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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox the Astrologer

All right, when two Cancers fall in love,
it’s the real deal, and it’s all about the family. Cancer is just so family-oriented, and this
sign isn’t playing around — Cancers need the security of a commitment. So if these two come together in a relationship,
they’re in it for the long haul. Think about Mike and Carol Brady from The
Brady Bunch. Such a perfect Cancer–Cancer pairing. It’s all about the family — all about the
kids, hanging out at home together. They bring this huge brood together and then
just spend their days eating casseroles and playing croquet in the back yard. But you know what I always wondered, watching
that show? Okay, so this single mom, Carol, and this
single dad, Mike, find each other and fall in love and blend their families — okay,
great. But where were the ex-husband and the ex-wife? Right? Did we ever see the girls’ real father visit,
or the boys’ real mom? I don’t think so! And here’s the thing — Cancer can hold a
serious grudge. So I’m thinking the real mom and pop must’ve
done something seriously awful — too terrible to mention on TV back in the ’70s, when that
show was on the air. No, but two Cancers — this is generally
a really good pairing, just like the Bradys. But remember, Cancer is a Water sign, and
has a reputation for being quite moody. This is the sign of the Crab, and when a crab
feels threatened or hurt, what does it do? It pulls back into its shell. It withdraws from the world until it feels
like it’s safe to come out again. So if two Cancers are in an intimate, committed
love affair, well, I guess it’s a good thing they’re both that way — at least they can
understand it about each other. Otherwise, ugh — I’d hate to be in that
pairing. Hurt feelings and gloomy, moody behavior all
day long, Mr Brady locking himself in the den! No, but these two can really share a lot of
love, and they’re built for commitment. Expect the house and the dog and the big brood
of children with this one. Cancer wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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