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Cancer November 2018 * Horoscope Tarot * Subtítulos En Español

Cancer November 2018 * Horoscope Tarot * Subtítulos En Español

all right my beautiful Cancer this is
going to be a good month we have you’re gonna feel the energy changing so
welcome welcome everyone for those of you that don’t know me my name is Cindy
I am the modern-day spiritual advisor I use multiple modalities including
Astrology, Tarot, Spirit Medium, Hypnotherapy all kinds of stuff to help you on your
path. So, my gorgeous cancers we have five
planets changing signs this month and not including the Sun the moon and then
we have the North node and the South node changing sign so we’ve got this big
energy shift especially Jupiter moving into Sagittarius so the thing that you
have grown that the the way that you’ve grown in this house where it’s been in
Scorpio now that it’s going to move in into Sagittarius say that’s its
house like that’s its sign so Jupiter rules Sagittarius well Sagittarius is
very optimistic so where Jupiter has been for a year in Scorpio the things
that you’ve had to learn and grow and this house had to come through some sort
of tension or lesson right or a crisis of some sort and so it’s going to behave
very differently when it moves into Sagittarius and it’s going to get big in
this house and it likes this house it likes this sign and so it’s a
Sagittarius itself is a very optimistic sign it likes to learn it likes to take
the bigger thing and bring it from the unknown to the known so this next year
is going to be about that for you and so where Jupiter is placed your daily
life your health and well-being all that is going to get bigger all that is going
to be more optimistic all that is going to be better for you so let’s talk about
what’s going to be going on like right in the beginning November first from the
beginning Venus is changing signs into Libra that is going to be in your fourth
house cancer so
Venus is retrograde so it’ll be moving into Libra and there’s gonna be some
adjusting and amending and revising and having to do with your safety your
security your happiness and how that feels this this may have to do with your
family because it is the fourth house this is your home right and so there’s
going to be some in an and Venus as the planet of love luck or money so if it’s
money that needs to be adjusted if it’s family that needs to be adjusted if it’s
like a lover that has become it’s gonna become a partner something is going to
be adjusted when this moves into the sign so let me break here I forgot to
say because I want to be sure to tell everybody so this month for the November
videos whoever has the most viewed video and likes and shares they don’t have the
most likes and shares but I’ll go in and look is he who’s really sharing a liking
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sign and then they get a full Celtic spread and if you haven’t seen my Celtic
spread go look at the Gemini Reading. I used to do it a lot on this channel on my other
channel but I will be doing a full Celtic spread and a full astrological monthly okay so if you’re the most
viewed video there that’s the sign that gets it so back to you guys so on the
first Venus goes into your side so for this reason and we have a whole bunch of
things going on I’m not going to get too deep I can’t get too deep this will be a
long long video so Mercury also on that same day is going into the sixth house
so mercury is going to move into into Sagittarius which is optimistic or it’s
gonna it’s gonna bring good messages it’s gonna help you
so Sagittarius moving I mean a mercury moving into the sign brings messages
brings good messages and is your daily activity this is your
health and well-being this is along with the fourth house helping you to feel
safe and secure so there’s a message coming there’s something happening here
now on the sixth is when the North node in the South node change signs okay so
the North node is going to go into your sign and that’s your first house so
really the ascending will be feeling it the most
the rising will be feeling it the most but the Sun can feel it and the moon can
feel it as well but really you want to check your ascending so you want to
check so if your ascending is something else you want to check that video out to
know what I’m talking about with the ascending so the so the North node is
moving in to your house cancer and the South node is moving into your seventh
house so what you’ve been doing for the last year year and a half it’s going to
sort of switch so if you’ve been focused more on because this is the North node
is where you’re going to be moving towards the South node is where you’re
going to have to fight to get there okay so it’s almost like the universe is not
going to allow you the time to be able to do that right and so seventh house
you’ve been dealing with that’s your partnerships that’s the mirroring house
that’s putting your boundaries down that’s that’s really growing in that so
that South node being in there is going to like you’re not gonna have time for
that in the next year and a half because the nodes are going to be there for
about a year year and a half something and so your focus is going to change to
you and it’s not like you don’t want to focus on your seventh house it’s like
maybe you get this big position and you just don’t have time for your
relationships or maybe you get you have to travel a lot it’s something is like
gonna move you towards your path towards like the expansion of where you’re going
that’s your first house or your seventh house you’re going and it’s not like you
won’t have you won’t always get to it but it’ll be hard for you to get to it
so your focus is gonna be on something else so that’s the nodes I’ll do a North
node south node changing signs video series to help you
guys understand more about that so then on the seventh this is going fast
because we like I’m telling you all these signs all these planets are moving
so on the seventh we have this new moon that’s gonna be in Scorpio and that’s
going to be in your fifth house so new moons are about beginnings new
beginnings new moon is where fate and destiny can step in new moon is about
manifestation so there’s something in your love affairs area or something that
you’re creating from your heart it could be your children – that’s going
to begin that’s going to be new so Scorpio of course wants you to go deep
so you have to like figure something out for this to happen but I’ll have the new
moon a full mood video so I’ll explain more about it but on that same day Uranus is
going to be moving into Aries in your 10th house so there’s going to be a
shift in your either public life or a shift in your career or a shift in yeah
your a career your life purpose your public life something’s going to shift
in there because Uranus is moving back into there so there’s going to be
happening it’s something that’s going to have to shift and so on that same day
like when you get this new moon these new beginnings you get this shift – so
just be aware of that in your 10th house then on the 8th this is when Jupiter
moves into Sagittarius and you’ll have the moon there. oh the moon
Jupiter and Mercury and so Jupiter moving into Sagittarius is going to be
in your 6th house this will be there for a year this is it’s going to expand this
house for you it’s going to teach you it’s the Guru but it also gifts you so
where it gifted you you should be getting a gift here somewhere
for the work that you did in your fifth house okay so there should be something
coming for the work that you did in your fifth house in Scorpio because Jupiter
is gonna Jupiter’s expand at that house and now it’s gifting you but as it moves
into Sagittarius it’s an optimistic gift because it’s Sagittaron
it’s optimistic it’s good it’s gonna make you happy so when it moves into
Sagittarius it’ll be there for a year so you’ve got this year where you’re gonna
be expanding this house maybe your schedule gets bigger maybe you get some
help maybe you really start taking care of yourself better maybe you have the
energy and you really you know really bear down and like say okay I’m gonna
get up at such-and-such and I’m gonna work out and then I’m gonna do this and
then I’m gonna do that and like maybe you’re learning in that house okay
Mercury’s in there Mercury’s bringing messages bringing clarity helping you
process the moon is in there out that you know on that day so there’ll be some
emotional I feel like it’s emotional like happiness I feel like you can
breathe I feel like I feel like you smile that’s what I feel like so that’s
going on on the 8th then on the 16th again I would show you to go for deeper
into all of these but I can’t so then on the 16th Mars moves into Pisces Mars is
moving into Pisces in your ninth house so I feel like for a lot of you this is
your ninth house right here so I feel like for a lot of you because Mars is
about me Mars is the God of War more just is gonna get things done so I feel
like in this house you finally are able and courageous and and not that you’re
not courageous just that you see and you can put a boundary down and say what you
want and and and understand you are worth and your belief system is
something to be said right that’s what I’m feeling in this ninth house it could
be about long-distance travel or foreign people that you’re dealing with with
Mars in there but it moves into this ninth house so then on the 17th mercury
goes retrograde so mercury is gonna go retrograde in your sixth house so
there’s some adjusting there’s some revising there’s some editing there’s
some something going on this Mars retrograde until December 7th yeah
December 7th yeah but you’ll be in shadow till the 19th of December so Mars
is gonna retrograde in this house so there’s gonna be
something is coming back for you to adjust your schedule or just the way you do
things or amend the way you maybe it’s family that you’re having to deal with
some things going on where you’re gonna have to be working on with this
retrograde then on the 19th you have this grand water trine in your sign and
so you know a grand trine means a divinely guided gift being brought to
you this is going to be felt on an emotional level
I do feel happiness I feel fulfillment this has to do with the Sun in your
fifth house Chiron is going to be in your ninth Chiron that old wound the Sun
likes to clear things up and then the North node where you’re headed where
you’re going to be focused on is in your house right so there’s something coming
to you to help you do this thing to help you focus on that and know where you’re
going and know what you want right and then on the 22nd or 23rd so it depends
on where you’re at in the world so on the 22nd we’re gonna have this full moon
see for some 23rd it’s just a it’s at 1 degrees I think in Gemini but we’re
gonna have this full moon this is gonna be in your 12th house I feel like
because this is your 12th house and it’s opposing Jupiter which is in your 6th
house so I feel like you’re going to be getting a dream you’re gonna get an
epiphany you’re gonna get some sort of clarity to help you let something go so
something intuitively comes to you or empathically comes to you or maybe
somebody says something or does something and you’re like mmm no I see
the I see I see it now right but this is having to do with completions so there’s
something going to be cleared up that you’re going to be able to let go of so
that you can move forward ok and again you guys know I have my full moon New
Moon videos I’ll go deeper into that but I can’t do that here so then we’re going
to end up in the month for the 24th of the 25th this is when Neptune goes
direct it will be speaking with Mars so Neptune going direct is going to
be in your 12 11 10 9 in this house of greater understanding in this house of
your belief system this house also has to do with foreign people foreign
countries foreign lands and so I feel like Mars is me new Neptune is we right
and so I feel like they’re going to be talking together and there’s gonna be
some resolution about how to do something that you’ve been dealing with
in this house okay so and then Neptune going direct is going to help you it’s
going to be gifting you with some of the stuff that’s been going on helping you
see a way to do this right so that I feel like that’s gonna be clear but I
don’t feel like you have to give so much up because Mars is there and Mars is
about me and I feel like there’s this balance in this me and we okay so I did
shuffle your cards but I’ll give them one more shuffle and then I’ll cut them
and then we will talk about what comes up so what is going on with Cancer in
November I said one time didn’t I am sorry sorry sorry shuffling I forget
because I start getting into your energy yeah what I said alright alright cancer
so how are we gonna do November what’s going on in November
you have the hanging man you guys know the hanging man is self-sacrifice I can
see why you have this I’ll leave this up for a minute I can see why you have this
because the energy has been so different and going in to November the energy is
going to be very different than it’s been is you’re just gonna feel better
you’re gonna see things better your perception is gonna be better you’re
gonna get a lot of backing from the universe from people that you didn’t
think of you’re gonna get a lot of help so I can see where you’re self
sacrificing to get these things done or get some stuff moving or
or not wanting to hurt somebody I mean I I can feel that but remember you can get
out of this at any time right this is self sacrificing this is the hanging man
the hanging making it out of his position at any time it just takes you
putting your boundary down it takes you saying what it is that you want so and
this could be in love in life in work and career with family with friends with
the lover with a partner with a spouse wherever your focus has been on that’s
what what I could be talking about and it can be more than one thing
so what’s spirits advice so you have the Emperor interesting so the emperor is
about tradition it’s like the Heirophant that way but the Emperor is also about
building a community building a dynasty building something and the Emperor is
wise and the reason he’s wise is because of the experiences that he’s had and
then as he built his community or his tribe or his dynasty whatever he’s
building he realizes that he can’t do this alone
that he needs help and that’s the only way to do it is to allow everybody to do
their part right and so I see this in this way this is what’s very saying is
that when you are not saying what you want and allowing people to think or do
and sort of being indecisive you’re stunting you could be stunting their
growth because if you’re nurturing and you do it for them or you don’t allow
them to feel their pain or you don’t allow them to have their growth you’re
stunting them because you’re doing it for them or you’re not making waves and
so what they’re saying with this emperor is to understand that
everybody is important you’re the leader but everybody’s important and so it’s
important for you to put your boundaries down it’s important for you to say what
you really want it’s important and it’s important for you to get out of
this hanging man it’s important for you to stop self-sacrificing and and do
something for yourself from your heart because that’s going to help everyone
grow and your dynasty in your community and your tribe get bigger
that’s that’s what I’m seeing from spirit so how do we end out the month
then you have the fool so the fool I love the fool because the fold is
zero-point energy to me and zero-point energy to me if you don’t know physics
zero-point energy it has a lot of energy and you can go anywhere with it
it’s like zero-point but it’s got a lot of energy and so it’s almost like it’s a
clean slate and you’re ready to go on your journey right so I feel like by the
end of the month you’ll be ready to go on your journey you’ll be feeling better
you’ll be more clear things will have happened and so I feel like you see it
with such vigor and childlike enthusiasm that it’s good for you and I’m happy for
you so my gorgeous ones I love you love you
love you please remember to Like share and subscribe and remember the most
viewed video gets that full reading of astrology and tarot ok love you love you
love you bye

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