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Cancer Man in Bed. Cancer Man in Love Signs

Cancer Man in Bed. Cancer Man in Love Signs

Cancer man in bed. If you know how to behave yourself properly
when it comes to the intimacy, then you have all chances to make the best relationships
with this guy. And today I wanna share with you some interesting
facts about cancer man, especially I will explain you his traits and characteristics
in love. Stay tuned, and watch this video up to the
end. By the way if you are new here, click on a
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answers on your curious questions here. Before you meet a cancer man, you should know,
he is one of the most emotional and sensitive zodiac sign. He is also one of those man who always have
a lot of money, that makes him always attractive personality for all women. From the early childhood he has a habit to
accumulate everything. From clothes up to the old coins. But cancer is a man who is not ready to share
his wealth with a woman, unless she become his wife. And in many cases such a phenomenon make the
relationships complicated with him. All the women look for attention, gifts, flowers
from their men. But when you date a cancer, you can forget
about all of this. If you want him to like you, you have to show
him your natural personality. Especially if you are pathettic woman who
can feel for all his daily issues. Sometimes it can make you angry with cancer
man, because you are waiting to see brave and strong man. Instead you must hear how he complains on
difficul and unhappy life. And if he behaves like this, it is a clear
sign that everything is a beautiful lie. Because it is exactly a moment when he has
probably won a million of dollars and put it on deposit account. But he still continue telling how everything
bad is. So be careful with his promises and changable
mood. And it’s not a darkside of cancer man, it
is just his nature to take and keep everything hidden from everyone. But if he is really interested in you, I mean
a moment, when he can make you a proposal to get married with him, then you can be lucky. Because he can provide your family with all
you need. But there is another kind of problem. Almost every cancer man is willing to see
a mother in his wife. So it will not be easy to you to choose and
change these roles every day. But even if his mother stay to live in your
house together, it will be even more difficult to you. Cause you should struggle with her for your
man’s attention. And it’s a one of those moments when most
of women give up and do not want to continue living together with cancer man. And you can wait him to get you back, as every
other man would do. But it’s not a case. Every typical cancer man will also be waiting
the same from you. He will not make the first step. Only when he will be in a bad mood he can
call you, saying like ‘I worked hard all this week, can we have a pizza together’? But such a beautiful offer is not what you
would like to hear from him. Because sometimes it feels like he can close
his eyes on every misunderstanding he had with you in the past. And if you believe this, you are deeply wrong. Cancer man has an amazing memory and intuition. He remembers everything. So don’t believe whatever he says. It’s just a trick from him in order to win
you back. He knows how to act properly and no one can
stand in front of his pathematic nature. You should never wait from him any kind of
agression or spite. Cause due to his melancholic mood, cancer
man is one of the best zodiac sign who can make everyone accept his own point of view. And it’s not a manipulation as most of women
can think. It’s just his amazing talent to have an effective
influence on those people who always surround him. But to say that cancer man has million of
friends is to say nothing. He prefers to have 2 or 3 well familiar persons,
who are already checked by many years. And it’s impossible to conquer his belief
immediately, especially when you meet him for the first time. So, if you are woman, how wants to attract
a cancer man, you should be patient, having all tactics and strategies in your hands,
that can help you to get him within a time. And don’t even try to behave yourself unnaturally. It will not give you any scores in his eyes. Just try to copy his manner of communication
and you will succeed. Whatever your girlfriends say. In order to reveal a delicate human nature
that your potential cancer man has you have to be yourself. It can help you to make him believe you. What is actually not easy to do. Sometimes you can get angry with his slow
decisions and ideas. But don’t criticize him. I repeat, don’t criticize him, because a cancer
is exactly a sign who is the most vulnerable among other horoscope signs, when it comes
to slashing criticism. It’s not even a slap in his eyes but a bad
said word can make him feel sad and depressed for some days. And to get better a mood he needs much more
time. If you make him feel pain once, he will find
a way how to revenge you. Because as I’ve already mentioned, he remebers
everything. And his revenge is not physical. It looks even more terrible. Cancer knows how to choose a right moment
how to make feel yourself uncomfortably. But he won’t do that deliberately with no
reason. After all cancer is one of the best family
man despite his negative traits as other zodiac signs also have. If you are capable to enchant him from the
first day when you met each other. Then I can guarantee, he will not live you
so easily. You can have good and bad days together. But he is not a type who can forget a woman
fast. Especially when he is falling on love with
you. And his traits and behavior you can understand
when you spend with him at least one year together. And during all this time be ready to face
tons of interesting moments. You will never be bored or annoyed with him. So that’s all what i wanted to tell you today
about cancer man. If you enjoy this video, don’t forget to subscribe
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64 Replies to “Cancer Man in Bed. Cancer Man in Love Signs”

  • Cosmic Woman says:

    I thought he was romantic 😞

  • MaineOne says:

    Great video 👍🏽

  • LaTasha M.G2G says:

    I love cancer man, I'm a Pisces great video….. so on point.👍🏽💙💙💙

  • neetika k says:

    Im scorpio. He is cancer.. ☺ i love him.. care alwys.. emotinaly attach..

  • Insure Product 2 says:

    I’m Leo he is cancer……if he spy on me……is he interested in me.

  • Seeb Seeb says:

    What about the video topic you didn’t talk about it at all ?

  • Krisha Dana says:

    legit 😂

  • Krisha Dana says:

    legit 😂

  • Neha Bhardwaj says:

    I m virgo nd he is cancer but he doesn't love me

  • Raine Sinclair says:

    You’re pretty much right about everything! I have a crush on a Cancer man right now but every time we bang he tells me to look into his eyes and as an Aquarius woman it’s just awkward for me, it’s like… too much emotion & YES! Moody to the core so crabby

  • Sagilicious looshish says:

    Sagittarius female and cancer male please?

  • Mariah Handy says:

    Im a gemini woman and my boyfriend is a cancer. . And u did a good job explaining a cancer man . . He do keep everything to myself . . It takes alot out of him to open up . .but he is sooo sweet tho ! He got a good heart . Nd u def right about the family . He wants kids asap now lol .

  • Leticia Aurora says:

    I’m a Taurus and he is cancer.
    Sometimes he scares me too intense

  • yosra dirgham says:

    I' m a virgo and i have a crush on a cancer please what do i have to do to attract him? Do i have to invite him to go out? If yes, what subjects do we have to talk about? I mean do i have to talk about intellectual things or emotions and family ?

  • Reshly Debbarma says:

    I like a cancer man and Iam an Aries…and he also seems to like me but i want to know more..can you help me know how can i mke this relationship last forever ❤❤

  • Malinda Jones says:

    I'm a scorpio.they are the best!!! Just saying. They are not afraid to explore.

  • Vadna Haripersad says:


  • P Wat says:

    I laughed the whole time (knowing I fit that profile perfectly brother watching from Toronto

  • jamel chislom says:

    im a cancer and i love it

  • lola brini says:

    cancer men are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • nsm151 says:

    He sounds like a lot of work 😂 good luck guys 🍀

  • Biaknia James The aim man says:


  • NayNay ThunderTail says:

    Mine is not a momma boy at all. In fact he opted to move with me one city over. He doesn't reach out to anyone he feels they need to contact him first. His mom called once hoping he ok, because 2 months pass and no check in. He straight said yes I'm fine. But are u ok?…Now I remind him to call her more. Been dating going on 2yrs. However I did ask if we hit the lotto where would we move. He said he could never move far from his mom. It's cute, but we are young. I was like ooooo kkk🙈!

  • Carolynne A Szalus says:

    Scorpio Woman/ Cancer man. I ❤💜 u baby

  • Eric william says:

    Can cancer ♋️ men and cancer women work?

  • Taylor Stern says:

    I have a female family member married to a Cancer man for over 30 years. He is needy, short tempered, spoiled, expects to have dinner every night, thinks he knows everything, is very critical/judgemental, emotional, & more. He has good points. He seems to look well rested while his wife looks exhausted mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It's a good thing she has endless physical energy. She does everything for him & it becomes annoying. Oh also she had to become the main bread winner. I don't know how she does it. Most people in the family feel he is a hothead. I notice this about another Cancer I know. Sometimes I wonder if it's her self-esteem that needs a reality check.

  • Savannah Shappell says:

    Libra Female and Cancer man please?

  • DubaiPrincess18 says:

    Dude your accent is horrifying. Are you trying to speak English? Your zodiac info is decent but Jesus it's hard to listen to your voice

  • queen bee says:

    cancer is the dangerous zodiac sign….

  • Alan Dillon says:

    As a Cancer man I have an excellent memory and remember conversations weeks, months or years appart and even include their expressions or tone of voice. As well as what they where wearing and their actions. It shocks some people. However, I also have an excellent memory of all my sexual experiences and how I felt or they felt so never get board of sex unless they don't like it. I feel every tense muscles, gripping fingers, shivers across the belly, twitch of the little finger, or licking of the lips, and all tell me a story and learnt from it. Talk to me about what is nice what your liking, not what isn't and I'll respond to that positive suggestion and give you more of what you like. I'm intuive to realise by not mentioning something I did that you didnt like it. My pleasure is watching you have pleasure! Wow what a turn on, so let me know! The sence of giving someone pleasure allows me to be innocently in control, innocently in power because I knowing that touch etc can make you happy Wow! This is not about controling or power hunger, it's about being the lead in the sexual game. I love forplay and rearly would have intercourse on its own. I love kissing, kissing and kissing a good kisser means great sex. I also like sex with emotional connection. That can be a one night stand but I have to connect with you, mentally, physically, emotionally or personally. Don't like WMA BAM,! Thank ya man! Type of sex. If and when I feel relaxed or comfortable with you I will start to experiment with you if you want me to. Sometimes though, you may have to through out a Big hint or start it. Never become over demanding or slutty (except if role playing). I'm a romantic at heart so dont send me fanny photos when we first meet unless you don't want to be my life partner or wife. Equally sexy underwear etc a turn on! Be my partner, my friend and confidante, my mistress in the bedroom and I'll be yours.

  • Zeek M says:

    Hey hey hey hey , don't you dare talk about king crab in the bedwomb.
    You'll mess everything up and spoil the prize. It's so secret I can't even talk about it.
    An you better not either or it will be YOUR money we take, We're not trying to make this painful.
    Just hand over the cash and we will make sure you get it all back and more. You know it's true so don't even play me.

  • Saida Khan says:

    I am cancer he is cancer..

  • metalislaw says:

    Yeah im a cancer man. Yup. The most emotional male on earth. I hate that about myself

  • Carolyn Mins says:

    Their very very very sneaky they are liars they are cheaters fucking bastards

  • Daisy Cruz says:

    I am a Leo that is dating a Cancer and I is just everything fine ☺

  • Kal-el El says:

    Lol that's me ya!! 😂

  • Miss Dolly says:

    What if both 👫are cancers?

  • Go ahead and be offended says:

    Gemini female in a relationship going on 4 years with Cancer male and I love him with all of my heart, through everything we've been through I'm glad we're still together and standing strong. I don't want anyone else!!!

  • pretty selected says:

    I'm a cancer female n u nailed it😂😂 I'm about to start getting comfy with a cancer man …

  • Becky Warren says:

    I'm Pisces and I'm compatible with a cancer man.🦀🐟♓️♋️💘💋❤️

  • aarati rai says:

    June 21 cancer or geminI??

  • Celaena S says:

    love my cancer, from a Libra

  • Meditative Destinations says:

    I'm an Aquariun that's intensely in LOVE with a Cancer man… The feeling is mutual and incredible💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞. Even more so because neither one of us was expecting it.

  • belle lune says:

    Im virgo dealing with a cancerian he's my soulmate 💜💜💜💜

  • okssana Valhala says:

    We both cancerians 😍🌸

  • Maria Rana says:

    I Love my Cancer Man..❤️
    FrOm CapricOrn..😍
    PerrrrrfeCt realtiOn..✌️💋

  • Lover Queen says:

    Me cancer women lov piese man he run away any say til now am coming am stuck work now one year waiting can,t forget til now

  • Elias Abrar says:

    Sir What's your zodiac sign?

  • sanchari roy says:

    Will the relation btwn libra girl and cancer boy work ???

  • Soni Priya says:


  • qurat ul ain saeed says:

    I am an aries woman and my husband is cancer. I love him. But we had Alots of fights. I don't like his "I am always right" attitude

  • Love Twice says:

    Lol a guy from my childhood he was a Cancer had a huge crush on me and I'm a Scorpio woman and I still remember him but in a good way. Well it's true he never loved spending money on other people and always talked about earning money but he did with me but his immaturity made me reject him

  • charlie jenkins says:

    7/9/79 july 9th 1979

  • Karsum Ango says:

    Cancer women with cancerman relationships

  • Aaron McCrory says:

    the absolute most scary sign. M A N I P U L A T I O N G O D

  • Chidubem Nwakuche says:

    I died when he pulled out the bell lmao

  • Ronda Robbins says:

    Do they enjoy compliments? I rarely hear them say thank you…maybe they think I'm not genuine🤷

  • neha doe says:

    Omg true

  • LEYLA90 says:

    Virgo dating a cancer. Been together for 5 years and we love each other so much.

  • Jayashree Shreedharan says:

    Very homely

  • pisceanrat says:

    My cancer husband is generous sweet caring takes care of me

  • Astral Mufasa says:

    Hello ladies 😎
    – Cancer Man

  • Sreyasree Ganguly says:

    What is your zodiac? Let me give some predictions for u.
    U really need it

  • Nikki Amouzadeh says:

    Yes my Favorite type of guy! ♋♋♓

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