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Astronomers Spot Sudden Black Hole Flare Up

Astronomers Spot Sudden Black Hole Flare Up

The Milky Way is a diffuse glow that marks
the central plane of our home galaxy. It’s brightest whenever the constellations Sagittarius
and Scorpius are in view. Between them, we’re looking toward the very center of the Milky
Way. Thick dust clouds block our view of the central
region in visible light, but satellites like NASA’s Swift, which detect X-rays, can see
straight through them. On September 16, 2012, NASA’s Swift noticed a new and rapidly brightening
X-ray source a few degrees from the galactic center. Astronomers quickly realized that
this was a bright X-ray nova, something so rare that it’s the first one Swift has seen. The object, now identified as Swift J1745-26
after its sky position reached peak brightness in high-energy X-rays in just over two days.
At lower energies, such as those seen by Swift’s X-ray telescope, it continued to brighten
into October. Additional X-ray behavior told astronomers that the object at the center
of this activity was a previously unknown black hole. The black hole is part of a binary system
with a normal star like the sun. A stream of gas from the normal star flows into an
accretion disk around the black hole. Usually in systems like these, the disk’s gas spirals
in toward the black hole, heats up greatly, and produces a steady X-ray glow. But with X-ray novae, there’s a glitch in
the disk. Gas builds up in the outer regions like water behind a dam. Once enough gas accumulates,
which can take several decades, the dam breaks and a flood of gas surges toward the black
hole, creating the X-ray nova outburst…and perhaps short-lived jets that blast particles
outward at high-energy. Instabilities in gas disks regulate outbursts in a wide range of
objects, highlighting the importance of understanding why some disks are more stable than others.

55 Replies to “Astronomers Spot Sudden Black Hole Flare Up”

  • Trike says:

    Except this flare-up happened between 25,000 and 28,000 years ago.

  • car farm says:

    this is about science, leave the politics at the door please.

  • TekSupport says:

    You are impressively well spoken and I tip my hat to you.

  • CruiseControlOne says:

    Is this a precursor to the December 21st's Mayan prophecy? If so, let me smoke a really toasted one to the tune of Pink Floyd.

  • Glutton For Sex says:

    Specifically, the religious right and religious dogma.

    Name the poison.

  • trefod says:

    Thanks, I was tempted to respond to Knicklas48 as most youtubers do, by flinging mud and being sarchastic but on the other hand having hats tipped in ones direction is endlessly more rewarding and I appreciate it and feel encouraged. I tip my hat back at you for bothering to pay the compliment.

  • Glutton For Sex says:

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    If a notable slice of the American electorate proves willing to deliver its country to an unhinged GOP just to have a white person in office, it bodes very badly for the future.

  • Jo Thinker says:

    What an ignorant jerk you are. Do you travel? Do you read? Have you ever put yourself in others shoes. Probably not. You probably live in a red state with the lowest education levels. Grow up, stop talking to you're imaginary friend and learn about reality. Duhhh!

  • Nutt007 says:

    Very neat video. Black holes are one of rhe most fascinating things out there!

  • Dirik619 says:

    fuck yeah

  • Mønkey says:

    Then shut up if you don't understand what is being expressed here.

  • Mønkey says:

    Why do you bring this up? Does the video say anything about it?

  • knicklas48 says:

    I understand it all very well. That's why I said what I said and the truth of the statement is obvious from the cowards who can't handle being told what they are.

  • Dirik619 says:

    90% of comments are about religion…so all of those religious people are fuckin retards

  • pen pineapple apple pen says:

    Use the Wormhole Key and go to the Grox Empire!

  • g0d0fw4r says:


  • Ace0077 says:

    suddenly, a wild black hole appears

  • Bridget Knapek says:

    lOVE YOU guys..Big Hugs! ~:] PEACE

  • James01100011 says:

    Your comment is about religion, do you consider yourself as one of those “fuckin retards”?

  • AmIKawaiiYet? says:


  • Sebastian Brown says:

    @PhatChris89 translation: oh my god! A black hole! Lol xD

  • Dirik619 says:

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  • Alshaan says:

    I'm straight, your insult fails.

  • Dirik619 says:

    read what you just said

  • makeminefreedom says:

    It is possible that the gravitational pull from an unseen black hole could be causing solar flares to escape from our sun. If solar flares are able to escape the sun's gravitational pull it only makes sense that some unseen force is allowing the flares to escape.

  • sagar kaushik says:

    Well, no. If gravity of an invisible black hole could cause solar flares to escape sun's gravity then black hole's gravity effects would also be seen on earth and every other planet.
    Moreover sun's solar flares are the result of explosions on sun's surface and not due to some gravity.

  • sagar kaushik says:

    Meanwhile, A wild Black Hole Appears and consumes our entire solar system but Chuck Norris instead consumes the Black Hole….

  • Dirik619 says:


  • sagar kaushik says:

    You know what you are fucking irritating……

  • Dirik619 says:

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  • Theicywall says:

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  • busybillyb33 says:

    Dude, this video is about a "BLACK HOLE" flare up. Not "BLACKS" flare up.

  • Inferno3337 says:

    True, but irrelevant.

  • Cannonfodder43 says:

    Tries to flee.

  • K A S H T H R I L L S says:

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  • Nekross says:

    Black Hole uses Gravity! It's Super Effective!

  • Nekross says:

    Easy. Don't wear a pantsuit. Queer =)

  • K A S H T H R I L L S says:

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    I've got a good mind to tell your mother and get your X-box confiscated.

  • sagar kaushik says:

    I Concur with you mate.

  • Manuel Beltran says:


  • Trixie Wolf says:

    Time isn't determined by a master clock. There's no "absolute time" when the event occurred. The only thing we can say is that it occurred within our past horizon, which based on our inertial frame of reference, is about 30,000 light years away (that's both distance AND time). Prior to the observation, the event was potentially simultaneous with our frame of reference.

    The way spacetime works is interesting, but doesn't need to be expounded upon in every science article.

  • Trixie Wolf says:

    We've already been hit by it. That's how we made the observation.

    Though I am reluctant to curb your enthusiasm for the end of humanity, I feel I should share with you that the Sun has no problem with light hitting it. The Sun is filled with light already, and there is no source of light that could possibly affect the Sun. The intensity of gamma rays required would vaporize Earth long before it'd have the slightest effect on the Sun.

  • MarkmBha says:


  • Trixie Wolf says:

    Uh, no, I didn't say any of those crazy things. I just explained how the event in the article has already shown to be harmless, and can in no way damage the Sun.

    Now that I'm fairly certain you don't even know what a black hole actually is, I will leave you to your insane ramblings. (The Illuminati overseers have been notified of your transgressions and Men in Black will be showing up promptly to 'decommission' you. Fnord.)

  • Trixie Wolf says:

    Chuck Norris stopped being cool quite a while ago, I fear.

  • sagar kaushik says:

    Maybe. But still, I love his jokes.

  • Pandoran Age Chronicles by Dante D'Anthony says:

    "Astronomers Spot Sudden Black Hole Flare Up" sudden implies time is an issue in this discussion. Many viewers, especially younger ones who may not understand light-year (time again) or Relativity could use some background. Science reporting inherently is educational as part of its nature. I respectfully beg to differ. I think it is hugely important that Science get a lot more air time in the minds of the general public.

  • Trixie Wolf says:

    Okay, I agree you have a point wrt the audience. I don't know that telling people "this far away means this long ago" is necessarily informing them properly, is all; it's sort of a step toward understanding relativity, but it's technically a false statement. Space and time are stuck together as the warp and weave of events; you can't totally separate the time dimension any more than you can identify which way is "up". You're right that it should be made as accessible as possible, though.

  • Jürgen Samoilov says:

    i like turtles

  • Trowblood says:

    Black holes do not exist

  • ThatGuyFromBRITAIN says:

    then you are stupid

  • Trowblood says:

    You've been misled!
    There are many worthwhile big brains out there who can see past the television screen and the peer review boards enforced consensus of maintaining the jobs of mathematicians imaginations over empirical evidence from observations, that don't comply with general relativity.
    Did you really think that maths would gain such intricate insight to describe the complexity of a singularity to the extent that it was describing the reality of the radio sources they think are black holes?

  • Yanya says:

    he was just trying to start religious war here :/

  • MultiOppossum says:

    Got here after watching a guitar lesson on Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing". Awesome…

  • TheJazi22 says:

    This was cool. Makes me wonder if it helps reduce solar flares that hit earth.

  • Mr. Shadow says:

    LOL The picture said it all. How would this moron know anything about the timing.

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