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Cenk’s Jaw-Dropping Prediction On CNN

>>Yesterday’s main show, Cenk apparently
discovered that on the damage report I had taken issue with one of his bold predictions
on Chris Cuomo’s show. Here’s what he showed on yesterday’s main show.
>>I’ll predict right here for you, Chris. I think Donald Trump will leave office before
his term is up. He’ll be humiliated, embarrassed, and I know
him. He’s not gonna want to lose->>And he’s gonna run for the hills.
>>You got that bet all day long.>>Okay, let’s get after it. Now so look,
Jake has made some good predictions, and this is in good fun. I could not disagree more.
>>There’s a bromance between the two of them. You’ve got that bet all day long Jakey you.
>>No you stop.>>In the meantime, let’s call them out on
the damage.>>But I I just got a Roku set. Did basically
a little bit of channel surfing and I was like there we are.>>Yeah.
>>And then I turned it on, and it was John and Brent on Damage Report making fun of me.
>>No.>>So you are so busted. I even took a picture
of it okay? They’re talking about my predictions. I’ve got a new prediction for you John Iarola.>>I actually missed what was the prediction?
>>Yeah no I’m playing, I’m playing. Okay, so first let’s start with the premises for
the prediction that Donald Trump will not be in office by the end of this term. Now,
if you watch the the you’re not at all surprised by that. I’ve been saying that literally from day one.
And but I wanted to say it on CNN and it was the context of how disastrously Donald Trump
is going with his polling numbers, etc. So, and as I told you from day one, there’s a
couple reasons why I made that prediction. One, Donald Trump is not capable of managing
himself out of a wet paper bag. So he’s never failed to declare bankruptcy on anything that
he’s ever run. And it doesn’t take that long. And so I’m actually quite shocked that he’s
lasted this long and so he’s. It’s gonna be an epic debacle and it certainly has been
an epic debacle in many ways. But in part and parcel that prediction was,
at some point the economy crashes because Trump will do such maniacle things that he
can’t help but crash the economy. So we’re teetering on that edge now. His polling is
anywhere between 36 to, at most generous is 43%. Averaging at about 40%. That is terrible numbers, terrible numbers
already. Under any normal circumstance, you would have no chance at reelection if you’re
an incumbent polling at around 40%. Now yes, we do have 14 months left. Now, when everybody,
including the Trump administration, believes that we’re going to hit a recession. If we
hit that recession, which is again, we’re on the precipice of, nobody’s rooting for
it, but it’s a reality that even the Republicans acknowledged yesterday we did a story about
several Republican senators going No here comes the recession right. Then Trump’s gonna dip into the 20s. And two
set of things that are gonna happen. And again, all of this I said from the very beginning.
And it’s coming to fruition, I believe, as we speak. Look, you’ve got his legal troubles
to begin with. And he’s a crook, lifelong criminal. I knew he’d continue to be a lifelong criminal
and a con man. But when the economy crashes, that’s when the donors run. And that’s when
the donors tell the Republicans release the hounds. This guy’s not gonna win anyway, he’s
gonna pull down the rest of the Republican senators and House members. And then there’s this. So there’s the Republicans
and they’re driving engine being the donors abandoning him when the market crashes and
they already got their tax cuts, it again, go all the way back to the beginning. I said
the one thing they do is tax cuts, and once they got the tax cuts, they don’t need that
schlep anymore. Right? Or that schmuck anymore. And then the
last part of it is Trump doesn’t like being humiliated. Do you think he wants to go and
lose 40 states? They’re gonna get slaughtered in this next election. So again, you’re gonna
think I’m overconfident? Yeah,yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it 1000 times before. So, and if you remember, I’ve been saying
all along, he’s not going to get impeached. He’s gonna resign. I said, he’s gonna wake
up. You’re gonna wake up one morning about Trump is gone. What do you mean? He’s gone?
Yeah, this morning he resigned, and people are gonna go, what? Right, so I’m never gonna be moved on, you’re
gonna be the last day, no I bet somebody tick, tick, tick.
>>Well, I’m glad that you brought up the tick, tick, tick. No, I want you to have an
opportunity to jump in first->>Well.
>>What do you think, does he make it to election day does he run for re-election?>>He runs for re-election gets wiped out.
And tries to stay on as long as he possibly can. Two reasons one, he is addicted to being
President. This is a guy who everyone his whole life has thought is a loser, liar con
man sleazy. And then basically he only fools, a few people here in there, like that’s his
whole career. And so now he’s in a position of authority
where people actually have to be nice to him. So he’s never had anything like that before.
So he’s addicted to being the President, number one. Number two is that if he leaves office
early, he’s gonna get prosecuted and that was basically like, Bob Mueller has repeatedly
said that, I would’ve done some other stuff here, but you know what? I can’t indite the President, so.
>>So, okay. But, so Matt, those are two reasons I would turn around on you, okay? So the weaker
case is he’s addicted to being powerful and President, but if you get humiliated in the
elections, well, you’ve lost that power. Remember, he often will run and then go, I would have
won. I mean, I would have done this. I would have
done that. But I mean, I didn’t want it anyway. Remember, he’s a child.
>>Yeah.>>So I didn’t want it anyway, is such a classic
Trump move. But the stronger case is. See, I got frustrated when I realized that Democrats
were never going to take action against him, never going to hold them accountable. And that was like Cenk. You know, are you
sure? I was doubting myself for a second there? It happens-
>>It’s a record.>>Of time. Yes, that’s right. And I had not
calculated which I should have, the depth of the weakness of the Democrats, how pathetic
they are that they wouldn’t challenge him at all. But now get a load of this. Trump might resign
because he thinks, well, I’m never going to be prosecuted. Like if he was really worried
that he was gonna go to prison afterwards, then he’d want to hold on for dear life as
most fascists do. But he thinks, my God, they’re never gonna prosecute me. Pelosi and these Democrats and these prosecutors
are losers! They’re gonna let me get away with everything! All right, then I’m out of
here and I’ll pretend I would have won.>>I do agree with the not prosecuting. I
think that Donald Trump could shoot one of Pelosi’s colleagues dead and I don’t think
that she would do anything about it, unfortunately. But I disagree with a lot. I know. It’s a
reference to his>>No,
>>I think he started it and he’s the President. But I disagree with a lot of the rest of what
you guys are saying. I can’t imagine him stepping down. I think that would be a humiliation. I have no doubt that he would spin it as I
was forced out by a coup. He’s gonna talk about it for the rest of his life. But I think
he’s going to run and I think it’s going to be difficult for a number of different reasons.
First of all, depends on how we come out of this primary. If we have good progressive, significantly
easier. If we have Joe Biden, who knows what’s gonna happen on election day. And so that
definitely matters. But then also we have the electoral collage, we have voter suppression,
we have all of these things that are designed to make it more challenging and closer than
it should be. So I don’t think we should get too excited
about anything. Polls, the economy, I’m not convinced that if the economy tanks it will
hurt him, at least with his base. Maybe with Independents, sure, maybe that’s enough for
him to lose. In terms of him stepping out before the election though, so you mentioned
the tick, tick, tick, tick. So we had had a bet at one point about whether
he would make it to the midterms.>>Yes.
>>Which I don’t think I ever got paid for. Do you remember at one point, TYT, we set
up a pool, the resignation impeachment pool. And we each signed up for a month.>>This is gonna sting.
>>So here’s the thing. I have to tell you, your month came and went.
>>Really?>>Do you want to know what month that was?
>>It was gonna be, it’s early.>>It’s, to be fair, it’s October 21. 2017.
>>Ooh, it’s a while ago.>>So yeah, I hear you, and that is fair to
bring up. I’m not a Republican so I don’t disagree with your facts.
>>You didn’t pay though.>>That does make me more Republican. No,
look, I didn’t know we had a physical bet but if you look that up, find that up, I’ll
definitely pay you. But I have acknowledge that I lost that bet
to Anna. So look, I thought for sure that it would happen before the midterms. I was
obviously wrong about that. And so, and if you time, you also know My timing is often
off.>>So it’ll come through but like way later
than I realize, okay?>>Well, actually to that point, the way later.
So every remaining TYT employee that signed up for a month, it’s come and gone.
>>Mm-hm.>>Do you know the next, the only person whose
time hasn’t come and gone yet is Bart in control room he signed up for August 9th 2024.>>I think he might win this thing.
>>No way. No way.>>I do hope now.
>>Yeah, look guys it was just having fun see what happens. But here again I give a
couple quick two state wide polls to give you a since of how badly he is gonna get humiliated. So New Hampshire which his campaign is now
talking about how they’re gonna win that state even though they loss it last time. Well in
January 2017, so during inauguration you know, every new President has a bump up even though
he lost New Hampshire, he had a positive approval rating in New Hampshire because Americans
are open hearted and they’re like, let’s give a guy a chance>>It’s the honeymoon.
>>Yeah, honeymoon and he was at just plus one in New Hampshire, much better than other
states, but plus one in New Hampshire. You know what he’s pulling out right now in New
Hampshire? Minus 17. Now, Wisconsin, he won Wisconsin and he got an even bigger bump. He barely won it. And then at inauguration
he’s up plus 6. Nice and healthy. He’s now at minus 14. Minus 14 in Wisconsin. So, Wisconsin’s
gone, Michigan’s up minus 11. Iowa is at minus 11. Arizona’s up minus seven, Pennsylvania
is at minus eight, etc. And the economy hasn’t even crashed yet. Tick, tick, tick tick. Tick, tick, tick, tick
>>Yeah. But but one there’s a couple of things to think about though. One is that. As John
was saying, you can’t take anything for granted, especially in today’s political environment,
but two is that it matters a lot who the Democratic nominee is because a lot of people in 2016
went and voted for Trump even though they didn’t like him.>>That’s true.
>>And that’s because the entirety of all conservative political operations isn’t to
get a majority to like them or to agree with them.
>>Yeah.>>That’s something that a lot of progressives
haven’t figured out and again, I was there. I know how they think. They literally say to themselves it doesn’t
matter if a majority of Americans agree with us. All that matters is if a majority of voters
laid out where we want them. That’s all that they care about.
>>No, Matt, that’s a terrific point. And the only thing that I’ll say I don’t even
mind being overconfident here. The only thing that I’ll give as a very important
caveat is of course it depends on who the Democrats pick to be their candidate. If they
make the same exact mistake they did last time, yeah, nobody likes Donald Trump, but
let’s put up an establishment candidate that tells you big business is great, big media’s
great, politicians are great, Washington is great. Yeah, well, that’s the only way you’re gonna
lose to Donald Trump. Could they make that same mistake?
>>Yeah,>>I think if it’s Biden for a few different
reasons, he still would have a better chance especially because Donald Trump is less popular
than he was back in 2016. But if it’s Biden there will be some voters
who will not support him. I honestly think that no matter who they choose, even if they
choose Bernie my number one, there will be some percentage of voters who will not support
a major party candidate. So you just you can’t take anything for granted.>>Well I mean yeah look Illinois when Barack
Obama ran for Senate the first time Alan Keyes was his opponent. Alan Keyes is certifiable.
He got 25% of the vote.>>Yeah.
>>Literally crazy.>>And I just wanna make one point clear,
cuz it was in the chromo clip. Right after you finished talking, they went
to the other guy, I’m not familiar with his name. And he started talking about how he
is not hoping for resession. Jake never once implied that he wanted a recession. They just
keep saying that if you predict one, you’re hoping for one, possibly causing one, and
that is 100% disingenuous.>>So that’s ingenuous, but in the case of
my prediction of Trump leaving office I’m both predicting it and hoping for it. Not
the recession but Trump leaving office. And look 25% of this country is certifiable. They’ll
vote for anyone. But I think Trump is gonna get to that holding on to just not 25%. And I love that I found that clip on Roku
cuz today we’re doing the show exclusively on Roku, Kudo, Zumo and YouTube TV are out,
listen if you’re a member. So everybody, check us out on Roku, and Pluto, Zumo, YouTube
TV.>>Really fast though, if you do go and you
watch on your Roku the damage report, I didn’t burn Cenk today. But we did have an awesome speech that Bernie
gave back in the 90s on military spending. We updated it with some mind blowing figures
from more recent years so take a look at that episode. The damage work.
>>Yeah, and by the way, guys, so when you go to those channels, it’s 24 hour station,
we got a cable station just like all the rest of them. It has all of our shows on it. So check it
out. Check us out anytime on those channels.

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