries.

  • zankou1991 says:

    this woman is insane :S

  • blizzared2 says:

    @NamChampskee This is what some aries look like.. you have to actually look at your rising sign to pick out ppl ­čśŤ

  • nizxbit says:

    She's right, Aries are all wankers.

  • FrostedPhienix says:

    what? some phyiscal features might be easy to see, but other features ie.personality wise would take an experianced eye to see, espcailly aires, sorry for not explaning this clearly, but it's 3am for me over here.

  • smileykey45 says:

    I'm an aries and Im shy….I get along with leos the best

  • Nessa Spence says:

    I'm an Aries but completely opposite to the traits described here. I'm not a natural leader, actually I prefer to be in the background and I'm quite shy. I don't think all Arians have the typical traits because we're all slightly different, with different Ascendants, Moon signs and other planetary influences. My closest friends are Earth and Water signs rather than the traditional Fire ones, and I'm married to a Gemini.

  • Geraldo Oyola says:

    @Angel100475 ME TOO I AGREE!!

  • smileykey45 says:

    @gtasanandreascj100 yeah I open up when i get to know people better ­čÖé

  • Yummy says:

    Not all Aries are loud. Your personality traits mostly depend on you birthday. Many shy Aries are on the cusp of pisces and aries or a water moon.

  • serenity0324 says:

    I'm an Aries and yep I can be impulsive BUT at the same time altruistic. You will never find a more generous, childlike sign than us.

  • serenity0324 says:

    @earthle you might be an Aries first decanate like me. Quietly strong but fiercely loyal.

  • Suranja Barat says:


  • Dad Ji says:

    @blackrose14ann 1st u shuld check ur sis birth chart

  • WarGrowlmon1990 says:

    What this woman fails to do in her videos is explain that there are positive and negative people of each sign. Positive Aries are generous but negative Arians, like my fiance's ex, can be some of the most selfish people you'll meet. I'm a Scorpio and, unlike this "star goddess" said, I'm shy, immature with a twisted sense of humor and the opposite of dark.

  • Weezing336 says:

    @YumiOfLyoko i agree

  • Dad Ji says:

    @blackrose14ann then check her birth chart :)..then see the moon sign it's her

  • James Toney says:

    Only thing I noticed about Aries is they like to fight.

  • Agr3ssif says:

    i agree with what she's saying. and i'm an aries! i love me! lol

  • Bharti Bhardwaj says:

    These things aren't always true… I'm Aries and I'm not athletic, competitive what soever in fact I'm the laziest person in my family….. And as far as the appearance is concerned I'm nothing like the way she described Aries people

  • ilovestevilliers says:

    bahahahah, im an Aries .. hmmm…guys if you think this descibes us … KEEP LOOKING!

  • Kaepora Gaebora says:

    I am not a scar-faced, broken-nosed ship.

  • Green Katana says:

    it seems she doesnt like aries

  • JezzahTheFox94 says:

    She got Gemini right

  • blurr21 says:

    Wtf the titanic ?!!

  • Boardflippingurl says:

    I have to say this seem's to be a bit one-sided. I am an Aries and this is the complete opposite of me, I am very quiet and reserved. Even after you get to know me I am still that way, I am not loud at all, I never had a fight in my life and I don't brag, And I try to treat everyone with respect. As far as Celebrities go, Heath Ledger kept to himself, Jennifer Garner is quiet, Keri Russle and Dennis Quiad, Very reserved. I hardly even comment video's. But I just had to point that out. Thank's

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    she is tooooo funny!

  • Gathering Essence says:

    blackrose….she probably has an ascendent and moon in another sign…they're very important too…these are mostly the shadow signs of aries…they get a bad wrap due to their agression…but they are the crazy go-for-it energy that really gets things going for us all…we're all aries in some way….there's good and bad points in every sign…..obstacles to overcome as the individual transforms….

  • chris x says:

    you posted this on another astrology video, stop copying and pasting comments and most of all STOP TROLLING idiot

  • el mc says:

    i agree to this, also i know this is an old video and comment but im an aries and those kinds of people she mentioned are the ones i want to get away from, nothing like me or any aries ive known. i wish she could have explored other characteristics, not make people/signs seem so one dimensional :p

  • Kohi Kisa says:

    I am an Aries and not much of this relates to me :/

  • Dan Ramos says:

    0:14 pause, damn it's not a real gun.

  • KMac says:

    Yeah this is mainly the Aries stereotypes. Aries are good people, and many are not even extremely loud, or that loud at all. In fact, actually I know a few Aries that can be generally quiet actually. I think the first thing to realize, is that every sign has both quiet and loud people, and even in between. This video fails in every way to mention but one of the few types of Aries sun sign, let alone not regarding with the mix of your moon / rising signs. Pathetic.

  • jacobmufasa says:

    she is a aries hater.

  • 8luvbug says:

    I know quite a few Aries,my mom and sister is one.I wouldn't say they're selfish,but they can be careless sometimes.They are pretty sweet.

  • mokey tah says:

    old hippies wearing a wizard gown with a book of spells beside it, really puts me off of my digestion. wow, dont hire crank whores with attitudes please. horrible. hire someone who gotten laid in this century.

  • mokey tah says:

    i wish. she seems like a man hater. and i dont tell lies outta my sleep. i hate liars. check you local listings, she probably at the local renaissance fair peddling her hatred. huzzah!

  • Katie Young says:

    I am an Aries and I would definitely say I am a sort of 'go' attitude, but that is where the similarity between me and her description stops. I am polite and certainly not pugnacious. Anyone I know will tell you I am a decent person. And fast sex and fast cars do not hold my interest. She takes the zodiac too literally. Though Aries are get up and go people we are NOT necessarily going to be marathon runners or speed racers. It can be very metaphorical, and she did not take that into account.

  • Lauren A. McSweeney says:

    i love being an aries

  • patrick tucker says:

    how to spot a sexuley frustrated women watch the star godess

  • TheShyPieGuy says:

    I'm a Libra my moms a Pisces and my dads a Virgo, every time I read our horoscopes they are spot on! My brothers an Aries and every thing you said is nothing like him. His Aries horoscope is never accurate! They are an interesting bunch

  • marc ty says:

    This lady and video is a fail… She fails to ever mention that theres WAY more to astrology than just the sun sign! You gotta study your astrological chart to really understand this stuff. Somebody could have their sun in aries BUT have the moon in pisces and other planets in other signs and be completely different than the average "aries" because of other influences. Anybody who's actually interested in astrology beyond pointless horoscopes should know this!!

  • Jenny Rowe says:

    she lip reading off a board

  • Aaron 32 says:

    this is just selective  minority groups of aries

  • Aaron 32 says:

    they're like that only when in the spotlight and even then they r only acting out

  • Aaron 32 says:

    since theyre the less evoloved theyre

  • Aaron 32 says:

    you people are all so funny.,
    have a good day everyone !

  • Princess Heart says:

    Aries are like my fav sign!!! I wish I was an aries lol jk but theyre super genuine people

  • The Finn says:

    I'm an Aries and all of these except the pioneer part were totally wrong.

  • C HUSTLE says:

    Brutal honesty =aries

  • Heyoka Empath says:

    Ram horn hair line too

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