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Can Looks Predict Someone’s Intelligence?

Have you ever looked across the room and thought,
“Bro looks dumb as a stick.” If somehow you didn’t feel awful for judging a someone by
looks alone… Well, science is on your side too. Hey dummies, Trace here for DNews — Judging
a book by its cover is an age-old adage, and it wouldn’t still exist unless people KEPT
JUDGING BOOKS! Looking at people’s faces is easy, and we want to wheedle as much information
out of looks as we can, because social interaction is hard, guys! You have to like, listen, and
talk and listen and in the right order… Uhhhhhgggh can’t I just look at you and know
if you can do my math homework, please? New research in Plos One has jumped on this
bandwagon too. Researchers in the Czech Republic gave IQ tests to 80 men and women and took
a static picture of their face. Then, 160 volunteers looked at the faces and guessed
how they’d done on their IQ test. Humans LOVE research like this. There have been studies
showing how faces reveal people’s race, sex, political affiliation, ethnicity, health,
social statues, attractiveness and intelligence. I’ll stop the suspense. YES, this research
confirms people will judge a book by it’s cover. And a face. By it’s cover. Or whatever.
Basically, the faces who volunteers believed to be intelligent actually did score highly
on the IQ test. However, the guesses were only accurate for MEN. It didn’t work for
WOMEN. We all know IQ tests are a notoriously bad
measure of REAL WORLD intelligence, but at least everyone was given the same IQ test.
The volunteers DID correctly guess how people did on that specific test, just by a picture
— and did so with statistical significance. Oddly, though, when the researchers used a
computer to compare facial shape with IQ, they couldn’t find anything, but if compared
to PERCEIVED intelligence they found intelligent faces are prolonged, with a broader distance
between the eyes, a larger nose, a slight upturn to the corners of the mouth, and a
sharper, pointing, less rounded chin. The researchers guess it has something to
do with our sexual evolution. They think there must be some reason, men benefitted from wearing
their intelligence factor on their faces, whereas women needn’t advertise their wily
ways. Furthermore, since they already had faces
and volunteers, they also asked them to measure attractiveness and sorry to say — smarter
people are not more attractive nor are they uglier. What do you think? Are you going to save this
image to your phone and check who your smart and dumb friends are? Tell us your thoughts on this experiment down
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the best, thanks for watching.

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