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LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE ladies and gentlemen Happy New Year my
darlings whatever is happening up in New Year
Happy New Year I want to say to you guys the Cancer
how can you hear and I see what’s coming out for you Cancer signs please remember
these are general readings and in order to access the extended reading you have
to use the link and join okay Cancer all right this year 2020 what does it
has to burn the Cancer you are going to be vibrating with energy off of the High
princess and the Divine Mother and a divine father High princess and the energy
of a new start okay so the zero the start in the pool is the Omega so that
is the energy that is coming up okay so Cancer in order to access the extensive
region on my channel you have to be an a member okay so go check out my channel
use the link to become a member alright so let’s see what’s coming up
for the cancers cancer so you have the energy of transition coming up in
January so whatever is transpiring for you Cancer I see and and coming into
something in your world this is a water energy the year is air and you are water
so this transition this change could be good or it could be bad depends on who
you are I see transition with the energy of people using their power if you were
using your power I see the transition is coming up so
whoever that was using their power I see a transition coming up in the month of
February you’re dealing with people in power or you yourself could be using
your power over something and I see the end is coming in so whatever that there
was where someone was using their power I see at our moment coming
in March a lot of you water scents or receiving a towel moment in March
whatever that is all about this towel moment is a fire so the style moment is
coming down in the month of April I see the energy of negative forces negative
energy it could be you using your ego so whatever is transpiring in April you’ve
gotta be aware of this because it’s coming down to an end
I see you in limbo in the month of May so there is transition and whatever is
too inspired I see you hanging in limbo because it’s as if some of you’re
waiting on something you’re going within trying to figure out something I see
you’re moving forward the energy of hardship is here where you’re trying to
get yourself up and move forward because there was a tower moment in the month of
March so first six months is not looking good for you Cancer signs you know my
apologies but this is how it is so there is a lot that going on for you cancers
in the first six months and a lot of it stem from some of you have done things
that is coming out the wheel of fortune is in the month of July so I see you
moving forward energy of the Wheel of Fortune is here in a month of July so
that is good that is a fire sign that is luck coming in for you then the eye
prince has come up the Divine Mother the feminine divine is coming ups to awaken
you and to be aware of situation that is transpiring it is to awaken you and be
aware I see secrets of that was old is going to be coming out so whether it’s
your secrets your month is going to be the month of September so cancers your
month is a July and September as we look at October I see the end of the
situation so whatever that was playing in October I see on the end of this
situation end of the cycle in October November I see an organization what
when this organization is a West this organization is coming up in November so
you are dealing with people then I see the truth coming out about an
organization and what s transpire cell cell Cancer your best month is going to
be July July September and November July September and November there is a lot of
stuff few cancers or working on okay a lot of stuff you cancers or working on
whatever the issue in the situation is ICU cancers working on a lot of stuff so
let’s go in and check out your year is the year of balance okay um
temperance comes up a lot of people and it seems to have this remember to cross
watch cross watch is good and in order to see the extended you have to become a
member so let’s see what’s happening what is the transition that is coming in
January February because you have a transition coming up with an
organization so some of you could be changing jobs January February so let’s
see what’s coming up there is conflicts there is conflicts you are coming in in
January with conflicts January February I see you’re dealing with some conflicts
so whatever this complex is it could be ending for some of you in January
it could be ending with with some of you in February then I see some regrets at
our moment something is leaving your life whatever this is I see at our
moment comes up where whatever you were dealing with it’s finally it’s going to
come to an end you have some regrets with this conflicts and it has to do
with either you or people in power whatever you have done is now coming out
I see the truth it’s coming in so you guys have 99 end of a cycle for
something in lives of you cancer so this year 2020 to
the end of a psycho for something in your lives you cancers and that is
happening April going into me because I see light
is sharing on something that they weren’t aware off of then I see the the
four of swords I see as you leave May going into June I see I’m tired you’re
so tired whatever that was transpiring you’re so
tired whatever the issue or the situation is
you’re so tired you just want to be left alone I see even though some of you are
tired you still want to move forward I see some of you are standing back and
letting things go and just moving forward I see an offer coming in the
wheel of fortune is here in July a hopper is going to be coming in for you
because the Wheel of Fortune is here for you in July so I see some offer is
coming up for you happiness with the family whatever the secrets was I see
happiness is returning in the family so whatever secrets and destruction there
was in the family I see happiness coming back in the family in the month of
August going in September so some of you could be going to visit family at this
time then I see the lies and deceptive letter
is now coming out whatever the deceptiveness one of the lies and the
deceptiveness that was plain I see the energy of this world where the lies and
the deceptiveness is now coming out with an corporation Institute see I see the
cycle is going to be broken I see um justice comes up but in the reverse for
you cancer so whatever that was transpiring I see you cancers are not
going to win a lawsuit because and cooperation have seen the lies and
deceptiveness from you cancer Wow so um yes
cancer sir Wow Wow it’s gonna be a year for you cancers it’s really going to be
a year your best month is um really I’m going to be the wheel of fortune where
you’re gonna be offered something because I see the light coming down
justice is really in the reverse for you cancer so I see justice is is in Reverse
and they’re going to offer you is either you tell the truth or I don’t you get
they’re gonna be off in you but I seek answers whatever the deceptiveness is or
was in the month of the lies they’re not over okay whatever the licen deceptive
was deceptiveness was I see that they’re no over okay so let’s see what your what
else is gonna affect you in January I see a Klaus I see the end of birth
situation I see the the conflicts that is going on there’s clouds over this
conflicts whatever the conflicts that was going on there’s a lot of clouds
over this conflicts I see emotional situation that you’re
dealing with with either people in power because you’re having some regrets
I see the gossip is now over whoever that was they’re gossiping and a lot of
God speaking bad I see that it’s over that Israel remains out of your life in
the month of April I see deceptiveness Liza and deceptiveness and it has to do
with some deceptiveness from people to truth is coming out
I see the energy offer you hanging on waiting for information that is coming
from overseas I see secrets and you’re walking and
you’re fighting to take this down whatever the secret is the wheel of
fortune is bringing changes in your life and this is going to be good whatever
the issue the situation is the wheel of fortune is bringing changes in your life
the I princess is showing you the lies and
nests of people and family members okay allies and deceptiveness of people and
family member I’ve seen conflicts coming up because some secrets is gonna be
coming out and I see a lot of conflicts coming up secrets is here is coming out
and a lot of conflicts I see you getting a letter and this letter is going to be
the letter of the end of something okay and this is good I see you’re dealing
with LT issue some of you I see some of you could be going to the hospital
dealer with alt issues and I’m seeing balance out karmas is coming up you’re
balancing out karmas and the last I see you seen the truth of a contract it is
as if you see the truth of something that was offered to you you see why it
was offered to you okay so something that was offered to you now you’re
seeing the truth of why you were offered this thing okay so you’re seeing the
truth and it’s helping you to understand why you were offered this thing so
whatever it is I see the end of the TAF okay so whatever there was some
deceptiveness there was some Taff I see the end of that it’s coming in so
whatever that is rinse part I see a lot you cancers are doing dealing with a lot
because little conflicts I see some of you having conflicts somewhere else I
see some of you having conflicts somewhere else and as if they found out
that there was some deceptiveness weather on your part or on the part of
someone else I see you waiting for news and I see some secrets and the secrets
that some people hold I see a transition the wheel of fortune
is going to bring some changes in your life lies and deceptiveness and you’re
going to see in why a family member or family how offered you something okay
because there’s some lies and deceptiveness I see a letter coming in
and that it’s like a final a final message but in December I see you having
an author so let’s see what’s coming out okay you have the starfish this is a
water energy which is scarred you have the the slit that’s in gray you have the
sting Gris and the shark all right you’re something like you’re scrappy and
I see the Stingray the scenery where you are going to be standing up and you know
moving some people out of your way I see the Stingray oh okay I see the stingray
where you’re standing up and really moving some people out your way the
Stingray is the water you have to water images you cancers and that is good you
have to what energies and this is good because the stingrays and water energy
but the shark is also a lot of energy and this is good so whatever the issue
is and the situation is I see the sing rate and the water is having these are
water energy so this is good because your water sign there other people they
got like different energy vibration so let’s look at the Stingray and as I said
this I only use this this was this is the second time I’m using this last year
and use it so let’s look at the Stingray it’s a water energy developing confident
sense of sense of self or or spine now the same rake represent a pivotal point
in personal growth the moment has come when the stingray must decide between
the old easy comfortable and Familia and the new challenges uncomfortable and
unfamiliar precious from family and friends make the decision even more
complicated no matter what choices made now it is inverted that this dilemma
will surface again as the forces of dilemma growing up with
him the Stingray is too strong to ignore when imbalance ego wants to grow when
imbalance blame other and blame others and quit Tabares move through the
discomfort just move through the discomfort just take your time and move
through the discomfort and it’s really a year of stingray now we have the energy
of the shark and the shark is directness explosiveness revealing nests truths
nature and desire the shark is only dangerous when don’t acknowledge it
this this this that is something needed explosiveness it’s lurking in the deep
and creating tension shark energy takes over us when we are is it and to be
honest be total ourself or to say what we really want it may be tempting to
continue pretending nothing is wrong but when the shark energy is at play we feel
expression and circling us irritation captivity and mysterious imbalance
sneaky and this truck tip okay that’s cancers and to bring in balance you’ve
gotta be honest cancers cancers it is really a year of honesty whatever is
happening cancers it is really a year of being honest whatever the issue is in
the situation that is transpired honesty is called for in this year from you
cancers okay all right here let’s go and see what’s that and rest and rejuvenate
and this is really a year to go rest and juliet’ rethink things rethink things
rethink things whatever is too inspiring cancer rethink things rest in this year
take your time do things take your time to ill
situations in your life and seek the truth because you need to speak the
truth whatever is transpiring cancer seek the truth because you need to speak
the truth then the angel of Atlantis Archangel Michael in chart Minh the
angel of Atlantis Archangel and my Archangel Michael is here and the
unicorn so Eric’s Archangel Michael your color is going to be purple and black
arks Archangel Michael to help you okay wonderful energies cancers let’s move on
and see what’s going on and and when I say thank you so much for being here
please like and share and we’ll see what is coming up you


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