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Bitcoin Predictions: In 2018 BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin will all be worth more than today

Bitcoin Predictions: In 2018 BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin will all be worth more than today

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister you can email me at Adam at adam meister .
com I don’t usually give out that email address and yes my real name is Adam
Meister it’s time to make some more predictions
I had some predictions earlier in 2016 that you can review and
you can see that I was right on with my China panic theory and how it would
boost the price of bitcoin at some point during the year which just happened anyway you can explore my predictions in
my past videos look them up i am going to make a prediction about 20
18 actually by then all of the main cryptocurrencies will be worth more
than they are today alright so if you buy if you buy
litecoin Bitcoin Ethereum. today by 2018 all we’re going to be worth more so you
should just hang on to them until then if you want to flip them in 2018 and
this is partially due to the influx of newbies into the crypto currency market
and a redefinition of what the crypto currency market eats because there’s
there’s just a lot of guys that are going to get into it then you just want
to flip coins and have no idea what the theory of our Litecoin what they are but
they just think they see a top three let’s do it now I mention these these
top three because they they are at the top they
are the top three because look at coin market cap dot com their volumes are consistently the top
three on the rumors are that eventually coinbase and gemini will be the first
quarter is different i already trade hearing in Bitcoin but likely will
probably added at least to the coinbase GDX by then and and it’s that there’s
going to be a definition with big three or I don’t know if there’s going to be a
fourth obviously Bitcoin is going to be the biggest of all but I i think that’s
going to be the main the big three so we’re just going to have a lot of
newbies just jump into them in the future and in a usable sports analogy
was you know yet I brought up sports before in these there’s some people who
like the major leagues the NFL the NBA but other people who also a minor
leagues in college and so there’s there’s always they’re always going to
be fans of the the lesser of the crypto currencies and out of the big three that
the the least is obviously Litecoin and and again each of those three have that
have a special appeal bitcoin is them is the man ether is the
Challenger litecoin is with the ponds Ian him China
about so remember if you’re if you’re a person
who’s interested tacticals behind the price jumps and
everything that there are many different Bitcoin world out there okay and you’re living in a logical one I
guess but there’s some people who have no idea about the technicals and they
just they just want to gamble and they want to compete and more of them are
coming into the space as cryptocurrencies and bitcoin become more
mainstream so that is why I confidently say that by
january first 20 18 or by the same day in 2018 it’s made 31st 2016 that every
one of the three main cryptocurrencies all be worth more and one of the things that will be able to
point you is because of all the newbies getting into it so this is something to think about i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister popular

27 Replies to “Bitcoin Predictions: In 2018 BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin will all be worth more than today”

  • Henry I says:

    Yes ! Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are going to the MOON !!! šŸ˜€

  • Kit Cat says:

    Dogecoin? Do you see the price moving up?

  • Peter Dahlen says:

    What about DASH?

  • Sasha Bakhshi says:

    What do you think about Lisk

  • Ut Man says:

    what about hashocean , it gonna resist to the halving or not ? shoud i invest now?

  • SoundRealm says:


  • TheWhisperingPenis says:

    So you only invest in Bitcoin? Why not take the risk on Ether on the chance it jumps like Bitcoin did? $600 per bitcoin is a lot to invest. is it still worth it in that case? Do you think we will see another price jump with Bitcoin and is it more likely than a similar price jump with Ether?

    I should of invested in Bitcoin when my buddy told me about it in 2010, I didnt and so now here I am. With so many factors to consider its really hard trying to determine what will happen for me at least. I suppose I shouldn't expect anything like the initial jump with Bitcoin anytime soon, or maybe I should?

  • jacob Torbellino says:

    what about worldcoin

  • NoodlesPoodle says:

    how about ripple XRP

  • Grand Bleu says:

    what do you think about Factom?

  • Robert Brown says:

    Who is this nob?

  • SomeMore says:

    Starting to think about getting in ltc. Something tells me it is a dark horse.

  • Grand Bleu says:

    The only who beleive ltc will rise are bagholders.

  • Kou Z says:

    What's wrong with your hair?

  • Amanpreet Singh Kailley says:

    i wish i had subscribed u early.

  • Amanpreet Singh Kailley says:

    what do u suggest abt etc and eth? which one i should buy?

  • Arshdeep Singh says:

    please suggest some other currencies to invest in

  • Young Hustluh says:

    wow that's a pinpoint prediction man. they will be worth more in time… who would of thought? genius bro

  • Apollo Brown says:

    with all due respect…but you act like a clown …

  • Astrology for Mindful Living says:

    Thank you or your suggestion to use coinbase as a first step in buying and selling cryptos. I attempted to buy and my card was compromised a day later? Dont know if that caused this issue or not? In any case, I tried to upload another card so that I could buy and coinbase cancelled the transaction – likely bc of my corrupted card the first time. Do you have any suggestions for this issue? I tried to contact them thru email but response could take days. Do you have a suggestion for any other secure sites???

  • jan janssen says:

    he man, what did you smoke?

  • Noodle Media America says:

    WTF!!!! 'litecoin is what they ponzi in China" was that really necessary??!!! got forbid any currency other than Bitcion be given any shot…. You didn't even mention its true appeal being the fact that it has more advanced tech than Bitcion which forks every 2 months (and yes i get that its somewhat of a dividend but if it continues to fork useless coins, people will eventually stop buying said useless coins)

    I am not a litecoin pumper or bit-basher, i own both, but i have to say, only pumping one while spitting on the other is stupid. Still a fan, but that point was stupid.

  • Mit Chandola says:

    sir in jail?

  • Alexsei Borda says:

    Dude was right. And the ride is only just begun

  • Henry Law says:

    All these videos will age very well by 2030.

  • OoooSHOOKoooO says:

    Dude your a think out the box but keep reality in mind kinda person. I like it …. you said no to ripple but if bidcoin move they all will bc of the rush to get in on the train .. I'm new and only 5 months learning but it's common since and you can see it if you look at the whole picture… the market was flooded with everyone and their mom Tryna get in on it… technology with cell phones makes it easy to buy and sell and I feel their a new genre of investors like myself that will pump and dump cause the market to constantly go all over the place lmao is what it is.. litecoin, ripple , RGSE < lol and bitcoin being the god of crypto and future world currency in 70 years

  • VentionMGTOW says:

    Good prediction and it was true. Bitcoins were about 600 dollars each back then and now they're going for 3700 or so. If you can ignore that huge pump back in 2017, we've made some excellent gains since this video was made.

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