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Astronomy: The Meaning in the Stars

NARRATOR: The Earth is our home. For millennia, humans have roamed the land,
exploring every inch of what our planet has to offer. Beyond, however, the heavens stretch as an
unexplored frontier. Since humans first looked at the night sky,
people have wondered what lies beyond the realm of our planet. What kinds of worlds await us out there, in
the infinitude of space? Where did the universe- its nebulae, stars,
planets, and more- come from? And what does the future of the universe hold
for all of us? Today, we explore. NARRATOR: For centuries, astronomers have
used various instruments to explore heavens. One such instrument is the telescope. Oh look! Here is an astronomer using a telescope now! He must be observing Mars in retrograde! What a fine day it is to use a telescope! How are you, fine sir? ASTRONOMER: Well, actually I lost my license ’bout
four years ago now, and then my wife linda left me and took the kids. And just last week, I lost my eye! NARRATOR: Uhhh…. NARRATOR: In astronomy, there are 11 12 different signs. Each horoscope represents
a different and unique personality or destiny of an individual. These signs are determined by the time of
year when an individual was born. In the following clips, we attempt to demystify
each sign by providing an example of their associated traits. -So, tell us about yourself.
-Well, not to brag or anything, but I know pi to 1,395 digits. Wanna hear? 3.1415926535… If all the planks of a wooden boat get replaced,
is it still the same boat? If everything… If all the parts of me get replaced, am I
still the same me? Oh Gods! What is life? Am I truly alive? What does
it mean to live? …3846264… (saxophone music) AHHHH!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! They’re gonna get me! Ahh. ..338327… I have finally obtained INFINITE POWER! *snoring loudly* …169399… *music* How much longer? -Just another five minutes. You’re gonna be ugly either way so… Who else are you trying to see tonight? *shrugs* off camera: script? -Nah, I don’t need a script Well, folks, those are the 11 Well, folks, those are the 10 Well folks, those are the 12 signs of the
zodiac. We hope you have enjoyed… *phone rings* *other side* *listening intently* *not saying anything* NO!?! *intense music* *music intensifies* *marker squeak* *mumbling* Wait… Wait! Not again! I need a better lab assistant. *tic tac toe* By these calculations, By my calculations, There must be a thirteenth sign! *makes up and draws a symbol for it* What is it? Serpens? OPHIUCHUS! OPHIUCHUS, THE THIRTEENTH SIGN! …7654395? I’m done! (Off Screen): *wakes up* ah well ah that was very
impressive. Wanna hear it in binary now? I only know it up to 123 digits. -well uh… *starts reciting it* off camera: uhhh…

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