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Change Your Fortune With Astrology

Change Your Fortune With Astrology

“Misfortune Is Fortune Missed. That’s what it is.” So, you don’t want to miss it. When you become
aware, totally aware, totally alert, then the planets cannot harm you. Yes? And astrology
will give you help with that. If you are Alert. I will help people to change their destiny
through astrology, through doing certain things. The most important thing that I have learned
through the Nadi research: Siva has been telling, all along, that you have to believe.
People who have gone to the Nadi don’t believe in it. And that is the reason why things are
not working. I have done my part, I have done my part. But the problem still, people have
not seen any tangible results because they don’t believe. That’s the bottom line.
They don’t believe. All that is required is belief. And if you really, really believe
that your problems are going to be over. “And I don’t want any kind of unhappiness. I
want things all to happen soon. I know this project will be awarded to me or this money
will be given to me.” It will come. The moment you doubt, it will
be stopped. The thought power is the ultimate power. You
should never, never become negative. If you doubt, “I don’t know if this is
going to happen. I don’t know if I have a million dollar home.” If you doubt it, you
will never have it. Why Because You doubt it.
You may even have a million dollars but you will never have the home

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  • Anil Yadav says:

    hello sir
    hope you see my comments and reply to it
    well sir i have seen many video of you nd i m really impressed with u
    sir i m jst realising that time is passing very fast nd i m doing nothing great i try to be positive as much as possible
    i have been 25 years of age nd i haven't accomplished nythng
    it really feel tortured that time is passing nd u r unable to take ny significant step nd nothing intresting is happening in my life
    i m very much ambitious person but when i realises that i had wasted 25 years of my life like this nd it really feels regreful please sir i wanna ur blessing sir my dob is 18/04/1993 nd in btw 2:00am to 2:30 am

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