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Can People Guess Each Others Zodiac Signs?

– That could’ve been any sign. – He’s either a Leo
or an Aries. – I suck at this! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, how do you feel
about astrology? – I like it!
– I love astrology. – I feel like I know
like a good general amount, but I’m still not to the point of like
where I know everyone’s super, like what their rising means,
what their moon, but like, I read my horoscope
every day. – I love astrology.
– Me too. – Yeah.
– I love astrology. I am a subscriber. – (FBE) But as fans of astrology, do you feel like knowing someone’s
primary sun sign tells you anything about them? – I personally think so. The accuracy that Zodiac signs hold
is pretty frickin’ daunting. – (FBE) For this challenge,
we’re gonna be asking you to guess a few of our
staff members’ signs according to the western Zodiac. – Oh.
– Oh, that’s a sick episode. This is a cool, alright,
there’s a lot of Leos in this building, actually. – (FBE) First we’re gonna hear what these people think
about astrology in general, then I’ll have each of them
read their daily horoscope and tell you how they feel about it. – Okay. – (FBE) You’ll write down each sign
that you think each person is. – (laughs) Okay. – (FBE) And whoever gets
the most correct wins. – Okay.
– I’m nervous about this, but I’m confident.
– I’m excited about this. This is kinda fun, actually. – (FBE) Remember, none of these people
have the same signs. – Okay, okay. – (FBE) So don’t guess anything
more than once. We’ll show you all six videos,
and then have you reveal your answers. – Okay.
– Okay, cool. – Kinda like rethink
of my interaction with them, if they ever like…
– I think I just… – Talked about their birthdays
or anything. – I’m not gonna think about birthday,
I’m literally, I just wanna go right into…
– What they actually say? – Yeah, what they say, because
I think that’ll be more helpful. – (FBE) So how do you feel
about astrology? – I love astrology, I feel like
it’s actually really accurate to everything that I’m thinking
in my daily life, so I check my horoscope every day. You might think you can
convince nearly anyone to buy your idealistic vision today,
but your assumptions may be based on the interpretation
of reality. – Leo, oh wait no. – In fact, you can be
stubborn at times, clingy to those facts
that you have been annoyingly altered by your
emotional attachment. – Emotional attachments.
– It’s easy to correct your conclusions if you’re willing
to be swayed. – Never mind. – By new information as you learn it. President George Washington said
“truth will ultimately prevail where there is pain
to bring it to light.” (smacks lips) (both laugh) – Oh, this is tricky. – This has something to do
with emotions. – Yeah, definitely emotions,
being overly attached to things. – Maybe like a water sign. Water signs tend to be like
a little clingy. – That could’ve been any sign. – And knowing her as like
a personality, she’s like more bubbly,
and just, very loving, kinda like, I don’t know,
like something tells me a little bit of like
a water sign, maybe. – I love how astrology
basically says the most general stuff to you. It will be like hey,
watch out for technology this month. It’s like aw, my phone died.
They knew! They really knew,
it was Mercury! Your adventurous heart propels
your mind to higher heights. I love this, because they’re already
complimenting me. Your adventurous mind.
(both laugh) However, the moon’s current visit (laughs) to your inspirational sign
can prompt you to aim your arrows of intention so high
that you set yourself up for failure. Thankfully, it’s rather easy
to avoid this lunar trap by moderating your
self expectations early on. Goals that are not written down
are just wishes. – Huh. – So, like, this is just general
for everyone who’s ever existed. – Literally.
– This isn’t a horoscope. This is just like good advice.
– Yeah. (laughs) – That’s how I feel about horoscopes, but then I also
always read my horoscope. – He’s either a Leo or an Aries.
– Yep, I’m on the same wave. I know he’s a fire,
so I put Aries. – I think it’s also like,
how they’re kind of reacting to their horoscope.
– That actually… – Because a lot of people
are like skeptics on it, and that also…
– I think that’s a bigger give, actually, how they react to it,
versus just the information itself. – I love astrology.
I plan my days around Co-Star. – Oh, [bleep] JC!
– I don’t do something if Co-Star’s telling me
not to do it. (Mikaela laughs)
I love it. Standing on the cusp of a new vista
is unsettling at first. – I love you, Josecarlos.
– It is possible to experience a breakthrough now
involving a relative or friend with whom you’ve been…
– He’s already like, surreal. – I hate when it’s accurate! You might have to convince others
that you are not operating with an alterior motive.
Ooh, this is spicy! (both laugh) – Gratitude, not understanding,
is the secret to joy, and equan, what the,
equanimity? I’ve never heard of that word.
– Equanimity? (laughs) – Is this a typo?
I feel like this is telling me that I’m at odds with a friend,
which I am, we’re on good terms now though.
This weekend kinda mended us together. – Aww, I will say JC
can be salty sometimes. – Really?
– He can be, yeah, I think, yeah. – Ah, interesting.
– No, it’s a good salty. – Yeah, yeah.
– You know, he’s really fun and he’s really open.
I will say. – Okay, fire sign. – Listening to what the horoscope
had to say, it doesn’t sound like
this was advice for someone who’s an Aries. So now it has be reevaluating
whether he’s a fire sign or not. So now I’m just thinking
like where does he fall into? Now I don’t know. – Sometimes there are some
fun coincidences, but overall, I’m mostly a skeptic. Your self expression
holds its own charm and beauty. Thank you.
(Chelsea laughs) But stepping into an unfamiliar
environment today may trigger you to think more about the kind of impression
you can make rather than giving people
the sheer pleasure of your presence. Worry less about appearances…
– Okay. – And more about the substance
of your encounters. That is something that is,
it’s valid. That’s good advice.
– Oh! – Author Oscar Wilde wrote
“Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music.”
– Damn. – “Your days are your sonnets.” That’s really poetic and beautiful. Oscar Wilde,
it’s almost like he’s a poet. (both laugh)
– He is a poet. – She either could be a Leo,
or a Cancer. – Cancers are too simp.
– You think so? – I don’t really see
any simpiness from her. – She was very passive in energy, and like passive is definitely not
a wind quality. It’s definitely not a water quality, and it’s definitely not a fire quality. Passive is definitely
a ground quality, a earth quality. – I’m not passive, I don’t think. – You’re not.
– Some people watching might disagree. – Astrology’s actually really fun,
just to you know, explore it. I try not to like
let it lead my life. (Shar laughs) You’re willing to go out on a limb
to support others, and it’s encouraging when you
see them doing the same. I’d say yes, that’s pretty accurate. A gratifying experience
with a new friend or group of acquaintances
persuades you to believe that your heart tribe
is expanding now. Yeah. Okay. (laughs)
(both laugh) Your true root is love,
and that’s what will bear fruit for all involved.
Aw, that’s so beautiful. – It’s poetry.
– She’s so cute. – Helping others is the secret sauce
to a happy life. – Aw! – I would agree with
Todd Stocker. – That’s cute.
– See, that was relevant. That was relevant,
I like that one. – I think I know what this one is. I think I got a pretty clear idea. – If my answers are wrong, it’ll still be in the same
like wheelhouse. Like oh, she wasn’t a Capricorn,
she was a Taurus. – Up until now, I was like
okay, these are each individual and now it’s all getting jumbled up. – Yeah, that’s the problem
with horoscopes. They’re all pretty similar. – All those readings,
they’re so general that you can like,
attribute them to like anybody, and they’ll be like oh yeah.
– Very true, that is very true. – Drawing on wisdom from traditions
around the world or your favorite fountain…
– Oh, I dated someone with this name. – Proves inspirational today. However, jaded feelings
may lurk deep within your heart that originate from personal…
– He’s over this [bleep] already. – Disappointments you have
experienced in the past. Albert Einstein wrote… – He’s like yeah,
I didn’t sign up for this [bleep]. “One is as though nothing
is a miracle, the other is as though
everything is a miracle.” What?
(both laugh) I feel like everybody at some point
feels kinda jaded. You have to like work hard
to feel better about it. – Mm-hmm.
– Huh. – ‘Bout that hustle baby!
– You got the hustle baby! (both laugh) – That one confused
the [bleep] out of me. – This one’s hard.
– Oof. – I’m gonna get this one wrong. – I think I know.
– Do you? – He talked about working hard
at the end. – Yeah.
– And kinda like, very like… – But he got skeptical about like…
– He was very blunt. – This could be anyone, yeah.
– I like his bluntness. – (FBE) Now that you’ve seen
all six videos, you’ll need to lock in your guesses, and again, none of these
have the same sign. – I’m just gonna go off
of impulse here. – I’m gonna lock it in.
– Yep, locked. – I’m locked in.
– I don’t feel confident. I’m only confident about one. – This is so hard!
– I need like one minute to like rearrange.
– ‘Cause I need an or. I need to be able to put an or.
– Yeah, that would help. – (FBE) Okay, let’s flip those boards. – Ban-nah! – (FBE) Wow. – Just, we feel like
really different answers. – Do we?
– Oh we do! – Do we, let me see yours?
– Completely different answers. – Oh frick. – (Niomi) I am a Libra.
(buzzer rings) – Damn it! – (Niomi) I am a Libra.
(buzzer rings) – She’s a Libra?
– She, oh. – [Bleep]!
– That’s what I am! – You should’ve known that!
– How did I not know my own sign? – I almost changed for Libra,
but then I was like no, I’m gonna stick with it,
dang it! – (Jack) I am a Sagittarius.
– Almost had it right. I had fire sign right. – (Jack) Sagittarius.
– No! (bell rings)
– Let’s go, got one. – I already knew that! – Sagittarius?
– What? – Oh, come on! – (Josecarlos) I am a Virgo.
(bell rings) – Let’s go two points.
– Yep! – (Josecarlos) I love it.
– I love it! (laughs) – Yeah.
– (Josecarlos) I am a Virgo. (buzzer rings)
And I love it. – I suck at this.
– Wow. – Wow.
– Virgo? Damn it!
– Oh, that’s on you. – I know. – (Sierra) I am a Leo.
(buzzer rings) – Wow.
– Seriously! – (Sierra) I am a Leo.
– Damn! (buzzer rings)
– Okay. – That was like one of my
guesses for her. (bell rings) – Let’s go!
– Okay, yeah, you’re right. We did give it all three. – (Andrea) I am an Aquarius.
(buzzer rings) – I’ve got everything wrong.
– I got them mismatched. – (Andrea) I am an Aquarius. (Sabrina gasps)
– Oh, you got one! – Oh my God,
I actually got one right! – Oh, I didn’t even think
about that sign! – That’s my rising,
how didn’t I relate to that? – Yo, we knew that!
Oh my God! – You were gonna say it.
– I’m tight, I’m tight. – (Nico) So I’m an Aries.
(buzzer rings) – Aries!
– Oh, [bleep]. – I got none right, so. – (Nico) Aries.
(buzzer rings) – Ah, I got that wrong too.
– I almost guessed that for him too, but I was like…
– I put down Capricorn for him. – Yes, I got one right! (laughs)
(bell rings) – Good job, good job, good job.
That’s ’cause you are one. – I always read mine,
I’m like this is nothing. (both laugh)
That’s exactly what that was. – I got that one right, I told you!
– I am so… – Anything associated
with being jaded! You could’ve had that one right,
so I got all wrong. – I could have.
– This looks very reminiscent of what my math exams
used to look like in school. – (FBE) You guys tied at three!
(bell rings) – We got this, the three ones
that we put down, yeah. – It’s like you know they say,
reading a book by its cover, like off of one conversation.
– Yeah. – Kinda have to I guess,
like see their mannerisms, how they react to certain things,
and then you could probably have a better gauge. – (FBE) It sounds like
with a final score of one to zero… – Yay!
– Yeah! – Good game, good game. – That was hard.
– Yeah, that was really, really hard. – That was genuinely hard,
oh my God. – Sorry.
(bell rings) – I’m just so mad at myself now
for not like listening to myself. – You know, I’m really shocked,
because I feel like if I were to spend time
with these people, I’d have a more accurate guess,
versus those damn horoscopes. – Completely wrong answers.
(bell rings) – I win by one!
– She got one. – I now want to be
the type of person who gets people’s birth charts. I wanna be so into it
that next time this comes around, I am not failing this challenge. – Thanks for watching us
guess people’s signs on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
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